Response To An Anarchist Comment (Why I'm Not An Anarchist Part 3)

alright dankey kahng gang I got a response on my video about why I don't like a narc ISM first of all let me say thank you for the response is a very long well-written one and I won't break it down paragraph by paragraph so he said consider consider not ranting at all and learning literally anything substantial about anarchism first watching the video and typing as I go all right so he said a state and the anarchist conception is roughly speaking a relative to the electorate small body of professional decision makers meaning for it to be a state they have to have political autonomy with the monopoly on the legitimized use of violence or the issuance of orders conducive to such violence over a given territory that their decisions govern it's nonsense to suggest you need this to create a military or a border all anarchist societies have borders the insurrectionary forces the zapatistas don't and they're doing fine all right so I mean do I think you need a state apparatus to have a military or to enforce a border no I don't my argument was that the military and border security of the CNC Fae was poor was lacking because they lacked the centralized state apparatus that would give them a sort of constant supply of military armaments or machines you know cord coordinated economic plans that were done by state planning I think such a thing could be accomplished and this doesn't mean you need to create this sort of separate hierarchy that's above everybody else the people who are the decision-makers the small body of professional decision makers could be elected from the proletariat there's no there's no rule in Marxist linin ISM that says that these small body of professional decision makers have to just be these shitbag authoritarian chud's they can be of the very same proletariat that establishes these calm use that establishes these trade unions in fact trade unionists can make very good leaders in these kinds of situations so you say the YPG and EZLN are good models for a less hierarchical military force in many way and many respects while the idea that the CNT overselling submit we're sending civilians to fight throughout the war is ridiculous both the Russian Revolution and the Spanish revolution both started with a mix of defected soldiers and armed civilians and then progressed to do military training for new recruits as best they could with the resources they had organized mainly either by Republican government or cnc soldiers in the case of Spain or mostly Bolsheviks in Russia one of the main differences being that the see and he never did conscription and the Bolsheviks did though that didn't affect the effort much because a soldier shortage wasn't a concern hmm okay so that could have something to do with the relative population density no per area of Spain versus the whole width of the USSR I'm sure that you know when the Bolsheviks did conscription I'm not sure which war he's referring to perhaps the Civil War or perhaps even world war two but regardless I'm sure if the CNT were pushed to a point of such desperation if they had the state if they had the political capability to call for a conscription they would have done so rather than let Spain fall to the Nationalists so you know and I agree no you don't have to wait to have some kind of professional you know hallo Matt masterji hey guy from halo as your army as the basic soldier in your army before you launch your socialist revolution you have to work with what you have but that doesn't mean that you can't organize what you have better and you can't do you can't I don't know how do I say this with a centralized state apparatus the CNT could have coordinated their economic production to out produce that of the Nationalists they could have better armed and better equipped their soldiers they could have coordinated with the Republicans to really ensure that Spain doesn't alter the Nationalists instead they were too divided they were too uncoordinated and this lack of coordination it is really what helped Spain fall so do I think conscription is a good thing no but do I think the CNT would have been above using conscription if they had the capacity to do so no I don't think so I think the CNT would have resorted to conscription just as the Bolsheviks did says your concern about a lack of cooperation between communes shows one you need to read about how it actually worked in Spain and two you need to read mutual aid a factor in evolution to understand that there's an evolutionary basis for such cooperation all right here's what I understand I understand all of this that mutual aid and everyone working to their own benefit is something that would naturally come about in peacetime but in wartime under the conditions of imperialism you might have capitalist sectors clotty one commune against the other one trade union against the other in order to carve up and pit the society against each other for example they may back an oil union while throwing the I don't know like the water power and the and the damn Workers Union under the bus something to that effect so that is why I think syndicalism is Pro is prone to be weak to imperialism just because they don't have they don't have that sort of central coordinated response to imperialism there is always a chance and when capitalism starts invading they might say well you know we have our our cozy little calm you know via and it's tough shit that what you guys are dealing with that's not our problem buddy and so you know unfortunately I'm not as optimistic about cooperation between the communes I'm not as optimistic about oh let's all rally to each other side and come to our aid now that we finally overthrown capitalism and our people are exhausted and we're probably trying to construct this bold new society but you know in the meantime let's start a whole other war you know that that is why I don't see that