Religious Nut Threatens Hurricane in Name of Jesus

it’s been a while since I had it flipped for
you have just good old fashioned religious [inaudible]. It’s indistinguishable from mental illness.
And I’ve sort of been getting away from these sorts of clips unless they’re linked to something
in the news because I think most of the audience at this point has a pretty good understanding
and sense of this completely unhinged religious zealotry. But today we actually have a, an
example of religious nuttery that’s directly linked to, uh, the news. And specifically
Hurricane Dorian. Hurricane Dorian is a real thing. People have died. Untold damage is
being done. President Trump sending confusing messages about it, saying it’s going to hit
Alabama, but it isn’t. And there are people refusing to evacuate. This is, this is real.
It’s as real as real gets. There are people who are, uh, losing their lives and at risk
of losing their lives because of this storm. And in the midst of all this incomes, a grifter
named Kat Kerr who shows up and records herself commanding the hurricane with a stick in the
name of Jesus and some kind of bizarre, uh, a prayer. I don’t even know what to call it.
My question is, can we call this anything other than mental illness? Is there any other
categories, nation for what I’m about to show you. Let’s look at it together. So right now, this moment we take authority
over. Dorian has no right off the coast of this state or anywhere and we hit that storm
to the east right now. And I’m gonna do it three times. We headed to the east, we headed
to the commander. You [inaudible] away from land, we declared or you would do no destruction.
And anyway, what won’t tolerate it. So Barlow, thank you for this honor. Yeah, I probably it to be here on the little coast
of Florida and we said that storm, your end is coming. We don’t tolerate your presence.
We won’t tolerate you coming to shore anywhere or causing any harm, death or destruction.
We speak on behalf of those who’ve already been affected by it. God, we thank you for
rapid recovery and restoration for all of them. Right now. We decree and declare you
Dorian, your days and hours are numbered and we bosh you, she tells the storm that its end is coming.
Well, yeah, I mean storms end eventually. That’s not much a uh, that’s not very prosaic,
I must say. Do we just need to call this what it is? Mental illness. How else would we describe
something like this? This is like a, a crazy person, uh, yelling at a cloud. I mean, this
is no different and if you look more into, I’ve never heard of this person before, but
so many people emailed me that I said, I’ve got to figure out more about her. She has
a website called the revelation zone. It has a whole bunch of stuff on it, including videos,
frequently asked questions about eternity. Some of the stuff seems straight up satirical,
but I don’t, I don’t think it is like, I wonder is it possible this is all a joke because
no other explanation would suffice. Check out some of the questions she answers
from kids on her website. 14 year old Emily from Jacksonville, Florida wrote, are there
oceans with sharks and jellyfish and heaven and Cat Kerr Road? Yes. There is a crystal
see which comes from the river of life that flows out of God’s throne. Oh yeah. Of course.
Also the Bible states that there are fish of all kinds in the water and the crystal
sea is big enough to hold huge sailing ships. Another question from Trey who is age six
from Richmond, Virginia. Question is letting tray write to this woman a form of child abuse.
I think that’s something we should consider six-year-old. Trey asks, is there an art easel
and a t rex in heaven? Cat Curse says yes to both questions. Since I saw art galleries
there, I don’t know if she means she was in heaven at one point. I am certain they would have easels to paint
on. Also, there are representations of an [inaudible] of all animal life that God originally
created, so dinosaurs including the t rex can be seen in the park area of heaven. Ah,
the park area. Of course, they are so tame that you can actually ride on them. That’s
right. There are tamed t Rex’s living in the park area of heaven next to the easels, which
must exist because cat her knows that there are art galleries in heaven and if there are
art galleries, there must be easels with which the art is made. This is dangerous. This is
dangerous. Children should not be exposed to this woman we we’ve previously discussed
on the program. It’s a, we haven’t done this for awhile and I’m now getting myself fired
up and talking about it. We’ve previously discussed on the program, is it a form of
child abuse to place the irrational fear of going to hell in the minds of children from
a young age? It is other forms of causing irrational fear
or persistent fear in children can be considered child abuse is the fear of Ha of hell. Rather
a consider child abuse in some way, shape or form. That’s something we’ve discussed.
This is crazy to let children interact with this woman, and this might not come as a huge
shock to you. This woman is a big Trumpist. I was looking through her Twitter account
yesterday. She has tweets about Trump 2020 events and just how great the national day
of prayer is and this type of thing. Is that surprising to you? Did anybody think from
the video of her trying to hit the hurricane with a stick and the name of Jesus that she
might’ve been a Bernie supporter? I don’t know that that many people were confused about
that, but in case we were, this is a major Trump supporter, really wacky stuff. And I guess what she did didn’t work because
the storm still hit, but the way that these folks work, if you were to confront her, she
would say, well, no, no, no. I did move the hurricane. My prayer with the stick, uh, made
it so that even more people weren’t killed by Hurricane Dorian, which is of course exactly
the type of unfalsifiable belief that doesn’t really pass muster. If you apply even an iota
of critical thinking, uh, this is not a joke. This stuff ruins people’s lives. It completely
takes over their worldview and is sort of unrelated but related story of religious notary.
We really recently found out that one of the main pushers are advocates of so-called conversion
therapy where people can get therapy to stop being gay, um, is a gay man. And uh, I know
it didn’t come as a shock to me. I’m guessing it doesn’t come as a shock to
many people in our audience, but this stuff is not just, oh, these are just their beliefs
and everyone’s entitled to their beliefs and all blah, blah, blah. Okay. They’re, they’re
entitled to their beliefs, but they’re using those beliefs in a weaponized form to ruin
the lives of gay and lesbian people to ruin the lives of children with a rational fears
and beliefs that are not based in reality. This actually has a real world impact. Uh,
and it also has the impact, by the way, if you’re really religious and you think something
like this works, you might choose not to evacuated for the hurricane because you think Kat Kerr
is going to use her stick and get the hurricane out of the way. Then you get killed by the
hurricane. This stuff has a real world impact and we cannot write it off as just benign
spirituality because it’s simply not that

