Republicans Burn AOC’s Picture In Disgusting New Ad

During last night’s democratic debate, a disgusting
new ad from a group called new faces GOP aired where they burned digitally burned a picture
of Alexandra Kazuyo Cortez. And then the, the flames subsided and you
see images of Cambodian genocide. Here’s the ad. [This is the face of socialism and ignorance. Does Alexandra Ocasio Cortez know the horror
of socialism? My father was a minutes from death in Cambodia
before a forced marriage saved his life that socialism forced obedience. Starvation. Mine is a face of freedom. My skin is not white. I’m not outrageous, racist or socialist. I’m a Republican.] So the woman speaking in that ad was Elizabeth
Hang who, uh, ran for Congress last year and lost, so she is a failed political candidate
who now I guess has become a spokesperson for this new faces GOP running this disgusting
ad, conflating Democratic Socialism with for a full blown authoritarianism because Republicans
can’t tell the difference, or at least they don’t want the public to know there’s a difference. You know, when Republicans talk about socialism,
they always like to point out, you know, borderline communist countries or most cases full blown
communist countries. While ignoring the fact that we’re actually
talking about places like Canada, Norway, Denmark, you know the places that are at peace,
the places that don’t have tons of mass murder in their history, the places that are not
run by Authoritarians, they just happen to offer healthcare to all their citizens. And that’s kind of what we’re getting at here. But Republicans don’t want you to know that. They want you to think that if you listened
to AOC or if you listen to Bernie, we’re going to have killing fields. We’re going to have mountains of skulls and
all kinds of horrible hell happening here on our soil in the United States. So I guess the biggest question is who in
the hell is new faces GOP? Who are these people who funded this group? Where did this ad come from? And that is where our good friend open secrets
come in because I’m about to tell you everybody who’s given money to this group. So let’s start. They did not exist in the 2018 cycle. This is a new group here and there are 2020
pack summary Data says total receipts are $170,000 and they have spent $139,000 so they
got a little under $31,000 cash in hand. So here on open secrets. Again folks, I’m showing you this right now
because this is data everybody can access. Click on donors and let’s go through here. Um, we have, I’m not gonna name regular people’s
names, although I should. I’m going to this public record and I’m going
to do it. Sorry. You have James Jamison from del Mar, California
who donated 25,000. Uh, Paul Martino from bullpen capital who
donated 25,000. You have TOV Investments LLC who donated 25,000
EAC bold from Washoe Valley, donated 20,000 Frank Delina from Delina farms donated 15,000
Hannah Trust DTD donated 10,000 Norman Metcalf and investor donated 10,000. Andrew Saban from Saban commodities donated
10,000 a Shirley and enterprises donated 5,000 T management services incorporated, donated
5,000 Sanders properties, 5,000 a fiduciary management Inc 5,000 Precision Pharmacy LLC,
2,500 a precision civil engineering 1000 and then you got a couple other folks that gave
1000 bucks or two 50 and here’s the thing folks, I didn’t just docs anybody. This is public record. It is openly available on open
where I just read it from. So don’t go out there conflating this with,
oh my God, ring of fire. Just docs to bunch of people. No, we expose the horrible human beings who
produced this horrible ad filled with lies because they don’t want people to know the
truth about that. We’re trying to make their lives better. Actually. They don’t want people to know that we’re
trying to make their lives better. We’re trying to help them while Republicans
are trying to oppress them. So yeah, nothing wrong with calling out the
people who are funding those lies. And that’s exactly what we’re going to continue to do.

  1. O my God you guy's can't deal with reality democratic scolicialism is the exact same thing as athortairnism. Y'all can't deal with reality. As Ben shapario always says facts don't care about feelings. And yes I am conservative come get me.

  2. Ohh Fuck the Left's fake indignant schtick.
    Ya'll have been smearing anyone to the right of Mao Zedong as a Nazi for four years now.
    Goddamn thin skinned hypocrites, is what ya'll are.

