Republicans Attempt To Co-Opt Anarchist/Voluntarist Arguments - It Backfires Spectacularly

  1. can you talk about the ethics of argumentation by herman hoppe? You generally look at the empirical reasons as to why the state is lunacy, it would be nice to see some appreciation of the moral aspects as well (which are easily proven axiomatically and objectively)

  2. The whole reason why we even pay (slave) taxes is because our Government's handed the money printing off to a cabal of private international bankers through coercion or bribery who now are forced to borrow their own currency at interest. The government then became a corporation that pledged it's citizens as collateral on the government's debt with these private bankers. Go back in history and look up the national debts and tax rates before these parasitic leeches took over! Our economy is based on debt and credit.

  3. Can't say I didn't see that coming considering it has already been done when statist's like Rand Paul and Ben Shapiro hijacked the word libertarian into the " Libertarian Party " which was obviously used for their political gain and sadly it worked flawlessly for them! Just like when the word Anarchy was hijacked by statist's to mean chaos no rules and every man for himself and no cooperation when it literally means No Archons i.e Kings/Rulers/Presidents/Masters. The techniques of mass mind control ( Telling a lie over & over until everyone perpetuates the lie themselves and believes it as gospel truth ) is far more powerful than trying to perform mind control on one person at a time MKUltra style

  4. Statist: "You are a conspiracy theorist, like
    Esoteric The Fury. We need to fight back against the deep state and Trump is doing everything in his power to do that. To remove the bad politicians from power and put good ones in power, like Madd Dog. We need the government to spend money on things we need to survive and help those who cannot take care of themselves. We must hold the government accountable."

    Me: rolls eyes

  5. Eso can you please back up the claim that the tea party was originally about 9/11 but was absorbed into the republican party? I can't find any sources on that.

  6. The funny thing is that politicians trying to warp the phrase "taxation is theft" is only going to make more people realize that taxation is theft.

  7. The Liberty Hangout FB meme page was a huge example of this. Flying Voluntaryist colors and slogans, but pushed for the state (that they liked) insessantly. While voluntaryists aren't duped there has been an explosion of "fakertarians" or "MAGAtarians" who hold very few libertarian ideas when pressed.. And don't get me started on hoppeans and whatever the fuck a "libertarian monarchist" is.

  8. 2:49
    "Libertarians" in the sense of "People who believe that certain events cannot be predetermined" is not the same as libertarians in a political sense. If anything, believing that people will act according to their own rational self-interest in a free society and thus generally behave ethically is more deterministic in nature than "libertarian" (i.e. "free will-based"), whereas the notion that people are unpredictable justifies the few predictable people exerting power over the others to prevent them from doing irrational and destructive things. If nothing else, we must accept that determinists can be libertarians (i.e. people who believe that coercion is inherently unethical) and that statists can be "libertarians" (i.e. follow a free will-based philosophy.)

    I would also like to add that freedom + will ≠ free will. People have wills of their own regardless of whether or not they are predictable, and predictable people can be free to live in peace without being coerced to do things they do not want to do. If anything, having an unpredictable will would indicate to me that your will is not your own, but rather controlled by something beyond you, even if what's controlling you is simply the abstract concept of chaos. And thus, "free will" is a bit of a misnomer imo.

  9. check what I wrote in one of the top comment chains, I want you to resond to someone…

  10. That tactic had the opposite effect on me. I've become an anarchist by listening to these conservative talking points and then I found the real thing.

  11. Their is no fundamental difference between taxation and theft. No joke I read a comment on one of Anarchris' videos and a comment literally said, "Taxation is the price you pay for living in a country as great as America" unironically. As soon as I read that, I immediately set my own head on fire.

  12. Steven Crowder tried to use that stupid "taxation is theft, but not all taxation is theft" at one of his change my mind events. He completely failed to prove any point.

  13. I said "taxation is theft" to my "conservative" friend, and he agreed with me. Then i asked him why he is a statist and not a voluntarist, and he replied with "well without the government there would just be chaos."


  14. If something has to be forced on people, is it really that good? No, it ain't!

    True, taxation pays for government services, but we're given no choice in wether we want such services or not, some are mandatory and even when private options are available, we're forced to pay for the shitty government versions of those goods and services!

    Most statists say we consent to the Big Government system and to being taxed. Is it really based on consent if there's no opt out clause? Not really.

  15. OyVey!
    It's ok!!
    Its ok to be Goy!!!

    Its ok to be Goy!!!

    The cattle know
    They run the show
    The more we work
    The more we owe

    We're born a slave
    And forced to serve
    The beast of Satan
    The Federal Reserve

    Two sets of laws
    Meant to deceive
    With UCC
    To supersede

    The laws of God
    For the laws of man
    They use your name
    To pull this scam

    All uppercase
    But still the same
    The only prison
    Is in your brain

    It only works
    If you comply
    For us to live
    They have to die

    They're not content 
    To coexist
    They pushed the limits
    And now we're pissed

    So pick a side
    The end is near
    I trust in God
    I have no fear

    The game is over
    The final blow
    For the spawns of Satan
    Because the Goyim know!!!

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