sort of you know anarchist Confederacy or whatever you want to call it come come into fruition you know and as for how it actually worked in Spain there are economists and and other people I mean Republicans mind you but they said that the communes would often withhold resources if it didn't benefit them enough there was a lot of bickering back back and forth between the communist and such biggering could be avoided through centralized state planning but you know once again you guys are you know not for that so you say so you say you need a vanguard party to avoid reaction but that can be prevented with mass education wish is done by the unions which perform I can't I'm not gonna sing the whole thing the same ideological function without ceasing state power and without becoming a figure that you can't remove and with rehabilitation and education programs for right-wingers capitalism fascism this should ideally be perfected prior to armed struggle through the process of creating a critical mass of education unionists and militants to do an anarcho-syndicalist revolution in the first place moreover it is from within at the very same shitty Vanguard that the counter-revolution of the USSR turned back to capitalism because you centralized way too much power and you trust there's not going to be an assclown at the top as did China as the Vietnam and slowly Cuba is – alright boom so there's a lot to unpack with this one this this paragraph in particular the need for a vanguard party let's say that we had a what do you call it a union whose sole devotion was to education and rehabilitation of right-wingers capitalists and fascists that is all well and good I think that's actually a good idea for something to be in a post-revolutionary society but to try to rely on that to combat those things to to try to rely on education and rehabilitation to combat right wingers capitalist and fascist is a laughable notion because right at some point on some level the capitalists know that they're scumbags they know that they're getting away with with literal murder and there are there is a certain point where you cannot save some people they have done too much they have oppressed too many people they have exploited too many people all right and they deserve to be held to account to that now am I saying let's roll up out the guillotines and do a reign of terror no but I am saying they should be put on trial and you know I don't know if you consider a trial and a pretty lengthy prison sentence as part of this rehabilitation but uh you know I think it wouldn't be much rehabilitation without that and you know if that is the case then wouldn't you be just as guilty of creating gulags as somebody that you accuse like Stalin of be you know your little rehabilitation centers in your anarchist communist Welby help you lags because there do lags by any other name my friend so I mean you know in terms of ceasing state power and becoming a figurehead that we can't remove well if it's a figurehead we can't remove then why did the Soviet Union dissolve away seems like it's pretty removable to me my friend if they vote to dissolve the Soviet Union then it seems to me like the figureheads can be removed and you know you this should be perfected the education rehabilitation process should be perfected prior to armed struggle but you know this is what I'm trying to say dude is that you're not going to be able to educate or rehabilitate fascists they are too fucking reactionary they don't give a shit about being educated and to them when they hear rehabilitation they think you're gonna put them in the gulag so they're willing to burn the whole thing down and go down with the ship they're gonna they're gonna go down fighting that's because they're fascist scum and it's a shame that they're not educated is a shame that they're fucking idiots but that's not really our problem nor is it our responsibility I think I forgot who I said this to but we shouldn't be trying to cater to reactionaries we should be trying to cater to people who are already sick already sympathetic to our cause I mean you know call call me crazy I just don't see the appeal of appealing to right-wingers capitalist and fascist that to me just seems like a waste a wasted endeavor so this guy seems to think that you can have socialist revolution through education and rehabilitation I'm not really sure if this guy knows how revolutions work but usually capitalists aren't all that willing to capitulate to just handing the means of production over and they have these things called cops and soldiers and they're willing to fight on the capitalists behalf so it's not the burden of violence once again doesn't fall on the Socialists it falls on the capitalists who just they are the ones who escalated to a point of violence not us but to not have an armed wing of the proletarian revolution is absolutely foolish I mean do you want to get just rolled over how do you expect to consolidate anything just relying on education education is a big part of it yes but but geez Louise my friend you know you can say the same shitty Vanguard counter revolution of the USSR turn back to capitalism so I mean do you think that the USSR was undergoing a socialist revolution since you're saying that it was counter revolutionary for them to to dissolve I'm not sure if this guy dude I hope you're not trolling me I'm really trying to give you the benefit of the doubt here and assume that you're not trolling me here but this seems like a troll kind of comment dude all right it says because you centralized way too much power and just trust there's not going to be an assclown at the top as did China as did Vietnam slowly Cuba is now – all right I I don't know very much about the politics of China Vietnam or even very Cuba for that I'm still learning about Cuba but it's one country of study but you know as far as as far as there being like a dictatorship in the in any of these countries