  3. AOC responded with her ACTUAL agenda:

    We are fighting to guarantee healthcare in America.
    ** by destroying the private sector/incentive/profit motive/innovation/new cures and they’ll rob the rich SO BAD that there will be a wealth and job creator EXODUS in this country **

    To make education and housing dignified and accessible.
    ** Same… take away school choice, strictly control and regulate curriculum, make people who don’t WANT to go to college pay for those who do… they’re already DESTROYING the housing industry, over regulating chasing out the private sector and just you wait and see what government housing looks like… pfft **

    To save our planet.
    ** give me a break. The IPCC says the Green New Deal implemented TO THE LETTER would produce about a 0.173% change to the climate by 2100… so PLEASE! **

    To set living wages.
    ** you can’t jigger the leavers of supply and demand. You can’t legislate for “equality” without being a tyrant to someone else. “If socialists understood economics they wouldn’t be socialists.” -Hayek **

    To establish justice at home, & peace abroad.
    ** Same answer, and what do they know about peace abroad. They want to preside over the destruction of our ideological ally and brother in arms Israel. As you once correctly said, AOC, “I am not the expert on geopolitics on this issue.” Tattoo it to your forehead, lady. **

  4. 😂😂😂😂😂 best ad ever fuck you psycho leftist! Why doesn't trump need glasses because hes got 2020 and his family we will vote in after him lmao nothing good ever came from demorats dont believe me ? KKK, BLM, ghettos, mass shooters, California, antifa,Chicago, Portland, Florida, all demorat funded, and ran lmao have fun losers you burn our flag we burn your pictures lmao

  5. Canada, Norway, and Denmark are not socialist, though. If that's what you're aiming for, you need to be more precise with your terminology.

  6. This isn't okay? but burning the American flag is okay? This woman has done nothing for our country. It is the voices of the American people that have held contribute to our country, not her. SHE AIN'T NO AMERICAN FLAG! SHE SURE AF AIN'T AMERICAN HISTORY!

  7. Gee. You remind me of Josh Bernstein. Those countries you mentioned have socialist programs and are not full blown socialists. We have socialist programs in the US, not my favorite.

  8. "Democrats are socialist!! They want to see America become Venezuela!!"
    No we don't! We're looking more at the nordic model. Like Denmark or Sweden.
    "Aha! Denmark and Sweden aren't socialist!"

  9. Socialism burns like a fire, and it’s a fire that has claimed the lives of 100 million people. Ignorant Liberals who promote a failed policy that has killed millions all over the world always play the “race card” whenever they’re called out on it, so the socialist critics are turning it back on them. Does AOC and other liberals stop and listen to the Cambodian woman who survived a Socialist nation that killed 2 million of her own people? No. They just complain and cry like babies.

  10. Republicans are a bunch of hypocrites. Can you imagine if Democrats made an ad like that with Trump’s picture being burned through and then having a bunch horrific images like the holocaust being tied to him? The Republicans would shit enough bricks to build their wall with.

  11. So what I'm getting from Mrs. Heng's story, at least based on what the party she claims to be the new face of says about other refugees, is that her father was a coward who didn't fight back and instead took the first opportunity to run to safer ground. It must be very heartbreaking to know that you're own daughter views you so poorly for not remaining and fighting for your freedom.

    I'm sure there are others who will claim I don't know enough about Mr. Heng's story to make that sort of judgement, but then that would be the point now, wouldn't it.

  12. Take away the GOP Social Security and Medicare since they are SOCIALIST Programs.
    Take their Cancer Medication and Therapy since they don't believe in Science.

  13. It is a shame that you do not get it. Everything she stated is true. There are things going on in this country that you are unwilling to think. You are just as ignorant.

  14. Blacks in Africa sold blacks into slavery to J00ish people who owned the slave trade, the whites had nothing to do with it. Mic Drop.

  15. It’s amazing how we have so many in the world fooled, they even want to come here to live. Can’t figure it out🤷‍♂️

  16. Well, is a system that allows children in cages as a means of controlling immigration, bombing of brown civilians all over the world, supporting burning down the Amazonas, denying scientific consensus on climate catastrophe, subsidising big oil and legalizing bribing politicians to change the law to help the military industrial complex get rich by killing 20,000,000 human beings since WWII sound much better? Way to make Pol Pot sound like a hero …

  17. It's a great ad to tell the truth.
    But you all think severed Trump's heads are funny. You support the violent terrorist fascist group Antifa.
    Get offended snowflakes.