  1. Of course there area art easels in heaven. How else would have someone been able to paint that image of Ax Cop riding a t-rex?!

  2. Not crazy, being nice she is just under educated and taught foolish things and having never checked if it is true.
    However, maybe she is a grifter and one more religious scammer. If she makes money on it, that points to scammer.
    Babies are not born with knowledge, we teach them language and truths and in some cases lies.
    Born into a religious fundamentalist cult / family is a form of mental abuse. All religions are foolish fantasy.

  3. Love douche bags as this that can't explain the existence of anything much less something other than to say atoms formed. Might as well say "Shit Happens"… Proof: I'm here talking.

  4. Moses used the stick! It worked for Katy is a little rusty,but Dorian did shift about 90” from it intended path. I really,really believe kat diminished that storm tru Jesus name. It works all the time. I don’t understand what the fuss is all about. Try it. Next time u see a Stromboli’s on tv, just tell it to go away in Jesus name. And watch it disappear behind a commercial and never come back. Works for me!

  5. It really never did do much damage in Florida, she may be a little crazy, but it never made landfall or came in now did it?? What did you Ms. Pacman?? Did you pray? Did you send any money to the Bahama's?? Did you fill any sandbags bro?? I don't think you did any of those things. By the way, we have THE FREEDOM OF RELIGION IN THIS COUNTRY, & thank God for that, or else we probably wouldn't even have this country.

  6. In her defense the Hurricane did move north instead of crashing into the mainland.

    Not saying she was right but some people are calling it a miracle.

  7. It's quite strange how Xtian fundamentalism dovetailed so succinctly with new-ageism in the States… it's like far-right extremism meets far-left extremism and puked out the States south of the Meson-Dixon. Everybody is a grifter, everybody wants to be the victim of grifting in one enormous circle jerk… it's like they've invented a perpetual-motion machine of their own.


  9. Is this anything other than religious nuttery? Maybe. One of the bloggers I follow keeps tabs on Kat Kerr, that's how I know she's been doing this kind of thing for a few years. I think she's auditioning for a television-evangelism job. It's insanely profitable and let's be honest, Pat Robertson cannot possibly survive much longer so there should be an opening any day now. My opinion, nothing more.

  10. It truly does amaze me that some people can talk about how nutty and illogical religious people are or how they spread irrationality yet be so completely hypocritical when it comes to politics, such as the constant irrational fear of Trump. Hypocrites, Hypocrites as far as thee eye can see.

  11. Its odd that a person who lives in civilization with schools and books acts no different than someone from a an isolated primitive tribe.

  12. This is the thing about Christianity-in the right hands it can work wonders, but sometimes people get so zealous that all common sense goes out of the window. Having said that, I do believe prayer actually works from anecdotal stories, but Im still not a fan of wild eyed crazies. Also, she looks just like a wizard with her big stick-Im sure she'd love to hear that!!

