Responsibility vs. Abdication

responsibility versus abdication so why don't why don't well these people want to think for themselves it's too easy to just follow the orders of somebody else this they believe somehow magically this absolves them a personal responsibility to choose right from wrong an individual's personal responsibility to choose right action over wrong action for themselves always belongs to that individual and that responsibility can never be given to another person or passed along one can only claim and imagine that they can abdicate their personal responsibility for such choice to someone else it can never actually be done in reality you're only making a claim I'm not responsible for that behavior because this person told me to do it that's just a claim yeah and what moreover what it really is is it's just a damn lie okay more simply put an individual was always personally responsible for their own actions period in the end you did it you're responsible for it there are no cop-outs stop trying to make excuses or justifications for criminal behavior own up to personal responsibility if you did wrong action you did it you caused it I like how David Eick words this he says accept responsibility for yourself and your actions thoughts and words you alone make these choices so you alone are ansible answerable to the consequences of your behavior the feeble excuse that your boss required it that the establishment expected it holds no truth or justification what is the point of having principles if you allow others to dictate your behavior really those who allow others to dictate their behavior don't have principles and there's a reason they don't have principles because they hate themselves they're in psychological self-loathing and there's a reason they're in that state which my future work is going to cover depth in extensive depth and detail at the end of the day you will judge your performance and the contribution you've made to creation it will not be based on what another expected of you or what you did because you felt trapped like oh there's no other way I can envision my way out and as I can't envision doing something else I might have to get another job I might have to read and learn I can't envision becoming a different person and might the identity I've already forged for myself how could I possibly imagine that I have all my eggs in this basket my whole ego identity is all wrapped up in my job and what I do that defines who I am and I can't go against that it's all nonsense it's all what people are doing just because they feel trapped and they can't imagine that there's another way most people Roni ously believe this is the second part of the abdication of responsibility on the part of the people most people erroneously believe that they can hand over their natural law right to defend themselves to another individual group or entity in making such a false claim that somebody else is my protector somebody else it's their responsibility to protect me OK and defend me they have attempted to abdicate a personal responsibility which actually always belongs to them and can never be given away that's the self-defense principle you own it you it's it's yours you can't give it away to somebody else shock and amazement ok that is your responsibility already and guess what you know what they're all too happy these controllers are now even all too happy to say it's not our responsibility to protect you because what they're our actual goal is is they're just revenue men for the new king that's all they are and to slap people back in the line if they try to exercise rights that the new king called government has decreed that they may not exercise that's what their real role is they don't serve and protect the people they serve and protect the ruling class and they don't want to admit that to themselves you know why because they're liars most of all to themselves it's a bunch of childish liars Franklin said those who give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither and will lose both and this is addresses the fear of chaos and the desire to advocate your personal responsibility to defend yourself to other people just because you're afraid and you don't want to take the responsibility of doing it yourself you want to stay in that mindset I'll give up my freedom to be safe well enjoy your safe slavery I for one will take my and chaotic freedom okay I'll take that I'll take the the absolute cannibal lurking around every corner and I'll take my chances thank you very much give me my freedom and my assault rifle and I'll take my chances thank you okay so the idea that you just want to be kept slave safe and you'll give up your freedom to do so it's just a child that's how a child thinks and that's what this is really about not wanting to grow up and become adults


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