Revealed: The SECRET Link between Dating & Capitalism

if you are approaching your relationships using the model of communism then you are doomed to failure I want you to listen to this woman explain a relationship built upon the principles of capitalism there are people who genuinely believe that if you became rich then you must have done it at the expense of somebody else that if you have a lot of money then you must have stolen it from other people this is what's called a zero-sum game where one person's success has to be directly proportionate to another person's failure one person's gains must be compensated by another person's loss think of it like a tug-of-war if one team manages to pull back two meters then that means that the other team must have lost two meters of ground this zero-sum thinking is extremely popular amongst people who support communism they think that the wealth of society is a zero-sum game there's only so much wealth to go around so if some successful entrepreneur makes a whole bunch of money he must have done so by exploiting and stealing from others of course I don't think society's wealth is a zero-sum game I think that's completely ridiculous in nonsensical I like the capitalist model which sees things completely differently Adam Smith in his book The Wealth of Nations completely destroyed this idea this mercantilist model that says that there's only a limited amount of wealth to go around and he laid the foundations at least in principle for the capitalist system that we have today in capitalism you can use resources in a completely new way or you can invent products and resources that didn't even exist most importantly one person's gain isn't directly proportionate to another person's loss in capitalism it's possible for everybody to improve in a sense what you see with the communist model is that everybody is in competition with everybody else and it pits people against each other in contrast capital says that we're all on the same team and yes some people might become super wealthy but everybody overall is going to become wealthier so if you're genuinely interested in reducing human suffering I really don't understand how you could possibly support the communist model in 2019 just compare North Korea and South Korea and tell me which system do you think is better for the average person now this is not a political channel I try not to talk about politics I want to talk about relationships but you see there is a direct comparison with this communist versus capitalist model in politics with the way that some people conduct themselves in their relationships imagine that you're married but every now and then you don't spend the afternoon with your wife you go and spend it with your mother you have a cup of tea with her you talk to her about her week and you'd have a good time you think that everything's fine that this is normal but when you come home you discover that your wife is furious with you you say I don't understand why are you mad I haven't done anything wrong to you and she says oh yes you have you went you spent time with your mother that's time that you didn't spend with me the mother isn't the important part you could trade in your friends your brother it doesn't matter what's important is that that woman is thinking like a communist she thinks that your relationship is a zero-sum game by her reasoning she thinks that if you spend time with another person then by necessity that is time that you have stolen from her this is a big red flag she thinks that there's a finite amount of love to go around and that's indicative of a scarcity mindset in practical terms what it means is that she's going to be jealous paranoid and possessive big red flag what you want is somebody that has an abundance mindset and more importantly somebody who sees the both of you as being on the same team it's like the woman in the video clip that we watched earlier said your relationship is one unit you're not competing with each other what is good for you is also what's good for her you both benefit if you come home from spending an afternoon with your friends or with your parents or whatever it may be you're gonna be in a good mood and that benefits her because you're more fun to be around when you're in a good mood everybody wins did a video recently explaining how to express your emotions to a woman and there were people who were genuinely angry at that video check out some of these comments all of this hard work to please one woman no woman is worth the effort Alexander you are too bothered about what women want I think men should be however they want to be showing emotion or not showing emotion it's up to them who cares what women think there are a whole bunch of others but the implication was that if you're taking care of her needs then somehow you're being disadvantaged this is not thinking like a capitalist this is thinking like a zero-sum game communist we've probably all met at least one guy in our life who's all super macho and super selfish in his outlook I don't care about women I don't care about what they want women aren't getting anything from me comments like that give a very clear insight into their way of seeing the world and it's extremely dark they sincerely believe that women's happiness by necessity has to come at their expense in their logic by not giving a woman love attention care money whatever it may be they're somehow protecting themselves for somebody who doesn't think this way it is truly bizarre to contemplate this model of a relationship they completely ignored the capitalist model when you win I win because they don't see their partner as a teammate they see her as the competition in their relationships they are fighting constantly to try and get as much from the other person while giving as little back in return it makes me think of a couple of children who are too short to reach the top of the table and so instead they fight with each other over the crumbs that spill onto the ground all the while instead of competing what they could be doing is cooperating helping each other so that instead of fighting over crumbs they climb up on each other's backs or something get up onto the table and enjoy the buffet meal that's prepared there if you are in competition with your partner I guarantee that you're gonna be miserable I guarantee it what you want to do instead is find a high quality woman and get on the same team with her that way you can give generously to each other without competing without keeping track keeping score there's an abundance of happiness to go around with a woman like that you will see this principle play out when she wins you win that's great so on this channel you will occasionally hear me talk about how to make a woman happy first off I like when women are happy I don't want anybody to suffer but that's mostly incidental that's not my explicit purpose in teaching about that content this is a men's channel and I give advice to men the reason why I would be explaining how to make a woman happy is because I want you to be happy I want you to be on the same team as your partner and when her needs are met then she's happy she's feeling generous and then she's gonna be able to meet your needs so if you think that relationships are a zero-sum game where her success must by necessity be at your failure cut it out stop thinking like a communist it's time for you to approach your relationship like a capitalist

