Red Chinese Battle Plan circa (1966) Cold War Anti-Communist Propaganda Film

it is a blueprint for world revolution bread China's battle plan divided and encircled conquer and inflate this film tells how it all came about it's China ceased to dominate various territories which included 3 and 1/2 million square miles an area equal in size to 3 India's or almost all of Europe never in history had a major independent nation lost so much sovereignty and suffered so much humiliation entering the twentieth century China is a backward nation ruled by an autocratic system of Emperor's and kings her people are restless they want to change they demand new leadership they find both than dr. Sun yat-sen the George Washington of China who leads a People's Revolution in 1911 that overthrows the corrupt Manchu dynasty dr. Shawn's attempts to establish democracy in China are hampered by reactionaries restorationist s– warlords and amidst the chaos and unrest but Chinese Communist Party is born bouts adorn attends the founding conference in 1921 a man of the soil he believes that the ultimate power in China belongs to the peasants who make up 80% of the nation's population and so says Mao Zedong China's communist revolution must begin in the rural areas and sweep over the sittings Chiang kai-shek succeeding Sun yat-sen works with the Communists at first but in 1927 he purges them from his government Chung's armies are able to drive the red troops into the mountains but he can never wipe them out and in 1934 mout Seto undertakes his long march in search of sanctuary in the remote province of Shanxi in the caves of Yun on it is as if an army had been ordered to march on foot six thousand miles through hostile territory in one year following a tortuous roundabout route the Communists cross 18 mountain ranges some of them higher than the European Alps in the beginning there are 180,000 marchers in the communist Caravan curling across the hills and plains of China for 50 miles and more casualties are enormous three quarters of the marchers died enroute for the survivors press arm and when they reach their Mountain sanctuary Mao himself is on hand to salute and welcome them he is and has been throughout the long march in full command [Applause] there are only a few thousand communists in the caves of Yana but from this humble beginning their influence will grow and multiply reach out and conquer the Communists ideologically are constantly on the attack denouncing the nationalist government than junk Ishak and now does something no military leader in China has done before he sends his soldiers into the fields to work beside the peasants to help them and to talk to them of the new China the Communist China in which landlords will be made to give up their farms to the peasants propaganda teams traveled the countryside dancers perform morality plays in which the landlords are the devil send the communists other forces of righteousness trampling their classic enemy Chiang kai-shek is aware of the growing pro-communist sentiment in China he realizes that it is a threat as great if not greater than the aggressive ambitions of the Japanese for Chung and for nationalist China the sands of time are running out and yet the nation / city centre people reflect little of the uneasiness unrest uncertainty that cast their shadows from within and without Shanghai 1937 the blow Falls Japan strikes when John kai-shek is forced into war with Japan when China must fight for her life the Communists are given representation in a coalition government bouts it'll makes his real aims very clear we are fighting 70% for self development 20% for compromised 10% against Japan as the sino-japanese war goes on Mao is promoted in Chinese communist propaganda as a popular anti-japanese patriot wherever and however the red troops move into battle they spread the glory of Mount Doom and the greatness of the Communist cause on their backs they carry posters and slogans as they march through the countryside when the war ends in 1945 Mao's guerrillas have grown from 40,000 to 1 million the enemy from without has been conquered but within the fight has just begun for post-war China is a nation exhausted by battle people eat grass misery and hunger are deeply etched on the land and on the people this is the time for mounts it don't two launches so-called war of national liberation communist forces have been strengthened by the acquisition of captured Japanese weapons and ammunition stockpiled in Manchuria and seized with Russian assistance Mao strategy is based on a protracted war a war that will weaken the Nationalists as the Communists grow stronger enemy advances we retreat enemy camps we harass animate tires we attack anim retreats we pursue time and again Chiang kai-shek stronger better equipped army units find themselves fighting an elusive shadowy enemy that melts into the mountains and in the midst of battle communist soldiers are ranked the Nationalists crawling on Zhang's troops often with great effect to desert to the Communist side uncertain self-proclaimed war of national liberation is a series of battles of annihilation injuring all of the man's 10 fingers is not as effective as chopping off one and routing ten anime divisions is not as effective as annihilating one of them Mouse conquest of mainland China begins with his guerrillas gaining control of the rural areas then the cities are surrounded and isolated engulfed and defeated Mao's blueprint for conquest is succeeding justice plan you all along Mao who's the intellectuals the middle force in China with talk of a coalition government the United Front a new democracy but Mao's promises a popular representation only masks the communist leaders real intention finally all of mainland China is swallowed up by the so-called liberation movement and one-fourth of the world's population is brought under communist control but on formal renamed Taiwan more than ten million Chinese remain free Chiang kai-shek has escaped and set up a Republic of China government in opposition to the Communists Chung signs our mutual defense treaty with the United States and vows one day to liberate captive China em vaping on October 1st 1949 Mao Zedong proclaims the birth of the People's Republic of China in communist China with the war of national liberation one bounce it on reveals to the world that he is no gentle agrarian reform in the first five years of the People's Republic at least 800,000 anti-communists by Mao's own admission are tried and executed millions more die from local excesses from imprisonment from assignment to so-called labor reform units in foreign affairs Mao becomes increasingly militant and in Korea in 1950 communist China and the free world come into conflict when South Korea is invaded by communist forces from North Korea the United Nations Security Council is convened in emergency session in New