Ridiculously Ungrateful Youth wants Socialism

I'm hunter Avallone and welcome to get rekt today we're gonna be taking a look at this why I'm voting for Bernie Sanders and believe me this little liberal gets so angry at the rich people apparently it's their fault that he has any problems in his life whatsoever so let's dive in to why I'm voting for Bernie Sanders so I'm voting for Bernie Sanders I'll tell you why wait a minute are you a millennial yes I'm a millennial are you 24 years old yes I'm 24 years old yes I regularly hear that I am entitled and lazy and just a thought but you might hear that you're entitled and lazy because you're literally voting for the guy who promises you free handouts it's right here on Bernie Sanders official website that he wants to give free college but that's not the case for me and it's not the case for most of the supporters of this movement really well that just contradicts Bernie's entire campaign then that's like me saying I support Hillary Clinton but don't support abortion despite the fact that's a massive issue she stands for if you're voting for Bernie Sanders odds are you want the benefits many of us most of us myself included are the furthest thing from lazy or entitled okay buddy we believe you you see our parents grew up in a generation in this country where the American Dream was a real thing you know if you worked really damn hard and followed your dreams there was a really damn decent chance that you were gonna make something out of yourself and a lot of them did the problem is that once they made something out of themselves they started hoarding all that success all that money pulling it into their little boxes and locking it up what the heck are you talking about they didn't hoard all that money a lot of them went out and created business is that you can now go get a job at and think about it even if the rich are spending money on luxurious things just for themselves that's money going back into the economy if the rich get a new house built builders are gonna be needed that's jobs being provided be careful when you call the rich greedy they do a lot for people like you and me and it usually goes unnoticed and then that doesn't want to damage the economy cuz none of that money is going back in none of that money's going back in wealthy people making $250,000 or more are paying 51.6% in taxes now you might say this is evil this is communism this is against what America stands for well Bernie is a socialist and socialism is the beginning of communism and considering how many people have died under communism yeah I'd say it's pretty freakin evil but America stands for an you know it's a nation where everybody is supposed to have a decent chance to be successful to be what they want to be all these people have climbed up this ladder long before our generation and they're sitting up there on the top rungs and we're trying to climb up the ladder and they're just kicking us back down no they're probably offering you a job and you're running away there's still room at the top no one is knocking you back down it's also funny that you'd mention a ladder because there's a great picture that perfectly describes socialism two men are stuck in a pit and fighting over one ladder what socialism does is it comes along and cuts the ladder in half now the men have an equal share but they're both equally stuck then they say you're lazy you're entitled you know you know I don't have the money to pay for this well then get a job well you know nobody's hiring because you know I don't have a degree we'll then go to college well I can't afford college it's too expensive do you even hear yourself when you talk not every job requires a degree go get a job a fast-food restaurant or a clothing store save your money and pay for college go work at Starbucks they offer a college plan it doesn't make any sense but nobody wants to sit down and think about that on that side because they love their money and they love the way that things are who's they the rich who cares if they love their money they worked hard for it and most of them don't want to pay more in taxes to pay for your stupid benefits stop blaming the rich for your issues it's not their fault stop whining and go to work you have as good a chance as anyone to be successful in life so we've gotten this joke of a presidential race where a reality television star and a crazy religious nutjob are front running the Republican side and on our side we've got a crazy evil of a woman who is responsible for Wars and murder and all kinds of horrible things and nobody seems to care you know and then we've got Bernie who was a decent human being who has a track record of voting that is consistent all the way through his career that has shown that he actually cares about his fellow human beings did you actually look at Bernie's track record if you did you'd find out that he isn't the perfect holy angel that you make him out to be in the 1990s Bernie co-sponsored a bill to dump nuclear waste on a low-income Latino community making only around 8,000 a year Bernie Sanders is still a career politician and has his flaws just like everyone else I'm sick of living in a country that is in this illusion of freedom and you know well you can be whatever you want to be no you can't well yes you can the only one who isn't letting you succeed is you you want to know where people actually can't be whoever they want to be countries under socialism take France for example they're seeing what some are calling a wealth drain where wealthy people are leaving due to