Reparations, Communism, and Burgess Owens

now the first thing up that I would like to speak about is this a little headline from the Miami Herald now we don't even have to read to close in to Democrats fear Trump and Republicans are making inroads with Hispanic voters in Florida all right now don't need to spend too much time on this because of course everybody's trying to make inroads with everyone and of course this is why we're talking about slavery and reparations right now in these ridiculous congressional committees of course they're worried about people cutting in on their action of course they're worried why do you think they're holding congressional committees on slavery reparations right now it's a desperate bribe desperate bribe from an intellectually bankrupt group of talentless commie hacks talentless commie hacks and it's just so insulting how insulting this is to listen to these old crusty touchy-feely liberals play this card right now and another one fucked chunk hunger and the The Young Turks – to hell with them – you know they have nothing to offer people anymore so now they're offering up 30 pieces of silver they're offering 30 pieces of silver in exchange for the future your future that's all and they're and they're reaching back 150 years in the past to do it you know during the push for civil rights during the push for civil rights or even back into the just what we can go back to really the biggest start of it all which was integration of baseball in 1947 Jackie Robinson the sales pitch for black Americans was give us a chance watch what we can do watch what we can do just get the hell out of our way give us a chance in fact most America know at this point at this point I would say most Americans should be paid reparations for abuses of the federal government most Americans since the since the Johnson administration alone that's what I was regardless of color to most Americans since the Johnson administration if you were around since then we should be paid reparations for abuses of the federal government they have been doing nothing nothing since the 1960s except selling welfare and single motherhood and abortion and federal education and open borders and war 21 trillion dollars worth of abuse is on the is on the ledger right now and that's just a fiscal operating debt that it does not count the human toll of this government that does not tout that does not count the human toll you know he's progressive supposedly went out looking to cure society of a cancer the cancer of inequality and guess what the chemo did not work instead it damaged all the healthy tissue as well and the cancer grew but don't you dare tell them that they failed in their quest because they would just tell you that you you're looking toward the past and not the future and all we need now are new medications new treatments to help the side-effects of the original treatment now representative steve cohen representative steve cohen from tennessee he got himself a committee so q good for him good for him this man I just I don't know first of all like I said before Steve Cohen he must feel like a real big boy now this is mr. KFC of course you know I'm talking about mr. KFC who was actually one of the rejected characters from the killer clowns from outer space movie there you go you see the resemblance they are Steve Cohen and there is one of the killer clowns from outer space there you go knows and all I think we're onto something with that being said with that being said I want to play something for you now regardless of how this congressional freak show was portrayed by the liberal media it did not go well for Democrats even some of their own spoke out against this foolishness of hitching their wagons to an issue like reparations but they're built like rubber duckies these progressives they're built like rubber duck the duckies you can beat the shit out of them you can hold their heads underwater and they'll pop right back up pretend nothing happen and still make it home in time for Maddow that's the way that they are but I want to play a little something for you from a man named Burgess Owens he his spot I'm gonna play his entire spot for you in its entirety it is five minutes long but it's well worth it and for those of you who don't know Burgess Owens is a former professional athlete he played defense in the National Football League for ten years mostly as a cornerback and a safety first on the Jets and then on the Raiders where he was a part of the Super Bowl winning Super Bowl 15 championship team he was a Pro Bowler and also college football all-american a little bit more on Burgess Owens I went to UM grab because he's an author as well he's the author of a 2012 book entitled it's all about team exposing the black talented tenth the book examines how the black community has fared since the start of the 20th century especially in following the thinking of w eb de boi de bois okay we're going to talk about that a little bit and the progressive liberal is a mindset Owens Burgess Owens is also the author of liberalism or how to turn good men into whiners weenies and wimps that was in 2016 which offers a history and analysis of the black experience in the United States with suggestions for moving past conventional ideas of moving the black community forward which means with government intervention or without government intervention in 2018 Owens released why I stand which discusses socialism as the driving force between modern American socio political movements I'm going to play his full statements for you right now and here we go once you're recognized for five minutes thank you so much for this opportunity I'm gonna take a different tack from beginning we are at this point this is not about black and white rich poor blue collar white collar we're fighting for the hardness of our nation we have a very very special country the stove with the judeo-christian values that allowed every single generation become better than the last and that has not ended that has not stopped until now we're telling how key is a little bit something different that they don't have the opportunities that we had I'm going to talk about some two ideologies when I talk about them when I talk about people people change I used to be a Democrat until I did my history and found out the the misery that that party brought to my race so when I talk about these ideologies ideologies don't change people do we were fighting for the heart and soul of our nation against socialism Marxism and evil that has brought to us in the stealing of our history Karl Marx theory best the art they the father of socialism an atheists anti-semite in a blatant racist yeah we teach his philosophy no school