Red Tide: Number of Americans Who Embrace Socialism Skyrockets

Seventy percent of Democrats surveyed believe
socialism would be good for America, according to a new Gallup poll. In a late April survey, Gallup asked a random
sample of 1,024 adults whether socialism would be a good thing or a bad thing for the country. Overall, 51 percent of respondents said socialism
would be bad for the country, but 43 percent said it would be good. According to Gallup, these results are in
contrast with the findings of a 1942 Roper/Fortune poll. Forty percent of respondents in that poll
said socialism was bad and 25 percent said it was good. At that time, 34 percent did not have an opinion. In its recent poll, Gallup found a stark contrast
in how members of different political parties viewed socialism. Although 70 percent of Democrats said socialism
would be good compared to 45 percent of independents and only 13 percent of Republicans viewing
it positively. Eighty-four percent of Republicans said socialism
would be bad, against 48 percent of independents and only 25 percent of Democrats. Support for socialism was highest among non-whites
polled (57 percent), respondents 18-34 (58 percent) and those who identify themselves
as liberal (85 percent). Opposition to socialism peaked among whites
(59 percent), respondents over 55 (60 percent) and those who identify as conservative (78
percent). Gallup included questions to ascertain exactly
what socialism meant to those responding, noting that “nearly one in four” Americans
associates socialism with social equality and only 17 percent define it “with the
more classical definition of having some degree of government control over the means of production.” “Americans are most likely to prefer free
market control in the areas of technological innovation and the distribution of wealth. Majorities also want the free market to drive
the economy overall, wages, higher education and healthcare,” Gallup reported. “Preference for the government to serve
as the primarily responsible actor only garners majority support for protecting online consumer
privacy and the environment.” The Gallup report said Americans’ contradictory
views “make it hard to generalize a simplistic conclusion about Americans’ opinions of,
and willingness to entertain, socialism. But there are a few clear takeaways. About four in 10 Americans are accepting of
some form of socialism or socialist policies, and Democrats currently have a more positive
view of socialism than capitalism.” The poll comes as political figures offering
widely different views on socialism. “Here in the United States, we are alarmed
by new calls to adopt socialism in our country. America was founded on liberty and independence
— and not government coercion, domination, and control. We are born free, and we will stay free. Tonight, we renew our resolve that America
will never be a socialist country,” President Donald Trump said in his February State of
the Union message. In an interview with Business Insider in late
December, Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York said the definition of socialism
is changing. “So when millennials talk about concepts
like democratic socialism, we’re not talking about these kinds of ‘Red Scare’ boogeyman. We’re talking about countries and systems
that already exist that have already been proven to be successful in the modern world.” Gallup noted that support for socialism could
be a factor in the 2020 presidential election. “In addition, td that support for a socialist candidate was centered
on one side if the political spectrum. “[T]hree in four Democrats (74%) say they
would support a self-identified socialist, up from 59% in 2015,” Gallup reported
“Meanwhile, socialist candidates remain unpopular among the GOP rank-and-file — 19%
would vote for a socialist for president, down from 26% in 2015. Just 49% of independents would vote for a
socialist, a potential problem for the Democrats if they nominate a left-leaning candidate
who supports socialist-style programs,” Gallup said

  1. Please do a video on WHY liberals think a socialist society would work in the US when it HAS NOT in other countries. Thanks

  2. Sorry to break this to you, Cow Farts Cortex, BUT. The Definition of Socialism will always REMAIN the SAME. DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!

  3. I did the research, it proves that socialism is the beginnings of facist-natzism, and communism. More of those so called socialists need to do their homework. I will never ever accept socialism! Never!

  4. AOC-What countries is Socialism working in? The ones where you have to wait months for an operation or in other words none of them.


  6. My " MANY " personal opinions:
    That's because America has become a society of freeloaders.
    They want/get all these entitlements and do nothing for them.
    You expect me to get off my behind and work for something?
    Hey man, this is America,
    LAND OF THE " FREE " !!!
    Do you people not have enough sense to know that when Socialism comes to America they
    " OWN ' Y O U ' " !!!
    They are all COUNTING
    on your ignorance, stupidity and laziness.
    Then they sit back and laugh their behinds off because they have you EXACTLY where they want you and you are TRAPPED!
    Once you're starving and dying in concentration camps YOU will wish YOU
    had never heard of
    " Socialism " or Communism!!!
    Just how brain dead do you have to be . . .
    Never mind –
    I know the answer to that.
    Again, these are my personal opinion's.
    But let me leave you with just one more of my many
    cherished personal opinion's :
    BETRAY HER !!!!!
    Land of the " FREE " . . .

  7. Why would they? Everything is free, and they don't have to work hard.

    The toughest thing they'll have to do is wait on long lines for food and toilet paper, and give up their individual rights and freedom!

    Welcome to the USSR, you don't how happy you are, ha!!

  8. Where will these young, uneducated, ill informed people go for their freebies after all the millionaires and billionaires leave the country because they are being
    taxed to death? The money will run out, guaranteed. GOOD LUCK! your Socialist Bernie is not being honest with you. Ask him where the money will come from after the wealthy leave? WAKE UP AND GROW UP YOUNG PEOPLE.

  9. Am I wrong to assume that those who want socialism are already on welfare? We will never become a socialist country!

  10. Sorry it's not happening here😁you only asked a specific group of people your poll is corrup
    Liers gonna keep on with the lie..
    This is part of your conditioning


  11. What do you want to bet that the 43% of people who said socialism would be good for America flunked history. 🙂

  12. Now I call bs in you dude..a pole takin inside a college demonrat area of 1042 progressive commie scum doe not prove anything other than the media sucks Soros cock.

  13. Baahahaha you think? I don't know who's stats you're citing but I'm bettin they're sid blumenthls the 2016 election proves that and the 2018 mid terms prove voter fraud is their only chance

  14. If we go socialist in the country I'm moving to Gilligan's Island and sinking the boat I got there in.

  15. Probably, most of the youngsters prefer socialism, hence the high approval for socialism. They don't know the harsh reality of socialism, where all the property belongs to the govt. The govt. has the absolute power to decide your fate.

  16. These idiots need to move to China and very soon they will figure out the corruptions. If you are not rich you will not get anything done without bribing..

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