ROADS in an Anarcho-Capitalist Society

hating to what's going on as you can see this video isn't the same as my usual format me standing in front of a camera rambling about I'm beginning a new video series called in an anarcho-capitalist society the purpose of this video series is to give my opinion on how and why I believe certain aspects of our society would function better under a free-market system to initiate thought and discussion around the idea of voluntary interaction leading to overall life improvements improvements that can be obtained without individuals being subject to the coercive force of government I know that subject may not appeal to all my listeners but hopefully at the very least it could spark a lively intellectual debate among some this video series will be audio only with the exception of possible screenshots or video clips while I do some identify as anarcho-capitalist or libertarian these videos contain my personal policies and our representative of only my personal opinions and those who choose to agree with me so without further ado let's kick off this new video series with episode 1 rose in an anarcho-capitalist society ever since I first began to study and discuss political philosophy there was opposition as with any controversial opinion in 21st century most of the opposition is then primarily from social media personally I love debating opinions and ideas with people who disagree with me debate is one of the reasons I can to hold the views I hold today but there has always been a talking point that's kind of bothered me that talking point is who would build the roads Vedas believe this to be one of the most concrete criticisms of Anarchy libertarianism apparently they think we're supposed to shake in our boots from confusion whenever this question arises more often than not they're disappointed so before I get into my thesis on how I think roads would be built and why they'd be better in a private market I have a serious question do stateís worship big government so much that they believe humanity is so stupid we couldn't figure out how to put cement on dirt without a central authority bullying us into building roads it's truly sad to think that some people have that little faith and capabilities of individuals and furthermore our government doesn't even build the roads they contract private companies to build them and they pave these private companies with money redistributed from taxpayers personally I think there's a specific reason why people as libertarians and anarchists who would build the road rather than asking us who would build the buildings or cars or houses is because when government invades a market individual becomes so dependent on that particular product or service they lose the ability to imagine alternatives that doesn't involve the state so let's get into the long awaited explanation of how a free society would build manage regulate and finance roads and why it would be better than a publicly funded alternative let's begin with the scenario demonstrating a possible market alternative to roadway construction there's an empty section of land in the middle of X town undeveloped uninhabited and worst of all roadless this land happens to currently be owned by gold real estate and it's available for purchase an interested buyer looking to purchase and develop a portion of the land reaches out in this case the potential buyer is a company called blue Corp so the two parties go to real estate and blue Corp meet to negotiate terms of purchase blue corp lays out their offer go real-estate accepts and the first step of the process is completed now I'm sure many of you are aware that the state itself doesn't build roads they contract the project to a private construction company in a capitalist market there's plenty of talented and efficient competition within all industries construction is no different you have ICC KBR PCL Turner Parsons Bayne and so many more contractors to choose from large and small so blue Corp has just purchased the portion of land from gold real estate the overseers of the project hire one of the many construction companies to begin clearing building and paving the new road once the construction has been completed safety inspections in pre-trials taken care of the road is open for business and enthusiastic drivers eventually begin to commute regularly along the fresh asphalt you've never heard anyone make traffic seems so beautiful have you now I'm sure some listeners are understandably concerned about how the quality of the construction is I mean this is an anarcho-capitalist society meaning there's no government to enforce safety standards how do we know is blue court or the construction company cut corners and put driver safety at risk and save a few bucks there are many answers to this valid question between the desire for a positive business reputation for the construction company and approval from privately recognized accreditation firms such as the Better Business Bureau there are a lot of effective ways to deter a company from committing a scam I'll touch more on this in upcoming video in a libertarian society with businesses have standards also the major incentive for blue court to avoid supplying people with poor driving conditions because poor driving conditions mean less traffic less profit and a better mutation and possible lawsuits for blue Corp begin a profit get to the climax of the presentation how these privately-owned groves will be paid for now often people suggest toll booths gas taxes or other less than ideal solutions I'm not saying that none of those would work but in my opinion it wouldn't be very feasible for companies to have a toll booth on every road sure you could argue that would be a