systems a day he said it the first battleground is rewriting of our history you steal our history you still have pride in our past appreciation for our present and a vision for our future in every single urban city in our country is now experiencing that loss real quick history because these things we're not taught I'm blessed to be a great great grandfather of sounds Burgess came here in his belly to slaveship solace in Charleston South Carolina with his mother to the Burgess plantation an evil evil man they drove my great-great-great grandmother either to leaving her family of kids or committing suicide we I don't know she disappeared was at eight of age a age of eight was blessed to be surrounded by men who believed in freedom even though shackled they escaped they went the southern route of the Underground Railroad facilitated by white and Mexican Americans and his made its way out south to Texas end up being a successful entrepreneur on 102 acres of land paid off in two years start a first black church first back elementary school fill of his community 18 kids Christian Republican his first son was Alpha Omega proud American an example what happens when any race any cultures given hope opportunity and freedom it didn't end there by the way the history of our black country of our black America has been stolen from us for decades almost always century bhokta Washington 1880 82 began to ski the university by 1905 it was producing more self-made black millionaires than Harvard Yale and Princeton combined the 40s 50s and 60s it was a black cut to black community that led our country in the growth of the middle class later country in terms of man committed to marriage it was 7% now it's 30 percent lateral country terms of the for the commit to business ownership 40 percent now it's 3.8 percent men matriculated in college we now have more a higher percentage of men incarcerated in college it is by the way my big reels biology and that I learned long time ago that slavery is not a gene in the DNA hell helix is our actions is our attitude it's our belief I do now believe in reparation because what reparation does it points to a certain race a certain color and and it points them as evil and points the other race my race is one that is not only becomes racist but did but also beggars I do believe in restitution let's port to the party that was that was part of slavery KKK Jim Crow that has killed over 40% of our black babies 20 million of them state of California seventy thirty five percent of our black boys cannot pass that in reading writing test a democratic state so yes let's play rest rest rest restoration let's play rest restitution how about a Democratic Party pay for all the misery brought to my race and those after after we learn our history to stay there they they should pay also they're complicit in every white American Republican or Democrat that feels guilty because of your white skin you should need to pony up also that wouldn't get past this preparation to recognize that this country has given us greatness look at this panel doesn't matter how we think fact is well doesn't matter how color we have become successful in this country like no other because of this great opportunity to live the American dream let's not steal that from our kids but tell them they can't do it thank you now perfect and I love that he's talking about history I love that he's talking about Marxism we don't we've covered this on this show many times Frankfurt School critical theory the controlling of history and you have these people think about it you have these people like Margaret Sanger Margaret Sanger and Karl Marx who are extolled extolled by the same people who try to use racism as a tool to suppress others and their representation when they were the most racist eugenicist monsters on the planet some of them we got a long history of humankind there's a lot of monsters that have popped up along the way and III guess that it's it's just because that that degree of hypocrisy is just so daring that it actually works I guess it has to be but I can't help think of Booker T Washington and I'm glad that he also brought up Booker T Washington as well because he was on the opposite side of the intellectual tracks as w eb Dubois okay who was the Communist frontman for the n-double-a-cp which was funded by our friends at the big banks Jacob Schiff the Rothschilds the same people who organized and funded Lenin and his bloody revolution in Russia and other atrocities as well bwahhh was a counter to Booker T Washington who believed in America's founding principles and wanted to build bridges between black people and white people that's Booker T Washington and no one said it better than Booker T Washington when he said there is another class of people who make a business of keeping the troubles the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances because they do not want to lose their jobs Booker T Washington learn about him Booker T Frederick Douglas jump on into them and also learn about the history behind things like Planned Parenthood and the n-double-a-cp where the money came from where the ideology came from it's a communist front group from the beginning from the beginning and also remember too that it communism is just the tool communism is the gathering tool the people who control the world or want to control the world and they have been playing at this for a couple of centuries now they do not care about sharing the wealth with everybody of course so that is the tool that we the people get to argue with ourselves over because we actually think that we have a stake in the outcome it doesn't communism is pretty much a tool like a rake that's someone who wants to gather up all the leaves in the yard we'll go out there and use to bring them all in that's communism okay now we're in a nice little Bunch and then poof in comes the match you

  1. Why would people now need to pay people slave money that arent slaves? Then, I think I need to be paid, my parents went through the depression.

  2. Holy shit Frank! I just wrote an article describing Communism exactly the way you did: as a tool to destroy existing systems, not as a system itself. Just like in Russia it wasn't supposed to be a solution or a different method it was just a wrecking ball to destroy the existing monarchy. You spoke this entire segment beautifully. I'm glad you reshared this as a snippet because people need to share the hell out of it.

  3. I want communism and the (((leadership))) behind it, to pay repreations for all the 100s of millions they have murdered over the years in the fraud name of "communism" which is really slavery.

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