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Hej, welcome to #ITSMYDRIVE! I just parked here at the Zolder Circuit in Belgium because there will be another AMG Experience today But it will be a bit different than the last time on the Zandvoort Circuit Let me tell you about today I am invited by Mercedes-Benz Trucks Belgium Luxembourg to join their programme here, today and to partly participate in the AMG program but also to check out the new Mercedes-Benz Actros this afternoon! The Actros 5 Well, you know, the one ‘without mirrors’ The mirrors have been replaced by a camera the so called MirrorCam So I am very curious how that will be I have already experienced it once around the IAA in Hannover, last year Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to drive it then so hopefully I can really get behind the wheel myself today That also means that there is a group of drivers and transporters to join us on this event as well I’m going to take you through this whole ‘Where Cars Meet Trucks’ happening Or as they call themselves: “petrol and diesel lovers are very welcome here” So I think that this is the place to be for me! Awesome! Thank you! Nice? Yes! Certainly! Not too bad… – … that you had to insert the card and then start it on the leftside of it That felt very illogical Now it is also completely wireless Here you also have inductive charging It will all be wireless Connected You just have to press ‘start’ so push the brake then push the start-button a little longer – Oh, here it is In terms of starting, it’s similar to the passenger cars – Yes And over here you have the switch for ‘drive’ or backwards So just like it is in the passenger cars – But that was already the case, right? In the Actros Yes, so that hasn’t really changed You then have, depending on which type three-position engine brake or if you go to five positions…. if you have the five steps, you have a retarder Engine brake plus retarder, that’s the difference – Is that sold a lot? If you have more weight and you drive international or embossed and you have many descents well, then you got to have a retarder A reinforced engine brake is actually sufficient because you actually already have more engine brake power then you have horsepower – Hm hm And… The truck will make more rpm by braking But your engine brake and retarder are working with complete discretion on the background Do you want to switch back push the lever away from you or do you want to switch up manually then pull the lever towards you – And will it, at some point resume again? Or do you have to put it back in ‘drive’ yourself? Yes, it will indeed switch automatically … If you don’t do anything for a long time it will resume And it will never allow anything that is negative for the engine So well, i’m going, for instance – In second gear? I go down hill and I decide to switch gears manually to a low gear Then you will hear a sound signal that points you out: ‘nice idea, but we won’t do that’ – No … Because, in the end it is a robotic gearbox that allows certain things yes then no – I notice, by the way that there is so much space here But that’s because there are no … The bed is now folded up so you can go back a little further with your seat We have also given that more space for larger drivers – Yes And for those who like to sit a little more backwards That is something personal And for the rest … Here you have storage space and the standard fridge – Hm hm that you can open from the chair – Oh, that’s nice for tall bottles too! Yes, that is usually sufficient This is also the GigaSpace cabin therefore the largest cab variant – Flat floor … Yes, that is often a discussion with some We are working on that that we will adjust that Because people say: we would like a lower entry plus the largest cab variant the broad one then To which we then say drivers, especially if you drive nationally then that extra step is less pleasant and then they take the engine tunnel variant But…. often, the pyschologically part plays a role they want the highest, the widest while they might just as we call it ‘drive in circles around the church tower’ And I think when you have to get in and out 50 times then I would also opt for the lower version – Then it is nice to have one step less, yes It is actually identical But yeah…. That is rather psychological because those who are really away from home for weeks become less and less within our region We start with a ClassicSpace that is really the flat roof StreamSpace is the slightly more streamlined and then you have Big and Giga What makes the difference in it is the standing room and the depth of the cupboards – All right So then you have even if you are traveling with two people sufficient cupboard space available in terms of storage space – And more sleeping space for the second man / woman Especially if you sleep with a second person is that something more pleasant And whether or not you take the new comfort mattresses á la Tempur and similar brands And how many other gadgets you want in it Which is pleasant And further small details … – Look, hey … These are important issues from a driver’s point of view – Is that something new? It was also available in the previous one But if you start to improve… I think there is in the past perhaps too little communicated about it Those are minor details Have you ever seen our SoloStar concept? That is really for the driver who is on the road for a long time The co-driver’s side becomes a corner seat The chair is in the corner So it is not here, but all the way back That way you get a very nice corner seat – Hm hm So, when you are at the parking lot in the evening you are able to perfectly watch TVor whatever from your seat At least a little less interesting if you are driving a double crew Because when you’re in the corner you are far from the window But someone who likes to sit here then you really have a sea of ​​space Are you alone and do you often stand still for a longer time? then that’s super So that is our SoloStar concept With that nice corner – And then you sleep upstairs as standard? You can also use that so you can fold it down so that you can also use the lower bed that’s possible But then you are in the corner So if you want to watch TV or do some laptop work … – But that’s a concept? No, that can be ordered! That is an option code I’ll show it to you, SoloStar … You have a number of Lines just like we have AMG-Line etcetera in cars This is a Style Line which is more dressed up and equipped with, for example more driver-oriented matters As with the interior lighting -You mean mood lighting? The mood lighting, yes Residual heat functions that work then when you stand still and don’t have to run the engine – Well, we’re here in the new Actros the Actros 5, fifth generation What has been updated about this? Because apparently from outside you don’t see much new about it – That’s right Most striking is of course that the mirrors are gone and have been replaced by the MirrorCams – True, correct, indeed We have implemented a number of core innovations You already mention it the cameras that replace the mirrors are the most important visible
