Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Anarchist Cooking with Burnie

Burnie: The first purpose of the Internet was to deliver this document called The Anarchist cookbook. Which told you how to make smoke bombs, and real bombs, and napalm, and so At 13 I, very stupidly, downloaded this thing and it told me how to make napalm. One step in this was boiling gasoline, and so I was boiling a pot of gasoline and my mom came home. She said the whole place smelled like a garage, and she goes, "What are you doing?!" And she was just crying, mortified. She goes, "I don't understand what this is!" And I tried to calm her down and explain the science behind it and all this. And my dad is a physicist. So my dad comes home and my mom is in tears for like, the entire day, and she's like, "What's wrong with you? Lalalala" And I said, "No no no mom, listen, listen, listen" "It's gasoline, so you can boil it and it won't explode until it gets to an open flame." 'Course I'm an idiot because the house was filled with fumes. Any spark in the house would've killed me. You know? Because I'm- I'm a kid and I'm stupid. So I said, "So there was really not much danger." She goes, "What?!" And my dad goes, "Technically, he is correct." *Laughter* Gus: Wow. I bet-I bet he was in trouble after that. Burnie: He was! So, did he just grab you by the neck and say, "Punch punch punch?"

  1. To be fair, Burnie, your dad's a physicist, not a chemist. People who go into really technical fields like that often lack common sense regarding other fields, because of how much mental effort they put into the field they actually study.

  2. His parents were formerly a priest and a nun. They had to make a living and presumably Burnie's dad became a physicist. Which itself is kind of funny given how he went from religion explaining the unknowable to a profession where it's his job to discern what has previously been unknowable. In hindsight that is phenomenally impressive.

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