York and the members vote to send troops into combat to help defend the independence and sovereignty of South Korea you in December 1950 the Red Chinese intervened on the side of North Korea for 2 and 1/2 years the UN and communist troops fight and fall in Hawaii the United Nations forces hold and in July 1953 at ban munjong an armistice aside fixing boundary lines much as they were when the invasion began General William Harrison signs for the United Nations General na mele accepts the agreement for North Korea as the Communist Chinese troops withdraw and return to their homeland Mao Zedong claims a momentous victory over the free world Mao tells the world the United States is a paper tiger immediately after the establishment of the People's Republic all is harmony between the Chinese dragon and the Russian bear Moscow rolls out the red carpet for the visitor from Peking and it is not long before the two giants of the Communist world controlling together more than a billion lives sign a 30 year treaty of friendship Alliance and assistant each country promises not to join in any coalition against the other and both agree to consult regularly on matters of mutual concern but in 1956 the dragon on the fair come into conflict as Nikita Khrushchev denounces Joseph Stalin Mao Zedong's longtime idol when the Russian premier proposes a policy of peaceful coexistence with the free world Red China attacks Khrushchev on the Soviet Union as traitors to the basic doctrine of world revolution as the years go by the rift grows wider in 1963 Russia the United States and Great Britain agree on a historic treaty banning nuclear testing in the atmosphere outer space and underwater the treaty the increasing contact and communications between Russia and the free world reflect the Soviet leadership screwing concern with internal problems and so-called peaceful coexistence as a better way than force to spread communism around the world Dean Rusk signs for the United States Andrei Gromyko for the Soviet Union an Alexander Douglas you for Great Britain bred China denounces Moscow's new line and sets out to become the leader of world communism as generations of leadership change as years pass be king may change its militant position but today Communist China seeks to spread its own brand of global revolution Mao's emissaries are sent into the underdeveloped nations of the world the so-called rural areas bread technicians arrive in Havana seeking a foothold in the Caribbean a satellite in the Western Hemisphere Raul Castro Fidel's younger brother travels behind the bamboo curtain to be greeted and decorated by Chinese military officials in Europe Red China wins a satellite in tiny Albania and in talks and meetings the red leaders preach their gospel of world revolution through people's Wars of national liberation satellite nations are emphatically reminded of Mao's admonition political power grows out of the barrel of a gun in Africa Ghana and its leader Kwame Nkrumah received special on state visits the Ghanaian president is greeted by Joe and live as speaking seeks to spread its influence throughout Africa in Asia the Chinese communist regime seeks to become a friend and ally of Pakistan [Applause] Johanne live be kings apostle of world revolution as he meets with President Putin in alliances and agreement with Indonesia and other nations Red China had years to Mao Zedong's Creed of Congress the Marxist Leninist principles of revolutions hold good universally for China all the other countries of the world read China's battle plan is spelled out in specific detail in an article written by Lin be AO wife's chairman of the Chinese Communist Party and Minister of Defense long live the victory of people's war is a title of the article and it's 18 thousand words are directed toward the ultimate and absolute defeat of the free world victory for communism will come says Lin BL through Wars of national liberation country by country continent by continent Lin be aus blueprint for world revolution follows Mao Zedong's classic conquest of China dividing the world as a nation is divided into cities and rural areas in this red Chinese battle plan North America and Western Europe are the cities of the world in Asia Africa Central America and South America the rural areas with revolutions such as the war in Vietnam organized everywhere there will be says lean BL a tide of opposition to the free world and the imperialists the reactionaries the Khrushchev revisionists will be swept from the stage of history the struggle of the Vietcong as lean BL is now the focus of the struggle of the people of the world the Communists are waging a guerrilla war patterned after Mao Zedong's war of national liberation in Vietnam as in China two decades ago communists seek to dominate the countryside until the dense thicket of communism surrounds entangles and finally chokes the cities and the Vietcong fight with guerrilla tactics tested and perfected by Mao Zedong use any technique of turul some person treachery that will rot and cripple the enemy and so civilian prisoners are bound then chained and slaughtered by the Vietcong see King is careful to assert that revolutions cannot be important but says lean be ow that does not exclude support for revolutionary peoples in their struggle Buster's militant communist China and Mao Zedong see the day when Peking becomes the ideological center of a world and slave but in many countries the red chinese battle plan has failed in ghana kwame nkrumah good friend and faithful ally of mars item is today a fallen Idol but the polls ruler a man without a country in Indonesia anti-communist riots shake the country and students stormed the red Chinese embassy Sukarno is no longer at the absolute ruler of the island Empire in the Caribbean Communist China suffers still another setback Fidel Castro turns his back on Peking and sends red China's technicians halt denouncing all but Castro's own brand of communism in Asia nations large and small stand together strong alert determined to respond to wars of aggression that deny people the chance to decide their own destiny striving for peace striving for a world in which nations live by law and reason not by threats and destruction in a world of so-called cities and rural areas the emerging nations and industrial countries are today partners in progress building together for peace the cities the fortunate nations of the world are bringing to the rural areas of poorer nations the skills and assistance needed to help them and their people build and create a better life for this generation and those to come carrying on a tradition of hope and the dignity of man a conviction born long ago far away when this bell rang out the roots that a new nation was born a new truth proclaimed that man is born to be and to remain forever free you you

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