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Hey, I’m Rob Stein I’m one of the partners here at Lazega and Johanson. Many of you know me as your general counsel. That means you as a manager or a member of a board of directors can call me to assist on just about any issue. Be it reviewing a contract, drafting an amendment to community documents. Writing enforcement letters to owners or negotiating to resolve a dispute. I’m here to advise and assist. One of the specialized areas that I head up here at the firm is our zoning team. We do a lot of Zoning work for a condominium and homeowner associations. Atlanta and Georgia is once again seeing a resurgence and development and community associations calling us for assistance. The zoning work I do for our clients has always been complex, intriguing, and very enjoyable at its heart zoning work involves negotiation and Negotiation means finding a creative solution where everyone can walk away with a win. Over the years we’ve negotiated and obtained large tree buffers reductions in the number of proposed apartments, shorter office buildings, and parking decks and many other helpful reasonable concessions for community association clients. We’ve even helped design the light shields that were installed on exterior lights near major Atlanta Mall to make sure that the light did not reach into our clients condominium units Overall, our law firm represents hundreds of condominium homeowner and property owners associations Many are residential while others are commercial, retail, office, and mixed-use communities. The videos that you’re watching are part of what we do every day for our clients. Educating boards of directors and community association managers on community association law. I’ve been representing associations for more than 28 years and for most of that time It’s been together with Jay Lazega, Derek Johansen, Mark Moore, and Jamie Lyons Jamie Lyons and many others here at our firm. The day’s go fast when you spend them with good people who have a great depth of experience. As for me, I was born in Atlanta and attended the University of Georgia both as an undergraduate and for law school. My wife Maryland and I have two kids who are now both in college. Over the years, I would tell my kids about the work I do. My favorite thing to do to help them understand was to drive by a new development that I played a part in negotiating and showed them the large grove of trees that been preserved or some other neighborhood friendly element. I’ve enjoyed being part of developing creative solutions that have helped Georgia communities. Everyone at Lazega and Johanson hopes you enjoy these videos. We prepared them in the same way we represent our clients About discussing practical solutions to issues that our clients face every day. Thank you

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