Religion of Abraham – 03/05 – Quran Says – by Shaikh Muhammad (2009)

So you have heard certain Ayahs, now in In this world ALLAH says, “strive” strive in ALLAH as you ought to strive or as you is the right to strive. What is struggle, struggle is the way of ALLAH, whenever we come to know the Ayaatss, we have the understanding of the essence, we have to strive and struggle to follow that, as you struggle, as strive for your in life for attaining any thing what you do in life, you want to become a doctor or engineer or architect or anything what you want to do, you struggle for it, you struggle strive for it to attain that. Similarly ALLAH says that you struggle in ALLAH as you have to struggle the right of struggling, ALLAH is chosen you and has made you in the judgment not any difficulty to follow the ALLAH’s Ayahs or the judgments laid down in the Ayahs are not difficult. They are easy to follow if you want to follow, there is will there, as you must have a will to follow, it is easy and now yourselves what Arabic the topic, it is your religion of your father Ibraheem father or incest’s of Ibraheem. Whatever I have read now, how do you come to know what is the father religion of right, one aspect I am telling you, the other aspects I have already discussed in 5, 6 lectures and today we are discussing the family all this Ibraheem Alehissallaam, Ismeel Alehissallaam, Ishaq Alehissallaam and they all purify the house for people who are bowing, standing, bowing and prostrating, they did it, so that is their name as the people of the house. So if we are going to follow them then that is the religion of Ibraheem. Arabic it is the religion of your father Ibraheem, all the Prophets did it including Mohammad sallallah o allaihe wassallam as the seal of the Prophet did it and we have to do the same to become the nation that is Ibraheem nation. So now he says, ALLAH says Arabic it is he who has name you submitter the Muslim, Arabic from before not now from before, Arabic that the messenger is a witness over you and you become the witness over mankind. Now how the messenger becomes a witness over us, is through the Ayahs because these Ayahs are the Qaoul or the saying of the messenger. These Ayahs were recited by the messenger in all times, so when the Ayahs being recited it is the Qaoul e Rasool e Kareem, is the saying of the messenger. So when we read the Ayahs, we understand the essence of the Ayahs so Rasool Allah becomes the witness over us and once you know the Ayahs and you believe and practice you deliver those Ayahs, you too those people who do not know then you become the witness over mankind, who do not know. This is how the messenger is a witness over us and then when we recite the Ayahs to other people, the understanding with the essence, we become the witness over them. Arabic and so then establish the SALAH the prayer, we already know, do justification, I have delivered separate lecture on ZAKAT and SALAH. Arabic and hold fast to ALLAH, Arabic he is our protector Arabic he is the blessed protector and the blessed helper, meaning of these are beautiful protector, we are holding fast to, you know, I do not know, so many things which can do nothing, nothing they can do, it is ALLAH you have to hold fast, he is the best protector, he is our best Moula in arabic Moulakum he is a blessed protector and he is a blessed helper, he help you if you believe in the Ayahs, so he helps people and helps people at all times. Now there was, there is and will remain, the opposition of the Millat religion of Ibraheem, and now we will see who those people, who are in opposition of the Millat and religion Ibraheem, our father Ibraheem. In Now in the world people are saying that Ibraheem Alehissallaam, Ismaeel Alehissallaam or Ishaq Alehissallaam and Yaqoob Alehissallaam and the tribes, they were Yahoodi or Hood or Nasarah and I read just before, they all said, we believe in we are Mulims. We follow the ALLAH of Ibraheem Alehissallaam, Ismaeel Alehissallaam, Ishaq Alehissallaam, they were all Muslims submitters because the Essa do not die as a Muslim submitters for ALLAH. They follow the Millat religion of Ibraheem. Now the people are saying in all times that they said that Ibraheem and Ismaeel, Ishaq and Yaqoob and his tribes or you can say sons also the Yaqoob sons also referred as tribes Arabic they said they are in the label world, the Jews and Christians, if you take it as a label but if you take it as literal meaning then Nasarah means helpers, or Hood means lenient. But people are saying that they are like just they are Hood and Nasarah, so this is the opposition to what ALLAH is said in the Quranic Ayahs, that you have to follow the Millat of Ibraheem, so ALLAH in this Ayah says Arabic do you know more than ALLAH because ALLAH is already described which Millat you have to follow and they are not Yahoodi or Nasarah who these Prophets, they are messengers and Prophets of ALLAH, they are not Jews and they are not Christians. ALLAH says Arabic and the one who conceal the evidences from ALLAH that he has from ALLAH and ALLAH is a not ____ you to do. There are who is more unjust than the one who conceal or hide the evidance he has