great way for evil companies that suck as much profit from the poor drivers as possible but frankly it's a stupid argument and generally people who make these arguments lack the capability to think like a true business owner no offense I mean why would someone investing in infrastructure want to make it less appealing to drivers by slowing traffic with toll booths which add additional costs dissuade drivers among other things now there are definitely appropriate applications for toll booths which I will introduce later in the video but right now when speaking in terms of basic 2 to 4 Lane daily commuter routes it's impractical so here's my idea of how roads could be funded outside of charging a nickel for every car or running back to federal taxation nine times out of ten when you're driving down a road it's not a barren wasteland like route 66 there are usually stores residents and other establishments that populate the surrounding environment I believe the funding to upkeep and maintain roads would come from them so let's return the blue corp and their popular new road a popular business has interest in setting up shop near blue quartz Road looking to capitalize on large density of passing traffic the company in question McDonald's so McDonald's negotiates with go real estate to buy a pile of land I think that a logical business model could be the charge McDonald's for connecting their businesses property to blue quartz Road I mean the whole purpose of any business is set up shop next to a roll is a siphon traffic to their stores and sell products how would they do that without a driveway connecting their lot to the roadway I don't know about you guys but I'm not going to jump the curve just to get to a McDonald's drive-thru now the way blue court chooses to charge connecting establishments could vary they could base it on the length of the asphalt connection per however many individual connections to the road the company has the overall size of traffic flow to the establishment who knows the specific terms would be determined by blue Corp and the other party but whatever the terms the charge for the road would be added as just another operations expense to whatever business wanted to join their property this wouldn't be an unreasonable expense considering the recovered tax revenue the companies would now have available to reallocate over time more and more establishments would move this you gas stations restaurants grocery stores shopping plazas residential developments and so on all of which would be supplying blue quartz profits in exchange for the ability to merge with their property blue Corp needs the businesses just as much as the businesses need blue Corp so doesn't when I pop this on how the rose industry would and could function in a stateless society and if you think this idea wouldn't be efficient or possible that's okay the great thing about a free market is that individuals are free to try and execute whatever ideas they want and the most efficient demanded ideas will lead the market and if someone develops a better idea that people would prefer they can compete freely against others anyway moving on maintenance another objection many people have to privatize roads that apparently there will be nothing to incentivize owners to invest in the quality of their infrastructure this is a false claim that may stem from economic ignorance or outright dishonesty if you haven't already become bored and left to watch a prank video I'd like to revisit the blue Corp example and explain one of many incentives that would lead to quality roads so as we left off blue Court Road is not populated with businesses and other establishments who are the primary contributor to blue quartz revenue stream business is good and all parties are happy but then a sudden shift occurs blue court begins to neglect this property potholes and litter begin to play the street landscaping is suffering traffic lights malfunctioning it's awful what does blue court care it doesn't matter if they screw over the drivers and businesses they get paid anyway right wrong as the conditions of the road become worse traffic flow eventually shrinks nobody wants to drive on a crappy road people don't want to risk damage to their car the drive may be uncomfortable etc and I don't know about you all but in my area there are multiple roads I can take to get to a selected destination and I've taken a longer route plenty of times just to drive on a smoother road competition but still what else would incentivize blue court to make their roads better the answer is simple profit incentive the same businesses that paid to be connected to blue Corp road did so based on the condition it was in when first built well maintain high traffic clean etc less traffic leads to less business for them poor landscaping decreases the appeal of their brand homeowners who live on the street would surely have many complaints to as well as any shareholders or investors of blue Corp these complaints directed at blue core with the lost revenue are what would incentivize them to maintain a premium standard for their property highways privatize arterial roads is something that has been discussed more frequently than privatized collector roads so I won't go too deep into it because so much information is already available but I will briefly express a few reasons as to why I think private highways make more sense than state highways so this may sound slightly elitist to some but believe it or not how is our luxury yes regarding forms of personal travel a luxury in the market of transportation infrastructure highways our premium product they provide a direct line to travel from point A to point B without the inconvenience of low speed limits traffic lights