Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Gus' Gas Problem

The other day I got a bill from the gas company And I thought "this is weird, I just got a bill the other day, why am I getting another bill?" So I open up this new bill and it says Final Bill And I thought "well, this shouldn't be my final bill" So I called the gas company and they say "Oh Yeah, Yeah!" Well, your service has been cancelled. And I said "why" and they said "Oh A new tenant activated service at that address" And I said "New tenant?" I bought this house 2 months ago And I said "who activated service at this address" And On a hunch I said "Is it Peggy? And Peggy being the previous owner of the house And they said "Yes!" And I said, "Well I need to get my name back on the Account I need this to be mine!" [Burnie]: She still holds the gas rights? And they said "Well ok, we'll just need to charge you a $10 installation fee" "And we can get it switched back over to your name" And I said "No! Your not going to charge me a $10 installation fee!" And they said "Well its just, its a standard fee sir" And I said "I know its a standard fee, I paid it already!" "You can't charge me to reconnect it again!" And they said "I can't do anything about it sir." So I said "ok… I want to cancel everyones gas on my street." And they said "What?!" And I said.. "Apparently anyone can cancel anyones gas, so I'm cancelling everyones gas!" And they said "err.. hold on sir" And they put me on hold for about 10 minutes They come back and go "Yeah, you don't need to pay the fee sir" [Burnie]: Thats ridiculous! Do you think, when they put you on hold to go talk to the manager, it was because they realised that you really could turn off the gas.. [Gus]: Maybe the guy was figuring it out.. Lets go turn off everyones gas! And the managers like "What the fuck are you doing?!"

  1. The funny thing is, depending on your billing method (such as getting it in the mail) you could technically “own” the gas connected to every house in the residence. All you have to say is that the old owners moved out and you’re moving in or you’re the tenant and they won’t likely question you about it. All they may really ask in terms of question is, “What is the address of this building?” And “What is your billing information?”

  2. I think I know where the Gustavo thing in Camp Camp came from, On Gus’ final bill it said Gustavo.

  3. Now that i think about it: what was the problem here? Se was going to pay for his gas! Free gas dude! Why did you mess that up?!

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  5. This was the very first RTAA I ever watched and I still love it, mostly because this is something my Dad would have done in the same situation.

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