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I felt like I had a mountain to climb.
Marybeth is like the perfect example of what you want in a patient because
anything we asked her to do she was more than willing to do and she worked so
hard. The nursing care that I received was extremely personalized,
individualized the nurses and their nursing assistants took time with me
they were respectful and warm and encouraging. We would set goals that
would be like, “Okay so in a week or two this is where I want to be but these are
my long-term goals on where I want to eventually be,” and so we would hit those
small goals and each time we hit a small goal we’d say, “Okay now here’s the next
goal we’re gonna hit.” There’s a community out here. People who want to help each
other, and those are the
things that you know are part of my hope. It was so fun to watch her achieve all the
goals and when we discharged her from here she’s walking with a walker and
doing all the transfers on her own and it’s just incredible

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