Responsibility - Christian Style

seems to be a broad premise in Christianity that involves dodging of responsibility this isn't just something I've noticed in passing about the religion it seems to be a main archetype of the doctrine from Jesus dying for the sins of humankind to the idea that humanity is responsible for the sins of that of an EVE over and over the plot line revolves around the sort of redistribution of responsibility couldn't Jesus have just as easily died for the sins of Adam and Eve and left me completely out of it the madness doesn't stop there though if people do bad things the devil is to blame people do bad things they only need to confess or repent to their personal God in their own minds sin is between them and their God not between them and the victims of their wrongdoing there's no reason to take actual responsibilities when there's always the imaginary responsibility option available in fact according to Christian teachings we are unable to not send immoralities explain fully and almost excuse as an inborn remnant characteristic of humanity a vestige of original sin we can actually blow as many male prostitutes and score as much math as we want to as long as we acknowledge the next day that we're sorry the fate of humanity itself isn't even our responsibility it's up to our very own personal copilot to decide that and I guess you could say I have more faith in humanity than the desert dwellers who wrote that precious book of their stead I have an expectation of people around the act act ethically and in the interest of human progress it really isn't that hard to treat each other fairly don't get me wrong I've done things in my life that I'm not proud of but I don't have Adam and Eve to blame and I don't have Jesus to forgive me I'm responsible to my fellow man and I'm responsible to myself for my past behavior which brings me to yet another way Christianity aids and the abstention of accountability the idea that a person who wrongs others and gets away with it will one day be held accountable for their misdeeds in the afterlife we all want to see justice done and it is a comforting idea to think that it always will be done but we don't actually have any reason to believe that as long as we don't count comfort as a reason in fact if injustice is our common enemy then so should be this idea that justice is an inexorable guarantee just as it isn't guaranteed it's up to us to constantly seek it if we care about it this is our responsibility which brings to mind another one this cop out that only god can judge certain things about complex subjects like human morality it isn't easy or cut and dried but I think we can judge I think it's our responsibility and we can come to a reasonable consensus about such things as soon as we eat stop thinking that a God writes books on the subject instead it is up to us to decide what is best based on our current and ever evolving understanding I think we're a better judge than Yahweh is anyway if a mass murderer can avoid punishment by finding Jesus while an honorable man stands to be tortured forever if he doesn't I don't think this whole justice thing is God's strong suit

  1. think this may be american christian teaching, as this bares no relationship to what God states as our rights and responsibilities in the bible. You are have a seriously odd world view

  2. I wish I could explain aswell as you do. Great video's good and friendly approach makes a nice difference. It can be hard to not get frustrated when people don't seem to want to understand. Good job sir!

  3. @daddyg321 and a cherry picked recitation by a man in a funny robe is called a cult by everyone.

    Oh, I assure you that my advantage is not my lack of belief, or my age. I'm simply not afraid of the words "I don't know." It's one thing to be absolutely sure of something that has absolutely no supporting evidence, it's quite another to have found out for yourself, which I have. how much of an open mind do you bring to a mosque?

  4. @daddyg321 likely more then you. whatever group you belong to, I don't doubt that you've only ever "learned" anything from them. that's what they do. But I've studied the bible, I've studied the Koran, the Tibetan book of the dead, eastern religions, western religions, native American religions, and they're all as cocksure as any Christian, just as pious, and just as ridiculous.

    But you've had this conversation before, and I don't doubt you'll ignore it, so move along.

  5. @daddyg321 Again, that's exactly what every other sect of Christianity (or any other religion) says about their particular sect. theirs is the true word of god, and all others are liars and charlatans. You can thank Martin Luther for this, but ultimately it underscores the fundamental flaw of all religion: every religion is just as pious, just as sure, and just as ready to die for their beliefs as any other. You have to ask: is this certainty really dependent on reality?

  6. @daddyg321 I knew what you were getting at before: "True Christianity". The ol' No True Scotsman fallacy. Every Christian thinks they know the true interpretation of the bible. It's a shame the bible is so poorly written that for every 5 words in the New Testament there is a disagreement — a distinct sect of Christianity. With almost 40,000 sects, you'd think people would lay off the notion of "true Christians".

    I don't think there is such a thing.

  7. @daddyg321 There is a long list of things that exist within Christian doctrine that are not represented in the bible. Some things I mention in the video might fall into that category, but I am not making these things up. I am listening to what Christians are saying.

    My purpose was to show that these points of doctrine are maladaptive. I really couldn't care less whether they are derived from the bible.

    But let's be honest, the bible does have far worse in it than what I've outlined here.

  8. I totally agree. Human beings need to be on common ground and stop bringing out the deities to get some f***ed up version of cosmic justice. We could do it ourselves if we were just willing to deal honestly with each other.

