Rockefeller: The Richest American Who Ever Lived

He was called “the most hated man in America.”
Yet the New York Times described him as “the world’s greatest giver.” He was America’s
first billionaire. And he gave half of it away. He was the quintessential so-called
“Robber Baron” of the Gilded Age. But he was probably more responsible than any
other single individual for the creation of the American middle class and the development
of America as a great industrial power. He lived in a splendid mansion. But was so worried
about spoiling his children that he dressed them in hand me down clothes. Song lyrics were written about him. But he rarely went to social events. His name was John D. Rockefeller. And his
story is uniquely American. Born in upstate New York in 1839, he did not
have an easy childhood. His father was a part time salesman and a full time philanderer.
Rockefeller’s mother assured John that God was the father who would never let him down.
Rockefeller absorbed that message. It guided his life. Deeply religious, he put into practice
the spiritual law “Give and it shall be given unto you.” From his teenage years to his dying day, Rockefeller always gave a portion of his income to charity. Rockefeller’s special gift to the world
was kerosene, cheap kerosene, cheap enough that anyone could buy it. Before the formation
of his signature company, Standard Oil, people lit their homes with candles and heated them
with coal or wood. The candles were dim and the coal was dirty. Rockefeller’s affordable
kerosene — processed crude oil — made the world brighter, warmer, cleaner, and better
— for everyone. “We must ever remember,” Rockefeller wrote to one of his partners in
1885, “we are refining oil for the poor man and he must have it cheap and good.” Rockefeller loved the business of business.
He attended to every detail — always with the same goal, saving the customer money.
That he made so much of it himself was a byproduct. He was also scrupulously honest. His first
partner, Maurice Clark said, “If there was a cent due a customer, he wanted the customer to have it.” Rockefeller displayed genius at getting creative
ideas from his employees at Standard Oil. He paid them well — and rarely had labor
problems. He generously rewarded his chemists and engineers when they found new ways to
get more kerosene out of a barrel of oil. Other oil refiners dumped oil waste into nearby
rivers. That repulsed Rockefeller who was perhaps the greatest environmentalist of his
age. Not only was he a great lover of nature, he was the ultimate recycler. He believed
there was a God-given use for every particle in a barrel of oil and he was determined to
find it. After the kerosene had been removed, Rockefeller’s
staff found uses for the remaining components: the gasoline as fuel, some of the tars for
paving, and other by-products to manufacture paint, varnish, and even anesthetics. It’s hard to imagine that the automobile
industry would have even come into existence without the availability of Rockefeller’s
cheap oil. When Henry Ford was ready with his Model-T, Rockefeller was ready to supply
the gas. By the early decades of the new century, millions
of Americans had jobs in oil-related industries. Those jobs helped to build the American middle
class. As Rockefeller said, “We saw the vast possibilities of the oil industry, stood
at the center of it, and brought our knowledge and imagination and business experience to
bear in a dozen, in twenty, in thirty directions.” Rockefeller was an oddity — the first billionaire
in U.S. history, but no one could out-give him. From the time of his first job, earning
50 cents a day, the sixteen-year-old Rockefeller gave to his local Baptist church, to missions
in New York City, and to the poor — black or white. He believed in the biblical admonition
that not money, but “the love of money” was “the root of all evil.”
Rockefeller supported churches and missionaries all over the world; lavishly endowed colleges
like the University of Chicago and Spelman College, a black women’s college, named
after his wife, Laura; and gave millions to medical research. Before he died in 1937 in
his 98th year, he had given away about $550,000,000, which was more than any other American had
ever possessed. So, if he did so much good during his life,
why is he most commonly remembered today as the paradigm of a greedy capitalist? The answer
to that question, I’m afraid, has much more to do with our educational system than with
Rockefeller himself. Maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at both. I’m Burt Folsom, professor of History
at Hillsdale College, for Prager University.

  1. The first video of hundreds from Prager I'm giving a thumbs down. Maybe do your research on the Rockefellers and the 13 bloodlines! #QAnon #WWG1WGA #worldpatriot #godpatriot

  2. You don’t see Hollywood liberals donating all their money, all you see is them dying in their 30’s because of suicide or drug overdose.

  3. I tend to agree with almost everything one this channel, but this is one of those instances in which I cannot agree. You really think this guy did it because he actually cared about people? No he did for his own glory or perhaps even a tax deduction. He and his whole family are a bunch of new world order globalist scum. The Rockefeller are determined to decrease the global population at any cost. They funded Margaret Sanger and helped her start Planned Parenthood.

  4. So….his son, grandson, great grandson and great great grandson decided to use his wealth for evil? Somebody explain this shit

  5. You know that Rockefeller lost standard oil because of multiple examples of business corruption, bribery and threats. Guess you just kinda forgot about that didn’t you.