  1. The truth is somewhere in the middle tho.
    Sometimes, your success is at someone's expense, other times, it is not (and mutual success is also a possibility).
    The same with relationships. Unlike those macho-men, I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with making a woman happy, giving her love, etc…. however, only so long as it's not at the expense of my happiness. Like, if she wants me to cut my hair – nope, I like it the way it is now. There are probably lots of other ways to mutually make each other happy.

  2. It is not helpful when you keep emphasising what men need to do to please women. What women? All women?? A certain type of woman??? Who is this general you speak of????

  3. Stick to relationship discussion as you understanding of political / economic systems is very limited. Your descriptions are actually the reverse of reality. Looking out for the good of others is actually a Socialistic concept while exploiting others is a Capitalistic concept. You should stand your understanding on it's head, and you would make more sense.

  4. I do not agree.
    In my country the workers work for minimum slave wage under worst conditions, because they have NO OTHER OPTION. On other hand, owner of the company earns millions every year, exploiting the workers to the maximum, knowing that workers have no other option.
    Ask Mr. Adam Smith to explain and destroy that ?

  5. High quality women 🤔 who wants to be on the same team? Most of what we see in society today is communist women posing as a capitalist who won't tell you their secret until it's too late and you have wasted half your life and invested in their communist debt in a business partnership called marriage.

    I would rather freelance my work 😉

  6. Women are communists by biology and being heavily feminized in the western world. They Say they work for the same team with you. In the end of your long relationship, they steal your valuables etc. they want, when you are not checking after them, and say to their friends: "I deserve this, this and this."

    This has happened to me 3/3 times after long relationships.

  7. Bad thoughts. Look both Korea and see which one have the more married couples. U will see. Stop to see the communism everywhere, we are already working on a capitalism… And it's not working it's why many of people suffer

  8. What is your opinion on porn?? Do u think it is bad in any way and do u think that we should avoid it? I have seen some nofap videos and found it a interesting concept.

  9. Interesting theory, the trouble with it is the assumption of near perfect rationality from both the actors. You don't understand the zero sum perspective? Well let me give you an analogy. In International Relations there is a school of thought that rightfully (in my opinion) is called "realism". The crux of it is this: because no state can be certain of the intention of another state (i.e. who will attack them) there is what they call a perpetual "security dilemma". You simply must assume the worst about the other state to protect yourself. Therefore you must always be armed to the teeth and prepared to destroy any state that stands between you and your interests. Relationships between men and women are similar, you do not know for sure what the female will do (e.g. cheat, steal your money et cetera) and therefore you must be prepared for the worst. In that sense, to put it crudely, if some other dude is fucking her that is his gain and your loss, in a zero sum manner. This gives you a license to pursue your interests ruthlessly, trying to get as much from her with as little effort exerted. You could counter this with the "high quality' women argument (she would never do this etc) but the fact of the matter is nature is simply not capitalist and rather is merciless. Hypergamy really does not care. So, the red pill or the blue pill gents? Your pick.

  10. Grandma's Glasses? BTW the money sum is not finite. Central banks are creating money every month, but stupid leftist don't know anything about that because they are ignorant and uneducated.

  11. Great topic, but, the Modern Women is encouraged to be selfish, and entitled by society, and technological development. So a Man engaging in altruism will almost always get the short end of the stick! The only true way to gain mutual cooperation is to strike at the source of this unbalanced society, and that is to reduce the size of the state and its misandrist laws and to restate men as the head of households and society, with such we will see a significant increase in cooperation and cohesion within society and amongst the genders.