conflicting traffic directions poor fuel mileage among many additional benefits you probably think of that are commonly associated with commercial main or residential roads so the idea that this premium product shouldn't charge users a premium is kind of absurd but to be honest we all know highways aren't free they're paid for through gasoline Texas and the reason many investors don't build toll roads is because it's basically taxing citizens twice they pay for the highway through gasoline taxes and then pay a second time through toll fees some say that's more reason not to have privately funded highways I say that's more reason we shouldn't have federally funded highways so what could be the benefits of another payment system for highways well just off the top of my head giving funds directly to the owners of the road gives users more influence in the kind of quality product they receive because they would be basically voting with their money not to mention more responsible allocation of financial intangible resources because unlike government businesses aren't in the market of wasting money profit ization would incentivize infrastructure owners to implement more solutions to solve traffic congestion because slow or still traffic equates to less drivers going through tolls which means less profit from the infrastructure owners decrease congestion would also have obvious environmental benefits by increasing fuel efficiency through more fluid traffic and less emissions releasing to the air due to stagnation economic benefits aside from the obvious fact that wealth will now be being created rather than redistributed would include allowing users to pay for their direct use of the product rather than everyone paying for the simple existence of something they may or may not use lower gasoline prices because highways would no longer be funded by fuel Texas also given the fact individuals would pay-per-use it may lead to more people choosing to carpool or opt to travel via mass transit alternatives rather than drive individually in order to save money again good for the environment and while these ideas do pertain to privately funded toll highways that doesn't mean every privatized highway would have a toll there are many ways to fund arterial infrastructure and it's even possible that many would remain toll free comments for individuals to use free of charge figuratively speaking of course there will likely be less need for money to develop infrastructure that has far less traffic and requires significantly less maintenance in comparison to major inner-city interstates besides there are many privatized industries that provide products or services in the form of comments take private services like Facebook or Google for example free to use yet generates billions in revenue private parts such as Gramercy and Zuccotti Park both of which are much better conditioned in many public parks libraries beaches malls list is extensive and while they are all for profit nobody feels exploited by their existence in operation so why is it that so many people feel that way about government services whether its talk about privatizing roads emergency services education health care defense anything that is commonly aligned with government centralization people erupt into a panic of how terrible and detrimental the results would be and this is easily demonstrated by mixed reactions among different nations many Americans can understand private health care but cannot fathom the idea of private infrastructure whereas Swedish citizens are more inviting to the idea of private roads but are very strongly in favor of nationalized health care when government creates a monopoly on something people lose sight of alternative and possibly better means of operating that same thing outside of the use of government now I understand that many people aren't libertarian and don't agree with ideas such as government is for central planning as any fiction etc and I'm not attempting to force these ideals upon you but I would like to suggest that you consider alternatives to government many people instantaneously reject the idea of privatizing anything because they have this type of religious dependency on the state you don't have to think privatization is better or believe that a society that functions based on voluntary interactions and self-defense is a desirable goal but to say that such a society is impossible not far-fetched or impractical but impossible shows that you have very little capability of humanity and it really spits in the face of all the economic social and ideological innovations that we as a species have been capable of achieving throughout history believe me that a society cannot live peacefully without a state forcing arbitrary laws is no different than believing a society cannot live morally without a religion enforcing arbitrary doctrines as humans continue to evolve physically mentally and spiritually if that's your thing I believe we will grow closer and closer to finding ways that each individual can lead a prosperous and satisfying life independent of using violence to coerce otherwise peaceful individuals to do as they please but we must first be open to the idea with all that being said I would love to hear your thoughts opinions and most of all your ideas in the comment section down below because there is no objective answer that is the best solution to a problem there are only ideas and some ideas we as society add up others we do not but without discussion we'll never progress and I think applying government as an end-all be-all solution to ideas is the easiest way to stifle innovation and betterment so consider anarchy don't hate me for saying that it's just a suggestion thanks for watching

