RINOs Join Democrats in Congress to Push Climate Hoax

I’m Dr. Duke and I’m joined today by
Alex Newman Alex is a international correspondent and a primary writer one
of the primary writers for the new American magazine Alex you’ve written an
interesting article for the new American about how Rhino Republicans are now
joining with Democrats in Congress to push global warming propaganda give us
the background on the story yeah so this has been a trend that’s been developing
over recent years and it’s a very troubling trend because you know the the
central plank of this effort to build a global government is to have this
man-made global warming theory first of all taken at face value and second of
all used as a justification to implement global taxes on literally every human
activity because you know humans exhale carbon dioxide every activity that you
engage in releases carbon dioxide so with the UN trying to claim co2 is
pollution and that it needs to be taxed and regulated you can see how every
human activity would come under their control well for a long time they
couldn’t get anything through the US Congress but little by little it started
in 2016 you had a handful of Republicans who join forces with some Democrats to
create the climate solutions caucus the Republican who was involved in that
cognitive school debate Oh has now been removed from office by the voters
obviously the voters in Miami were not pleased with this liberal RINO
backstabbing Republican so he was removed from office but now they just
got a new one in the Senate the climate solutions caucus in the Senate by a led
by a Republican senator Mike Brown of Indiana and Democrat Senator Chris Coons
of Delaware and the numbers are growing so what is the reason why Republican or
Republicans aren’t Republicans and they’re certainly not conservatives
they’re wolves and sheep’s clothing but why now why are some of these so-called
Republicans choosing this moment and what’s what do they just gotta ask the
question what do they stand again as recalled Republicans by working to a
greater globalism yeah I think that’s a really important thing to be thinking
about here because what’s going on is you know the globalist establishment has
realized that the US government is now the primary obstacle to this agenda you
know we have Trump now formally announced that we’re leaving the Paris
agreement is done and you know they’ve been lobbying me for years we’re
leave period and so there the establishment they’ve got all their
credibility on the line here they’ve been telling us for years that we’re all
going to be doomed from global warming before that was global cooling but I
guess they expect us to have amnesia and they’re realizing now that it’s a
do-or-die moment in fact I’ve talked to a lot of scientists including scientists
who’ve worked on the UN IPCC who say we’re heading into a cooling period and
so if the world starts getting dramatically cooler these people are
gonna look so foolish not only were their credibility be
destroyed but their policy agenda will be destroyed and so they’ve got a couple
of key Republican rhinos who are now you know showing their true colors and Mike
Brown is a new guy he was just elected in 2018 he was elected with heavy
backing from Big Oil a lot of people don’t realize because there’s so many
lies on the mainstream media Big Oil is totally in the tank for this man-made
global warming hypothesis they think they’re gonna profit right they think
that this is gonna allow them to make huge amounts of money goldman sachs all
the mega banks are totally in the tank the globalist billionaires and so you
have these Republicans both Chris Coons and Mike Brown in the Senate were
heavily financed by big oil including ExxonMobil by the way and I figured
what’s going on here is Mike Brown they say I’m not gonna be up for re-election
until like 2024 you know people will have forgotten years prior that I was
the one who sold out to the American people on this global warming issue and
I think in the house we’re seeing something similar now some of the
Republicans in the House who have joined up there’s I think two dozen more or
less some of them are in very liberal districts like Peter King up in New York
you know super liberal Republican and so he might be able to get away with it
because he’s in a liberal district but I think the real reason why some of these
Republicans are turning is because they want to be on the same side as the
ruling establishment and that’s where this is going all right I think that’s a
good point they see the what writing on the wall right that that once Trump is
out of office and you get either another right another McCain Romney type guy or
we’re still you get a Democrat that this is gonna fall pretty quick one of these
days it alarms me is they’re just ready once they get this power again seeing
seeing how the people spoke the populist election of Donald Trump and the fact
that they’ve been trying to torpedo him from the moment that he took office
they’re gonna be darn well when they get power again they’re gonna
they’re not gonna let this happen to them and so let me ask you this question
what does it say about the global warming movement what does it say
intellectually about the climate change mob that the most recognizable leader of
the entire movement right now is a child an intellectually stunted child from
Sweden who’s being dramatically used by her own parents her country and really
the world I think it speaks volumes about the level of their arguments right
there realize that the so-called scientific argument is not persuasive
largely because it’s baloney right again if people can go on YouTube and they can
see the videos I’ve done just recently for example I was in Stockholm I
interviewed the the lead UNC level reviewer for the IPCC his name is dr.
nadir dachshund mourner he was widely regarded as the world’s preeminent
expert in sea level that’s why the UN put him on their committee thinking hey
I’ll give some credibility to our pseudoscience here well he’s been
studying sea levels for 50 years and you know people should go watch the video he
said this is all a giant hoax sea levels are not rising they’re not gonna be
rising in fact if anything they’re probably gonna be dropping soon the
earth is not warming if anything we’re going into a cooling period and he said
I tried to tell the UN all this when I was on the you know when I was the
sea-level reviewer they refused to listen and so he had to finally resign