  6. Idk a lot about this man except that he was rich and made lives a little better for humans. but let's say he did all those accusations I'm reading in the comment! No man is perfect or anywhere near so as a world full of filthy humans we should at least thank and give credit to those who try or to better. If it wasn't for him all those achievements would've been a dream so please learn to appreciate people even when they have shortcomings. We all do and those who bring a big difference in the world deserve some credits.

  7. I was a good student of history, and it always pisses me right the F off when I find something out like this for the first time. I shouldn't finally be learning at 52 years old that Rockefeller was such a philanthropist. Thanks public school system, media et al!

  8. Let's not forget the largest donators of PragerU are the founders of a hydraulic fracking company, and that the views maybe bias. I believe that Rockefeller did make great things from oil, but he also discouraged competitive practices and did unethical things like backroom deals with rail companies to favor only his business. Rockefeller was maybe an environmentalist, but overall he did horrible things to the planet. These points failed to be mentioned.

  9. Who cares if a sadistic psychopath gives money to the needy? He's still vile. Rockefeller is a reviled name for a reason.

  10. I visited his grave at Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio. If you put a dime on his grave it represents that a dime could feed a family of 4 in the Great Depression.

  11. Because of Rockefeller, we blind people have such helpful conveniences as microwaves, computers, and washing machines. These things benefit everyone, of course, but they give us in particular an independence we might not have had otherwise. This was because of Rockefeller's work in fossil fuels. We owe him a debt of gratitude.

  12. Prager is losing credibility, video by video. Rockefellers own stock in the PRIVATE federal reserve. The head of the snake keeping us as debt slaves and controlled

  13. 1st time I skipped a 5 min video from PU. This glorification of a man who cared less about people than anything else is repulsive.
    PU, you gonna lose credibility by posting this sort of lies

  14. Yeah lets totally forget the time he suppressed protesters with deadly force, this video is far too cut and dry

  15. There is some whitewashing done in this video. My reason for saying this comes not from critics of John D. Rockefeller, but from success gurus Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone in their 1960 book, "Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude" (Prentice-Hall, Inc., Chicago). Rockefeller had to retire at age 57 on doctor's orders. He was also a hated man. Hill and Stone draw from John K. Winkler's "John D., A Portrait in Oils." In his youth Rockefeller developed a major definite aim of becoming the world's richest man. When he retired, his major definite aims were to develop a healthy body, maintain a healthy mind, live a long life, and later, to win the esteem of his fellowmen.

    Hillsdale College professor Burt Folsom makes it sound as though Rockefeller was a philanthropist from Day 1. He wasn't. He was a shrewd businessman, for good or for ill; the philanthropy came later.

    I think the Dalai Lama said something like a man spends his health to get money, then spends his money to get health. That was certainly the case with Rockefeller!

  16. John D. Rockefeller also funded the building of infrastructure and scenic carriage roads all throughout Acadia National Park along the northern coast of Maine. His gracious donations towards that effort is still enjoyed by all today.

  17. Did you say the richest man who ever lived? He may be the riches american who lived but the richest man to live was an African king named Mansa musa

  18. You conveniently left out that Ford wanted to run his vehicles on ethanol/alcohol, (a fuel that is more environmentally friendly, more efficient, much cheaper and easier to produce). So Rockefeller bought off Congress. Essentially bribing them to pass Prohibition and forcing Ford to use oil and gas, so Rockefeller could make more money.

    Don't be mistaken the Rockefellers are part of the corrupt globalist Cabal working towards a New World Order, a one World government. These people won't stop until they have all the money and power.

  19. rarely do I disagree with you but Solomon was the wealthiest man ever…In the Trillions.

    King Solomon, who was said to receive some $40 billion in gold each year as tribute. That helped bring his fortune to $2.2 trillion.

  20. Bravo! We all need to develop a "built-in, shockproof crap detector" (Ernest Hemingway). Alfred Korzybski (d.1950) would support PragerU's mission, while cautioning about the high levels of abstraction used (and mis-used) by all of us! This is the kind of discussion Korzybski would have appreciated, and a familiarity with the principles of his "general semantics" (“Science and Sanity,” 5th Ed., 1994, and other works) would help us to better understand and avoid much of the current age's insanity, anger and confusion. Look him up!

  21. 0:03
    Well he is hated for starting the NWO that wants to take over America with gun removal, hobbit holes in fema camps, open borders and DIVERSITY

  22. rockefeller is the first born capitalist but in equation of CAPITALIST + CHRISTIANITY = BETTER WORLD
    Jesus said "whoever loved anything from the world more than LOVE TO GOD didn't worth it to enter His kingdom" so now don't love your money so u will not be the slave of money!!