from ALLAH. Like for example I read these Ayahs, I understand that they are not the Jews and the Christians though his Prophets are not the Jews and the Christians, I understand but I am concealing, I am not exposing to the people that Ibraheem Alehissallaam, Ismaeel Alehissallaam, or Ishaq Alehissallaam the are the people of the house and they are the Ibraheem’s nation and they were all Muslims submitters to ALLAH, not the Jews and the Christians. So if I concealed after reading also, after reading these Ayahs still they are concealing, they are hiding it, they are not lending people to know about it. So in the world we have made that they know to Ibraheem till Mohammad Sallallah u Alehiwassallaam. They say they were all Jewish Prophets, you know this. They made a split, the Ibraheem Alehissallaam from Nooh Alehissallaam to Ibraheem, and Ismaeel all these were Jewish Prophets, only Mohammad sallallahu Alehiwassallaam was from the Arabs mean Israeli Jews. This is propagated in the world from the lineage of Ishaq Alehissallaam the Jews became and from the lineage of Ismaeel Alehissallaam they made Mohammad Sallallahu Alehiwassallaam this is all from outside the Quran. So they are saying it because Jews at this present moment in Israel, they have got a Bible, the old testament and in the old testament they are referring them as Jews, because they believe in their own way as Jewish Prophets. They said these are our Prophets. According to the Ayahs ALLAH says they are my Prophets, they are saying these are our Prophets and whatever they are writing about these and they are believing that so, among the so called Muslims, they have accepted this because they said that. They hiding from this Ayah, you must speak the Ayahs they were not Jews, they were not Christians. Instead of talking about the Ayahs what the Quran says, they accepted as they are all Jewish Prophets except Mohammad Sallallahu Alehiwassallaam, They made racial distinction between Ibraheem, Ismaeel and Ishaq. So in return to this ALLAH says in Now again these Yahoodi or Hood or Nasarah are saying that you become Jew or lenient or you become Nasarah helper, you will be guided. This is the concept of those people that you have to become my helper or Nasarah or you have to become a lenient or a Jew then you will be guided. Arabic they said become Hood, become Jew or become lenient, or Nasarah Christian or helper Arabic say the religion of Ibraheem Arabic and he was not from their associate. So in answer ALLAH says that you have to tell them that you are following the Millat e Ibraheem, the religion of Ibraheem and who are the the people of the house. Again, the contradiction and people are continuously in this world making sure that the religion of Ibraheem should not be established. They tried the level best but it is established. In In this Ayah they have exposed themselves that ALLAH says they will never never be satisfied with you until you become Jews, until your follow their religion. They are making sure that the religion of Ibraheem, the religion of Ibraheem is to be demolished, is not existing. ALLAH said that they will never be satisfied until you become Yahoodi or Nasarah Arabic until you follows their religion. Whatever the religion of Jews and the Nasarah is in the world, you have to follow that, meaning what there is that there were Yahoodi or Nasarah, all the Jews and all the Prophets were Yahood and Nasarah that is their religion mentioned in the Quran. So ALLAH says they will never, who never will the Yahoodi and the Jews and the lenient who are these people Nasarah, I am writing __ meaning because it is their meanings Nasarah, until be pleased with you unless you follow their religion. They will never be pleased with you the Jews and the Christian until you follow their religion and their religion as mentioned in the Quran that they said they are all Jewish Prophets, they are Jews, so you become Jews, you become Nasarah. Arabic say, surely the guidance is from ALLAH, the guidance and ALLAH says, Arabic and if you were to follow their desires after the knowledge has reach you then you would find neither protector nor helper from ALLAH. If the knowledge has come to you, what who is Ibraheem Alehissallaam, who is Ismaeel Alehissallaam, who all these Prophets, who are the the people of the house, the knowledge has come to us and they raise the foundation of the house, they purify the house for the people who are standing, bowing and prostrating, knowledge has come to you, so now ALLAH says it is their desires, when they say that they are become Jew and Nasarah, it ALLAH says they are vague desire, this is nothing just conjectures, it is not truth, so ALLAH says, if you are going to follow that desire after the knowledge is come to you then you will not find anyone to help you except ALLAH. So after the knowledge, you still believe that they were Jewish Prophets and do not believe as Ibraheem Alehissallaam and Ismaeel Alehissallaam and his whole family as a family of the house, so we remain there, you will find not anyone to help you, so you have to change the concept, when the knowledge has come to you. In this is the enimity going on with allthe