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the media doesn't get to tell generation Z what socialism and capitalism is anymore because these kids are living it and that petrifies the left and it should question of the day do you think that Jim Carrey is is a clinically insane B if he is what does that say about the Hollywood elites surrounding him who agree with his every word as seen on Bill Maher when it comes to socialism and how Americans are living under Trump right now I always wonder when I see Jim Carrey saying what do you see are they just all that out of touch or is it a touch of mental illness perhaps I'd like to see your comments let me know here's some context for those who didn't see it on Bill Maher last week Jim Carrey claims that it's time to stop apologizing for being a socialist and it's time to really push it here we go we have to say yes to socialism to the word and everything we have to stop a posh I am here's what I'm saying to me the socialism comments went viral on Twitter more actually cut them they cut them from the show as far as I understand he cut them it you don't see all of these quotes everywhere on all of the platforms but we want to give you context of the rest of the interview so you could actually look at Jim Carrey's claims and take them forth there so again and left once less context we want more let's go on to the claims so you know that the Republicans are running with the word socialism they're trying to say and scare people scare people onion ISM Venezuela Trump says we're gonna be living in Venezuela because it's the best example we'll probably have true true socialism less money but mainly because you said everyone loves I don't think I don't think you really wanna look at as well we said okay we'll go along about his Weiland trail with you you praised it all along with a dictator other familiar socialist faces by the way hit the notification bail because subscriptions owe me anything and join up at mug clubs look look here's a proof important forces we've had on this planet belong is love you my friend as an inch others 20 sometimes American journalists talk about how bad the country is people are lining up the food that's a good thing what do you mean by that mr. Bernie Sanders necessary it's the most important figure on this planet by the way Captain Planet doesn't make santos doesn't make that claim nobody claims about superheroes regarding that kind of importance so it's not the republican screen people's comparison to venezuela so left they've made these comparisons for a long time until Chavez experiment when completely soured the country headed for a 1 million percent hyperinflation people started starving to death with citizens eating rats dogs zoo animals to survive this is what happened you pointed at Venezuela you champion its cause and made it turned around on you so you move on to the next socialist country I grew up in Canada okay we have socialized medicine and I am I'm here to tell you that this line that you get on all of the political shows different people is that it's a failure the system is a failure in Canada it is not a failure in can I never waited for anything in my life anecdote I chose my own doctors and my mother never paid for a prescription anecdotal it was fantastic untrue untrue by the way what war mold that I fall into the Jim Carrey gets to act as though he has the moral high ground in combating a biased media everyone people you've never this is what you never hear everyone has heard this everyone they use Canada as the model and said it was how the United States should model it's it's it's a health care program you're just what your gym you're just one in a long line of celebrities and politicians who've been selling this life specifically Canada three years how does it happen that here in Canada we're back to him they provide only health care to all people and I don't think there is any debate that the quality of care here is as good or better than the United States ways of providing high-quality health care that you have developed that we need to know more about you know in Canada they run their entire free universal health care system federal overhead total bureaucracy 1.7 percent of the total healthcare budget white-blue that's a wolf by the way this this is a lie okay Canadian health care is objectively worse than the United States now we've done some videos on this so you can go back and look at just search in this channel socialized healthcare Canada but difficulties his examples which are anecdotal they have the worst ER referral wait times but in eleven developed countries fifty-six percent of Canadians actually wait longer than four weeks for treatment compared to the US it's about twenty four percent the average wait to see a specialist in Canada is twenty-one weeks at which point you don't need any more my mom was looking at nine months for it was at nine months for an MRI yeah nine months for tomorrow and she got it within about a month you have cash you have a diamond that's how it was socialized health care system you want to know how long I waited 45 minutes yes I got one new context when he says I didn't have to wait well it was three years when we had to find a family doctor well I never had to pay for prescription I said subscription I don't know maybe they don't pay for magazines we're taught in the face I don't know what rules are there I have the paper prescriptions okay for about 70% of prescriptions that they want by the way they don't have the same kind of generics that you have the United States certainly know when I was there but if none of that convinces you if you're