  23. Watch this to understand how Rockefeller manipulated and shaped the world that we know today: –

  24. Rockefeller may have doomed the whole world. Oil industry for cars instead of electric cars from the beginning could have already spelled the end of our world. I'm afraid he will be remembered as the demon who brought the end of days.

  25. I like how the video doesnt mention the unethical business practices of dropping prices temporarily to undercut competitors and then buying the businesses as they went bankrupt to cement his own monopoly. No mention of the fact that Standard Oil was deemed detrimental to the economy and was broken up with the Anti-Trust Act and is a prime example of how unethical monopolies are in a capitalist society. Just a bunch of morons in this comment section lapping up the propaganda. Just because Rockefeller did some good things in his life doesn't excuse the negatives he's done.

  26. E foi um homem abençoado por Deus, parem de criticar as pessoas sem conhecer o passado, ele ajudou muitas pessoas nesse mundo afora, busca conhecer a verdade, pós os bilhionario de hoje não faz e não irão fazer mas Q Rockfeller fez pa salvar vidas nesse mundo afora.

  27. prager u seemed to ignore the time when rockefeller funded the nazis’ eugenics experiments on Jews prior to WW2. How convenient 🤦‍♂️

  28. I don't think Rockefeller is a good example of a Captain of Industry: you should have picked Andrew Carnegie …
    After reading "The Prince" from Machiavelli , i learn that you have to be amoral if you want to succeed as a leader or businessman.

  29. He was famous for using the railways to force competition out of business, so they couldn't afford to send their goods, and helped to kill the electric car which is the cleanest of all. It would be nice if you could have mentioned this in your video. So we don't have to get it from the MSM.

  30. He really wasn't as good of a guy as Prager is making him out to be. That's not to say that he was as awful as some would have you believe, but the point is that this is biased. Just sayin'

  31. These comments are so ridiculously ignorant and stupid, I feel like I'm in an alternate reality.

  32. I'm over 40 years old. I have never in my entire life heard it good or kind word spoken of this man! Weird

  33. This video causes me to question the accuracy of what I was taught in an economics class in school. I was taught that a business practice of Standard Oil was to expand into new business territories and undersell the established competition at a loss, forcing them out of business. Once Standard Oil had the local monopoly, they would raise prices to a level higher than they were before they came into the territories and use the added funds to repeat the process into new territories. This is what I was taught, and I never did try to verify the teaching's accuracy. His philanthropy was known. I'm wondering if my education may have been given with a liberal bias.

  34. Sure but how much did he give to those places and did any of it, and if such how much went to bad places. What's your source? I want to see a checkbook of all of his donations.

  35. I have always said that schools are getting too much money. They would do much better when their budgets are cut below their current level to 9 per cent

  36. Who said Rockefeller was a Mason in the first place? If Wes Penre's list of historic Freemasons is correct (As a foreigner, I'm not even sure how his surname is actually pronounced; "Penry" or the French way) – we should be convinced that Churchill and Truman were actually good friends with Stalin who shared glasses of champagne behind the curtains of gunpowdery smoke of the Korean War, fooling everyone in the Planet Earth – which I can't (and of course, don't) believe. (Do you?)

  37. He gave it away after running several family business after killing of many strikes with violence and he gave it away in his last months on earth because he had earned all the money possible

  38. He gave it away after running several family business after killing of many strikes with violence and he gave it away in his last months on earth because he had earned all the money possible

  39. The only negative arguments I'm seeing about Rockefeller are that.
    1. He had a lot of power & money
    2. He botched the public school system.
    If these are the only 2 things people are talking about then it seems that those people don't know what they're talking about. I'm not trying to come in on one side, but I'm just telling my cold hard opinion.

  40. There is a difference between giving away and ask anything in return. Or giving away and expect those that you give to push your own agenda in return. That's actually called trapping people in turning them in your own slaves.

  41. Jay-z who pulled for Hillary called his company Rockefeller records lmao hypocrisy at its best! What a disgrace

  42. Yeah, but then his kids that he didnt want to spoil grew up…
    Dont try to tell the world what a great man he was.

  43. Rockefeller was called this, as an intentional contradiction against reality. They say he was the ultimate greed-head, because they know he was the ultimate giver.

  44. Is anyone going to tell the ideology poisoned morons running PragerU about the Ludlow Massacre or are we letting them pretend Rockefeller did nothing wrong and loved his workers? Oh, and I guess we’re forgetting the criminal history of Standard Oil and why it doesn’t exist today.

  45. I don’t know my grandfathers grandmother was his 2nd cousin and according to my grandfather when she went to him asking for help he turned his cheek and wanted nothing to do with her

  46. After searching more about what PragerU present in their videos I am now suspicious of everything you say. You describe Rockefeller as if he was an angel. Now I think you take the part of facts and remove what you dont want audience to hear. You describe things in a way that complements your interests.

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