messengers. You know this is the concept in all times, all the people in all times said they rejected their messengers in pleural, all the messengers were rejected and people said we will drive you out from our land from the earth or you return to our religion. They are saying to the messengers in all times, this is going on. The people are rejecting all the messengers in pleural and they are saying you have to follow our religion, we will tell you what Islam is, we will tell you who what is what. Actually they are rejecting all the messengers, what the messenger is saying and what is written about the messenger and what to do and what not to do, they reject everything and they say until you follow our religion, what they want to promote their Millah. Arabic our Millah, you follow our Millah to our GOD our religion, you have to follow our religion. So their LORD inspired the messengers towards them definitely we will destroy the oppressors, meaning that you do your job, the messenger is to deliver the message and if they do not agree or they want you to go to their religion, you do not have to go and ALLAH will destroy them. So this is ongoing continuous process that in all times, people are trying to say that follow our Millah, our religion that is why there are division in the world. Everybody is trying to say something which is not in the Ayahs of the Quran. They are trying to promote anything was diplomatic, is not in the Quranic Ayahs, is something else always. Now ALLAH is explaining in the Quranic Ayahs that whoever the Jews and the Christians are or whoever the lenient people of the helpers are, they say to each other that the Nasarah said to the Jews that you are not anything and the Jews says to nasara that You are not anything, they have got it right but there are reciting the book. There are Arab Jews Christians, there are Arab Jews. There are Arab speaking people are Jews in the world. There are Arab speaking people Christians and they are reciting the book in Arabic. In Arabic they are reading it and concocting what they want to concoct. So ALLAH says in this Ayah that both of them saying to each other the Jews Arabs are saying to the Christian Arabs that you not know anything but reading from the book, the same book and then Nasarah says you not know anything from the same book reading but but they are saying reading this book ALLAH says, they are reciting the book and saying to each other that you do not know anything and further ALLAH says that this has been happening before also, Arabic this those who do not know, this is their saying who do not know exact, they may read this book but they are not understanding they do not have the knowledge, if you do not have the knowledge you are saying these things which is not in the book, both are reading it, everybody is reading the book but saying something else because they do not have the knowledge. So ALLAH says Arabic on the day of judgment, on the day of judgment or the day of resurrection ALLAH will governed between them what they were differing. The differences that are in the world because of the lack of knowledge, they are reading ad reciting the book but they do not understand the book. They want to concoct their own thing, saying that you are not anything and they are saying they are not anything and everybody is reciting the book but since you do not have the knowledge so that is why you are differing, if you have got the knowledge then you differ because then you say you are wrong and they said they are wrong. So they said to each other and Now they are reading the book, the same book and they are putting fingers to each other, they are not anything and they are not anything and people are saying the same thing from before and ALLAH says or they are jealous of those people who are the followers of Ibraheem to the followers of Ibraheem Alehissallaam got the book and the wisdom, the followers of Ibraheem Alehissallaam got the book and the wisdom they are jealous. Because they know everybody knows when the truth is spoken no other this is a truth but they are program in a manner, they are stuck up in the culture and the system they do not want to get out so they become jealous. So ALLAH says they are jealous of mankind on what ALLAH has given from his bounty to the followers of Ibraheem Alehissallaam the book and the wisdom. So people who are following the Ayahs, I have got the book, book you can have this book Quran anywhere in the whole world but are you follower of the book, do you have the wisdom of the book so that is ALLAH says to whom ALLAH is given the book and the wisdom those are followers of Ibraheem and gave them a great kingdom. So you must know that the Jews and the Nasarah are also reciting the book and pointing fingers to each other and they are jealous of those whom ALLAH has given the book. They also jealous to whom ALLAH gave the book, they are jealous to those people whom ALLAH gave the book are the followers of Ibraheem Alehissallaam. Now in Now in the first portion of an Ayah Arabic this portion, indeed or without doubt there is for you the most beautiful Uswa-e-Hasanah most beautiful pattern is Uswa-e-Hasanah for you to follow