Ronnie from Jersey Shore Snaps on Social Media + Brad Pitt's New GF, Neri, Won't Go Hollywood!

all right this is after Elvis on a Tuesday we have a lot to talk about trouble in paradise on the Jersey Shore oh yeah it's getting nasty and Brad Pitt's girlfriend says I don't need a makeover it's next on after Elvis it's time to get into it let's talk Jersey Shore drama okay so first of all you know ronnie has a baby mama they had a baby whatever Ronnie used to date Sammy whatever last week on the Jersey Shore Ronnie admitted he still had feelings for Sammy that he wasn't over her yet obviously now you're watching the show back so maybe Ronnie had never told baby mama what went down on the reunion show and now she's watching it and she's figuring it out they are trashing each other online it's crazy it's crazy I think it's really great TV and I hate to be a cynic and say it's a PR stunt yeah maybe maybe sorta maybe it's a good thing if it's a PR stunt because then it's not real people's emotions that were messing with here I would not be very happy if I was that girlfriend and suddenly her name is Jen Harley by the way Jen that's no just the baby mama I would not be happy understand this I wouldn't be that mad at the Sammy thing cuz I understand like that's your AG she probably saw a little bit of feelings fire the fact that he brought somebody back to the house and was drinking yeah and they were in the bath and we don't know what exactly I don't know but you should have nobody hire you probably one of the issues I mean that's one of the issues Sammy's what is the thing is you put him back into the Jersey Shore situation and the bad boy is gonna come back yeah this is so delightful about this show to me is they pitch this as like a reunion and the situation he has a relationship and yeah behaving but me I don't want to say it's because they brought him back into the same situation that's a personal decision that Ronnie's out here making yeah I love it I'd say bring it on I'm sorry then hating on each other on Instagram and socialized she's calling him trashy and Instagram you would know I never had Oh Garrett did with Kim Kardashian whenever she came back at it oh what about you honey no I just get blocked comes from me I just write them a really nice you know and then I never come back okay so do you guys think it was a good thing or a bad thing that Sammy decided not to do the show initially I thought it was a bad thing I thought she was so silly not coming back and there's like a lot of pushback that she wasn't me on the show and now I think I got it totally wrong and she's a genius I think is really really small I would have back got my money yeah and clowned him and be like wow bro you still on me like that moves on but the problem is is that if you get into that situation again would she have wound up back oh that's what feelings have been rekindled you never know and so for maybe for her she was afraid of that and she was like I can't take that chance that too much is going good for me right now I can't do it she's the smartest one of the whole bunch she would ever think that she's thinking this out good for her I still make them pay me over that second think about it she said no to the show but still in the show because they talk about her all the time saying that the next season which is already being greenlit she'll be back you think so Brad Pitt has this beautiful girlfriend Neri Oxman just right and she's gorgeous she's smart she's strong and all of a sudden all the haters from Hollywood are like she needs a makeover it's really shocking this exclusive I haven't so and she's getting a lot of pressure not just from social media but really from her friends some of here's to sort of have a little bit of a makeover it's not as Extreme as what it might score giuse absolutely beautiful she was also point out – she's a professor at a university she teaches architecture design George Clooney and Amol I think her look is similar she's a really smart lady she ain't given a per job like like a malted not she's not moving to Hollywood to live in a big house become a real housewife of Beverly Hills like she's gonna keep working and this is the most delicious part of the story I thought sources are telling me if anybody needs a makeover it's Brad she's fine Brad come on would you change for a guy no no that's not me sometimes I do bend a little I'm not even gonna lie to you we all been down it's like it's like my hair is really crazy I think like if someone's not gonna accept you for most of what you are then why you and she's a grown-ass woman this lady's in her forties she's not a kid she knows who she is she's confident in their own life and so good for her they're actually a really good pair I like that he's found a smart lady is the sexiest thing of all so this is just silly kylie jenner pissed off that stormy Daniels is overshadowing her baby store I don't know if it's so silly but not to her let's remember Kyle is the only Kardashian that tried to trademark her name she tried to trademark Kylie Kylie Minogue the singer said Kylie tried to find the most unusual unique baby name so that whenever you google this baby it'll be number one on the Google search actually called the baby stormy very unusual not a name that pops up very often boom stormy Daniels a porn star from the store she has a history of wanting to trademark her name so it really means a lot to her and now of all people the most famous story in the world is a adult porn star actress yeah yeah we're just like Kylie Minogue she's been around much longer than stormy another way what would you do though do you have another Danielle out there is this somebody that like or is this something like I remember when my sister had a baby and she was gonna name the baby I think Peter lovely name except I had a guy at school called Peter who used to bully me a bit so I could never forgive my son Preston we had my husband's thank you football team and he's he was not a nice person and so my we were like Preston I was negative but I love the name so it took a moment to get over that and then feel like I we love the name enough to get over that party I've never miss a honey before honey is a very common name in India yeah yes well how would you feel if another honey came along who was an experienced it's a very common stripper name here in New York one of our favorite parts of when Rob comes to visit us is his blind item which means he knows what he's talking about we don't know we're supposed to guess and he'll never tell them there's a cigarette there whose backs go onto her who is a massive massive singer selling out stadiums arenas this is not selling out little venues she's pregnant and they're trying to figure out what to do with this massive massive tour there's millions of dollars at risk but there's also something worth a lot more which is a little baby this has not been announced yet but she is pregnant I know Taylor's about to kick off her to us but I saw her some short shorts there's no belly there well it could be the beginning it could be it takes sometimes five months for you to pop or no time not at all if you like what about so what about Selena is Selena Gomez going on tour soon oh my god imagine is she but who would be the dad maybe and she does get back and forth with the beat this is a younger is it a younger person it's somebody that's your guesses leave them in the comments and you'll find out very soon very are you going to announce it very soon yeah when it when it comes out it'll be announced you guys can be like we pregnant she's taking a break I know it's not cardi that'd be a cheat what yeah for real I would kill you you were trying to tell you guess is this a good one all right so we're gonna go and try to figure out which pregnant person's going out on till I need to know what's my brother pressure has dropped thank you love you love you thank you honey thanks for having


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