elements thereof Especially the piece of safety If you take the example from now bad weather, rain I think all drivers know that that gives dirty, rainy mirrors And if you now look into the ‘mirror’ then it actually remains perfectly visible and adjusts when it is foggy, or low sun and so on So you permanently have the extreme view that you need as a driver to be able to drive safely We also have Side Guard Assist thus reduces blind spot accidents and damage by turning right you will be able to overtake safely All those functions … PPC 2.0 Predictive Powertrain Control A lot of news in one sentence, actually who are on it It is actually mainly the latest technology that is already present to make it the safest on the one hand and for the owner makes it the most efficient vehicle Active Drive Assist The vehicle also looks in certain cases with what the driver does and helps where necessary and keeps the vehicle on the right path The Lane Assist that was already required automatic warning for stationary vehicles But in this case the truck even stops until it comes to a complete stop and can leave again He stops for pedestrians who may cross the street who detects the truck They are major innovations I think they mainly contribute to safety – Yes … of the vehicle – Because to what extent are agreements therein with the passenger car world? Who was the first? I think the technology had been present in the truck world for some time but we were focussed on fuel reduction and lowering ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ But we also have to avoid accidents because everyone always talks about fuel just a day of stagnation … due to breakdown or an accident … avoiding accidents is also important So also the story about connectivity We call that Mercedes-Benz Uptime Just like in the aircraft industry the vehicle is monitored 24/7 by our colleagues in Maastricht our Customer Care Center and they can predict when the vehicle will have a failure or a possible breakdown We actually try to take everything off your hands from the owner that has to do with the management of the vehicle to let the entrepreneur focus on his or her business and that is transport and logistics – You just called PPC a moment ago Predictive Powertrain … Control Predictive Power … Oh boy! Predictive Powertrain Control What’s in it for me as a driver? Because it seems pretty scary to me that you are actually handing out some parts of driving You actually have a system that looks two kilometers ahead He watches how the road runs does it rise, does it fall? How much is my load? Because someone in the Alps with 40 tons is not the same as someone with volume goods with 10 tons in the vehicle So we really focus on it that the vehicle itself says I may switch back with a heavy load for a slope instead of two or three times have to switch back on the slope itself and so lose speed So we take some work away from the driver On the other hand: the driver still remains in charge of the vehicle For example, he must realize himself if he’s catching up with someone at that moment then he’ll have to go back to the lane and then take over the gas to avoid that he might be on that
moment let something fall back and that the driver behind him says: hey, what is he doing? he just caught up with me and now he is reducing speed again The driver always remains the boss in his vehicle But when you see how beautiful the system works now by the detail of the cards that are in the vehicle it can also take away a bit of stress from the driver So that is an important fact But I always recommend every driver if he has had the explanation play with it and see for yourself when it is best applicable for you And I think that’s very important that the driver always realizes ‘I drive the vehicle’ so it is our responsibility to explain that well and to see when you know which system uses the best – What will happen when someone … a driver or a transport company buys an Actros It will be delivered, and then? You get on the one hand and that is actually important for every vehicle also for the passenger cars Nowadays there are so many systems on it from connecting the phone with bluetooth to all the apps in the the app store and so on that you give the driver a thorough explanation from the view: how can I use it correctly? They are supported in this including own applications which they can view in advance about how the system works along with videos from live demos that they really see how it works in practice And on the other side the vehicle is also monitored by a number of systems to coach the driver live in his or her use We call that system ‘Fleetboard’ And Fleetboard follows how the driver uses his or her truck And I think that is very important It is the only system on the market that is objective Because it goes … It mainly goes there that it must be objective for the driver Because this also applies I am in the Alps with 40 tons or do I drive with two pallets in the Netherlands? that’s not the same story And the system looks at your total weight how is the relief is it about distribution or long distance He also indicates a degree of difficulty And the higher the level of difficulty the more you have certain drivers can divide into groups This creates a distribution group a construction group a long-distance group And that makes it a fair story for the driver that is objective That is a problem right now with other systems that say You have braked ten or twenty times that tells me little When I’m in the city center I have to brake that more then someone who leaves here and drives to Spain So we have a number of tools to coach the driver You also have the Eco-Support in the vehicle which indicates how you used the car and its technology – But also that it is displayed visually? Visual tools with colors and
so more and I think that’s important There is more technology on it where you get a kind of live coach which indicates how you use the vehicle in the most optimal form And your consumption is just a consequence of that Many people only look at consumption you have used 20 liters, you have used 25 but maybe it’s in more difficult circumstances with more weight So that consumption …. When I see a driver getting a score of 9.5 or 10 out of 10 then I know he has used his truck well But there are drivers that get a 9.5 or 10 with driving wind turbines that weight over 150 tons and perhaps have a consumption of 60 liters and drivers that consume 20 liters I think it’s important that drivers are coached with the tools but it cannot dominate their lives Because then they have the idea that ‘Big Brother’ is continiously watching them – That is a very common emotion… especially with the tachograph since its introduction that will only get worse with the new tachograph, indeed And then with FleetBoard and all connectivity systems it will be only more True It is necessary on the one hand because it is a highly competitive sector So it is important that the vehicle runs as economical and efficiently as possible But it should not dominate their lives Because of the freedom that existed in the past but is gone now it is important to approach it in a positive way It’s about stimulating If you drive well we have a Drivers League where drivers can register and they can win certain things prizes, training, etc. You have to approach that in a positive way If you are going to