Ron Paul "To be an Anarchist is a great idea"

Leana bree-zay on our Facebook page asks I'm finding myself more distant from government involvement in general is it healthy to think like an anarchist or what are your views on anarchy well I think if if somebody is in anarchist and they totally believe in in no government and they don't use force at the moment to go and start shooting up the governments that we don't have any government that would be wrong but to be an anarchist and assume responsibility for yourself I think this is a great idea and there's a lot of people there's a lot of very close friends of mine who think political actions terrible and was worthless I happen to be one that believes that education is probably paramount but political action can be very helpful and sometimes political action my elections and things and and galvanizing interests is a measurement of our success on our ideas so I think this is a is very important but Anarchy is is it's not harmful to me this is long as you especially if you give up on if you're a true libertarian you've rejected to use a force I don't have to worry about you but if you don't if you don't want to your biggest problem of being an anarchist in a government that doesn't agree with you is that well I want to opt out they're going to come with guns but you know we do have incidents where some people do get to opt out and you know when you think about the Amish and the Mennonites I guess I think they get exempting they'd like to it just think those groups why couldn't all of us have that opportunity look we voluntarily want to get out and we don't want to we want to take care of ourselves either an individual should be allowed to do that and get no benefits from from the government or a group can do this a libertarian society actually gives full permission for socialism voluntary socialism you know if you want to get together and there's been a you know experiments without in our history you can have voluntary socialism if you go together and you agree and we running this community large small or whatever on a social scheme you should be allowed to but we should be allowed you know to stay out of that but the problem is it's so inefficient that the Socialists know their system is going to fail so they have to use the force of a government gun to take money from the people who aren't socialists in order to subsidize their program but libertarianism gives full legal protection of anybody who wants to have voluntary socialism but socialists never will endorse the idea of you having your personal liberty where you can take care of yourself and not ask for nothing from anybody else you

  1. We have always needed authority, because there are always violent people who can not be reasoned with. Anarchy is stupid.

  2. Stay well Dr Paul! You're a great inspiration for many of us! People should not depend on government. Every man is a nation.

  3. If anarchism is a great idea, Paul

    than why aren't you an anarchist ?




  4. i like Ron Paul i dont see him as a politician just a no nonsense unbiased sensible public speaker

  5. Socialism is worker control of the means of production. How does that oppose personal liberty beyond the workplace/workstation? How does that inevitably lead to crushing inefficiency?
    The point is that workers feel fulfilled and at peace knowing that their work will be as sustainable and responsible as they as a whole desire.

  6. Anarchy is actually a collectivist ideology, so like socialism, that works to fight and overcome all forms of authority, the state, corporations, etc. Historically Anarchist also fought to have a society free of a capitalist market place. Capitalism and Anarchism have been enemies for most of the history of Anarchism. The capitalist who love anarchy are just authoritarians who don't understand that their just as much a victim to the free market as the working class. Anarcho-Capitalism means chaos and the worst type, a break up of society. Capitalism in it's purest form has never been tried for good reason. And Ron Paul is wrong when he says Corporations would allow for socialism. Socialism is a revolutionary ideology and the Capitalist class would crush the socialist as soon as they would rise up.

  7. Self ownership implies personal responsibility and the abandoning of the use of government force to control what your neighbors do. It is Voluntaryism in action. Self ownership produces self-governance. Self ownership is the opposite of slavery.
    There is a fine essay by Herbert Spencer on the Right To Ignore The State.

    First paragraph says it all —

    The Right to Voluntary Outlawry
    As a corollary to the proposition that all institutions must be
    subordinated to the law of equal freedom, we cannot choose but admit the
    right of the citizen to adopt a condition of voluntary outlawry. If
    every man has freedom to do all that he wills, provided he infringes not
    the equal freedom of any other man, then he is free to drop connection
    with the state — to relinquish its protection, and to refuse paying
    toward its support. It is self-evident that in so behaving he in no way
    trenches upon the liberty of others; for his position is a passive one;
    and whilst passive he cannot become an aggressor. It is equally
    self-evident that he cannot be compelled to continue one of a political
    corporation, without a breach of the moral law, seeing that citizenship
    involves payment of taxes; and the taking away of a man’s property
    against his will, is an infringement of his rights. Government being
    simply an agent employed in common by a number of individuals to secure
    to them certain advantages, the very nature of the connection implies
    that it is for each to say whether he will employ such an agent or not.
    If any one of them determines to ignore this mutual-safety
    confederation, nothing can be said except that he loses all claim to its
    good offices, and exposes himself to the danger of maltreatment — a
    thing he is quite at liberty to do if he likes. He cannot be coerced
    into political combination without a breach of the law of equal freedom;
    he can withdraw from it without committing any such breach; and he has therefore a right so to withdraw.
    Elias Alias, The Mental Militia dot net

