Rocky Balboa - Motivational/Inspirational Speech To Son (1080p)

  1. The message I love in the rocky movies is about never giving up, it's ok to get knocked down but to get back up, and most importantly that no matter what life throws at you never become bitter.

  2. best part about this scene is Paulie asking Rocky if he can use his name to make money through endorsements. some thing he didn't know how to do earlier.

  3. One of the best scenes in the entire franchise!

    If I ever have a moment of doubt or self pity… I watch this over and over.

  4. If you pay attention….. This is the first & only time Rocky really lost his cool. All explaining the pure essence his movies to his Son. Rocly movies are golden

  5. 3:33 thats the core of the issue, family will always love you no matter what, you can be nastiest shithead in the world, your family will love you 😀

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