  18. Dems need only run ads showing scenes from Canada, Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Australia, Costa Rica, etc. They should also show ads that show that the rich already have their own socialism via subsidies, and many other forms of wealth distribution to the rich, the ones who need it the least.

  19. New orange faces of the GOP The fascist, You think you could appeal to the Asian girl market you’re fucking idiots they’re going to vote for Andrew Yang you foolish deplorable trump ass lickers

  20. Your response to this makes me laugh and smile. OMG white supremacists !! Isn’t there a parking lot she should be crying over instead LOL. I think the cow farts started the flames… prove me wrong.

  21. You all are so overly easily triggered. A picture burning gets your panties all in a wad? Lol. What's worse? Rachel Maddow with a mock bloody cut off head of Trump, or AOCs picture burning?
    The point is that the road to socialism is a very, very bad road. And because you got so upset about it, this ad has gone viral.
    Trump is going to destroy your hope's in 2020, once again.

  22. But yet it is ok for liberals to take pictures with the head of our now great President Trump. SHUT UP AND GET BENT.

  23. Yeah a racist mixed race replublican get your game straight get in were you fit in all of you replublican's are of bunch of cry baby's why you feel threatened by a strong Hispanic women it ain't shit you can do about it she's in Washington your not😭😭.

  24. That woman calls AOC ignorant. Ignorance is really having no real
    understanding of what socialism is and equating it with dictatorship.
    Dictators always hijack popular ideas to help them rise to power the
    leaders of the Khmer Rouge were as much socialist as Trump is
    conservative which is zero. This ad is nothing but propaganda designed
    to demonizes liberals. It puts people's lives in danger and ABC &
    Disney should be ashamed of themselves.

  25. That woman calls AOC ignorant. Ignorance is really having no real
    understanding of what socialism is and equating it with dictatorship.
    Dictators always hijack popular ideas to help them rise to power the
    leaders of the Khmer Rouge were as much socialist as Trump is
    conservative which is zero. This ad is nothing but propaganda designed
    to demonizes liberals. It puts people's lives in danger and ABC &
    Disney should be ashamed of themselves.

  26. "Crazy BurnY" & "Asshole On Cocks" the cornholed butt fucks of the world.
    Nazi Socialist DIM O KKK RATS will ALWAYS lose! OBVIOUSLY

  27. America is already a partly socialist country, the question should be "how socialist should it be"? Social security pensions, medicare,minimum wage and child labor laws are all socialist based programs to put a check on a free market economy. U.S residents are not running to protest at local Costco locations, not burning membership cards.. there may not be a better example of socialism at work. "A political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole".

  28. She not racist. She’s a republican. If you’re a judgmental finger pointing homophobe that’s against mix marriage and thinks your race is superior then you’re a racist.

  29. I’m an independent and I find it interesting how people can do all kinds of disgusting things with Trumps image and not a word from the left but then say this ad is going too far. I don’t know the person that made the ad and definitely don’t support her but the hypocrisy seems to run rampant on the left these days. And since he mentioned Canada….I’ve heard many many stories from people who live there of how their health care system is a disgrace. Cancer patients who are forced to wait so long for treatment that their cancer either advances beyond the point that treatment can help or they are forced to travel to the U.S. for faster treatment. NO government ran program has EVER been ran efficiently. Our government can’t even handle the programs that they run NOW. Social Security is due to run out of money in the next decade and they are dealing with far fewer people. But back to the point….If people on one side of the isle can dish it out, they better be willing and able to take it when the other side does the same.

  30. Love that ad……that is awesome.

    This is awesome…….I will be a new doner…..

    James Jameson is a newspaper editor in the big city…

    Pittsburgh Dad Texas

  31. I didn't see any hate here…..hate is holding a mock head of the President while mocking him…..

    Hatred is what y'all do to our conservative leaders…….no one did those things to Obama even though his actions despised most of us.

    Pittsburgh Dad Texas

  32. Socialism have destroyed millions of people. Puting the word Democratic in front of Socialism doesn't change the reality about Socialism.there we go again using Norway or Denmark as Socialist countries is a lie even to the point that the Danish PM have to deny that his country was Socialist.

  33. Republicunts and Trumptards are equating this to that time a comedian held up a mock severed Trump head…which she got fired for…so…should miss Heng be fired?