still convinced by Jim Carrey's anecdotal evidence to which he received thunderous applause here's something for you the wait times were so bad in Canada it was ruled a human rights violation by the Canadian Supreme Court in shall we vs Quebec to force somebody into the socialized healthcare system well not allowing them to pay for privatized care as I've talked about this many times now in Canada have you sing so in his super hospitals as we know them in United States hospitals dimension terminal illness survival rates medical innovation it's just I mean the list goes on and on and on you know here he goes on to again appeal to emotion there are people who are sick but that's the doesn't have to lose your home and as your mother got sick only that's not true and this is what they do they try to appeal to emotion so know even if lose your house because someone gets sick but Obamacare is one of the greatest taxes in the middle class that we've seen in our lifetime who was left footing the bill just have you talked about with the housing crisis not that people who qualify for the subsidies paid for by the rest of America and not the super wealthy who could afford the skyrocketing premiums and deductibles but the middle-class Americans who do the subsidizing well you shouldn't you shouldn't have to lose your house because they get sick well should you have to lose your house because you actually had the right amount of money saved for money down and you actually got a fair loan you didn't go to the subprime market and even go into the health care exchange because you're middle class and you're working she gets screwed that way we only care about the non-contributing zeroes amongst us why do they get to dictate how the rest of society lives hey I've never gotten my crap together I don't work please next clip nothing more socialistic than some of the Pentagon programs that are just jobs programs the Pentagon says we don't want these tanks and they build them it's not socialism in a nice way what are they sure enough socialists where do they go to military war police okay there's a difference when it come on 'ti in a public good this is this is really really easy police National Defense their public goods health care college Nestle tea commodities okay let me explain what this means and then they give you analogy actually you're the one who taught this analogy Poppa Crowder public goods are non-rival arrest non-excludable that means non-rival rest let's start with that that more people can use them without any significant additional cost now this coudl means you can't keep the extra people from using that good so even free enterprise conservatives we all agree the government should provide public military defense for exam a police force right things like free health care free college aren't really public goods because it costs a lot more for each additional patient or person you add to the list and you can easily keep them from using it this is a referee analogy that was actually given to me by um you pop a credit the analogy for the legitimate role of government like hockey referee okay it's to keep the players the citizens safe right from both internal and external but someone might be throwing you know a big gulp and they're supposed to say from that or an octopus in hockey it's incidental to the play you keep your whistle in your pocket we're not soccer come on role of the government to keep us safe okay so what falls into legitimate purview of government of course a military yeah of course things like borders of course things like enforcing laws to make sure that other people aren't hurt by law breaking citizens we're not saying there's no role to government we just don't think that everything is a human right well it's the economic equivalent of the free speech argument you make where these people make their bones right and they shut the door behind them right the same thing here yeah let's go back to the first point people should apologize for so should people of South apologize for socialism he's saying other people shouldn't yeah you should you should socialism and it's cousin who's aged slightly less gracefully communism they try to they try to separate those two you really can't if you look at them historically has led to insanely brutal regimes under the USSR mile Castro Chavez should I keep going and all those regimes by the way were initially praised by the same leftist elite and academics of America just like celebrities of Venezuela you can go back and find the same elites praising Castro and Soviet Russia every mile I mean a dog recently praised Mao I think it was like 2012 she's somebody does their homework I you know I was I remember I was on a panel I think with Doug's shown on Fox News well she wasn't praising now and I'm gonna oh this guy has no idea what's about to happen done praising mouth yeah when it comes to long term endorsement the left has a monopoly on batting a hundred for sucking okay by the way communism we all saw that religion communism has led to a hundred million dead over the last hundred years you know far far more than we're talking about even just religion that's a lot of people that's a lot of there's a lot of people right they pointed to Russia yeah I didn't work any see what they pointed to Cuba maybe so whatever then they put it up in as well you just saw them recently pointing to Venezuela and then that didn't work I mean went back to China I don't know what happened up here the Democrats seem to get a plan to fight this sweat this slander of socialism you're gonna be living in Venezuela I don't see we have to say yes to socialism for the