Richard Wolff: Capitalism Is Reorganized Slavery & Feudalism

  1. Anywhere you go on our planet today and for decades before, you will see right in your face the people, the organizations, the symbols and the struggles by the PROLETARIAT, by socialists, by communists. Literally from Soweto to novaya zemlaya you have ALL HUMANITY ,freely, and understandably upholding, following Karl and all real critiques against this insanity of reorganized oppression and slavery! still right now in 2019 where is the democracy?! where is any liberty?! GO READ ADAM SMITH AND TRY TO IMAGINE IF HE WOULD EVER THOUGHT THAT YOU WOULD BE READING HIS BOOK, YOU WHO are thousands and thousands of dollars away from being

  2. A better way would be to have a system that provides almost everthing. While the population spends their time learning & experiencing life. Through automation most of the needs can be supplied. All products ideas and learning is shared, without recompense. Everybody is entitled to what is available. No bosses, managers, corporations, companies, and no titled or upper class. Merit is but supplying mental and physical labor to the whole. This way we can focus on our aspirations and dreams. Since everyone can have equal access to everything. I know the conservative fears. People will be greedy, lazy, good for nothing. So why should I give my labor to these bumbs. Since everyone has access equally, and the jobs that can't be done by automation. Will be shared out equally, and only for a few hours a day. By which we all learn to do those odd things not being able to be done by robots. It is a learning process for all. With the majority of the time spent learning. Even the children are involved, as parents and the community are teaching and learning with their kids.

  3. Holy crap! This was one of the best live interviews I've ever watched! Tom great job on getting this scholar in front of us so we all can learn the truth about our broken Capitalist system.

  4. Still can't get over how powerful and forthright your "How America Blew $7 Trillion On 80 Wars Since 9/11" is! Keep up the great work!

  5. Hi Tom, fans of The New Left, and humanitarians, check out the work of Marxist geographer David Harvey. P.S.: Good interview Tom and thanks to Professor Wolff.

  6. First like & comment. Btw why does Jordan Peterson keep running from the Wolff like a frightened sheep? He's gonna have to face his fear sooner or later

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