Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association serves residence
by creating a living and learning experience within
university owned residence halls The intention of the Residence Hall Association
or RHA is to promote student intellectual, educationtional, cultural physical, and social welfare. It is also there to design, facilitate
programs, and informational services to all residents. The RHA provides opportunities for
residents to achieve fuller participation in our campus community through leadership, growth, and development. It serves as a representative body
and voice between residents and associated students, university administration, student organizations, resident hall staff, and a Chico commmunity. Think of it as a
government for the residence halls, and it can do a lot for you. So, one of the two purposes
that the RHA provides here at CSU Chico, is serving as a voice for residents here living
on our campus. Serving as a voice means that we are here listening to the concerns of the residents
as well as their opinion and values. To try
to make their experiences in university housing the
best that it can possibly be. Additionally, we offer leadership opportunities through our hall council’s in each of our
five communities where students can serve as leaders amongst
their peers. Getting that experience on hall council,
was one of the most life changing things and I know a lot of people say that, but for
me it’s true. Not having ever been active in high school, I didn’t really know what it
was like to give back to my community and having been involved within hall council right
from the very start at Chico State, it inevitably led me to PTP;
which is also part of housing. I was also an RA and I’ve done things
throughout the communities such as FLO which is Freshman Leadership Opportunity and I’ve
been very active on the campus and that’s entirely due to the fact that I
was on hall council and learned how to make a difference in the Chico community
right away. Throughout the year, the RHA provides an
array of programs to residence hall students such as the Residence Hall Spirit Week; a weeks worth of competition for the
hall council’s, and the Haunted ‘HUB, in October, when the RHA and the hall councils turn the UHUB into a huge haunted house.
The RHA also provides the needed funds for each hall council and RA to put
our programs in their respective areas. I think as a member of the RHA, you really do have a
chance to make a difference in the residence halls, whether it’s a new program idea that
you have or a new policy that you want to see proposed. You really do have a chance
to voice your opinions and those opinions are heard. In addition to providing leadership opportunities and doing their own
programs the RHA also provide support to a lot of the
big events that happen in the residence halls and on-campus. Such as Up
‘Til Dawn, Wildcat Welcome Week, Welcome Back Week, Cirque de UV and various diversity programs
throughout the year. RHA fees are put into place to make this a great place outside of just classroom
activities. It’s a good way to go to different events on campus since you
have a good time outside the classroom. To best be involved in the RHA, and see what it has to offer
be a student leader and join your hall council.

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