  9. ill steel a phrase from thunderfoot,,,,,,

    why do people laugh at creationist?…… "only creationist dont know why

  10. wow………just wow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    cmon………..really?…. you believe this? this is what your living for?????
    wow…….. i truly feel for you,…………..
    you have this one life, and you have been brainwashed,……..i really feel bad for people like you,.. but i understand why you think the way you do,….. really it takes a few years of education to understand quantum mechanics, abiogenises and evolution ….i know you hate me now because u were programed too,.. plz just think

  11. LOL, how is that an answer, surely you don't think it is.
    I loved the comment about indoctrination, hilarious you truly have no idea.
    I had no opinion on the subject for most of my life until I reached my late teens early twenties, until I read the bible which I could not believe, I mean some of these stories are children's stories, they are pathetic and hold very little moral value.
    Indoctrination implies there is some sort of doctrine to atheism, there is no such thing in atheism.

  12. I was being sarcastic. It's from a story I read about "scientists" finding missing time by rewinding the sun's placement in the heavens, then the "scientist" finds were the missing time went in the bible. The book this story was in zooms out to the crazy street corner preacher praising his god and some teen ager saying "Wait, doesn't the earth revolve around the sun?"
    And the preacher saying "Get ye behind me satin! Facts have nothing to do with the Truth!"
    Funny little lesson going on there.

  13. morality is simple – treat others the way you want to be treated.

    if only people could learn the golden rule, life would be a lot easier.

  14. /How about a religion that will offer you a "pardon" for being bad?/

    Wish there was a priest that can pardon the "unforgiveable sin" the bible says … LOL.

  15. Do you mean 'couldn't have'?
    Either way, I'm not sure what you mean concerning unity in diversity, irendelle. What I mean is, I don't see how your question relates to my point. I'm interested in what you mean. Can you elaborate or embellish a little?

  16. "Also, there's this desire for perfection, which in unattainable. The religion is inherently divisive, yet masquerades as inclusive."

    WOW! Could've have said it better. Unity in diversity I presume? But diversity in what?

  17. Where I may not agree that all 'born-agains' enter the 'royal priesthood' via those means, I would agree that deep down, they do think everyone is depraved. Why else would Jesus be needed? He's didn't die for a select few depraved souls. Also, there's this desire for perfection, which in unattainable. The religion is inherently divisive, yet masquerades as inclusive. Will you have enough faith and love to be a part of their cosmic clique? Eternal praise to an immutable God. Bleck!

  18. That about sums up all my experience with the Born-Agains. They did terrible stuff all their life up to the point where they realized they would die or spend the rest of their life in prison if they kept it up. No wonder they think everyone else is abjectly depraved, they're projecting all their inadequacies on the rest of the world.

    In that sense, I think maybe I'd prefer them thinking they're good than them going to jail for shooting me while trying to get money to score more blow.

  19. This responsibility thing goes for most religions, in Scientology it is completely obvious.

    People who assume that the world is bad (as bad as they have been) but they are the only one's who changed to be good… they worry me.

    I wonder how many bad things they must had done having accepted that they were normal before accusing me of them, and how bad they were.

  20. It's always bothered me, why should I feel guilty about something that the supposed first people did?
    If a police officer came to my house and said "We recently found out that your deceased Great Grandfather was a mass murderer, so you are under arrest for being his only living decendant" I'd be very confused!
    I wanna know why God seems to value beliefs over actions! No Christian has ever given me a straight answer to that!

  21. Well, isn't Armageddon supposed to be the ultimate war fought in the Middle East? Give McCain and Palin the nuclear codes and some more falsified documents about weapons of mass destruction and we're just about there.

  22. As I see it we have 3 choices which are not hypocritical:

    1) We accept the bible as god's word and therefore bow down to its every word and its literal meaning.
    2) We reject the bible as an imaginative bunch fairy tales written a very long time ago by some bearded men(therefore not just cherry-picking the "good messages")
    3) We agree that there are some messages in the new testament which are positive and based on this rewrite the bible so that it is fitting for the time we are currently in.

  23. Indeed. It's an unproductive mindset.

    About the rapture, I find the political interest in Israel to be frightening. Sixty years ago, men (who had access to the Holy Bible) established the state of Israel. Today that is considered, by some, a fulfilled prophecy.

    Let's hope we can keep these clowns from "fulfilling" the rest of revelation.


  24. The abdication of all responsibility for actions and their consequences is one of the most disturbing aspects of Christianity. Add to that the fundamentalist belief that any minute The Rapture will sweep the Earth clean and you have no reason to do anything to make the world a better place. The underlying philosophy of Christianity is to maintain the status quo. That way, the religious leaders get to stay in charge.

  25. 6gording6:

    Too bad the whole thing isn't filled with love because that would be a consistent message that Christians could actually use to prove a point.

    Why do people need to follow the rules of a 2000 year old collection of writings, allegorical or not, to love one another and respect those poeple enough not to judge them if their belief or worldview does not match the bible god's?

  26. Add even worse Adam and Eve didn't actually exist so let me guess, the "original" sin was symbolic? Now I know why the creationists are so intent with "proving" Genesis with pseudo-scientific claims such as Intelligent Design. The more we learn the more the Bible falls apart.

  27. Excellent vid buddy. If all Christians followed the tenets of their doctrine we would devolve as a society and be stoning each other to death. Wouldn't that be something.

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