Robert Reich: What’s the Real American Story?

Donald Trump has perfected the art of telling
a fake story about America. The only way to counter that is to tell the real story of
America. Donald Trump’s story is this: Powerful alien
forces — immigrants, foreign traders, foreign politicians and their international agreements
— have undermined the wellbeing of most Americans. These forces have been successful
largely because Democrats, liberals, cultural elites, the Washington establishment, the
media, and “deep state” bureaucrats have helped them, in order to enrich themselves
and boost their power. Not surprisingly, according to Trump, all these forces seek to remove
him from office. Now, none of it is true, of course. But without
a true story to combat Trump’s fake story, Trump could win a second term as president. Even Trump’s fake story can be more convincing to millions of Americans than the truth without
a story. So what’s the real story of America— the
true narrative based on facts and logic and history? Let me show you. It didn’t begin with Trump. Since Ronald
Reagan, Republicans have understood better than Democrats the art of political narrative. Now, there are four essential American stories
that transcend politics. They are the four legs of the table that holds the American
imagination. The first two are about hope; the second two are about fear. The first story. The Triumphant Individual. This is the familiar
tale of the little guy or gal who works hard, takes risks, believes in him or herself, and
eventually gains wealth, fame, and honor. The story is epitomized in Horatio Alger’s
hundred or so novellas, whose heroes all rise promptly and predictably from rags to riches.
Or in the life of Abraham Lincoln, born in a log cabin, who believed that “the value
of life is to improve one’s condition.” The moral: With enough effort and courage,
anyone can make it in the United States. The second story is The Benevolent Community.
This is the story of neighbors and friends who roll up their sleeves and pitch in for
the common good. It goes back to the Puritans. John Winthrop’s “A Model of Christian
Charity,” delivered on-board a ship in Salem Harbor 1630 was a new world version of Matthew’s
Sermon on the Mount. Similar ideals of community found among the abolitionists, suffragettes,
and civil rights activists of the 1950s and 1960s. “I have a dream that every valley
shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low,” said Martin Luther King
Jr., extolling the ideal of the national community. Now the two stories based on fear that have
been used for more than 200 years of American history. The Mob at the Gates. This is the story of
threatening forces beyond our borders. Daniel Boone fought Indians—described then in racist
terms as “savages” or “heathens”. Davy Crockett battled Mexicans. Much the same
story gave force to cold war tales during the ’50s of an international communist plot
to undermine U.S. democracy and subsequently of the “evil empire” and “Axis of Evil.”
Now, sometimes this story has been true: America battled Hitler and other fascists in World
War II. We have taken on the forces responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attack. The underlying
lesson: We must maintain vigilance, lest external threats overwhelm and divide us. Fourth and finally
The Rot at the Top. The last story concerns the malevolence of powerful elites. It’s
a tale of corruption, decadence, and irresponsibility in high places—of conspiracy against the
common citizen. The great bullies of American fiction have often symbolized Rot at the Top:
Willie Stark as the corrupt politician in All the King’s Men, and the antagonists
that hound the Joad family in The Grapes of Wrath. This tale has also given force to the
great populist movements of U.S. history, from Andrew Jackson’s attack on the Bank
of the United States in the 1830s through William Jennings Bryan’s prairie populism
of the 1890s, right up through Bernie Sanders on the left and Trump on the right in 2016. Speak to these four stories and you resonate
with the stories Americans have been telling each other since our founding. Now for the politics: In the early decades of the twentieth century,
Democrats supplied all four stories, and they were true. During his 1912 campaign, Woodrow Wilson attacked
the rot at the top, powerful business interests — the trusts — were keeping Americans
from being truly free. The struggle to break up the trusts would be nothing less than “a
second struggle for emancipation,” by a national Benevolent Community intent on restoring
freedom and democracy. The story of the mob at the gates — would soon be revealed as
the aggressors in World War I, which Wilson and the Democrats fought to make the world
“safe for democracy.” By the 1920s, Republicans were mostly apologists
for big business and Wall Street. Their approach to foreign policy was mainly to avoid the
Mob at the Gates—close the doors to immigrants, erect tariff walls, and isolate the nation.
They offered no particular view of the United States as a Benevolent Community. That was
OK with Americans as long as the economy roared, but it left the Grand Old Party, the Republicans,
vulnerable in harder times, which soon came. The Great Depression and World War II presented
the United States with palpable illustrations of the Democrat’s stories. To cope with
the Depression, Americans needed Social Security. “We are determined,” Roosevelt said, “to
make every American citizen the subject of his country’s interest and concern.” The
Social Security Act embodied the Benevolent Community — not just social insurance, but
a powerful symbol of national solidarity. So, too, with unemployment insurance, the
40-hour workweek, worker’s compensation, and laws to strengthen unions. And then, of
course, came Adolf Hitler’s war, which cemented this national unity as FDR led the country
into battle with the most fearsome Mob at the Gates it had ever encountered, over the
objections of Republican isolationists. After the war, the Benevolent Community remained
at the core of Harry S. Truman’s Fair Deal, John F. Kennedy’s New Frontier, and Lyndon
Johnson’s Great Society. This national solidarity provided the provisions necessary for the
upwardly mobile Triumphant Individual to succeed. The G.I. bill, government-backed mortgages,
Medicare and Medicaid, a guarantee of equal civil rights and voting rights were all part
of this story. To the extent there was Rot, it was the southern politicians who refused
to recognize equal civil rights. Meanwhile, the Democrats continued their assault on the
Mob at the Gates, now morphed into a dangerous and expansive Soviet Union. So what changed? In the 1960s, the Rot at the Top disappeared