use it like a stick to hit with I have the idea rather that it has the opposite effect We must indicate how to use the truck in the safest form and the most efficient form We hear now too lots of feedback from the drivers which indicate that it is also correct Many drivers who have a certain criticism may never have had a thorough explanation And if I don’t know what a vehicle is doing, and why then I may turn off those systems And that is also the case with the safety system If the vehicle for a specific reason suddenly brakes and I don’t know why then maybe I will switch off the system sooner then that I am looking for the underlying reason I also think that more and more tools and systems will come but then you have to explain them well – But I think it can contribute to a professionalization so that it will take you even more… makes youa more professional driver You notice that the level becomes higher That might be difficult for some people – Yes, different You get a new generation of drivers who are already very active on social media and are very into the digital, online so that helps But as a pioneer when you are the first to step in with that then sometimes the older drivers are a bit anxious maybe we should spend some more time to give them the explanation because we all have to participate – Yes We can say that we don’t buy anything online but within an x ​​number of years – you can’t do anything else Indeed – What about Mercedes-Benz Trucks here in Belgium? When we talk about Belgium do you only talk about Flanders or Flanders and Wallonia? For our group it is Belgium and Luxembourg so Flanders, Wallonia and Luxembourg which falls under our responsibility In comparison with the Netherlands you have in Luxembourg and Wallonia more relief We also have more difficult circumstances forestry and so on So you already come across very specific applications within transport in addition to the more classic long-distance and distribution Just like in the Netherlands I don’t know exactly how it is in the Netherlands but in our countries the Actros is also often be used in distribution work So you notice that there really isn’t a distinction between long distance transportation and long distance is then relative because that is for a large part taken over by foreign carriers we are then on the smaller international journeys to Paris and just a little further competitive also interesting – Because what is your market share in Belgium and Luxembourg? Very different between Belgium and Luxembourg also because there is the very specific one in which we are in trucks and especially construction vehicles, for example have been the market leader for years also in distribution Atego and before that Antos and Axor in which we have always been the market leader and where we are now fully committed to put the Actros on the market towards market leader But that takes time What position do you have now? We are now moving from position 5 to 4 but a top 3 is in sight but that is not enough I mean… We want to go to the first place – Of course and then you have win the drivers for your brand And I think that’s actually possible with this truck This is the ultimate now that we can offer Fully customizable to the personal taste of the driver – Yeah, I just wanted to ask How can you convince me as a driver that I have to choose for an Actros? Of course: tastes differ – Of course Its new seating position I think the very latest in high-tech in terms of communication dashboard and so on that is really comparable with the newest that Mercedes also offers in their passenger cars And further, well … New switching strategies The highest safety And the only way, I think that we can do … We can make beautiful films presentations, booklets But I think driving is the message And… Tastes will still differ But if you are open minded and dare to step in we can do that with ease We must be able to realize it – How are you going to approach that? Because, they will be deliverable from this summer … This is the very first on the Belgian market So we even have to register it – Yes So that is a first – Super unique! Yes, so that’s nice for both of us And now we will over the coming months really focus on mainly driver events demo rides at companies The entire dealer network is ready to come out with the vehicle now And what I said … They must be driven primarily by drivers to be able to decide is this the truck for me – So really bring the car to the man / woman Shows, Truckrace Zolder Full attention is given to all these matters to let the ‘boys’ experience for themselves what does this vehicle do for me – I am curious how it will go Yes! – Have they already been ordered? Many trucks have already been ordered and of course, in the previous year a number of regular customers have test drived the trucks The advantage was that the exterior except from the mirrors relatively little has changed We have actually used them with almost all customers been in their work for a number of months to get real feedback how the truck is doing really testing at the customer because we do a lot of test work ourselves and in Germany But what counts is what the customer experiences So with a number of our regular customers we let them drive the new Actros themselves in their colors – And? The feedback was already very positive and we were able to use that feedback to make a number of last-minute adjustments And now the challenge comes to push a large volume – It seems like a nice start here You couldn’t have a better location, I think The weather may be a little better … – Yes, but we can’t control that … That is part of it And you can personalize the whole part of it the way you want it – Yes And also depending on the equipment of the vehicle – Wow There is now no driver card so you don’t see any tachograph data otherwise, you will see it on the right side of the screen Eline, we are going to try to keep driving at this distance And you can ride the racing line The ‘ideal line’ Cruise control 30 active They can never pass right there! It is a good first test of the mirrors – Yes! Wait a moment … 3..2..1 .. GO! * AMG ENGINE SOUND * This is the blind spot warning Yes, that is just right So if you make a steering movement then it will give you that indication or if you turn on the direction indicators AMGs, go ahead … if you want Sven asks for some spectacle… * AMG ENGINE SOUND * Do we have to look very anxious now? – Yes – It is video, not a photo …. * LAUGHING * – Ooh, almost over the red surface Racing line hey Nice racing line – Do I smell so bad? * LAUGHING * – Can you still adjust the cameras? Yes You can adjust it anyway But they probably mean in terms of lighting and zooming in and out, those matters? – Well, more like: I want this more to the left… Yes, that works just like with normal mirrors You adjust them like the normal mirror So wider, denser, higher lower That is perfect The only thing it does itself for example in foggy or rainy conditions then it automatically adjusts the exposure And for example at night when you sit in the cabin and you hear something outside then you can activate everything and look outside without opening the curtains – Yes, really super Straight ahead here? Here again straight ahead and then to the right

