1. The RT interviewer had his tick list of brainless insults: bigot, racist, slaver, etc all of which he equated with conservatism in the usual leftist moronic hyperbolic way. He missed out ‘nazi’ and ‘fascist’ though. Pathetic questions, a waste of our time and a waste of Sir Roger’s other than promoting his book.

  2. On the wall behind we have a picture of Cameron,the Tory Prime Minister that unleashed the chaos of Brexit, merely in order to try and preserve British conservatism.

  3. why would you have to be a conservative anti-capitalist you Moron? Can you be a leftist anti-communist? It seems that a leftist can just about absorb any amount of absurd absurdity. Their "brains" just "work" in some mysterious ways. What a smug PRICK!!

  4. UK Slave owners were massively compensated for their loss of valuable "assets" in 1848.
    This cash-flow then fed into the UK Industrial Revolution, enslaving more millions of British workers. Conservatives wish to hold onto their inherited privileges but will not admit this.

  5. Scruton is so bad with interviews or improvised speeches, man. He could have said that Western idea of statehood opposed to Islamic one was always based "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's". Which the Catholic Church from the beginning with the Holy Roman Emporer somewhat embraced. Of course there where violations but it would have answered one question.

  6. This interviewer is either an idiot or he is biased. Mr. Scruton has a lot of patience.

    You would think that within a minute into the interview, this interviewer would have
    realized that Mr. Scruton is 10 times more intelligent than he is and, perhaps, want to
    learn from him.

    Mr. Scruton is correct. I have never met a conservative who is anything like the liberal-
    left describes. Not even remotely.

  7. Conservatism is resistance to change, for keeping tradition's sake. Zero intelligence involved. & the current Tories, (& "new labour"/ Blair) are all about funnelling more & more $ to the rich.

  8. Why does this man have title sir..he is clearly not really well versed when he says right off the top that everyone is conservative…we know for fact that people are both liberal and conservative depending on the topic…also that all conservative thought is not fun but true…and that liberal is fun but not true…just that should disqualify him for debating…

  9. There are people criticising the interviewer saying he's an idiot.
    -Of course he probably hadn't read the book, he probably has to interview people everyday. I couldn't finish a book in one day.
    -It's a political discussion so of course he has to make criticisms and play devil's advocate for the purpose of discussion.
    -If he appears dumb it's because he has to relate to the average viewer.

  10. Roger Scruton is a true gentleman, and makes this interviewer look like the amateur he is in every regard. The lengths conservatives must go to in order to publicise their work.

  11. I thought this was a very good interview. Scruton was given plenty of time and scope to explain what he was saying in his book. He was able to even extemporise a little providing his thoughts and background views that inform his thinking.

    Afshin had clearly read the work and was familiar with the material and asked reasonable and relevant questions that provided Scruton the opportunity to explain and clarify his thinking,

    What you didn't get here, which is what you get on UK TV is interviewers heckling and constantly interrupting making trivial points, moving off topic and asking irrelevant questions that have little to do with the subject matter. Had Scruton been interviewed on the BBC you can guarantee that the interviewer would not have read his book.

  12. I would disagree with Scruton on just one point, which is mostly subjective: I don't find conservatism boring, in fact I think it adds an amazing feeling of gratitude for all the miraculous accomplishments of our civilization, which really has a very positive impact on my everyday perception of the world. Also, it makes me less cynical towards traditions like marriage, patriotism, hierarchies and religion, and helps to develop a more realistic, practical and effective basis for making life decisions.

    The simple understanding that my own individual flaws, and not society's, are by far the most important barriers to my own happiness and fulfillment, is certainly a life-changing realization, and something that we desperately need to understand.

    A realistic approach to life, gratitude, and personal responsibility are, for me, strongly tied to conservatism, and not at all boring ideas.

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