  8. I really wish Ron Paul would look up libertarian socialism. Anarchist capitalism (or right-libertarianism) is NOT anarchism– left-anarchists just realize that wage slavery is another system of oppression. The only "right" libertarian socialists aren't protecting is the right to rent other people and treat them as tools– but Ron Paul unfortunately doesn't consider that a violation of your rights.

  9. Who knows if it would work, but we're so far from self-governing, any steps towards more self-empowerment and less gov't is for the better. Ultimately, not having the threat of authority controlling the masses is a beautiful and highly evolved ideal.


  11. it important to remmeber anarchy is not A economic system anarchy simply mean less centralization an greater power to small local power an the ability of people to break off form an group an begin again some where else you can have anarcho communist community as well as anarcho capitalist community an any mix of the two. 

  12. The few smart ones who are awake, should no longer be trying to wake up the masses, especially when it is painstakingly made clear that the sheeple don't want to wake up. Instead just gather together and start creating their own anarchist communities or societies, and distance themselves altogether from any other systems they deem unworthy to live in and serve, and get away from these systems as far as they possibly can and live in their newly built societies, and not worry about the sheeple and those who are hoplessly lost and don't want freedom, because obviously slavery and obedience have always been part of their cultural lifes and they know of nothing else. Don't waste any more precious time on waking up others, they don't want freedom. A long time ago these people have traded away their freedom for safety, then just let them simply reap what they sow.

  13. ok dum dum Ron Paul only retired from congress. you must not which his show the RON PAUL CHANNEL. on he is far from retired. i guarantee if we raised 1 billion for his campaign he will be front and center for 2016.  

  14. I ussual agree with Dr. Paul, but they are Anarcho-Communist. Probably in similar number to Anarcho-Capitalist. I consider myself a bit of a mix. I'd be Anarcho-Communist with my friends, and family and Anarcho-Capitalist with strangers.  

  15. He was talking about voluntary socialism- libertarian socialism…. not anarcho capitalism or "voluntaryism" +Liberfree

  16. He was talking about voluntary socialism- libertarian socialism…. not anarcho capitalism +Liberfree

  17. Slow down, Ron – these are C-SPAN viewers!   They think words mean different things than they really mean.  They may be intelligent but stuff like this needs to be hand-fed.

  18. Libertarianism is not Free Market Capitalism!!!!   Libertarianism has always been and will be Anarcho-Communism.  Which has nothing to do with the USSR and other Socialist States so don't even compare us!

  19. Well stated. And he makes a GREAT POINT: The Amish. Government leaves them alone. Now, have you read the EQUAL PROTECTION CLAUSE or the 14th Amendment.  Legally, if the Amish can "Opt out", so can EVERYONE ELSE.  And I'm fine with that FACT of LAW.  ACLU … you have you next case or 2.


  21. Ron Paul has always been a gateway drug that leads to a life-long addiction to freedom. He knows full well that he has helped convert more people to be anarchists than anyone in history. It takes a politician to accomplish such a thing in a society of people raised by TV and public school. 

  22. RUN RON PAUL 2016! RUN RON PAUL 2016! RUN RON PAUL 2016!

       i stand behind Ron Paul 100%   i stand behind Rand Paul 10%

  23. Could you Imagine Ron Paul running for President with Jesse Ventura as Vice President… now that would get Ron the Media coverage.. he was so ripped off last election… I love Ron… and as for Jesse.. i only know what i see of him.. on the TV and YouTube.. i sense he is for Real.. so don't hate me.. for suggesting him.. Much Love all…

  24. A lot of people missunderstood anarchizm and communism in my country lately. Anarchy is about don't having someone to look what youre doing like dad does to littke baby. We need a lot of time to give society to understand us.

  25. I love ron paul. Hes fighting for our country when it seems none of the others ive a dam!! You rock mr.paul

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