from the Democrats’ message. Gone were tales of greedy businessmen or unscrupulous financiers. This was partly because the economy had changed profoundly. Postwar prosperity allowed the
middle class to explode in size and the gap between rich and poor to shrink. Rot at the Top rhetoric was also a casualty
of the Vietnam War, which spawned an anti-establishment and anti authoritarian New Left and split
Democrats down the middle. For many liberals, the Rot came to be personified by Lyndon Johnson,
his defense secretary, Robert McNamara, and even the federal government itself. (Ironically,
Richard Nixon’s White House and the Watergate scandal would hurt the Democrats, too, by
confirming that the Rot at the Top was to be found in government rather than among business
elites.) The Vietnam War also undermined Democrats’
confidence about the Mob at the Gates. Soviet communism remained dangerous, to be sure,
but they had no clear plan of action. Democrats stopped talking both about the Rot at the
Top and about the Mob at the Gates, and thus stopped giving Americans convincing stories
about what the nation was up against. Enter Ronald Reagan, master storyteller, who
jumped into the conceptual breach that Democrats had left open. For Reagan, the Mob at the
Gates was not merely a Soviet Union that needed to be contained, but an Evil Empire that had
to be destroyed. The Rot at the Top was big government—as Reagan famously claimed, “Government
is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem”.—and for Reagan, the Benevolent
Community’s foundation was not New Deal-style programs but small, traditional neighborhoods
in which people voluntarily helped one another, free from government interference. Through
the alchemy of supply-side (“trickle-down”) economics, Reagan’s self-enriching triumphant
individuals would, it was said, help us all. And when Reagan talked about “Cadillac-driving
‘welfare queens’ and ‘strapping young bucks’ buying T-bone steaks with food stamps” Reagan
signaled to white America a new mob at the gates. George H. W. Bush continued this racial dog
whistling with his notorious Willie Horton ad, implying that Democrats would release
black criminals into the streets. Democrats never revived their versions of
the four stories. Bill Clinton was a skilled politician, but
he never found his own stories. His “new democrat” narrative was a re-packaging of
dominant republican stories rather than a new democratic one. Blue-collar wages had
flattened, corporate profits were rising, and Wall Street began flexing its muscles,
but Clinton’s “Rot at the Top” remained Big Government. Clinton even announced that the era of big
government was over —and tried to prove it by ending welfare and slashing the federal
budget. Under George W. Bush, the September 11 terrorist
attacks powerfully revived the Mob at the Gates, and the storyline he offered fit perfectly
into the old story of the Soviet threat to the American way of life a generation before.
Bush’s conservative agenda was also intended, as Bush explained, “by making every citizen
an agent of his or her own destiny.” In fact, Social Security was to be turned into
private accounts that Triumphant Individuals could use to gain personal wealth. But it was in the retelling of the story about
the Rot at the Top that Bush added most to the preceding Republican storyline. In addition
to big government, his “rot” was also America’s “cultural elites.” Then came Barack Obama, who understood the
triumphant individual as a product of a strong benevolent community — providing education
and opportunity. After all, his life illustrated the story. But Obama never quite figured out
how to tell the other two stories. His real failure was his reluctance to discuss
the Rot at the Top. Obama didn’t want to blame Wall Street for the financial crisis,
or for the huge toll the Great Recession took on average Americans. But the Street was to
blame. Its political power had prevented prior administrations from regulating financial
markets as they should have been. And while the Street was bailed out and no Wall Street
executive went to jail, few homeowners received any help at all. And to this day, millions
of Americans are still suffering its consequences, and feeling the resentments it spawned. So what were Democrats to do? All their stories
had vanished. So, what’s the true story for our time that
speaks to the mob, the rot, the triumphant individual, and the benevolent community?
What’s the true story that can best Trump’s false story because it resonates with what
Americans actually experience every day? The Mob at the Gates aren’t immigrants.
They’re not democratically-elected governments that have been our allies for decades or more.
They’re not foreign traders. The real Mob is comprised of thugs like Vladimir
Putin and other tyrants around the world who are antagonistic toward democratic institutions,
intolerant of ethnic minorities, hostile toward the free press, and eager to use government
to benefit themselves and those who support them. We need a new global alliance against them,
led by the United States. Democratic leaders in America helped create NATO; maybe now it’s
time for a Global Alliance for Democracy against authoritarianism. Meanwhile, America’s potential Triumphant
Individuals depend critically on three things to prosper in the new economy: a good education,
good medical care, and the right to join together to demand better pay and better working conditions.
If we are truly a Benevolent Community, we will provide them to every American citizen.
And all of us stand to gain. Wages, which have been flat for a generation, will rise.
The rising tide of productivity and wealth will lift the nation as a whole. What’s holding us back? The real Rot at
the Top—concentrated wealth and power to a degree we haven’t seen in this nation
since the late nineteenth century. Mammoth corporations that are monopolized and hugely
rich individuals have abused their power and wealth to corrupt our democracy. In this, the rich have been helped by a Republican
Congress and White House whose guiding ideology seems less capitalism than cronyism, as shown
time and again through legislative and regulatory gifts to Big Pharma, Wall Street, Big Oil
and Coal, Big Agriculture, and giant military contractors. But only through reinvigorating democracy
will Americans be free from the crony capitalists that are controlling us. This is the true story of our times. The next chapter of this American story is
up to us. What do you think? Do these stories–these real stories as opposed to Trump’s fake stories–resonate with you? Let us know in the comments. If you found this video informative, please be sure to also watch our video on Big Picture and, as always, be sure to subscribe to this channel for more videos like this one.