  13. I'm not very surprised by this. I have a friend (we don't talk much anymore) and a coworker whom say they talk with God. I don't mean prayers either. I mean like they actually talk to God and God responds back to them. The friend said that they went to a christian concert held at their church with an up and coming christian musician. They asked God if they could buy the guys CD. They said God said no to the CD. They then asked God if they could buy a T-shirt and therefore promote the guys christian music to others this way. God again said no and for them (my friend the their spouse) to give what little money they had as a "love offering" to the guy since he performed for free at the church. I said "Wouldn't this just be your conscious?" They acted as if they were a bit offended that I said that and were adamant that it was God. I didn't press the matter further.

  14. THIS IS NOT A RELIGION ! We must use the name of Jesus for casting out devils ! But this page is about atheism and hate for Christians JESUS IS KING ! mental illness is to not to believe in God ! the day of judgment will come for you all atheism people repent

  15. There seems to be 2 types: those indoctrinated to this madness, and those that indoctrinate young minds and desperate people seeking some sort of reasoning behind the actions of life.. You may think these are the same type, but the difference is some actually believe they have a power (madness), and those using a religious platform to better their own “fame” and financial success, knowingly misleading those indoctrinated ones who have weak cognitive skills, especially when they are most vulnerable ie. children, the uneducated or funerals and other such tragedies. I have no motivation to discern between the two, knowing they are both a distraction to my self development, and a curse for a developing society. This woman? She, and others like her (religious zealots) are societies most destructive. War and conflict stem mainly from perceived property disputes, and religion is paramount to motivating a society into action against their neighbors. It is absolutely abhorrent that this woman can state facts of Heaven to children as an authoritative figure, when clearly she is either a victim of child indoctrination herself, or just cognitively deficient. Most likely both.

  16. What’s really unknown about this is why three times? We all need to thank her because it worked. Yea so we are gonna be “blessed” to see a lot more of this yahoo.

  17. Kat kerr is not a nut! She is the real deal! She has been contracted by Hollywood to consult on a new movie coming out called The Resurrection Of Christ. She is not mentally ill, or delusional. She has been caught up to Heaven 1000's of times, shown the future, and the past. She new Trump was going to win in 2016, and was all over social media proclaiming he was God's pick. She says he will win in 2020, too, and after that Pence will be President for two terms. Recently Jesus told her that we Christians are to take authority over the weather, and command storms just like he did. Satan uses the weather to destroy and kill, so the more of us weather warriors that get involved in this, the better the outcome. You can make fun all you want, but I guarantee she will have the last laugh. Read her book Revealing Heaven, and then come back on here and make your comments. There is proof in her book that she has been to Heaven. One example: She was taken up and shown a young girl in Heaven who had recently died. She observed the girl, and listened to her conversation with someone she called grandpa, while they walked towards a rollercoaster. When the 'vision' was over, Jesus told Kat to contact the girls mother, to tell her what she saw. Kat met with the mother and explained what she had seen and heard in Heaven regarding the young girl, her grandpa, and the rollercoaster. The mother was shook to her core crying, as she told Kat that right after her daughter died, she found a journal under her bed. In it she read, "Last night I had a dream that I died young and went to Heaven and rode rollercoasters with my grandfather" The mother gave Kat permission to use her name and a scanned copy of the journal entry in her book. There are other examples in the book of families who gave Kat permission to print their names as testimonies. I had been watching Kat's videos, and ordered her books and CD's a year before my teenage daughter battled cancer. My daughter and I drew so much joy from hearing how much fun Heaven is, and when my daughter passed away a year ago, I had extra comfort knowing that she was having a blast in Heaven!

  18. How many people quietly prayed in their houses for those impacted by Dorian? Did Kat make a fool of herself? That is between her and God. Every single one of you, sooner or later, will bow before Christ and answer for this life, even to such detail that reading this and scoffing at it will be explained. Especially the host……good luck.

