Ron Paul on libertarian socialism

I don't know how familiar are with noam chomsky but you know his libertarian socialist school I don't know if you have any thoughts on folks who say yes less government is good but we should be letting workers run things or coops just what is your thoughts overall on libertarian socialism well it's contradictory you know unless you're talking about a coalition life working together but libertarianism wouldn't or socialism unless you have some socialist accomplished within a libertarian Society this is the amazing thing if we are libertarian society we would not outlaw consider you know socialism if you get together you're on a socialist system that's fine as long as nobody forces you into it but a socialist is never that way our socialist would never you know allow us to escape you know and I guess the worst example is what happened with the medical care the mandate you will come in you will have to be part of it and in the education we have a little bit of ability to escape because we still aren't put in prison even though some people would like to for having homeschooling and for having private schools so I think that you can work that out but the people who believe in socialism really want the money of the people who are producing because otherwise they can't exist and the socialism is obviously the cause of what we see in Zimbabwe and in Venezuela

  1. I dont think he understands how libsoc works nor does he understand that the word in a politicla sense 'libertarian' actually springs from socialism or libsoc.

  2. The thing is though that as worker coops become more mainstream more would probably opt to work in a worker coop without bosses as there would be greater workplace freedom. Then it sort of boils down to the divided island parable with both socialism and capitalism being mainstream eventually one will become popular and whichever side falls out of favour will rush to protect its assets.

  3. Libertarian socialism usually tends towards full blown anarchism whereby there could be a nation comprising of confederations of communities peacefully coexisting and trading with a libertarian nation

  4. Clearly Ron Paul has no idea what socialism is. He's as much prey to the idiotic notion that socialism is "big government" as any other rightist ignoramus. In fact, socialism has from the beginning always meant workers' control of the means of production and distribution, and not of the state. And libertarian socialism explicitly rejects the state.

  5. It's not contradictory if you look at the history behind it. Libertarianism (in the classic, European sense) and socialism (as in worker control of the means of production) complement each other quite nicely. Together they create anarchism: A system free of power-relations

  6. Replace the word socialism with capitalism, still makes sense.

    "It is not certain that socialism is in all ways superior to capitalism but it is certain that, unlike capitalism, it can solve the problems of production and consumption." (George Orwell, Complete Works – Volume XII)

  7. I like Ron Paul, but as a LibSoc, I think he fundamentally misunderstands what we are about.

  8. I've been researching lately and Ron Paul completely misrepresented Libertarian Socialism here. It's not an "oxymoron". Anarcho Capitalism would be an oxymoron.

    With Libertarian Socialism you reject not only the State but consolidation of power in general. You reject rulers – not rules. You support direct democracy and unionize people.

    American Libertarianism is Westernized Libertarianism. Corporations have the most influence because they can bribe politicians to bend to their will. Including Ron Paul.

    Unfettered Capitalism will and has already caused such an economic inequality that will lead to a welfare state.

  9. "It's contradictory" Why can't right-libertarians learn the damn history​ of libertarianism?? I'm not even a LibSoc, just intellectually honest.

  10. "People of socialism want the money of the people producing." People just want their fair share from those who refuse to share it.

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