Rigged versus Enabled Capitalism

this is the voter education project this video covers rigged and predatory capitalism versus enabled capitalism the GOP claims it supports capitalism and free markets it will work for everyone since a rising tide floats all boats what the GOP actually supports is a rigged and predatory capitalism that works for the few people without boats or with boats that are unseaworthy drowned or spent all the time just trying to stay afloat Robert Reich in his book saving capitalism does a great job at over viewing the various methods the gops brand of capitalism is rigged against most of us what is criminal for most of us is lawful for the few our oversight in enforcement has been defunded and otherwise crippled so the few can get away with what is unlawful or grossly unfair for the rest of us the gops capitalism rigged and predatory capitalism creates hardly a free or fair market at the same time the GOP brands what Democrats do as socialism actually what Democrats do although they may not explain it well is enabled capitalism that works for all Americans consider the fact that most of our businesses do not exist without healthy and educated employees without infrastructure without research without Safe Communities without community development and without safety nets these are our basic public investments BP is which our people and businesses pay for through our local state and national government the GOP says what we need is to get government out of the way for the free market and free enterprise virtually alone to address all of our needs and problems but businesses individually do not create the conditions for them to exist consider the fact that businesses do not do well if only the people that can afford it or well educated and healthy free enterprise works best for everyone if all our people are well educated and healthy infrastructure enables businesses and many of our companies either would not exist or would not do well without or less infrastructure businesses and our citizens would benefit and prosper more with more infrastructure past basic government research created the opportunities to create many of our current businesses and all benefited from the research there are similar nonpartisan observations for the rest of our BP eyes basic public investments in increasing and not decreasing our investments in our BP is Democrats enable capitalism to reach new levels of prosperity not for just the few but for all Americans expanding free education and having access to health care for all Americans is not socialism but a vital part of what our people businesses and economy need to thrive and become more prosperous to be clear socialism is a nationalization of our industries and taking away our ownership of businesses and property that is clearly not what Democrats do and those Telling You that Democrats are socialists are lying to you trying to get you to not notice how the GOP is creating a rigged and predatory system against you okay many may not be intentionally lying but just passing on what has been drilled into them for the past thirty years of the GOP rhetoric the Democrats brand of capitalism creates the conditions for not only our people to thrive but our businesses to exist and prosper and our BP eyes pay for themselves unlike trickle-down tax cuts for the rich we will have other videos on how our be TI's pay for themselves in how tax cuts for the rich the job creators as the GOP says do not work the gops capitalism works for the few creating vast income inequality and not in ways where the rich earned it the gops capitalism is crony rigged predatory unethical unstable and unsustainable the responsible investing movement enlightened capitalism and the rise of benefit corporations shows that there are a growing number of investors and businesses concerned about the current direction of capitalism for capitalism to work for the long haul and for all of us businesses must consider the system environment sustainability and all stakeholders and not just the shareholders there are plenty of opportunities for businesses to make money while providing benefit instead of harm both Democrats and the GOP are capitalist period the question is which form of capitalism is more likely to continue and expand the American Dream and a prosperous and shared economy and America that we should all expect in the 21st century thank you for listening and visit voter education project com for more information

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