  1. Wauw , weer een super mooie video #Eline en ook nog van mij favoriete merk ! Heb hier vroeger jaren op gereden (Axor koel/vries bakwagen) voor horecadistributie. Mijn eigen droom auto voor persoonlijk gebruik ( wat altijd wel een droom zal blijven) is een witte MB B 200 automaat 4Matic . Thanks voor deze video !

  2. Jou kennende word je NIET warm of koud van Mercedessen, je bent denk ik eerder gegaan voor de Actros, niet waar??

  3. Leuke video Eline! Ik vroeg me nog wel af of je nou ook nog normale spiegels kan krijgen op je Actros, of dat je nu helemaal gebonden bent aan die camera's…

  4. Simon Loos was bijvoorbeeld een van de bedrijven die eerder de Actros mee kreeg, ik ben er al een hoop tegen gekomen in Zuid-Holland!

  5. Hoi Eline
    I drive a 16 Plate Mrec, that looks a little more comfy but I'm not keen on the new style of Mirror's,
    Was it a good ride ?

  6. Wat mij erg blij maakt is dat deze truck remt voor fietsers die rechtdoor gaan! Vanachter je handbike bekeken is dat bijzonder prettig kan ik je zeggen! Ik wil geen medelijden, maar toch… Vielen dank Mercedes!!!

  7. Leerzame impressie, mooi weer gedaan Eline en compliment aan de MB woordvoerder die zeer goed op de hoogte is betreft praktijkzaken voor de chauffeur, hij weet goed waar hij over praat. Rij zelf wisselvallig ook in een Actross (oproep chauffeur bij Hartman en daardoor rij je in meer merken, om de verschillen te ervaren, elk merk heeft zo zijn dingetje)). Het eerste wat mij direct opvalt is het handige systeem van dat opklapbare bed, zit graag wat naar achteren in een Actross omdat je toch al vrij hoog op de bok zit, verder een praktijk dingetje, je kan nu mooi je werkjas in één gooi kwijt, wat altijd viezig, vettig, nat of vochtig is. Bij instappen gooi je die altijd achter je stoel.

