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some of Travis's programs could have been sustainable if he pursued a sound economic policy but what about is question of the day would love to hear your feel what example would you use if you're an advocate for socialism for successful long term socialism to which country would you point I'm curious because John Oliver released this videos we talked about the Venezuela video here and he talks about how important it is and there's there's there's nothing new here really does end I really want you to go watch the entire video what is it about 19 about 19 minutes I encourage you to watch the entire context we're going to try to do our best to get to the factual information presented there is less and less with each done Oliver video let's go clipping has been hard to keep up with events in Venezuela due to the hurricane that we've all been dealing with here although if you follow conservative media at all you might have seen it frequently painted as the inevitable dire consequences of a socialist government for a case in point just watch this Infowars reporter quizzing an extremely chill Bernie Sanders supporter your honor a majority of the country is currently eating rats while their politicians are drinking champagne on a daily basis if Bernie Sanders were president right and he wanted to bring the same ideas as social for socialism into this country why should you dressed like Donald Duck do you think that we would benefit yeah but I just told you Venezuela is getting rats I'm screwed Sailor Moon but I just want build-up health care I don't want like worms in your brain and honest what you do up there is a nice distillation of the current level of political discourse in America to people who don't really know what they're talking about condescending to each other nonsensically until one of them lands a sick bird do you think I actually agree with almost everything you just said except for the sick burn part and that's what's important air we're gonna get to the examples a dad of the facts and all of our sources in a minute but if you think I just I just want free health care you people have worms when your head is a sick burn no facts data or analysis thereafter and this piece here can convince you all right I just wanna make sure because we just have to we disagree at that point by the way it's a classic strong memory he sits there and talks about two people who have no idea what they're talking about if it's if it's so lowbrow why did you choose this example you could have taken an example of Noam Chomsky and Sam hare is talking about social you could have this is what you pick but what is happening in Venezuela it's not just extremely important it is absolutely worth paying attention to because this is not just a story about socialism there are plenty of socialist countries that look nothing like Venezuela it's a story about epic mismanagement but you repeat yourself see the entire criticism of socialism the entire reason that conservatives the right-wing what do we want to call us oppose a path toward intrusive government is predicated on the idea the concept as worth of mismanagement for which we are roundly mocked sums that capitalism designed to prevent yes it's almost those designs do management it no your the thing you don't even have to believe that capitalism is correct to agree with me when I say that conservatives and capitalists fear that socialism we believe socialism to result in gross mismanagement even even the United States by the way so socialist but socialism or government bureaucracy plus time equals mismanagement equals failure see examples and healthcare Social Security education and banking gen Albert goes on he goes on to say there plenty of socialist nations we said in that clip I think that looked different from Venezuela implying success now I thought and we've talked I thought he's going to point to the the Nordic model yeah as so many left us do even attempt to do that or a little while it looks like it's working until you run out of people's money until the danish prime minister says we're not so sure yeah bernie sanders please shut up you can call it democratic socialism you can call it national socialism there is no good socialism that's the only constant and it always results in mismanagement let's see and I've said this before when we've covered what's going on in Venezuela it is not one thing it is not just the fact that it's a socialist country it is under factors that played a role in the economic downfall of the country I'm not saying that we all live in communist you know the Soviet Union or China terrible terrible things happen there but that's what we always we always revert to you know we say well is there not is it not possible that we could for a start they didn't do it properly they ignored it thank you everybody says but no one's ever done it properly inevitably point you to the next brand of socialism which will work or the next leader who will do it better that's all we've seen all of our current leftist leaders and I'm not about extremists I'm talking about your political leaders we're all stars a platform representives for the DNC praising all the previous socialist and communist dictators who end up being awful terrible people Fidel Castro they forgot that he educated the kids gave them health care totally transform the society it would be wrong my state that in Cuba they have made some good advances in health care they are sending doctors all over the world fund AIDS they have made some progress in education they can send doctors wherever they want right if people don't want the doctors that's like I could you know I could go to the the Tokyo Superdome I could say I perform at the Tokyo Superdome but I didn't sell it out I didn't sell out anything on raft and the ref is this desk chair we're gonna get out of there and you saw of course we have the Beatle here of Obama and in front of Che and the whole revolution over it's just like oh my gosh let's let's be reverent to a man who said before the UN