  19. We love u kat kerr… and we also love this earthly minded creatures
    They can beleive they where a sperm inside their dad's testicles they did not even know their name race color of their skin or continent and country they where born in… …they reject the messiah JesusChrist…they do not admit they have evil thoughts.which God calls Sin..they do not want to admit we inherited evil or rebellion from the 1st man Our creator put on earth Adam and eve……they do not want to admit …God judges their thoughts . Like Gods Son JesusChrist said …evil starts inside the human beings envy deceit..lust…greed pride…immorality..a racist human are some of the evils the creature called man will reap . If they do not repent. Yes if God has the power to make a sperm a human what makes u think creatures he does not have the power to make a Jail God calls Hell. Yes creatures u have a sovereign will…like God. Either you die doing Gods will JesusChrist decipled us on..which is protect all humans from doing any evil to them it starts from your intentions of your thoughts/brain and your brain tells your dying body what to do….. yes if u die doing your will soon cause 70 to 100 yrs is nothing compared to an eternity…….God will judge ur little intelligent being into his lake of fire might be the Sun that u get to see every morning…….yes creatures the bible teaches you are a spirit being living in a dying body cause of sin we inherited from Adam it's called the fall of the human. Race. Chapter 3 of Genesis ….yes creatures I hated God and all the evangelicals all together I am a x atheist. …
    My advise repent or u force God to judge ur intelligent little being….
    Grab an ant….study it …if u think that Ant has the intelligence that u have and creativity that u have than that ant might over power the human race….making that ant way to sophisticated for the creature called man…yes ur brain is as big as of an ant compared to your creator maker….
    I call him my HeavenlyFarher now
    I decided not to follow the creatures he makes ….I advise u to do the same what can a dying scientist teach u….
    Sin means the violation of Gods divine .moral laws .
    God sent his Son JesusChrist to teach us how to live life on planet earth. …he brought the laws of Heaven as the moral code of conduct….for the fallen humans. ..
    Yes satan controls most of your evil thoughts. …making satan the ruler of ur life that is why
    Jesus called him the God of this world when he came …this is your future your body is dying daily…even if u become a vegetarian …your body ends here God calls it the death of ur body…the Grave that is your future but not your spirit …cause its eternal if u do not repent an alien God calls his police the angel of death takes the real you to his holding place Gods Jail He calls Hell till all his plans are completed on his planet….where will u end up creatures …..body is dying daily the real You never dies ….its eternal God calls u a spirit being….yes you are not a human you are a spirit. Advise from x atheist

  20. The Bible is NOT to be understood and interpreted literally WHATSOEVER. This can only bring forth disharmony and MADNESS. That is WHY religious zealots feel justified in slaying members of other "religions". This is WHY one "religion" is at the throat of another. This is WHY there are a multitude of countless religious denominations and off- shoots .. all due to a complete and TOTAL misunderstanding in HOW to understand and interpret "scripture".
    The Gospels are filled with Yogic wisdom and are a compilation of ancient wisdom writings of the East that are ONLY about THE SCIENCE OF THE SOUL and how to obtain "Self Realization" (the UNVEILING of one's HIGHER SELF within … the divine spark WITHIN us all). This is what all main"religions" are all about… slaying the lower-self EGOIC nature and ascending to Higher Self REALIZATION.
    The Bible is NOT a history book. It can ONLY be understood metaphorically. The parallels between the Gospels (as well as other parts of the Bible) and the ancient wisdom writings of India and the East are phenomenal.
    There is no such thing as an OUTSIDE Christ as your "Savior" … Christ IS your Higher Self WITHIN… your "Savior" … YOU! There is no such thing as an OUTSIDE Buddha as your "awakened one"" … Buddha IS your Higher Self WITHIN, your "awakened one"… YOU! There is no such thing as an OUTSIDE Krishna as your "liberator" … Krishna IS your Higher Self WITHIN, your "Liberator" … YOU! Is there any wonder WHY Jesus said "The Kingdom of Heaven comes NOT with observation …BEHOLD the Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN". WITHIN!!!

  21. I really tried to be impartial when it comes to my children and religion. I was letting my son go to church on Sundays with my mother and stay the night with her on the weekends and such until I had a youth pastor demanding to speak with me because my children apparently deserved better than a mother who's going to hell and told my child this. I realized then that they would never get an impartial View and that if I didn't raise them with my beliefs they would never see them and would never know reality. This all happened with my oldest child and me and my husband decided not to bring any sort of religion around the other children since then. The only problem is we live in Mississippi they like to bring religion into schools and seeing as my kids have no idea who Jesus is they are getting lots of funny stares and questions now. Not only that I live in a very large Trump community and they've vocalize some of my views in class before so I've had to have the whole talk about not talking about religion and politics in school.