  1. This is one of the voices that needs to be heard from the mountain tops! The voice of reason! The voice of knowledge! The voice of truth! Keep the voice strong Robert Reich! Thank you for all of your support and efforts.

  2. your videos are always profound and informative; i find it incredulous that you have siphoned off the important details of each era to portray an accurate picture of what has been going on. i watch your videos through Roku which doesn't afford me the opportunity to comment or click the thumbs up button. but i had to respond to this one, it is so informative, but my questions to you are: how do we really get rid of citizens united? how do we really impose terms limits on members of the us congress? how do we do away with our majority corrupt supreme court? if we were able to do just those things in our country, we would have the life you say we should — the rest would fall into place.

  3. Why not tell the “truth” about Trump? Let’s start with hate, racism, rape, sexual predators (Moore, Hastert, Trump, Kavanagh, etc) and violence (“very fine people”).

  4. The great danger is global warming! If we don't fight it with all our strength, and with the rest of the world, humanity is going out. Too many of our politicians never studied, never understood science. You people are great at human interactions, but the solid, real unmovable scientific world is beyond you. With science, you must study and experiment and examine reality. You can't make up a shiny new explanation for something and get praise and rewards. It has to fit real observations and guide further work with reality. Global warming caused mainly by carbon dioxide fits with what is observed in the weather, in the oceans, with melting glaciers and icebergs, and in what we know of the atmosphere and climates of the past. Most unfortunately, expected things keep happening much sooner than the scientists had predicted. If they are still right, we have maybe 11 years to get our yearly carbon dioxide emissions below what present plant life can convert back to oxygen and carbon. How can you avoid talking about this? Why aren't you as frightened as I am?

  5. Oh yeah true to the core. I lost my house in 2009 from the financial collapse. None of those bozos fuckers in W.Street or banks went to jail and they even took our tax money to bail them out. What did they do to help homeowner liked me? None.