  1. when [insert comment about child slaves or the N.A.P. or McDonaldsTM]does[x]so you McNuclearTM strike their[insert word here].

    Here. The an-cap meme template.

  2. A defense of capitalism by a man who's ancestors were literally property seized by other people for profit. You can't fix stupid.

  3. I really want to know what you're saying but your accent is a bit difficult to understand. I hope there was a presentation format or subtitles to understand better.

  4. My solution is to establish a company that will be owned by the citizens. Every citizen is a shareholder in the Land and Road Company. A grid will be established at the beginning of the an-cap nation. Before land is sold we will decide where the grid will be set for the construction of mega highways connecting around the nation, and small freeways will be built connecting them to towns and cities that are built in the future. Companies will pay for the connections. Other forms of road will naturally form when people start their own Road Companies, buying up strings of lands and installing toll booths to make money off their roads. The main highway grid will also have booths to pool in money for the company. The citizen owned Land and Road Company will have a company bank account. When someone buys land from the Land and Road Company the money goes there as well, and once a year a check is sent out to every citizen in the country (those who register, that is) in the form of a dividend. It will be called the Citizens Dividend. That way all citizens own the land until it is sold, and they all own the mega highways. You might say this sounds like a small government. It is not. It is actually the very antithesis of a government, because the Land and Road Company has zero authority or power, and not only does it not tax anybody, it actually gives people a dividend. It could also be set up where the Land and Road Company would downgrade into just the Road Company once all land is sold, and the dividend would be consist of money pooled from highways. However, most of that money will be used for highway construction and maintenance meaning the dividend would be very small. I am sure the citizens will vote to make it to where the company can also buy back land to be sold again. When voting is needed, a form will be mailed with their check and they will mail back their votes.

  5. Why not still use tax money to pay for the road, but give it to the best, most competent bidder. If they fail, find someone better.. that would drop the price to market value. Rather then government overprice.

  6. nobody is stopping the privatization of roads. if elon musk can privatize space then whats stopping some young entrepreneur from building a private for profit Autobahn stretching from Los Angeles to Vegas?

  7. if money is printed and issued by the federal government, what would be used instead? Crypto currency? Volunteering? who would manage the crypto currency if it is the case? how would the electrical grid be self sustaining without some form of authority or law to insure fair and honest trade? you see if the economy is Anarchist that means there would be no centralized state of entity, without state law is subjective if law is objective then it is a form of government. The businesses may group together for common consensus which would be a form of government. It's a snake swallowing it's tail.

    another notion I don't understand, if you privatize something that belongs to the state (which is used for the common good) there would have to be a form of authority, let's say you privatize a police department, with rankings and titles. People would have to pay for the services which would otherwise be taken from taxes, unless it is voluntarily issued. If it's voluntarily issued how would the system sustain itself? out of good will? If it isn't how would the masses pay for the services from a police department? Let's say Joe smoe buys a police department would he be able to reinforce rules in his favor? if the market is 100 percent free that means that there is a understanding that no form of government can interfere which implies no legislation. BUT if legislation is applied to the market to prevent corruption then there is a form of government.

  8. The problem with privatizing roads is the lack of competition. It is very telling that you chose a example where nothing is built so far, but when you look at existing cities it would be impossible to build new roads if one road owner is trying to rip off drivers by charging ridiculously high fees. And sometimes driving an alternative longer route is not really possible either. so if you own a house or a business that is only accessible through one road and the owner of that road charges too much your only two options are to either pay or move. Both options would be extremely expensive.

    But even if it would be possible to build as many roads as you want and have enough competition for capitalism to work, it would be highly inefficient to have different roads competing with each other when a single one would be absolutely sufficient.
    The argument that competition makes everything cheaper isn't true. Sure, for customers things will be cheaper because companies can't set extremely high profit margins, but from a production standpoint competition makes everything more expensive, because each copetitor has to cover their overhead costs. In theory, a centralized economy where everything is produced by a single entity would be the most efficient way.

  9. Smartphones have kilometers of circuit separated by (arround 14nm) so much technology at our hands
    And people think the government has to build roads LOOOL

  10. The first 4-5 minutes of your video is based on a strawman. No one on the left or other "statists" as you call us are doubting the physical and mental capacity of people to build roads without the government – we all know that the government themselves don't build the roads. The question is who will have the incentive to pay for the roads, which you do get into later in your video.