    Ja, die extra trede, meer dan de andere merken die MB heeft, oudere chauffeurs worden wat 'gewichtiger' en stijver boven de 50 en dan praat je meteen over de grootste groep chauffeurs. elke keer is het toch een klim/hijs naar boven. Nooit gesnapt waarom truck merken die cabine varianten hebben in hoogten, de hoge versies zijn gewilder en waarde vaster bij inruil of als occasion aanschaf, ook al rij je dagritten, gewoon één hoge cabine variant standaard maken en optioneel aangepast waar dat nodig is (denk aan autotransporten en speciaal transporten).

    Het zou MB sieren als ze de opbergvakken, die van buiten te openen zijn, achter de deuren, wat lager maken (er is wat loze ruimte onder de cabine op die plek, benut die dan ook), ben zelf 1,81 maar moet op mijn tenen staan om overzicht te hebben om de spansets te pakken die achterin liggen in het vak, dat moet beslist beter, want er zijn veel chauffeurs die kleiner zijn. Je rijd niet altijd met 'eigen' trailers die opbergkisten hebben onder de trailer voor spansets, rubber matjes en hoekjes, daardoor zitten die opbergvakken bij de cabine ook stampvol.

    Ja die 'solostar' daar hebben wij er ook ééntje van, magnifiek om daar op te zitten in de rusttijden, soort mini lounge met alles goed om je heen en heerlijk om je benen te strekken.

    Vind de motorrem (retarder) bij de Actross fijn werken, zou nog beter zijn (voor alle merken) als deze traploos worden, omdat deze soms onvoorspelbaar zijn in de werking ervan (ene keer merk je niet veel, andere keer slaat deze 'op hol'), nu ben je gebonden aan de zetting die de fabriek bepaald, maak zoiets wat je ook hebt met je interval regeling van je ruitenwissers, een draaiknop in de hendel waar je de gradatie werking van de motorrem kan inregelen, afhankelijk van gewicht wat je beladen bent, omstandigheid waar je in rijd (bergen op bebouwde kom). Wel een dingetje betreft de Actross, de cruise controle wordt niet automatisch uitgeschakeld bij gebruik van de motorrem, draai je een rotonde op om uit te rollen, begint de cruise controle direct weer op te pakken … dat is niet slim en gevaarlijk, dus daar graag verbetering in.

    Betreft die beeldscherm spiegels, zie daar veel praktijk voordelen in, niet meer dat eeuwige schoonmaken of beslaan, maar waarom de dode hoek en de top spiegel er nog wel op zitten (rechts), maak dan alles digitaal.

    Mooie video deze, hoop dat MB mijn commentaar ook leest, want luisteren naar ervaren (ook al zijn ze nu parttimer) chauffeurs, is gratis innovatie voer op de nieuwere modellen, en waar chauffeurs inspraak hebben in hun merk voorkeuren, scoor je altijd hoog waar ergonomie en praktische zaken goed voor elkaar zijn. De werkgever kijkt alleen naar verbruik en onderhoud kosten, en die zijn bij de meeste grote merken niet veel verschillend..

  8. Ik vind het zo mooi hé, die lach van jou als je aan het rijden bent. Echt van je gezicht af te lezen dat genieten!

  9. Hallo Eline
    Ik zou je zowat uitdagen om eens in een Mack F786ST van overdorp te stappen….jij zit nu in het techniek van bijna 2020
    Maar het is een uitdaging om eens te kijken/ te rijden in een truck van 40 jaar oud. De Mack was in eind jaren 70 begin 80 een bijzondere auto waar menig chauffeur zn hoofd voor omdraaide

  10. Klopt het ook dat je nu op de dode kant achteruit naar het dok kan rijden omdat de camera's mee draaien? Dat zei iemand tegen mij die binnenkort ook zo'n auto krijgt.

  11. Eline, wat leuk om je zo enthousiast te zien worden van nieuwe techniek. Heb je zin om eens met Mercedes Actros Duel Fuel te komen rijden op de weg?

  12. Mooie video maar wat is die mercedus een hok neem gwn een scania lekker old school en donders hard klapperen 😬👌🏻

  13. Het is heel vervelend rijden want je hebt geen eiken punt en met spiegel is mooier

  14. Weer een leuke video , jij hebt ook wel een geweldige baan om zo overal te mogen rijden . Maar voor mij mag je het hebben , ik vind er niet zoveel meer aan om te rijden na 40 jaar !

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