in Ibraheem and those with him and believe me in my so many years of life I have never seen anywhere, in any mosque speaking about Ibraheem as the Uswa-e-Hasanah. In the hall have you ever heard that Ibraheem Alehissallaam Arabic anywhere in the world, why not, is not this Ayah by name in the Quran he is the only Prophets by name mentioned as Uswa-e-Hasanah, by name and nobody knows, and I do speaking to people and I am asking as if they heard yes I used to recited but I never thought about it, Hafiz, and Aalam and Arabic speaking people, so how can be you are following the religion of Ibraheem Arabic and you are not accepting that he is the best beautiful example in the Quran that his how you will follow him. All this just type in the Ayahs just now you came to know from where, Ayahs how he raise the foundation of the Ka’abaa, how he purify the house for those who are standing, bowing from Ayahs so who he is the best, the father of the religion of Ibraheem, the he is the best beautiful example or beautiful pattern to follow and with him also, who are with Ibraheem Alehissallaam, all the messengers and the Prophets including Mohammad Sallallahu Alehiwassallaam as a seal of the Prophets. As a seal of the Prophets, he is also with him Arabic so with Ibraheem Alehissallaam is the best beautiful example or best beautiful pattern to follow and who are those with him, who would be with Ibraheem Alehissallaam, first all the messengers are the most beautiful pattern to follow but by name the father of religion he is mentioned by name and only in the whole Quran his name has mentioned with Uswa-e-Hasanah most beautiful and with him you can include all the Prophets, all the messengers and if you want to follow then you are with him, if you do not follow, you are not with him. The Uswa-e-Hasanah of Ibraheem Alehissallaam what I have just now give few examples in six different lectures Arabic and what is the Uswa-e-Hasanah or the most beautiful pattern is also they all together meaning Ibraheem Alehissallaam, all the messengers and the Prophets and if you are truly follower of Ibraheem Alehissallaam then you included what they have they said Arabic when they said to their people surely we are free of you and whatever you serve besides ALLAH, meaning in the world you have to take a stand by saying these words because what people are believing you are not going to believe that apart from the Quran what they are saying, so you have said to the people surely we are free of you whatever you service besides ALLAH, Arabic we have rejected you, “kafarna” means we are Kaffir of your system, kaffarna bekum, kaffarna, we have rejected you, we are a kaffir, kaffir, kafar, we reject you and there is reason between us and you enmity and hated forever Arabic enmity and hated for unless you believe in ALLAH and him alone, this you must if you are a follower of Ibraheem Alehissallaam the best and beautiful Uswa-e-Hasanah if you are included in it, there must be an enmity with those people until you become you follow ALLAH alone, you follow ALLAH alone, this is all the Prophets did it, they all the Prophets in the Quran said they ever killed, psychologically or physically that is a separate point but they all the messengers deliver the message ALLAH said, they killed the Prophets. They messengers against their own desires and I just read before they wanted will through you out from the city or from the land until you follow our religion. So becoming a Muslim for ALLAH and becoming and following the religion of Ibraheem is not a joke. You have to be that there must be reason an enmity between your people and them except now he says except Arabic except the saying of Ibraheem for his father certainly I will ask forgiveness for you and I have no authority from ALLAH in anything, Oh our LORD over you is our trust and towards you we depute, represent and towards you is our determination. Again I tell you further the exception is there, there is no enmity and there is no haterecy for his father. You understand what I said because when he did not obey, he did not follow the message of ALLAH, he says I will ask for forgiveness for you and he was affectionate. I would refer to that Ayah just next page and

  1. AL-HAJJ 22:78 (M-Shaikh)
    And jahedo / you strivein (the way of) Allah as the right of jehad / strivingin (the way of) Him.He has chosen youand He has made no difficulty over you in ad-deen / the judgment(i.e.islam / to attain peace)The millat / religion ofyour ancestor Ibraheem.He has named you muslimeen /submitters from before and in this so that the messenger be a witnessover you and you be a witnessover mankind. Then establish salah / prayer and give zakah / justificationand hold fast with Allah. He is your protectorso He is the blessed protectorand the blessed helper. 

    STRIVE / STRUGGLE  When we come to know the essence we should strive and struggle to follow and practice. Same way as we do for our carriers.

    MESSENGER is witness over us because we recite the ayats after understanding the essence similarly we are witness over mankind with the same ayats when we recite to others.

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