    I will always feel resentful against our government and those fucker banks and w.streets until the day i die and i do everything in my power to pay as little tax as i can and i vow never to be a mortgage slave to those ass holes banks again. They breached us to have a good credit and education. For what? to slave for them for 30 years to pay for mortgage when you don't ever really own the house. Stop the payment and they take it away even after you paid for 29 years and 11 months; only 1 month left and you can't pay you lose the house and hundred of thousand of dollars paying mostly interest to those fuckers.

    It is a lie, it is a shameful lie for all of us to slave our life for those fuckers.

    I am done with their game. I take my own shot now and fuck all the banks, wall street and the government. Yeah i am outraged and angry even now after 10 years later and until the day i die.

    Mr Reich has exposed the lies and tells the true fact. Watch and learn and guard yourself against these m. fucker bank, w.street bozos ass holes. They are our true enemy.

  6. I wish Robert Reich had sounded like this when he was Secretary of Labor. He has said he wishes he had been more forthcoming with these ideas too. Some of his solutions do not go far enough for me but his analysis is spot on. He is an honest economist who is not in the service of our oligarchic masters, the 400 families that own almost everything but are not content. They want every penny they can wring out of the society. They want to abolish the social safety net so that money can be filtered into their kleptocratic pockets. They resist paying a living wage and are content to see working people live in actual poverty. They want it all.

    If we do not get the Senate back and working for the people, if we do not hold Pelosi and the Democratic leadership to a high moral standard, instead of allowing political considerations to be most important, if we do not elect Bernie and we allow a do not much president to do little but talk a good game but accomplish little on health care, wages, environment etc. we will suffer as Americans suffered during the Great Depression. It will be from different reasons but just as intense. Hot planet, wild swings of weather, rain, no rain, inability to produce enough food, mass migrations, hunger, diseases that we never had before in temperate zones. Upheaval will be common. This is our chance. Don't mess it up. We will not get another.

  7. I have some family members that I wish would watch some of Mr. Reich's videos. Thank you for explaining everything in terms that anyone can understand!

  8. Bob, the message I am getting is the fact that a major revolution MUST take back what rightfully belongs to everyone that has been stolen by the thieves (wealthy).

    So, killing the wealthy and taking everything they own is the way to accomplish that? Examples would be the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution respectfully. Both, very successful.

    When do we start?

  9. It's funny how of all 4 stories, only "rot at the top" actually has any basis in reality in the country in 2019. And how, far from fighting it, those at the top positively embrace it, and use the other 3 stories to get the masses to fall in line and stay complacent.

  10. You're clueless, the mob at the gate is the robots run by A.I. taking everyones job and making corrupted corporations even richer than ever. No education can prepare the weak humans to be able to compete.

  11. I’ve always thought that the next step for mankind would be after an inevitable world conflict between Globalist(Democratic) side vs an Authoritative Axis of Evil. Great video :3

  12. Donnie dumb f. K is at the helm of this titanic we call america and its about over folks thanks to these trump turd retarded viters who don t know their ass from a hole in the wall if they did they d screw that. Up !!

  13. I agree, I don’t know why I did not watch this in March but I am glad that we have it now. Thank you Robert and keep telling us the truth. Amen.

  14. Excellent video. This story is true for all democratic countries as I see the same narratives being played out up here in Canada and it scares me silly.

  15. The problem is… Rs who vote as if it's a 'prosperous family legacy' DON'T UNDERSTAND
    AND THE Rs will eventually make them wealthy if they scam like their 'Moscow Mitch' & grifting idols.

  16. What can one do other than write local representatives? Financially constrained; anti-violent; doesn't enjoy walking without a destination whilst holding a high drag coefficient, unergonomic slab; definitely hates being in large a matter of fact, hates being around people in general…oh, and pee's every 5 minutes and won't vote unless can do it on phone whilst on the toilet….asking for a friend…Republican of course..

  17. I pray for a second time Trump, because then he will ruin your country as he did with his casinos and the world don't have to suffer any longer under US imperialism, US wars and your fucking trade wars…..its bad for the american people, but the rest ofd the world will give the shame shit as americans do when there army is raping another country !
    With Trump, you people get what you deserved !