that they would execute without trial and by the way hated black people thought they were lazy and deserving of death again you look back they were praising all these socialist leaders right in people it was actually more talk about Castro but let me matter-of-fact guess who found himself amongst the figureheads worthy of praise and his country is it possible maybe he is one of the most important forces we've had on his planet from my very American of my friend as an inch of is it is only possible to be so inspiring as he is sometimes American journalist talk about how bad the country is because people are lining up fools it's funny we write these shows every day and we sit down and when you really put it on time like this it's even more damning than I thought they try and distance themselves from the results yeah right that's what happens here's the thing Bernie Sanders didn't come out and say I was wrong about bread lines it turns out there's not free next day shipping he didn't have a flash of genius moment he's still a socialist he just slapped Democratic in front of it and by the way they've praised these peep this is again mainstream leftism please go watch the whole video you can go back and find clips of John Oliver saying things of the same effect so much it's so embarrassing that John Oliver himself even has to hedge his bets in his own video and acknowledging how much the left kind of loved Chavez to the fans each others many of his social programs were initially effective during his tenure the poverty rate was nearly halved and to this day many Venezuelans revere Chavez to a dramatic degree halved okay let's let's go to poverty how well it's easy to cut poverty in half when you use taxpayer dollars and cease production just for a little while if you just take all of all of the monies and all of the things and you know what you could also completely unlimited unemployment if you forced everyone to dig ditches with spoons you could it doesn't mean it's a real economy it gets propped up North Korea did the same thing for slaver only works for so long before you fall off the edge and you had a point about that right spin yeah I mean beep if they didn't have oil you know they would have had to build a wall around that country and stuff their own people don't know how good it is outside what happened what they did you know what's great the left has never called out on this crap this is the problem with social him it's it's like one of those things you get the dollars with like a bar of soap it's one of those party tricks that keeps slipping through your hands they're never called out Joe Biden was talking about having meetings there when he was running as vice president with people he never met diners that didn't even exist right number the BP oil spill left lemon an to talk about this afterward to talk about the 18 billion dollar lawsuit that occurred versus Chevron let's turned out to be fraudulent they never get called on the scrap because george w bush said nucular because because because president donald trump has a bad comb-over you guys we're all praising venezuela for years for years we can sure we only have so much time on the show and you were wrong you're always wrong and the media never call how nice it must be to never because i predict just yesterday and supporting the embassy called out for apparently taking shekels from jews and Illuminati no one's gonna call any of these people out on praising chavez and bread lines in venezuela you are on the left is always wrong and i'm saying that an absolutist yes absolutely as it relates to socialism and no one calls him on it i am amazed next clip now Chavez could act the way that he did because Venezuela was oil-rich and over the course of his presidency he took more and more state control over their national oil company enabling him to fund programs benefiting the poor and when that company protested some of the changes that he was making he responded by using his TV show to address its executives directly there Peter I'm firing the following people mr. Juan Fernandez you are fired from petroleum of Venezuela Eddie Ramirez thank you very much you were fired also Mariano Rodriguez you are not fired but if you don't stop talking to your boyfriend on speakerphone you absolutely will be on the outset he's praising it yeah watch the full video the full context because you'd be like nobody's gonna counterbalance it after him he never does he literally takes an example of one of I would argue one of the most horrific displays of socialist authoritarianism and he never dresses it as horrifying yeah I think the words government took control the state could took controls oil companies then fired executives can only generate one of two visceral reactions disgust freedom-loving disgust or admiration we're saying the exact same thing you're saying the state took control of the oil companies and for executives I'm thinking the state took control the Oh companies in fired executives like I'm saying listen you hear this the state seizing control and firing executives one of two reactions all right disgust or admiration now now this isn't a rebuttal right here okay I'm telling you this we're not gonna find common ground if you hear that and you're okay this isn't a rattle it's a litmus test right you have to figure out where you line up next clip some of Travis's programs could have been sustainable if he pursued a sound economic policy and run a tight ship but not only did he stop saving oil revenues in a rainy day fund he also oversaw a government that transparency international found to be the most corrupt country in Latin America but what about is there is no mention of is if he run a tight ship ha yes the tight the tight ship policy this didn't work with Venezuela okay if now you're taking a big if with countries that aren't rich in oil they were starting off halfway through the foot race as far as a head start all Venezuela had to do was mat fumble it's easy to see what Maduro has pissed people off because he has managed Venezuela's economic crisis in