word and everything do we have to stop a posh I am okay you want to know how I know that Jim Carrey loves capitalism a hundred million whoa and if that weren't enough here's another little tidbit just just from that very segment on Bill water I went out today and bought me some Nikes [Applause] salute to Colin Kaepernick to Nike congratulations on a fantastic Colin Kaepernick who wants to loot the flag with will salute Colin Kaepernick Nike of all companies the same Nike famous for exploiting sweatshop labor conditions in other countries that we don't allow in our capitalist system the United States this is shows you how incoherent Jim Carrey's worldview is it's worse than Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind I know you all try to act like I know what's really going on there thank you don't know somebody fan theories with it in Donnie Darko shut up stop trying actually have a handle on it you don't it's just so funny that they use right now of all times this is why I don't know if he's crazy he's just completely out of touch right now of all times to push for socialism yeah look here when they were talking about Donald Trump they said he would rate as a he would rate his job performance as very good and and Jim Carrey goes as what a demolition man and everyone claps like yeah what is he what our economy is not only the best in the world it's doing insanely well right now by our own metrics the jobless rate lowest point in half a century that since the moon landing woman rate pretty low a all-time low ever ever everyone said that Donald Trump was delusional for suggesting that he could even achieve 3% growth I think actually what did the brian Stelter was he mentally stable is that the 4.2 percent he was delusional and mentally unstable for promising 3% 4.2 do you've any idea how significant that is in the realm of economic it's just bizarre to me that they pick right now to bitch about free enterprise and try and push show schools' them and here's what I think the left is petrified of another baby boomer generation because why free enterprise capitalism is working really well as we've just pointed out we have an entire generation of people some what Millennials but Generation Z who had never actually seen capitalist markets doing as well as they have now four years the left told the capitalism was a failure socialism was the answer up until now the generations hadn't really seen a free market right they had they had George Bush Bill Clinton George W Bush and neither of whom were really Republican nothing was really all that conservative certainly not economically followed by eight years of Obama but now with Trump following Obama the left is terrified of Carter being followed by Reagan 2.0 yeah sure when people were young right they thought they wanted Carter a hippie free-love and Carter he seems like a nice guy he wears a sweater the White House there and put some solar panels on wore a sweater you keeps a little bit cooler in the winter farms peanuts what could go wrong what could possibly go wrong and so they thought they wanted Carter's and Reagan happen and they realized they had more money in their pocket and they didn't have to wait in a gas line so the Bene one generation grew up from pot smoking hippies into the conservative yuppie stereotype that you see today suddenly generations who are sold on socialism are now seeing the positive and personal effects of free enterprise in their lifetime more so more importantly in their own lives so how do I mean greater job opportunities for themselves big time keeping more of their own money for themselves the left knows and is terrified especially because they appeal purely to selfish motives disguised as compassion they are terrified of generation Z after Millennials upon whom the left they've had a they have footed generation Z with a massive bill and like the baby boom generation Generation Z which is the most conservative generation at this point in their lifetime ever many one at this point in their youth they're more conservative than baby boomers they are going to be even more conservative once they get older because now they've seen the contrast between a crappy economy under Obama and a flourishing economy under Trump up until this Trump boom the media was able to sell an entire generation on the contrast of terrible unsuccessful capitalism and compassionate democratic socialism that's where we've used right but now the generation is living it they're living the contrast of one of the worst job economies ever for people under 30 in accessibility to health care even if you work for a living particularly you work for living in a Barack Obama now it's being contrasted with more money left in their paychecks more jobs available more free-market options available than ever before whether it's health care whether it's good take your pick more choices than ever before under President Trump the media doesn't get to tell Generation Z what socialism and is anymore because these kids are living it and that petrifies the left and it should like this video watch another one of our videos or subscribe at the notification bell those don't really mean anything anymore today in YouTube I would say hit a like with a thumbs up but that might be gone or comment below but that most likely will be censored so bookmark the page of course if you're using Google Chrome they'll find a way to fuck with your bookmark so just join up at Laura's credit com / moncla that's a lot of credit calm / mug Club you get a hand at SH mug and you get access to the full daily one-hour show and you're not beholden to Susan Wojcicki / Clint Howard