  12. Marriage advice should come from married or previously married people.There is a visceral understanding when you pass through fire and live to tell about it.As a 31 yr unmarried man, I give advice on living a single life, where I'm an expert.

  13. What the hell is he going on about. literally no one is pushing for communism in 2019, social democracy, sure. One party is looking for better ways of looking out for the well being of Americans.

  14. "Find a high quality woman and get on the same team with her" — I love this frame, this resonates with me. This is what I want to see, women enriching men's lives and men enriching women's lives. Its a much better situation than men filling some "provider" role where he picks up all the slack where she fails. Creating the image of an Ideal Woman wise, independent, and confident enough not to outsource everything to men, and resist ranking them on what perks they provide, but rather pursue a leadership role of their own life and relationship and invite men into it without harsh judgement. The more I describe this the more it sounds like an illusion, but maybe women can chip away at their weaknesses and insecurities and be molded into this. Anyway I cut it, it always seems that men are expected to be better and sacrifice more.
    :. As long as women are trying to take on responsibilities, it doesn't have to be a zero sum game.

  15. Brilliant! Bravo! Encore, Encore! (Audience stands, holds lighters aloft, starts chanting "Grace, Grace, Grace,…")

  16. Great video. Don't be hard on yourself. You've offered a valuable, beneficial way to think of relationship dynamics. This positive, generous view deserves high praise (just edit the title a bit.)

  17. Communism and socialism as a societal foundation, only works in SMALL numbers. As the population rises, the probability of corruption goes up fast.
    Capitalism ain't perfect. Yes, we have had good progress, but it could be way better.

  18. I had a girl who got mad when I went to the gym, saying that she wasn't getting my time; yet she couldn't keep her hands off my arms. I can't agree with you about "keeping women happy" because they are never happy. The aforementioned girl loved my muscles, so I tried to make them better and it only infuriated her. This is why men have the attitude that you mentioned. Because they gave and gave, and got nothing back. Sure you mention not to have that mindset, but if one works to make the other happy, but the other does not work to make one happy, then there is the imbalance. And more often than not, it is the women who contribute to the imbalance.

  19. Any ' -ism ' is dangerous idiocy, including Capitalism, Objectivism, Feminism, Socialism….because it is an ideology, which does not respond or revise itself in the face of new scientific information.

    Abundance vs Scarcity & the zero-sum game works personally. As a person with an economics degree, I can say than it does not scale-up and work for an entire economy, and I am not talking about any issues surrounding 'the poor'. Surely there are benefits of a market system, which is a more appropriate term than capitalist. Since your views are heterodox, perhaps 'The Anatomy of Power' or 'The New Industrial State' or 'The Culture of Conformity' by John Kenneth Galbraith, a heterodox economist (or others, but these are great books) would take you out of the playpen in terms of your 'simple simon' economic references.

  20. Alexander, I agree with your advice except when it comes to money. If you think that one individual in the relationship is entitled to the other person's money, that is communism. When as often happens a woman uses sex to get resources from men, that is a form of capitalism known as prostitution. There is much evidence that male sex drive is very much higher and much more consistent than female sex drive. The laws of supply and demand dictate that women will be able to use sex to exploit men for their resources in various ways.

  21. That's the issue I have with making a woman happy, its as if that's the man's main job. We all know that most women can't be happy because they were never taught to be content aka "never settle for less than what you deserve" or look inwards vs outward for overall happiness and contentment. The other issue I have is that for her to reciprocate or have the willingness to give or do for you is always predicated on you the man to be in the driver seat of the relationship/giver position with a false hope and no guarantee that she will invest in you equally or as much as you invested in her because at the end of the day women today are taught that they don't have to do anything or if they do anything for a guy its a form of "slavery" or "servitude" therefore they have no initiative to give back or acknowledge your contributions to the relationships because a man's contributions are based on her and social expectations which the man must fill. There's no option or choice in the matter.

    And we all know that relationships are all about power dynamics. The person who cares or gives/invest the most into the relationship will always be at a disadvantage. In a woman's mind/eyes a man showing love is always based on transactions and actions thus its all about her and what she can get out of the relationship before she jumps ship to the next man she already had lined up prior to breaking it off with you as soon as you fall short of her unrealistic ever evolving expectations.

    Sadly today most relationships boil down to a zero-sum communist tit for tat self-interest keeping tabs game.

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