  22. I think the storm missed Florida because it was as afraid of her, not because she commanded it to. She commanded it not to make landfall anywhere in the US. North Carolina begs to differ.

  23. Yes, religious indoctrination of children, before the age of reason, is about as unspeakably evil as it gets. It gets passed on, generation to generation, like a malignant brain virus, and has been for thousands of years. Some of us are able to overcome that indoctrination, some can't seem to reason their way out of it. Most are bronze age apocalyptic death cults, as Bill Maher put it,
    "if the world does come to an end, as the result some sort of religiously inspired nuclear holocaust, let's remember what the real culprit was, that we learned to precipitate mass death, before we got past the neurological disorder of wishing for it. That's it, grow up, or die." (paraphrasing)

  24. If she's a nut, why do u care? Plenty of crazy ppl in the world doing crazy thing. People only pay attention to people when it triggers something inside of them like it's triggered that demon in you. Smile just one time boo. Your eyes and your tone looks like you hate life.

  25. She has only extrapolated from Biblical sources to what conditions would 'logically' be. So the amusement park for kids, as children will have the same needs in heaven as they do on earth. Similarly, Islamic scholars posit that men's needs for sexual gratification will follow similar forms in the afterlife. So, 48 virgin party girls [ and boys.] I asked what the women got and was told "48 men who sit quietly and Listen!"

  26. David, better to leave the religious topics aside. They are all equally ludicrous, which means 'like a game'. There is a language game going on which they share, and you are not an insider, so it means nothing to you. Try reading Aldous Huxley's Perennial Philosophy.

  27. Oh she's just drunk it happens all the time down there especially for Christians they really like that wine

  28. This is a pre-Enlightenment, pre-scientific, anti-intellectual worldview. The women would be perfectly at home and probably totally accepted in a primitive society (unless she were considered a witch and dangerous). To her, the storm is not a natural phenomenon but a personification of unintelligible power. In her mind, the storm can be threatened or cajoled into turning away. Given her assumptions, her actions are completely rational TO HER. This is not so much mental illness as an inability to think critically.

    This is why science education as well as philosophy is important. Religion is not necessarily anti-science but there is a different set of assumptions that must be examined in a critical fashion. The essence of religion is faith but faith that is examined critically.

    The unfortunate thing is that we have ignored critical self-examination in our educational system and replaced it with test-taking. This pre-scientific mentality is the result.

    It is not that this woman exists. There will always be outliers to both extremes, that is, anti-intellectual and uber-intellectual. The problem is that without sufficient critical thinking, people accept assumptions that are hurtful to themselves and others.

  29. Katt Kerr had to be a drug addict that got locked up and found jesus and for stupid addicted to that shit.
    She has plenty of videos saying crazy shit. Like talking animals in heaven that let you eat them and they just come back to life and shit. Lol and a land made of dessert for kids who died young. This is full on crazy!!!

  30. You hear how she thanks god? In hurry, just to be done with it and return to her favourite part.
    That's the american faith. Offensive.

  31. Early Religious Brainwashing Dogma or Critical Thinking Frozen Syndrome. This type of brainwashing can and does mess with a person's psyche so, it can effect a person mentally. Not necessarily makes this mentally ill. Like all religious dogma, it is engrained from centuries therefore a lot of undoing. Religion is a dictatorship in and of itself. This is child abuse. No doubt. It certainly does not belong in the political arena. We ought to fight and push for the right to ban such engrained warped rhetoric that it created to stifle free thinking. It makes people believe that praying alone can stop a war or even start a war. It creates moderates who stand back and do nothing to fight for injustices. Religion is a big, abusive oppressor carried out in broad daylight. Religions are wealthy corporations. This is a brained washed women. The illness is called "Religious Dogma/Dictatorship." (i coined this phrase but quite certain i am not alone.)

  32. Yes. Religious dogmatic indoctrination IS child abuse. It takes years of rational thought and deprogramming to pull them out of the downward spiral of religious hate…if ever.

  33. I didn’t watch it. Did it work?

    Sorry, couldn’t help it. Clearly, this is mental illness. She just happens to be focused on religion. It could’ve just as easily been broccoli.

  34. Of course, if children are indeed exposed to such levels of irrationality, it is a major problem. But, I wonder if these questions asked on her website are even authentic or if they're made up to make her seem relevant.

  35. David…leave the Spiritual things to the Spiritual.Stick to commenting on Politics or whatever,you are not a master of all knowledge.Stick to your lane man.If you do not know ,you do not know.

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