  1. QUESTION: A) do you think Jim Carrey is clinically insane and B) what does that say about the Hollywood elites who agree with his every word as seen on Bill Maher? When it comes to socialism and how Americans are living under Trump, are they THAT out of touch, or is it a touch of mental illness perhaps?

  2. Steven Crowder, you should watch A Call for an Uprising. He proves that illuminati and secret societies are real. Jim Carrey is controlled by them that's why he is so insane

  3. I love how Obama failed at economic growth and claimed that he inherited a mess from 8 years of Bush. Then, in less than 4 years, Trump's economic plan boomed the economy to the best in ~50 years without blaming anyone. After that, Obama tries to take the credit for it. What a faker.

  4. I live in Canada and I can say its nuts. I would still be paying 40$ a month for two common, healthcare covered prescriptions if it were not for my work health plan. Worse yet if you get sick or injured you have to go to the emergency and wait for hours just to get in (when I broke my jaw a few years ago I was sitting bleeding waiting for stitches in the treatment room for over 2 hours on top of that) because just to get an appointment to see a GM is 3 or 4 weeks.

  5. I finally realized that we need people like Jim Carey and AOC or else we would have nothing to laugh at on YouTube. Plus the comment sections are always gold.

  6. I’d rather pay for my own healthcare instead of paying wastes of skin who don’t work and claim benefits paid by the taxpayer and just sit around and don’t contribute anything to society

  7. As long as I live and breath, I will never buy anything made by Nike or Jim Carry ever again.

  8. Jim Carrey needs to go back to Canada. If it's so much better there, why is he here?

  9. The last good thing that goof did for anyone was give Sean Young a job in Ace Ventura…and that was like 20 years ago.

  10. Carey never was " funny" , making stupid faces and acting like a latter day Jerry Lewis is not funny !!! …( he is Funny now though )

  11. I'm Canadian free heath care kind of works here because we have a population the size of Florida and New York. Emergence wait time are almost always between 6 and 12 hours and wait times to see a specialist can be months. Imagine in a country with the population of the United states. You couldn't build enough hospital because people go to emergency for common colds and stubbed toes since they don't have to pay for it with takes up space that could be used for people with actual issues. People without free heath care will just tough it out. And we do have to pay for are own medicine and drugs in Canada there not included in are heath care. We also pay for are free health care with are taxes so it's not actually free.

  12. Jim Carrey should focus on the sonic movie. Everyone involved in that production has got their work cut out for them.

  13. Are you parents on SS? SS ia socialism program, have them give it all back. Unemployment another socialism program. Funny how the Koch brothers libertarian study show Medicare for all saves 2 Trillion over 10 years. Cut the defense budget by 10% and you have free education for all. But the banks would lose out on Trillions of dollars in student loan debt. There is a difference between Democratic Socialist vs a Communist. But conservatism is a mental health disorder

  14. How often did Jim Carrey actually get sick as a child? The odds are he did not have The misfortune of experiencing Canadian socialized medicine with the diagnosis of cancer, or some sort of a rheumatic disease that would require more intensive or more frequent visits to the doctor. Had Jim Carrey have needed a kidney transplant or any type of surgery he would not be making the claims that he made on the Bill Maher show. and if Jim Carrey is serious about socialism I will happily give him my address and he can mail me a check.

  15. If you dount get what happend ? You just lost cold war . Komunist just rich you and so sad if you lost this war all word gone be in danger.

  16. I care less for Jim Carrey then the big Landmines I pick up every day as my 95 LB German Shepherd Produces on a daily basis and she is WAY MORE INTELLIGENT!!!! as well

  17. Fuuuck i love this channel never change… I know they 'll make change… They can dominate you digitally.. You dominate with better ideas

  18. Jim Carrey Bill Maher they'll of socialism so much why don't they go to Venezuela where the people are being run over by military vehicles John video check it out they're being murdered in the streets on camera

  19. I personally like the idea of universal healthcare but the left also want to take my guns so I can live without it lol.

  20. Here's the problem though. The prices in the United states for health care keep going up. It seriously won't stop. My monthly payments have gone up hundreds of dollars just in the past couple years for the same exact health care. Maybe universal healthcare isn't the way to go but we have to do something. I make 85k a year. I'm not rich but I make more than the average person. If I struggle paying for it then how is everyone else doing? We need to change something. The guy doing this podcast probably makes a 7 figure salary. Do you honestly think he understands? The United states isn't Canada. Maybe we can do it better?

  21. The U.S. population is 300,000,000 more than Canada's at 37,000,000 as of 2019; let just that sink in and also Canada doesn't have 75,000 illegals crossing the border per month and Canada is friggin cold most of the year so work and production design for everything is different and Canada isn't very agricultural at all; see how the orange and peach trees or sugarcane survive the lovely sub zero temperatures of Ontario mid winter. I use to think Jim was funny but every time I look at his stupid face now all I see is an asswipe from Canada that's goofy and uninformed; I can't watch the asswipe anymore.

  22. Nothing quite exemplifies leftism like hearing the haute bourgeoisie talking about how wealth inequality is unfair.

  23. If we say yes to socialism it's like saying yes to all the prayers and Bruce Almighty and we all saw how that went

  24. Funny how the same millionaire socialists keep insisting that capitalism is a failure, and yet when we point out the bustling economy which exists under President Trump and capitalism, they say, "He didn't build that, Obama did".

    Um… excuse me, but if capitalism doesn't work, then it didn't work under Obama either. You can't have it both ways.

  25. Working on a job site in Seattle it’s a 0 income complex. Within eyes shot literally think I could throw a golf ball to the apartment complex next to the job site that’s paying 1200-1600 for a 1 bedroom apartment. Its madness

  26. We love where your coming from @stephencrowder but please chill with the high pitched screeching voice man. It's horrible and makes me want to not share the video

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