hey guys so if you’ve ever lived abroad for whatever reason for an exchange for an internship or study abroad or whatever Chancellor we have a curated thing called a river go through shop when you come back to your home country I was born and raised in Indonesia and then I moved in he was for my bachelor’s and then I’m sitting in for a year and there were times when I came back home for a summer or for a winter break reverse culture shock could hit me quite hard so it operator do these are some of the things that struck me when I came back home to Indonesia from the West number one housekeeper our mates who live I think it’s a group of English okay yeah we all survived into the season a person is good whenever to us oh yeah I could use force on finding a good let’s we’ll make it [Music] hello man I owe you can I get nearly laughs yeah again okay you’re still late back then I used to casually tell my friends that everybody everybody in Jakarta has made you know and then they would ask me this question Oh so everybody hasn’t made everybody hasn’t made it’s no big deal so does your main of a mate for me first thank you I know some super fancy be sniffing it and it is a lot more common to have a housekeeper living at Hotel all right unlike any watch we’re only a few privileged households are able to have the housekeeper here in Indonesia quite common especially among the middle class and the upper middle class in the – you know like in a book so I wasn’t really bad bad of culture shops but I have experienced more extreme culture shock which makes me to number two does identity Gemini trouble you look good up I’m not a very good reward up is through inflation with orbital hmm where’s next one anything in yarn is apology Baba Tommy no one doing here all are yeah yeah I could go the wrong and you’re not don’t know if you look you sign sorry I’ve been going to get that for so long [Music] he is a so-called solid underneath the Forgotten Valley and earlier when I said that don’t worry brisk ultra-strong leads me to number two you know there was a double meaning behind it right right and I remind my bitch inappropriate anyways number two street food okay apparently after irony was for a long time I lack the ability to think to any several hygienic so that I could find on the street and I did like that I mean actually it suddenly treats there was much anyone say where I want to go buy a Krispy Kreme donut and a mall and then I got like this one this one piece of Dona and I ate it in like ten minutes later I had I had to go to the bathroom like all the time I came up to the US and I couldn’t even eat a doughnut that I bought on the bombing maybe was the goin on maybe with my stomach but I blame it all on me oh I seen a lot of these go to end to tell fritters in English I think when I was a kid you can usually spot them very close to school building or stuff like that good day like smell skin and did you see a lot of these vendors next to school you keep at some of these food or us would use exempt papers yes see these are exams like Youth exam papers or extras and papers that’s the teachers don’t use and they use it and they give it to the vendors a throughout their food okay so you can imagine how in high school these are but it’s really good I really like it I spent all the time and I would get sore throat in the middle of the dish number three right what’s horrific is anything to get everybody I am a little too early for a young man evil I’m going to use making oh yeah I’m okay your opium is older in our blackberry I haven’t use my blackberry in three years all right get along fine you have like bread or something and you think I’m gonna go running work wait like everyone is going great it’s so nice cleared yet [Music] it’s only digital oh yes I do my wife’s cooking [Music] no cats are taught to drink milk right yeah because when I was in the US for a long time I almost never eat rice for breakfast if I were only conceding waffles pancakes never right so it was quite a shock for me to come back home and having to eat your rice very early in the morning but we know we like a rice me too right almost all assignments that very except of Asian eating rice or Indonesian please right all the time is actually promised by truth so yeah I’m not ashamed of that I like rice some of my friends would make fun of me for eating so much rice but I am not ashamed of it I actually had really big rice cooker to make rice cookers in the kitchen and I love them they make life so much easier like an abscessed to me is an essential in the kitchen you know but it wasn’t me chase in Holland or in the u.s. that is why I’ve developed one myself to give my boyfriend and rice cooker illustration no actually it’s to Christmas – I forgot mm some semen happening so I got this rice cooker for Christmas and nominees actual people have a rice cooker but I can say out of all my friends I make the best friend see listen to the Dutch sign alright guys that is emergency I hope you guys enjoy it because I have a lot of fun building some of this get and I screwed a lot more reverse culture shock than what I had message this video but I don’t like to link my videos too long and I’m going to do it for another tank so if you can watch more of my videos they’re going subscribe because I’m going to be uploading more videos in the coming me and also comment because I would really appreciate some constructive feedback or just letting me know why you guys think about it you know much much appreciated so anyways I will see you guys next week and until then edges of them but like take it easy

  1. Haha nggak usah jauh2. Gue aja yg tinggal di Malaysia tiap balik ke indo culture shock public transportation, cuaca dan polusi udara, macettttt, kurang tertibnya orang indo dalam sesimpel Antre beli makanan dan berkendara di jalan, kemana2 naik motor padahal cuma jarak 10 menit jalan kaki dan kalo gue jalan kaki diliatin kaya gimanaaa gituuu dan ga boleh kemana2 sama ortu karena katanya bahaya di luar hehehehe yaaahh begitulaahh..XD XD XD

  2. It's still considered to be 'fancy' to have house maids in Indonesia. The one's saying "it's common" to have house maids or change their phones every 6 months probably belongs to middle-upper economy class families.
    Why these foreigners didn't eat rice too much is because they don't produce them..

  3. OMG, so true! Agree with another comment of this video about 'the eyes of judgmental people' that is way harder to manage. So yeah, keep doing this! Really a good job!

  4. Saya yakin ini your English pronunciation and intonation lebih baik dari fathia izzati.. saya harap adek ttp posting new videos karena saya seneng content videonya dan juga orangnya.. take it easy

  5. Baru nonton videonya.. Bagus banget.. Bisa sekalian buat belajar.. Keren! Tapi ada gangguan sedikit aja sih kak yg bikin ga nyaman.. Audio videonya kurang begitu jelas.. Entah karena backsong nya ke kencangan atau apalah, tapi kurang jernih aja gitu kakak ngomongnya.. Padahal ini didengerinnya udah pake headset.. Oke sukses kak! πŸ™‚

  6. Hahaha numbers 2 & 3, your tummies not indonesian any more…happens to my wife when we go back to Bandung and she tries to eat from the street carts. Me, I already know my tummy's bule lol.

  7. Ini sih karena mbaknya yang sudah westernized. Temen saya ada kok yang lama kuliah di Jerman, sampe kampung langsung nyemplung kali. Katanya seneng akhirnya bisa guyon pake bahasa Jawa dan dianya masih medok. Ya modelnya seperti Bajindul Gokil Abiezz itu…njawani

  8. parah sih ini editannya alus bgt, kontennya bagus, accenntnya apalagi😩😭 keren abis sih lo!!!

  9. W coba mkn roti 3 sampe 4 biji sejam udah laper lagi ,,, gak bisa tanpa nasi lah , apa lagi buat pkerja kasar mkn kyak w mkn nasi jha cpet laper apa lagi mkn roti bisa2 masuk rmh sakit πŸ˜ƒ

  10. this is so good, but I have to train my listening skill a bit more to catch your speaking speed/fluency. over all I like this.

  11. ampun sexsinya neh anak2..ala america bener..ngomingjyavterlalu cepat.mana bisa ditangkap org yg mau belajar.

  12. YOOOOO, so i had this favourite nasi uduk place back in jakarta and i never had any problems with that, but a few months ago when i went back home after a quite while and ate that nasi uduk i got diarrhea😭😭😭

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