the worst possible way he's doubled down on many of Chavez his most unsound policies like unrealistic currency and price controls while attempting to make up for missing revenue by simply creating more money and as a result inflation has exploded they're hedging here he used a lot of hedge words is unrealistic okay you guys remove that and just make everything that he likes price controls Democrats damn and I'm just saying liberal progressives Democrats okay for people out there like I'm on a classic liberal no you're not Democrats have actively supported price controls for college for years Bernie Sanders calling for price controls on pharmaceuticals unrealistic printing walkers printing war currency Obama's economic economic philosophy was based on quantitative easing this is from Obama the feds mandate my mandate is to grow our economy and that's not just good for they say that's good for the whole world so or thing could happen in the world counties we end up stuck with no growth at our very listen the guy the left has caught you look at the Federal Reserve understand what that is under look at people the most radical right leading people they want to go back to a gold back standard right this is something that conservatives have been openly mocked for opposing for years printing of more cash it's a fundamental premise of the left right as far as Keynesian economics um by the way I learned Keynesian economics in college never one shred Adam Smith maybe John Oliver and I went to the same College probably not alright next clip and those shortages have had some terrible consequences yes this food shortage is widespread over the last year three-quarters of the population has lost an average of almost twenty pounds look how fat I used to be this is how many holes I had to make in my belt on the Maduro the Maduro diet that is actually now a commonly used phrase in Venezuela and it's a very healthy sounding term for a truly horrifying situation okay I'm on a second I'm that guy looks not bad he must have been really fact picking the wrong examples again yeah starvation okay the years where we can find common ground right we all agree starvation is bad there we go but why is there starvation why are there food shortages what the government do with food fix the prices that's textbook social we just talked about fixing prices we just talk about the left opposing what they call price gouging raising the price when there's lower supply this results in chronic shortages because the price is set to live he literally after this just goes on to make fun Maduro and attack him for eating an empanada honor it's a 19 minute video I highly recommend that you go and watch the entire thing there's almost no continuation as far as critics easy to find SATs top of the tourney it's at the top of the tournament as far as continuation of the policies any any any criticism now why why is there no continued criticism on the policies it goes on to talk about what a jerk Maduro is because the policies are either identical to us we have Chavez or far too similar to policies of today's current left supports including John Oliver so go watch the video see for yourself it's on 19 minutes I want you to watch it okay I want you to come back and comment I want you to question our sources I want you to get as much context as humanly possible and make up your own mind that's what I want you to do and I see this with John Oliver more and more and more and more you know I used to start off where we would have to go through a 12-minute video and go through each source we scraped this video for every single piece of factual information he presented there's very very little and I don't want to fact-check jokes I don't want to jump on a guy for telling jokes I think some of the bits in there are funny but that's not what this was about this has three million places at the top of training this is at the front page of HuffPo because people like what he has to say so we wanted to see what it was that he had to say and I think that you need to get as much contact as possible make up your mind because like I said okay if you think the statements like I just want free health care any of worms in your head if you think that's a slick bone or if you're hearing that the state seems controlled production and fired executive if that statement warms your cockles there's no middle ground for us ok this is something important a lot of people's all we wants to be a leader no I don't care as much about civility as I do about honesty and we need to get to the truth we find common ground starving is bad we find common ground we don't like poverty that's great that's enough common ground we don't need to act as though we're finding common ground on economic policy that is evil you see the results time after time after time after time and you'd think it'd have egg on their face because they praised people who were evil in Castro in people like Shabbos and I'm pretty sure you could probably find them praising Maduro at some point too because I mean really we've we have clips of them praising bread lines it's not too far-fetched to say somewhere down the line Maduro got a pat in the back from Bernie Sanders so there's no middle ground here if you just find those statements to be heartwarming I disagree with you and that's ok let us know hey if you like this video subscribe or click the notification but you should do both anyways because youtube doesn't know too by you if you're just subscribe you have to hit that notification bell so if you already are subscribed hit the notification bell and if you're not supporting this content go to lotta with credit outcome / monk let me get the fold nightly show an hour every day free when you subscribe this hand – courtesy mug as well as other programming and listen you also get to support not Kay Jarrod's Remicade treatment I don't know what it is I know it has something because he has he has he had ulcerative colitis it doesn't anymore thank God because their mood his colon and truth be told it's not working very well anyway

