Religion Or Relationship – Does It Matter: Two Minute Message

– [Daniel] Hey everybody, Daniel Fusco here, and welcome to today’s Two Minute Message. So, oftentimes you hear people say, “is it about religion, or
is it about relationship?” And the answer always becomes, well, it’s about a relationship. And I’ll be honest, a
relationship is important, it’s the most important thing, but it’s been commonly said that religion is a human’s attempt to honor God, and a relationship is what
God did for us in Jesus, and I agree with that, but I actually want to encourage you to hold the idea of relationship
and religion in tension. Let me explain to you why:
religion without relationship, that’s a big problem. That’s just people doing
religious-looking things as a way to keep God at a distance. But, when somebody has a relationship with God through Jesus, then there’s all these religious things that become a quite
normal part of your life, like when you’re reading the scriptures that we should never forsake the assembling of ourselves together. Someone will say, “oh,
when you go to church, well, that’s just religion.” Well, no, actually, if you
have a relationship with God, God- you realize that
your relationship with God puts you in part of the family of God, and you can’t really have
a relationship with God without being a part of God’s family. Let me give you another example. If you have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, then you want to actually do the religious activity of reading your Bible every day. Why? Because you want to handle God’s word, you want to pray. Whether you write a prayer, or you pray conversationally, or however you get at that, you know, that’s a religious activity, but it’s actually born
out of a relationship. It’s the same reason why
I would encourage you to be in a small group, not just a large church gathering, but in a small group. Why? Because that’s a religious activity, but when you have a relationship with God, God invites you into something a little bit more substantial. Same thing with financial generoisty, self-sacrificial service, all these different things, those are religious activities. But the key is to have
religious activities that are being birthed
out of a relationship. So, I want to encourage
you to hold religion and relationship in its proper tension. Religion without relationship, it’s not, it’s not truly spiritual. A relationship without any sort of religious happening is, guess what? It’s actually not spiritual either, because God will always invite people into community with other believers through shared beliefs. This
is what I want you to do, I want you to share this,
’cause that news is important, important way to look at it. now, I realize I just
opened up a can of worms, so I just want- let’s just
let the conversation flow. How do you feel about what I just said? What do you think? What does it look like? And let’s just have a great conversation, and see where everyone’s coming from, and God bless you today.


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