his position he refused to have his name on that list to give credibility to it
into a garbage report so the science is certainly not getting stronger and I
think what they’ve realized now is they’re gonna have to use emotion right
that’s why they’re trotting out little children oh I’m scared of global warming
that’s why they depend on emotional arguments right the science is not solid
the science is not sound in fact the science is ludicrous and so emotion is
really all they’re left with I think that’s why we see Greta Thornburg and
some of these other children who are being manipulated and exploited being
paraded around as the spokesman on this man-made global warming issue now you
spent a lot of time I know personally and professionally in Sweden do you have
a sense of how Greta is viewed in Sweden I know Sweden is gone pretty hard left
do they do they see her as a heroic figure or a kind of a tragic figure how
do the Swedes and the Swedish media generally paint her well the Swedish
media treats her as if she were like literally a new
you know profit or something it’s absolutely obscene and and generally
speaking Swedish people believe the media it’s not like the United States
where most people recognize the fake media is fake media in Sweden the public
has still not reached that critical mass yet where they realize there you know a
lot of people realize but the the majority of the public I would say has
not yet realized that their main deceived on an industrial scale and so
Greta Thun burger is actually pretty popular among Swedish people and in fact
she’s a very representative of the brainwashing that goes on in the schools
there in fact oh you know we’ve talked about this before they banned
homeschooling in Sweden in recent years they forced every school in the entire
nation including the all sensibly private schools to teach the
government’s idiotic curriculum this is you know by the time they’re in first
grade they need to know gender is a social construct constant barrage of
global warming propaganda and so what happens is I talk about putting all your
eggs in one basket you have every child in the entire country being brainwashed
with the exact same propaganda so the risk becomes much lower that you
suddenly get a child that comes along and says wait a minute the emperor has
no clothes the Emperor is naked right they’ve all been scientifically dumbed
down and brainwashed using the same exact model and so there are many many
grete Thornburg’s in Sweden and it’s very sad and that’s coming to America
too more and more you know we you and I talk about this on a regular basis
what’s going on in the schools here yeah Sweden there’s probably 10 maybe 20
years ahead of us on the insanity but we’re moving slowly in that direction
in fact we’re moving pretty quickly in that direction you say all kids in
Sweden they’re getting the same liberal progressive education is that included
Muslim kids iran– eclis it does you know they do bend over backwards to
accommodate Muslim children but what’s happening is they are still pushing this
secular you know homosexual stuff all of it on the kids but what you see is also
very interesting it’s the same thing we’re seeing in the United States where
you have this kind of bizarre alliance that on the surface of things doesn’t
make any sense between radical LGBT groups and Communists and socialists and
atheists and Muslims they won’t know why what in the world do they have in common
and I think the very simple answer at you know I’ve seen you’ve been talking a
lot with representative Matt Shea I think he really understands this better
than most what you have is an alliance against Christianity against the
remnants of the church and against kind of basic
standards of Western civilization and in that you know Islamists and LGBT and
socials and all these are united you know once they destroy us or once you
know they get to that point where they think they’ve destroyed us then they’ll
turn on each other you know there’s no doubt about it
homosexuality is a capital offense in Islam there’s no way that they’re gonna
continue having homosexual pride marches through you know Islamic areas of
Stockholm for example and get away with it but right now they’re allied and it’s
very very troubling the same is in the United States well and the Christian
churches are participating willingly the cat a group of Catholic nuns referred to
Greta Sundberg as the next Virgin Mary let that sink in right the next Virgin
Mary and another group of Catholics called
Greta Jesus’s representative on Earth today so already our Christian churches
have sold their souls for this involvement right to the idea that the
churches are a bastion against this is just not true that’s exactly right Duke
Alex thank you so much for your time today
we appreciate your travels and we appreciate your commentary and you could
read more from Alex Newman at the new American magazine

  1. Can't even imagine a Catholic nun holding up a mentally-challenged teenager who gets red in the face and yells at people, as the next "Virgin Mary"–when it's obvious she's actually a front for the Cult of Climate.

  2. Widespread scientific consensus

    Scientists worldwide agree that global warming is happening, and that human activity causes it.

    The IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5), written by a panel of hundreds of climate experts and scientists from member countries of the World Meteorological Organization the United Nations Environmental Programme, plus a team of external reviewers, states unambiguously:


    influence on the climate system is clear, and recent anthropogenic
    emissions of green-house gases are the highest in history. […] Warming
    of the climate system is unequivocal, and since the 1950s, many of the
    observed changes are unprecedented over decades to millennia.

    IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5)

  3. Because of the cooling period and not warming, they suddenly change the term from "Global Warming" to "Climate Change". People with high functioning autism can easily be manipulated because the main problem with them is that they cannot distinguish when someone is manipulating them. They do not have an inbuilt ability to "read" people's intent; sarcasm; being made a fool of; body language etc. It is really disgusting for organization's to use these people for their own purposes.

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