  18. Jon Stewart's idea of making some type of service mandatory for all after graduating high school (similar to Israel's Army service) and I support that. The US needs to instill discipline and dedication to selflessness in it's youth.

  19. Robert, if I may since I'm older than you, what is needed when considering "REAL" information is someway getting your program to the "MANY". Unfortunately, I do not know how to accomplish that.

  20. Just found you, RR. How you didn't appear in my feed until now, I don't' understand…oh, yeah…my data's sold to the highest bidder and my viewing content's controlled by those who don't want us to know the truth. Now that I have found you, I'm not gonna' let you go. Your style and language remind me of Chomsky's "Manufactured Consent," because that's what we have now and, hopefully it will end with a new, fresh president, Senate and House, completely controlled by #Dems..

  21. Gwyn Williams Good talk Mr Reich, but, Putin as the new evil ?. A lot of Europeans would disagree profoundly

  22. Your speeches are a valiant attempt to blame the Republicans and absolve the democrats. But nothing of the two party system matters anymore because they are a facade. The only thing that matters is the trickery, usery, and corruption in the upper 1%'s method of how they got a stronghold on the wealth and power in our country and the world. The only solution is going to be, shutting them down, taking all of their fenagled wealth and power away, redistributing it to the lower 10%, and watching the world be great again. Otherwise, the upper 1% have all life on earth on a locked in on a crash course to hell, runaway death trap conditions, and misery until extinction. Is that what we were chosen for?

  23. democracy is not a god to be worshipped, to point fingers at non democratic countries and bomb them is tyranny.
    usa is a very poor democracy, only 2 right wing corporate backed candidates are in contention, when the person with the most votes is often not elected! and when in power, they dont do what they said they would.
    why attack "so called" non democratic countries if those counties are serving there people well, while democratic counties are crapping
    all over there people. dont keep looking for enemies, the enemies lie within. let peace and patience have a chance for once..

  24. I is said that the spreading of democracy around the world, to include Russia, India and China, is meant to carry
    the institutions as they are now further around the world with it: these democracies are liberal democracies
    which seek to strengthen the grip on the world by institutions like the IMF or the Swift bank system, trade zones
    like the TTIP, the dollar as the world reserve currency etc.
    In short Fake Democracy, and not to be trusted therefore.
    So the Mob at Gate solution here is not a strong one, to say the least.
    One would have to come up with another narrative.

    Concerning the 'Rot at the Top', the democrats suffer from the same disease now as the republicans.
    Both parties depend on campaign money, an neither will want to bite the hand that feeds them..

  25. Biden is doom to the people's future
    He will do what he always did
    whatever Wall Street wants
    Bernie is now 'the lesser of two evils'
    If Dems don't nominate him
    they will lose – again
    by their own greed & selfishness
    They want the power & money from Wall Street
    But they don't care about the common person or families

    Bernie is the common people's ONLY hope
    Everyone else is more of the same

  26. ROBERT REICH FOR PRESIDENT!! Mr Reich, this awesome country does indeed have its work cut out for itself to achieve and maintain the "Great Society" status. Sometimes, it's downright disheartening to see how deep the rot at the top runs in the hands of the real mob at the gates that are attempting, and succeeding, to corrupt our institutions, divide the people, distort the narrative, and desecrate basic human decency, all for personal gain and power at the expense of the benevolent community and triumphant individual. Your videos always show me that using truth and logic, no matter how inconvenient to ourselves, our leaders, and the country, will be the guiding light for genuine democracy to thrive, and create a level playing field to every person. Thank you, and your team, so much for your videos!!!!!

  27. Rot at the top…
    Mob at the game gates….
    God bless America with a great soul…..
    As president and commander in chief……
    Tulsi Gabbard…..

  28. Robert Reich, you are a "Godsend"! Thank you for your wisdom, courage and generosity. Your "I'll be Frank with you, if you'll be Earnest with me" delivery of (irrefutable/historic)facts will, "Hopefully", begin to stop us from "Being Curt with one another".
    Ted Furlo

  29. Once I heard Deep State, Press enemy of people and alternative facts I knew I became a character in the book 1984. Fat Donny is Big Bone Spurs Brother.

  30. This guy is smart as hell. However, he worked for Bill Clinton and is very slanted to the left. Overall though he at least attempts to explain how we’ve arrived where we all are as Americans. I just wish he could do it without the “political siding” and just support all Americans. That’s what we all are anyway … right?

