Richard Wolff offers context to those critical of Venezuela and Cuba’s socialist systems.

Are there things that Cuba and Venezuela
do that are worth of criticism? Of course. Have they done things that we wouldn’t
want them to do, that a decent society shouldn’t do? You betcha.
They are not perfect. They are not the solution to the human problem. And they
make mistakes, sometimes big ones, and they make people suffer. All true. All
true. But you are no way going to undo two to three centuries of capitalist
inequality deeply ingrained in the consciousness of your people by making a
social change that has no blemishes, has no failures, has no cruelties. That’s not
gonna happen. We might wish it, and I certainly do, and we might say it’s
important to point out the mistakes that the Cubans and the Venezuelans have made
and are making. Fair enough. But once you understand the context you
will understand that the big problem facing Latin America is not Cuba and not
Venezuela. Neither of their regimes. They don’t even have the history to justify
it. The history is on the side of saying the big problem of the economic
backwardness, inequality and instability of Latin America, there the credit
belongs where the credit is due: it’s the capitalist system that has
produced and reproduced their poverty, their misery, their inequality. If that
isn’t dealt with you are going to have one revolution after another as we have
already seen. The future will be as the past has been. And will the United States
each time be entering and trying to stop and control what in the end will win: the
demand of people for an economic system that does not perform in the future as
it has in the past? The overwhelming majority of people of in
Latin America want out of a system that has brought them the kind of suffering,
the kind of inequality that is in fact behind the migration of people north to
the United States because the conditions where they are are unbearable. That too
is a product of a capitalist system brought to Latin America and South
America by Europeans, left there managed now by their own elites, their wealthy
elites. This is not a sustainable situation and finding fault with Cuba
and Venezuela for how they have managed to get out of this situation is an
inappropriate cheap shot that doesn’t belong if you understand the economics
of that part of the world.

  1. Crying wolf about immigrants has lead to a situation where lefties dont realise their really is a wolf called Islam that is here to takeover.

  2. Wolff just blamed capitalism for Venezuela's failure with no such explanation whatsover. This is why nobody takes socialism seriously. Such nonsense

  3. Wolff would have done well to include mention of U.S. sanctions that to date have killed 40,000 Venezuelans, according to economist Jeffrey Sachs of the CEPR.

  4. has America done something they shouldn't do ? To memy times. have you ever done something fuckhtop before ? like killin the American Indian for 500 years ,have you ever done something fucktop before like killing the black man for 400 years ? has the pale face blue eyed white devil done something fucktop in 1492 ?

  5. Well said, professor. Some people in China also criticize Venezuela because we have a different understanding of the social system. But, in the first place, they tried their best to fight against inequality in their society and they succeeded, isn't that great?

  6. Mr Wolff I thought you where educated on the matter of Venezuela . You portray a democracy better that USA democracy with its bad depositions ? When USA has a better democracy then speak about Venezuela

  7. I love Richard Wolff, but they are both under tremendous imperialist pressure FFS! Point out the friggin mistakes! You keep saying this that they’ve done things a humane system wouldn’t do. Name them! If you can’t point them out in the proper context of imperialist blockade, terror, diplomatic isolation, occupation, threats, encirclement, assassination and attempted assassination of their leaders in a life and death struggle against the most voracious imperial power the world has ever seen, then you have to point out what you would’ve done. Name these so called in inhumane things that they’ve done! Have a real analysis about what would you do in this situation with the relationship of forces, the human capital at their disposal, the struggle to try to overcome underdevelopment when the stated aim of all US governments is to overthrow their governments!

  8. So you basically just said that if we attempt socialism in the United States everything is gonna be fucked because capitalism?

    You’re blaming socialism’s failures, on capitalism. You’re a moron.

  9. No it is Cronyism that destroyed these countries. Mega corporations tied to mega government. Yes like it or not UNITED STATES corporation. But Professor Wolff want an even more powerful government to "rein in" the corporations. They are one and the same. To say free market capitalism is to blame is like saying Tony's pizza down the street along with Frank's Hardware Store are to blame. He is no doubt a plant for the government spewing propaganda against the many coming out and learning the truth how corrupt government is.

  10. Now snake oil salesman forgot before socialism took over Venezuela was wealthiest country in South America and even poor people were better off then than they are today.
    But you have to admit that socialism does eradicate obesity over there.

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