Rescuing Trapped Researchers With An Osprey! -  Stormworks: Build and Rescue  -  V22 Osprey VTOL

all righty hello guys welcome your faces back to another storm works video today we're gonna go ahead and check out a plane and yeah that's what we're doing okay so let's go on inside and check out the plane all right let's turn the lights on open the doors and lamo there it is right there so this is splendored aerospace PA 300 HD Edition now one thing that I would say about this thing is the front of it looks quite nice but the back of it looks maybe a little bit too boxy it looks a little strange I do like the idea of having the engines above the wings it might fly a little bit weird but uh I'm sure I'll be fine okay so let's go ahead and get inside here we go let's just jump into a seat go ahead and close the door and this is our whole area for passengers I guess um okay so you got a whole load of seats right here we've also got like you know where the pilots it the bridge I was gonna call it the bridge it's the cockpit right there but if we go outside and we go to the back there must be a way of putting carry go in the back as well but you can't get to it are you okay I don't understand are we gonna get back inside and maybe there's a button here to open it I don't know flaps throttle landing gear nose real it's okay and your one star logo lights okay okay see landing lights nav lights logo lights where you go nose Mia lights okay right we're ready to go I can't get in the back of this thing but I'm sure that's fine what's in the back nothing there's nothing in the back anyway so it's okay okay make sure to close the door so I was thinking that this would be a water plane but at the same time it can't be there's no way this is a water plane no way because these aren't water proof these these doors are not water proof that one doesn't work right interesting let's go ahead and do this OOP and then we need to go and do this actually we need to do that first here we go ready yes yes very good wait we're moving we're going like sort of sideways interesting okay we ready in the air we are already flying okay so the landing gear does actually fold up inside it's just it doesn't really have any doors which is okay and that little area right there is actually just boxed in there's you can't actually get in there which is interesting very very interesting as far it flies it floats good nicely it's okay I'm gonna go ahead and turn off the nosewheel lights though we don't need those anymore and I'm also gonna turn off the landing lights cuz we also don't need those there we go we're flying it seems like half of this is working and half of it isn't working which seems a little strange see the lights on this side aren't working some of the cockpit is not working the button on the back is not working I don't know it feels like a lot more could be done to make this thing look a lot better but um it looks sorry you know the best thing is there which is good okay so what I'm gonna do because I want to is I'm gonna go ahead and try and learn this some way probably back at the airfield there we go let's set that as the destination and then what we can do is we're gonna switch into another plane because why not you know we might as well be married as well landing is gonna go back down it does up flaps and it can go much faster but um is that necessary probably not okay right we're gonna go in for a landing here I don't think we got any brakes I'm sure it'll be fine we're also a really bad angle but I'm sure that's okay as well here we go ready turning it's so fun the gear up I'll learn to gear is out beautiful here we go alright cut the throttle it's not cut the throttle I came very confused sometimes this happens the Jets are staying on and and I can't do anything about it we are we are stuck in go faster mode okay well riperoni and pepperoni to me I'm gonna have to crush it into the water hot-diggity-dog I'm drifting a plane boys I'm drifting yeah yeah there's no way I can stop this thing normally so we're gonna just drift it and put it down in the water here we go BAM there we go everything is cool I mean it looks really good but um there are a few things out change I'd make these doors sort of lockable so that you can actually have it be a water plane because that'd be cool and change the back a little bit maybe you make it a little bit less boxy but the front looks good so uh good job with that also awesome job with these cuz uh I don't know I really liked engines above the wings anyway let's go ahead and move on to the next one alrighty so here is the second one it is a v-22 Osprey it looks a little bit different to the previous one because um yeah it's a little bit smaller I'd say we got a really really really skinny doll so let's just jump inside and yeah yeah well wait how do i how do I close said door is this it oh there we go alright beautiful so we got one singular pilot seat in the middle main power is now on unlock whatever this is jet engines okay beautiful let's go ahead and turn those on we got spotlights we got engine lights engine lights engine lights but you got engine lights whatever that means cockpit lights back lights free mode don't know what that means plane mode sure rotors down rotors up okay monitors we can go ahead and turn those on and I guess we can just fly it like a like a helicopter I don't really know I'll try my best here we go yeah I'm gonna try my best yeah oh oh I can't get it in the right right hold on what if we turn it into plane mode does it work whoa what the heck okay okay seems fine seems completely fine bother at all we're flying okay right that that was that was awful uh we are actually flying with a few less blades than we should be printer it is kind of working all right okay turn plane mode off here we go it should turn back into normal mode and it's working fine yes awesome right I'm gonna respawn this cuz uh obviously this isn't going to plan okay so looking at this thing do we actually have any like bigger door dick what I'm dying I'm dying it's too cold is there a heater in here please say there's a heater any heaters anything there's there's no heaters there there is no