Resident Voices: Comfort and community benefits of energy efficiency at Battery Park Sr Apartments

Battery Park was
built back in 1925. It’s an older building,
but it’s a strong building. It’s probably one of
the premier buildings here in Asheville. National Church Residences
wanted to make it a really solid renovation. They really wanted to make
sure that what they did will last a long time. The tenants don’t actually
pay for their utilities here but they know that in the long run, it’s a win-win situation for
everybody that’s involved in the process. Just knowing that better, safer, more energy efficient systems are in place is very reassuring to me. Before the heating upgrade,
and the window upgrade too, you can imagine with the wind
howling through the windows, I had to have a space heater
to take a shower, take a bath. I haven’t used a space
heater by the bathroom since the windows were replaced. One thing I’ve noticed
with the new windows is that they shut off noise beautifully. I just close the window, quiet. And now that they’re
sparkly clean new windows, I love the quality of the light here. As you can see, I even have rainbows. When the maintenance
issues aren’t a distraction, the fact that we’re not
concerned about leaky roofs, or drafts, or problems
with the air conditioning and heating, my hope is that we can focus on doing good things for one another. The mutuality with management
and the residents here makes for a better community. Now that you have a
more efficient building, maintenance doesn’t have to be out there caulking every window all the time trying to help stop drafts. There’s less intrusion of
water coming into the building. So it makes quality of
life a whole lot better. I think the tenants are
happy to see that these upgrades are now going to secure the future of not just the building, but future generations to
come into the building. They’re stewards of the land too. I totally love – this building is home. And it means the world to me
that not only is my apartment more livable, but that our
footprint on the planet is considerably better. Twice in my life, I was
really close to being homeless. Sometimes I’m talking with
my friends in this building, and we’re just like, “Oh, thank heavens.” We need so much more of
this kind of housing. Battery Park’s a beautiful place, the history of it, the people. And not only has the building itself been made energy efficient, but it’s such a nice place to live.

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