    I would allude the person to the Saturday morning cartoons and ask the them to pay specific attention to Care bears…because even in Care bears there's a representation of biologically rooted hierarchy negating there EVER BEING A POSSIBILITY FOR SOCIALISM TO WORK.

    Silly leftist, thoughts are for individuals.
    Not quite as catchy as, "silly rabbit, Trixx are for kids" ,but almost as profound.

  2. "People standing in line is a good thing????" I was born & raised in a communist country.. I never understood much at the time because I was a kid, but I can remember we used to have a card to buy bread, half a bread per day for each person. 1 liter of oil per month, 1 kilo of sugar, you could rarely find meat and whenever people saw a line forming they would first queue up, then ask what's selling lol. When it was rumored that they would bring meat at the store people would effectively step over eachother to get in front… queues would form days ahead for a chicken or two like they do now for the latest iPhone.. It wasn't good people, I don't understand how some can see that as a utopia.

  3. If you really want to condemn socialism in an honest and scientific manner, then you need to provide samples that are uncontaminated. After all, I can't claim that a fatty isn't losing weight when I surreptitiously have my own toe on the scale. That is tantamount to intellectual cowardice. If I'm right, I have to be willing to let the data speak for itself. Crowder constantly cites examples of the failures of socialism that have been tainted by interventionism. Sorry, your examples don't count when your nation (that enjoys a thriving system of corporate socialism for itself) enforces decades-long trade embargoes on the nations you seek to condemn. If socialism is so terrible, then stand back, let them implode, and enjoy the "I told you so". In the meantime, why not get busy running that big yap of yours condemning corporate socialism in your own country?

  4. That's a clip of ashton birdie and I think shes pretty bright, and extremely hot, of course, shes a conservative…

  5. But healthcare isn't a socailism thing, Australia is a captalistic country but we have government funded healthcare. We still have private health insurance to make the offset, but it isn't uncontrolled.

  6. This maybe laugh today was last time you heard a Democrat told the truth. When was the last time you heard a Democrat be honest about socialism. I think the last time I heard Democrat be honest about socialism was the late 1960's.

  7. Can someone write to John Oliver and point out this exists. It would be hilarious to see him respond, loool

  8. Yes Cuba has good doctors and they send them everywhere, but guess what? When you go to the pharmacy, they dont have the medicine you need. When you need an operation, they dont have the anesthesia or the equipment. You can have some education, but you can't do anything with it. Also you can't pic a career, it is given to you unless you are an absolute genius maybe you can pic between being a doctor or something that might be available, maybe. People who support socialism dont have any idea what they are talking about.

  9. Childish privileged entitled twit. So concerned about firing executives! When Trump does the exactly the same thing you won't cheer….you'll just keep on sucking that orange piggy dick

  10. Childish privileged entitled twit. So concerned about firing executives! Of course when Trump does the exactly the same thing you won't cheer – you'll just keep on sucking his piggy dick

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