  31. Mr.Reich, since you know what our country needs, why aren’t YOU running for President? If you don’t wish to run, what candidate running right now do you feel would make the kind of President we need? Bernie, Warren, Biden……WHO? We need someone GOOD to fix the mess Trump made and restore our democracy to the way it needs to be.

  32. Bravo Mister!!! This is how the whole world views America… no one eats the bullshit americans are fed daily!

  33. Honestly, most of these videos could do to cut the last minute or so. The facts speak for themselves; people don't need to be dragged towards your solutions.

  34. I had to watch this multiple times. Hard to take in and get an idea of what you say one time around. Even after watching a few times I still can't grasp it. If you want to connect outside your base supporters you have to make videos that are for folks less indoctrinated with your understanding that think more on simple terms and explanations. Probably be good to get multiple focus groups and create multiple videos of the same thing from different angles since not everyone can process on a high level.

  35. There is no "mob at the gates" they have already been inside the gates for a long time. They use these "stories" as Problem>reaction>solution, or Hegelian Dialectic to manipulate us no matter which "party" is in power. We are so divided and polarized on all levels that, we fight each other rather than the true enemies of humanity. There is nothing left other then utter collapse, which they intend to use(order out of chaos). The only small chance we have, is to wake people for the fight after the collapse, so that the elites do not have their way. If you want to know who "they" are, just look at who you are not allowed to criticize.

  36. How about one since America first began it was a country sized temper tantrum for people who didn’t want to pay taxes to help a by that time a near depleted economy after a war where in that theatre they started and got the most rewards so the mother country decided that the reward should help rebuild the economy and so had their country sized tantrum and the thing about representation you at least had a better say than the poor sods in Canada and India you were the prize jewel before India was fully taken over

  37. The Democrats, unfortunately, are repeating the same Trump's rhetoric.. !! They have nothing original so far… unfortunately!!!

  38. Good ideas as always, so before teaching the world about the merits of the set-up of your founding fathers, you must thoroughly clean up the fake Anglosaxin democracy. Now it proves to be much worse than Chinese governance, where the people benefit greatly from an authoritarian regime controlled by a Polit bureau. All public officials change every 5 years and are marked by what they have done for their community. If it is good, they get promoted elsewhere, if failed they are degraded somewhere else. Result is something what most Americans would pray for.

  39. Well presented in a easily digestible style…..
    Should crowd fund to pay an infomercial on Fox. During that Hannity things show.

  40. Excellent video. If there's one thing that truly drives me crazy, it is the willingness of Americans to trust big business, while considering the government the font of all evils. I worry that Trump's Administration will cause people to further distrust Washington in general when they should be distrusting businessmen as political leaders, and making sure that they never again elect such an individual.

  41. God, wouldn't you LOVE to have a few beers with Reich and just let the conversation ramble? I'll bet he likes scifi movies!

  42. Great insight. However, rapidly advancing technology and automation is not mentioned. Nor is continued economic globalization. Both of these factors are making HUGE negative impacts on the availability of employment. Nobody is talking about it. Oh, well maybe one guy. Yang2020

  43. Thank You, so much, for putting this all together, more people need to know this, and then maybe they would see the lies know what to do that serves all best interest.

  44. P.S. please talk to Bernie, and give him some new material, like the ROT AT THE TOP, have him expand his view so more can join in the fight to stop the RATTs.

  45. Great video. A level spoonful of both truth and lies posing as "truth". There is no left/right partisan politics Robert. Just the same coin, with 2 sides. Double headed snake. Good Cop/Bad Cop. Still cops. Case in point, right now, BOTH sides are united against providing reparations to descendants of African American Slaves. There are so many examples like this. Also, Woodrow Wilson single handedly sold out the American people to the Oligarchs of the Federal Reserve. We have all been in their death grip ever since. And if you believe the false narrative, spoon fed to you by the Ruling Class about 9/11, then you're NOT as smart as you make out.

  46. Any of those narratives have truth in them. It's a matter of how much emphasis you want to give each. Fact is there are illegal immigrants that cross the border, and they do take up American jobs. How severe is this problem? Who knows? So Trump isn't creating fake narratives, he chooses to emphasise the ones that he thinks the majority of Americans would believe. Your narrative is true too, and it's more severe in your eyes. Is there a way to quantify empirically how severe any of these problems are?

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