I doubt it I sincerely doubt it so he says the fuck is this toilet paper shit oh come on dude so as nobody votes on which fucking toilet paper to use you just use whatever toilet paper is available at the time and the factor is what does that mean whyis that makes it would probably prioritize doing it whatever way is most useful for the time by people accounting for allergies or all right guy I'm sorry that you took the time to type that sentence out because the toilet paper thing was just meant to be sort of an analogous joke all right I said in a direct democracy people are going to be hit with all kinds of day-to-day issues matters of state which would be thrust upon the mass populism would be reliant on their vote their consensus and such things wouldn't be conducive to building a proletariat revolution at least within that century if you wanted to do that you have to have a delegation of some kind of authority to somebody that's not to say we should have this isolated group of weird elite goobers at the top that control everything I'm not saying that nobody's saying that what we want is a vanguard party that's educated that is educated and rehabilitated like you say one that is ideologically pure and devoted to the revolution so one that is a counter revolutionary huh and one that is most importantly of all can situated entirely of the proletariat the Vanguard party is supposed to be the most class-conscious sector of the proletariat class so why wouldn't you want those guys in charge why would you want to leave it up to chance that reactionaries and capitalist and imperialist scum would infiltrate into your system give me two seconds I had to let my dog in says I don't know how you even had it that idea and thought it was worth putting in a video also impractical circumstances most people don't go to every meeting because yes they have other things to do but they're still made aware of what's being voted on and meeting transcripts can be shared about and folks have always had the ability to show up later on and argue about it and call a vote is something they strongly care about all right once again like what we're at and a Marxist Leninist approach is that not allowed you can't you're not allowed to voice an opinion I'm sorry the whole principle of democratic centralism is diversity in thought unity in action no keywords being diversity in thought dude it's not like they the second you disagreed with the party the second you deviated from the party's will by a point zero one percent you were taken out to the back and killed that's just you know but you know as for the toilet paper thing I just meant that people may sometimes be burdened with decisions that don't affect them or that they may find menial and this the sorts of decisions like that may be better off left to like the Minister of Sanitation who was elected by the proletariat and as a proletariat himself he said he says the notion that hierarchical ownership of the means of production is necessary so productive so productive or could produce significant advancements in production as nonsense there have been numerous studies that have found that direct worker ownership is much more productive than taking orders from a boss even if that boss flies a red flag TLDR stop making shit uninformed videos and read a damn book preferably all of these and so he sends me dude off Rudolf rocker anarcho-syndicalism Agustin Sochi with the peasants of Aragon Umberto marzocchi resembling remembering Italian Spanish Italian anarchist volunteers in Spanish Civil War tragic week mini days Barcelona 1937 a Manolo Gonzales life in revolutionary Barcelona Rudolf rocker the tragedy of Spain George Orwell homage to Catalonia alright that's a lot of books dude I have heard of homage to Catalonia uh and you know I'm still learning about the Spanish Civil War so don't fault me if I and I slip up but all that said I'm pretty confident my assessment of the C and T Fay from what I've read about the CNC face so I mean you know when when you say the hierarchical ownership of the means of production that dude that's not what Marxist Leninist are arguing for we don't want we want collective ownership of the means of production dude like I don't once again like I think you've constructed this false premise of Marxist linen is imper HAP's you have a false perception of Marxist Lenin ISM because this isn't at all what Marxist Leninist calls for a collective ownership of the means of production is there in terms of having a management I I hope you're not arguing against having a sort of management after all there are many different fields where you need someone at the helm this doesn't mean that there has to be a sort of power dynamic between them they can be consider the the management can be constituents of the proletarian class for more information on that look up into linens nan a new economic principle or a new economic policy but in terms of my videos being shit and uninformed you know I I disagree a friend I respectfully disagree I think my videos are fairly well informed I don't know everything but I'm still learning and I'll admit I'll admit that I'm still learning but uh I said I do read books friend I read lots of books so just say you know I have I don't read books it's kind of sad but yeah overall thank you for the comment I hope you see this response you know I appreciate it I appreciate you sending me all these links I'll try to check them out if I get when I get the time Who am I kidding I have all the time I need I'll check them out so yeah I I kind of sorry dude I don't think you really changed my mind here with this though I don't think you really change my mind this is all stuff I was prepared to hear and this is all stuff that I'm not surprised to hear uh but yeah I mean I do appreciate this so I mean you know like I said hit me up respond like comment all that stuff

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