socialism and high taxes a partner in the Paris law firm says even young people pulling in around $250,000 are wondering whether to remain in a country where making money is not considered a good thing now take a look at these countries ranked by outflow the US isn't even on the list now take a look at these countries ranked by inflow the u.s. is second on the list if the u.s. is so bad and people don't have a chance here why are so many people leading these other countries and coming here cuz whether you believe it or not or whether you like it or not people do have equal opportunity here and you know what regard to things like health care you know what health care should not be a privilege I don't care if you're the laziest person on God's green earth you shouldn't deserve to die on your couch when there's a pharmacy on every damn corner full of medicine why don't you give me two examples of someone dying on their couch because they didn't have medicine and isn't that what Obama cares for if you want universal health care so bad why don't you just go over to Cuba you get health care free education your food is rationed and everything is subsidized you also get a lovely twenty dollars a month but don't you dare make a video criticizing the system over there like you did over here or you'll be arrested Wow socialism sounds great okay I don't care if my taxes go up a little bit to get American citizens medicine you don't care if your taxes go up a little it Bernie Sanders plans will raise taxes a lot more than a little bit and they'll be raised for everyone little bit to get American citizens medicine it's a lot better a hell of a lot better than my taxes going up to build bombs and airplanes that are going to end up in some military stockyard and never get used well actually according to Center on Budget and Policy Priorities only 16% of your taxes are currently going to national defense most of your taxes actually are going to Medicare and Social Security my taxes currently go more to killing people over oil and false claims of terrorism than false claims of terrorism what are you talking about are you talking about Isis what about the Brussels attacks were those false claims of terrorism what about the Paris attacks were those false claims of terrorism how about the San Bernardino terrorist attacks when Americans were killed were those just false claims of terrorism and let's not forget james foley and steven sotloff the american journalists who were beheaded by Isis why don't you go tell their families that it was just false claims of terrorism we need a president that actually gives a damn about a human being you know none of these people do except him and it's clear they're robotic they're politicians they're evil you can see it in their faces you can hear it in their words and as a human being with a heart that cares about my fellow human beings Bernie Sanders is a career politician currently but he didn't hold a steady job until age 40 he was a poor bum who hasn't contributed anything to society and has only ever held a government job sure maybe he's a nice guy and has a good heart but that's about all he has to offer for me personally I want a leader someone who shows strength and someone who's actually given back to society not someone who spent most of their life being lazy and wanting redistribution of wealth none of these people want handouts they don't or anything for free they want a chance they want these things to be affordable not free yeah I have you decide who you're gonna vote for yet Bernie Sanders so what went into your what went into your decisions obviously the pre-college aspect is awesome probably as a student all of us policies about tuition free college so the three core demands of the National Day of Action are free public college and that's Bernie Sanders okay it is and if you disagree quite frankly I disrespect you as an American citizen and as a human being be well all righty then here we see some real liberal logic he goes on and on about how great bernie is because bernie cares about other human beings but then if you don't agree with him and his little opinion he doesn't respect you as a human being and if you can't see it you're as blind as a bat all right all right well like I said before if you won all your benefits they live in Cuba Bernie loving liberal you've been wrecked

  1. I reckon that Kanye West watched your videos, Hunter, before he got red-pilled and suddenly became happy.

  2. The problem with this guy he is mad mommy and daddy didnt give him everything he ever wanted he is mad at the people who made it he wanted entrance into the upper crust without working for it

  3. Bernie is a Democratic Socialist (Capitalism with strong welfare policies). It implements some socialist policies (which we already have some of) but isnt outright socialism. While it may tread the line a bit, arguably, it shouldnt just be used as a synonym for socialism

  4. You say "They (millenials' parents+ grandparents) didn' 'hoard all that money'!" And talk about how we shouldnt call the rich greedy because of how much they do for us (Sounds like trickle down economics which is based on a flawed idea and doesnt work). Yet the GINI coefficient (measure of inequality) in the US from 1979 (soonest I could find data for) to now has been trending up…

  5. 7:43 Ummm Bernie is a politician to and like Hunter said dump waste in a poor community.

  6. I got kicked out of a Facebook group for not knowing what Brussels was when that attack happened.

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