eaters in here or maybe there are no I don't think there are heaters come on please I don't think there's any heaters in it on what is this dude there's a hole in the roof uh what others eater right there oh we're not gonna die whoa like he is like he is wait there's a hatch somewhere where is it okay okay right this is more versatile than I thought it was gonna be what is this a monitor that's just pointing down at the ground we got a connector we go up down all right okay cool we can do a mission with this um let's do it okay we got a trapped research vessel we got to deal with okay so I'm actually gonna turn it into plane mode straight away hopefully the propellers don't touch the floor I don't think they will all right good we're gonna go ahead and unlock the jet engines okay and turn the jet engines on I'll turn the monitors on plane throttles all the way at full already I'm gonna turn on the cockpit lights the back lights and the engine lights whatever those mean and also the spotlights too so we can actually see forwards ah that is nice okay everybody ready we're going collective is going up I believe okay I'm ready to go hopefully you guys are ready to go too here we go wait wait wait what why – we like listed over to one side real quick oh well okay so we've only got like two blades on one side and pour on the other I'm sure that's fine I'm sure that's completely fine okay so we are actually or we started off being like 13 kilometers away this thing is actually super quick that's our altitude right there ah where's our speed do we have a speedo anywhere do you have a speedo where's the speedo there's no speed 81 that's in meters per second presumably I don't really know that is quick is quite quick there's our landing gear come up no it doesn't all right that's fine so as you guys can see we got some cameras and if we look on the inside we can see what the cameras can see so that yeah they can't really see very much there's the one right there that's looking out towards out right if we have a little look on the side there it is ah that's cool III like this oh we go past the volcano – Wow okay so I can see this being a little bit of a problem the fact that we are missing a few blades on on one of our engines the other engine is fully bladed so yeah we might end up listening to one side quite a bit maybe okay we're only three kilometres away now looking though when I broke my engine right wait we only broke blades we didn't end up like exploding the engines or anything like that we didn't even damage anything else so that's kind of interesting also this setup for the end engines is quite interesting – we've got the massive rotors but then I guess the fuel for this is up there as well I don't really know um the mission at the minute is to rescue a research vessel I think I'm not entirely sure I don't know what's going on here presumably we have to find it first in this area okay so it's somewhere in here I just don't know what wait okay I thought you'd be in the middle somewhere but it's it's really not is it all right let's turn towards right and we'll sort of circle around this way it can't be over there so we have to turn all the way around okay it might be in the middle of this step possibly it actually flies insanely nicely in this mode like you can turn it around oh there it is I can see a flare I can see a play okay don't worry well skee you what have they done whoa no aah no aah quick great Oh we're fully damaged okay right well it's worth seeing what this mission actually is okay open the door get out we need to go over there and check out what's going on uh where are they oh Jesus okay we'll get ourselves a new beetle don't worry also I'm in shorts and a t-shirt so I'm totally gonna freeze to death and there it is it is a trap research vessel I don't know why they would have sailed into here the weirdos you get you weirdos why'd you do that for is it literally the same it's not it's not the same boat I've never seen this boat before okay so it says it's trapped but with that being said does it still work and can we use this to rescue them maybe possible how fast is that Wow look at that no no no that's crazy all right cool so you got three dudes on this thing presumably it does still work but probably not I don't know we'll see low gear reverse ok fuel flow diesel engine throttle no it's not gonna work it's not gonna work uh the foghorn still works though did it just have no fuel I don't know a PS okay battery zero okay it's got two zero battery zero battery interesting okay so we can't use this to rescue you guys um although you could have definitely gotten out of here because what is that what is that that's weird um wait there's another dude somewhere there's another what do I have to reset director rescue the vessel free the ship from the ice and tow it back to oh okay okay so it's telling me to tow it back but I don't actually see any I don't see any things I don't see any magnets anywhere there might be magnets on the top maybe but there's none on the front there's not on the back there's not underneath uh do we have to use them my goal to get it out of here I don't know also how long do I have to do this mission Oh like ages okay right oh okay magnets are there any magnets on the roof are there any magnets anywhere there are no magnets on this thing so towing it we would have to use a my goal okay so I've got an idea to get it out of here first off we're gonna go ahead and turn the brakes off and we're just just gonna push it out it seems like a good idea and then once we push this out we can just jump inside turn it on and go because it's got a VTOL mode we can just go up which is beautiful because we kind of need to we kind of need to go vertical right okay jump inside point wait let me in please just let me it there we go good right close the door beautiful we go ahead and stabilizing computer I didn't even see that before unlock the engines turn the engines on we don't need plane mode because we don't there we go and we're ready to go monitors on beautiful it now they should both turn on at the same time presumably maybe I don't know are they both spinning up at the same speed