    Unfortunately, all of your stupid bullshit hypotheticals of "well businesses around the area will pay for it" has already been debunked by Sam Seder of all fucking people.

  11. The government creates the rights of way. Eminent domain is more or less necessary, else you'll end up with owners of land required for the route to happen at all holding the whole project to ransom.

    It wouldn't make sense to have a toll booth on every road. It WOULD make sense to have gigantic tolls on a few key roads, however. Same idea.

    ….You're actually arguing that letting a company strangle an entire community to death is a desirable way for market forces to play out. Holy shit. Ancaps are cancer.

  12. You did a good job at explaining examples and not answers, which is the right way to explain anarchocapitalism, as statists are pretty obnoxious and hungry for answers.

  13. there are 3 different types of roadways in every country that can be voluntarily paid for in 3 ways.
    residential streets are paid for by homeowners through their homeowners association (once the HOA becomes less fascist…)
    urban streets are paid by the nearby businesses. without a road the business suffers. without businesses the road suffers.
    highways and turnpikes use toll booths.
    preferable their should be 2 road companies connecting each city, that way one private highway cant have a monopoly.

  14. Blockchain literally solves the "road problem" in anarcho-capitalism. GPS will track your usage of a road, this data will be passed onto blockchain via oracle (e.g. ChainLink) and you will be charged accordingly. The ownership of the road itself can be tokenized, thus decentralized.

  15. I got a question from statists they say what if a company lowers the prices to point where the small companies can't lower their prices anymore? How would you answer that.

  16. I'm a Libertarian myself, I'm more of the minarchy type because of national defense concerns but that isn't what this comment is about. Let's assume that ancap is the way to go, how do we transition? I typically see pro state videos or pro ancap videos, but rarely do I ever see anyone talk about the transition period. I'm curious how that would work.

  17. Guy in the UK built a private road cause one of the main ones were closed he charged a few quid for it and made his money back in a couple of months

  18. Government roads grants government monopolies, because if all roads are built by the government than the companies they hire automatically become monopolies.
    Also I think what many don't understand is that people could just get together and create a voluntary fund to build a road, as long as it doesn't force to pay it would not become the government.

  19. I personally believe that steps should be made to move more towards public transportation. Our cities are built around the car and this has resulted in cities spreading out which can make it quite time consuming to get from point A to point B on foot. Cars are also quite expensive and come with hidden costs such as insurance, repairs, and gas. Assuming a car costs $20,000 and it costs $10 to ride the metro, 1 car would cost 2,000 trips, easily more than one would take in a year (and that doesn't even include the hidden costs). Making the switch would also save lives as 40,000 Americans died from car accidents last year.

  20. About the church. The modern church unlike the medieval catholic one exists by itself without violence or coercion

  21. Why would we even need roads?
    A road free society would incentivize development of flying vehicles to replace cars.

  22. I never thought roads were an impossible idea under Anarcho-capitalism but what i always wanted to know is how the military would operate. Would households be hiring their own groups of mercenaries to defend their property? Or would they send that group out with other groups to defend the shores from an incoming invading force? Would we be hiring neighborhood teens to do the work if we didn't want to go through the local Blackwater contractor? How does this work?

  23. Worry: No Road to point Z (destination I like).
    Answer: It's youre problem. When it has become the liked destination of another person, then its your problem, the two of you. When it has become the liked destination of the whole planet then it is the problem of the whole planet. Don't drag other people to your problem.

  24. Crowd Funding. That's one. Or there will arise a job called, public worker. All he does is solicit funds from donors and build public infrastructure. Say:

    Public Worker A – accepting donations to rehabilitate Freedom Ave. Crowd funding will end Mises 21, 2140. If donations can't reach the target budget, automatic refund. If donations exceeds, the excess will be go to the crowd funding of NAP Street construction. My salary will be 1% of the budget.

    Public Worker B – same as above. But can rehabilitate Freedom Ave in half the time.

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