Remixing Pop Culture Icons into Modern Toys

everybody norm from tested here at
designer continent 2019 this is Keith poon who’s an artist buddy else to run
toy queue yes out of New York right yes yes and yeah if you guys have worked
with so many cool artists to bring their designs to collectibles to turn them
into real things one of my favorite products that you guys put out is the
Ashford boys series which is your interpretation of the faucet carrot can
be how did I come about and how is that evolved
that’s pretty like I do things that I really enjoy this like some a hobby now
into a business my doing in my career so really like it’s my pleasure to work on
a character that really like an extra boy we don’t want to make anything like
just from the storyline we were to you know create something fresh and new for
the collectors so we have came up with a new series called like the city serious
hmm we started from New York because based in New York from New York and then
to Los Angeles to Thailand and now we have some other new series will be
coming up next year so it’s like this remix in of a classic character because
there’s so many Astro Boy toys and figures in the history of the character
you’re modernizing it and letting collectors from may live in New York or
LA to kind of make it their own yeah representative they’re the pride
they have yeah they’re City yes yes with a really cool design of course the
Statue of Liberty take in the LA and gesture that’s really cool this is a new
one right yes that’s a new one we caught a hoodie versions that’s coming out very
very soon yeah and this is more tore into like a
sweet culture and we figure because we have been doing
more shows with like sneaker con and we figure like this would be good for the
sneaker head totally not just for toy collectors and that’s where a lot of
these collectors their interests intersect yeah people who collect shoes
or kind of buy limit edition yes the occurs they also say are but are toys
yeah he’s a urban take for this concept now tell me on some of the other
characters and figures and licenses your work with obviously you have to get your
turtles here I see some Looney tune tell me about these yeah so we need to be
sent us our own productions we also do a lot of like brand collaborations and
work with brands and I really love to so big big boy toys are from Hong Kong so
they have these Ninja Turtle license and these are really massive yeah yeah once
you hold it and you would know like oh they are like it’s almost so message in
poet it’s gonna take a big place on your shelf yes very very cool also love that
like your Looney Tunes license and the artists that you work with it’s a very
subversive take on ladies yeah you know I do there are a classic character like
you said but these are really like fresh ideas mm-hmm and you know they’ve never
been made before yeah it’s just really like new to the market it’s not only do
you have some kind of a more grotesque versions you have I love atomic Jerry
and you also have kind of ones with three eyes really wild yes what can
people afford to in the Tokyo ball for next year we we are rolling
more licensing product and one of the biggest big release for us it’s like a
Keith Haring Bluetooth speakers mm-hmm yeah because we redesigned everything
structure like inside make it this is a we we make the original back in 1985 but
back in the days there’s no pretty to features yeah yeah we work everything
and make it up to day features so that’s something like very very new and that
would be one of our biggest off the next year and as an artist yourself any bring
back the Sharky’s that you used to scope there’s an astro boy that’s a way for
you going forward I I would love to but I just you know wait wait I when I get
time to sit down there thing about something new for the sake I’d yeah yeah
I would love to see more artwork from your creative yeah thank you your brain
thank you so much great great to see you here
they cider con all right thank you we’ll check it next year

  1. These look so beautiful, i wish i could take my sketches to this level and have them be 3D. If i could pose a video idea, do concept art, or art books from different video games, comics, whatever. I know for artist and sculptors, geeks in general we'd eat it up, to have a well, a "tome" of art from our favorite artists c:

  2. Seriously cool. My favorite may be Tom eating the Mouse-Burger: it looks like a vintage, Hannah-Barbera collectible. I'm very impressed!

  3. I need a Mega Man X and Zero Hoodie figures, that Astro Boy is gonna be a figure that sells out, watch. Heck, imagine Raphael the Turtle in a Hoodie version? Or Ratchet and Clank? The hoodie vibe is awesome, the other stuff was awesome as well, that Bugs Bunny I really liked but as a woodworker I loved the carved wooden Astro Boy(just amazing craftsmanship, at least one person had to carve one by hand for sure). I'm not even an Astro Boy fan, but he's so old and he's so much like Mega Man, I gotta love him and his famous silhouette.

  4. Yeah I doubt Warner Brothers and so on are actually licensing their product to be made into grotesque versions. And sorry but anytime a company is out of Hong Kong it' hard to feel that it's not up to par with being legal production of licensed products.

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