I think they are okay so we should just be able to go straight up and then get to our destination yes all right beautiful we haven't lost any propellers this time so you might be wondering Maddy what are you doing you're not gonna be able to tow it with this thing and you would be correct we're just gonna try and save all the dudes rather than saving the boat because we can do that afterwards okay I'm turning it into plane mode from veto mode and it's a little bit wibbly-wobbly but it's working yes all right we'll be there very soon since we have more blades this time I'm sure it'll be a little bit quicker maybe yeah I'm sure it's a tiny bit quicker I don't know what free mode means does anybody what does free mode mean maybe it's in the description I'm not sure okay something to do with actually shutting it down which is is fine okay I'm happy with that survey base is over there we got the doc over there as well so we're taking the dudes to the survey base presumably and the boat to the dock but um yeah that'll be like another video also I want to go inside there maybe in the next video well do another video after this one where we do the same mission but with a different vehicle probably a boat and when I say the same mission I mean I actually just complete this mission yeah okay Ramos there so I'm not entirely sure what time to turn on the veto mode but I'll do that in a second left engine temperature is the same as the right engine we're actually doing a couple it'd be fine don't know what that is it's probably fuel we got a battery right here the fuel isn't going down the battery isn't going down not entirely sure what to do all right here we go plane modes getting turned off we're going into veto mode here we go beautiful we're in retail mode now and this is gonna be a very very very very tricky thing to do okay cuz they're stuck in a little gap I've got a massive two massive blades above me and I need to fit in that little gap somehow what I'm probably gonna do is I'm probably gonna hover above the water with my back door open and then everybody can just jump inside my back doors yeah if everybody's okay with that I'm okay with that song all right go down and go down a bit more we are in a gap okay we are definitely in a gap all right bring it down a bit a little bit more tiny bit more there we go all right cool open up the back door here we go door is opening very very slowly yes Oh oh no oh no and I wanted to be like in the water I want it to be just above the water okay I'm sure that's fine we just got to go over there really quickly grab the two dudes and get out of here hey hey you I'm gonna pick you up and you're gonna follow me let's go jump yes good job keep going keep going follow me follow me follow me uh it's kind of under water a little bit but it's okay don't worry you'll be fine you'll be completely fine I forgot to turn on the heater by the way all right sit in that seat y'all good you sit in this seat we'll open the door closes door soon don't worry and we'll just get out of here beautiful oh what a good rescue okay I gotta close the door one of you guys could have done it for me but instead you guys are lazy that's okay monitor that's cool okay uh sir this monitor on as well that shows us like directly below us I think that's nice all right okay go up a bit and we'll take these pay guys back home okay so I'm gonna show you guys what happens when we turn it into plane mode here we go and off we go easy-peasy it actually turns into plane mode really really well oh right okay so we're actually go into a research base that I've not actually been to before and it's it's on an iceberg uh-huh which is pretty cool okay let's go ahead and do this plane mode so we go into interview mode and then we fall out of the sky because that's what we should but I'm dying I'm dying I'm dying hold on there we go that should save me that should save me I don't even know how to get into this place anybody know I think we go in through this one and then you have to run through all of them I don't know I have no idea okay landing here we go go down brakes I'm turning the brakes on oh that's quick oh that was bouncy go down go down it's bouncing I'm sure that's fine okay so this is what free modes fall if we turn free mode on we throttle down to zero there we go it seems to like disable the clutch or something which is nice okay open this door grab you put you down grab you follow me let's go all right awesomesauce can you get up this ladder are you too stupid like the other ones yeah – stupid – stupid is the other one gonna jump off with me nope we're good okay hello how do I get inside Oh beautiful follow me let's go okay I've never been in here before this is interesting looks good like a hospital kind of thing okay Open Sesame run straight through here open this one and check them in there we go we did we did a little bit of the mission beautiful it's exactly what we needed this is a bomb we got a bar we in a sofa we got a pool table what in the world where are we what is this table tennis Oh Diggity Dog all right okay well uh this is interesting I've never actually been in here before oh you can go upstairs and everything now you got a ball and a treadmill and a gym it's got its own little gym what is this place oh wow and a cinema kind of thing Wow okay well anyway I'm gonna go ahead and end this video here for now if you guys enjoyed this video leave a like down below maybe or I subscribe something I don't know I'm gonna leave the same I am gonna continue the rest of the mission though in another video with a different vehicle but this vehicle and the plane before will be linked down below if you guys want to check it out anyway thank you for watching hope you guys enjoyed the video and I'll see you guys in the next one go bye

  1. I used that osprey before! Like yesterday
    With SilverShadow aaand he made that osprey, it's cool that your riding it, and other vehicles!

  2. That moment when you was drifting on plane was like……


  3. this is the link to the V22 Osprey VTOL
    its made by SilverShadow
    Realy thx for using it in your video!

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