  34. Nobody ever expects their socialism to turn into Cambodian-style genocide, or just brutal dictatorship. Hugo Chavez promised his voters "Bolivarian Socialism" – the nice kind, without death camps. How did that work out for Venezuelans?

  35. RethuglieKKKlans just love to attack and fear monger about socialism. Unless it happens to be socialism for the rich. You know, like those big tax cuts, subsidies for massive corporations. Then they love it to pieces. Heck, they love everything that benefits the rich at the expense of everyone else. And thus will brutally and viciously attack anyone and anything that benefits the working class and the poor. With this ad being one of the more disgusting examples of such attacks I've seen in a while.

  36. I did not like the add, but I also don't like the rhetoric of AOC, that has the same tone.
    P.S. So I left a socialist country for The USA ! my old country also wanted to help, right to a dictatorship
    You want to help me ?No thank you I like to keep may freedom to choose my own path.
    You should move to china, they have a government more your style.
    It is the People's Republic of China so you my still have a issue with the Republic part of it. haha mic drop


  38. Oh wonderful, we're back to the don't support X – X eats babies kind of bullshit. Great going, mature & sensiblle Americans. (Some of you, at least)

  39. Norway and Denmark are not Socialist nations. Are you really that ignorant or are you paid off? Norway and Denmark, for example, are Capitalist and democractic Nations. They do have socialist medicine but that is NOT a socialist nation. Do we need better medical availability? Yes we do. Do socialist countries end up screwing over the people? Yes they do.
    You are the only video filled with lies.

  40. Funny how that lady (.Elizabeth Heng ) didn't mention John McCain Napalmed her fathers country people…and how the GOP just loved slaughtering them like that …burning women and children…as well as Dumping agent orange and agent Purple (which was far worse).. on Her fathers people…and How the GOP are just fine and dandy about Monsanto and corporation polluting our land water and air as well as food killing Americans in the process. .
    Plus needlessly killing Americans and others all in Endless wars for the oil industry.
    Which the Green New Deal is geared toward peace and freedom and stopping the endless wars.

    I'm sick of The Republicans getting these fake uncle Tom like spokes people to
    pretend for the White Supremist…just so they can get theirs…their blood money…
    Disgusting …Elizabeth Heng …is disgusting…

  41. Clearly, Elizabeth Heng truly thinks she is speaking for what she thinks she is speaking. Aye, how're the blinders working for you?

    Case in point: if you support a socialistic economy where every contributes and benefits in a progressive way, the dollar value appreciates by being more competent in the international markets, ie. becoming more in demand, meaning more exports, more money to buy (ie. more supply than demands), and lower costs of living.

    Anyone who understands economics clearly knows the upsides with a regulated, people-centric free market. And who creates jobs? People, not corporation. What do you think lobbyist corporations are doing, if not blocking your right to enjoy that?

  42. That's not socialism, "socialism" is now a thing these republicans completely invented as some sort of "anti american" image. They are trying to paint socialism as the number one enemy of this country, so they can cure the disease they created. You are against our ideas and policies? UH OH, SOCIALISM DETECTED.

  43. >starts lecturing republicans on not knowing the difference between various political designations
    >calls social democracies like Finland “democratic socialism” when they objectively aren’t.

    Who is this idiot? I love this ad too. Thought it was hilarious. Even funnier that it was like a yearbook photo or some shit 😂

  44. Elizabeth Heng is a moron. If she can't see the writing on the wall. That is openly calling on expelling minorities. Which includes people like her(meaning Asians). Then she deserves what will happen when the racist grab power. And they are not all Republicans, as the so called Democrats have shown they are no better than the Republicans. A tiny minority of Democrats recently elected into offices., are trying to ring the alarm bell and truelly represent the country. If minorities in the US do not come together and understand the dangers to them and by extension to all Americans. Then we will be what this ad accuses will happen. But it won't be because of socialism, but because of fascism.

  45. So many so terrified of that word. Socialism, if a Democratic socialist is elected we will not turn into Cambodia, or the former Soviet Union. We may however get better healthcare, we may start growing the middle class again, there may be more good paying jobs available. The infrastructure can start to be rebuilt. We can have more employee owned businesses. We may get to cleanup the water. We may have the chance to get the money out of politics. We could get the chance to make things better maybe. Or we could let the fear of a word drive us to continue the path we are on.

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