Reality: Socialism Results In Starvation And Death

Burnie AOC they want to tell you that the socialism that they're pushing is like the Nordic countries it's not like Venezuela not a lie the Nordic countries have relatively free economies they have no minimum wage none of those countries has a minimum wage Sweden has a universal school choice if a far more free-market approach to education than even the United States has Iceland has a freer economy than the United States according to the Heritage Foundation index for economic freedom if a OC wants to be more like Iceland than she ought to support freeing up the economy not increased socialism the Danish Prime Minister former Danish Prime Minister Lars Rasmussen puts the point very clearly he says quote Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy Denmark is a market economy well what ALC and Bernie Sanders are pushing is a socialist planned economy and you know the it's so disingenuous if you hear Bernie Sanders or AFC talk about this Bernie Sanders didn't have his honeymoon in Denmark he didn't go on his honeymoon to Iceland he went on his honeymoon in 1988 the day after he got married to the Soviet Union in fact I'm sorry to say we have video of this of Bernie Sanders shirtless drinking vodka singing commie songs with the Russkies in the Soviet Union in 1988 [Applause] I [Applause] I'm gonna rewrite it I'm gonna do a version of it which is this land is my land this land is my land this lands not your land this land is my land that's gonna be the song that I sing at the southern border but that'll be for a later show don't worry about that now Bernie Sanders was so enthralled with the Soviet Union with Soviet Communism the most repressive regime on earth one of the most repressive regime regimes in the history of the world that he took his honeymoon there didn't want to go to Scandinavia wanted to go there worse even than Venezuela and just to remind you that he's not pushing policies that would bring us to Iceland he's pushing the policies of Latin America it ran that same time three years earlier 1985 Bernie Sanders was defending socialist breadlines in Latin America 20 sometimes American journalists talk about how bad a country is because people are lining up the food that's a good thing in other countries people don't line up food the rich get the food in the poorest stock to death red lines are a good thing red lines are a good thing in a lot of countries the rich get food and the poor starve to death right in socialist countries that's what happens that's what's happening in Venezuela right now and if they don't starve to death they get run over by tanks that doesn't happen in the United States nobody starves to death in the United States the biggest problem afflicting the poor in the United States is obesity the problem among the poor in the United States is that they're eating too much that's not what happens in socialist countries they starve to death well the rich and the well-connected and the cronies all benefit

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  2. There is something else to be said for socialism, while capitalist systems supports a large rich, middle class and lower middle class, socialism makes everyone poor, except the government oligarchs and a very select number of crony capitalists. Everyone goes to the bread line except those, and many times when you get to the counter the bread is already gone!

  3. In the rich countries the poor strave to death. Oh boi can't want to show him some graphs on adiposity and market freedom rankings.

    As a general point of orientation, if the itsy bitsy, low sun Netherlands can be the second greatest food exporter in the world and we're comparing it to countries with huge amounts of tropical rain forests AND starvation beyond belief, you might want to look at systemic differences. Yes blaming the system sometimes actually makes sense. E.g. when it's socialist

  4. Bernie: Make America more like the Nordic countries
    Rep: Nordic countries are disastrous!!
    actually googles it
    Rep: uhhhhh he’s lying he meant Venezuela

  5. Lol 10-12% of the US is good insecure. What’s happening in Venezuela is the rich that support Guaido are hiding food from the Maduro supporters and the poor. And I’m not going to take policial advice from a conservative that lives in a blue state. If your so free market try that shit in Nebraska asswipe.

  6. Actually the southern border thing you mentioned lol half of the US used to be Mexico and the majority of Mexicans have indigenous blood so they have every right to be here.

  7. No minimum wage due to higher quality of workers rights and unions, plus remember the Soviet Union was second strongest economy with non interrupting economic growth until it’s fall. They were also second in caloric intake against the US. So far from starving and the only threat they were to were the rich of “the west”

  8. Okay your last part is retarded man. The poor aren't eating too much. They're eating shit food which makes them obese. Half of everything you say is just random bullshit you come up with.

  9. All well and good, but what the democrats stand for in the US would be considered the political middle to right here in germany. Things like general healthcare, wellfare, housing etc are absolutely normal. Oh by the way, we have the strongest economy in Europe…

  10. Neo-conservatism leads to Zionist control of congress. Daily Wire fans don't seem to grasp this.

  11. Commie sanders is too OLD and WEAK… he is so old that he couldn’t see the shower rack and hit his head bloody… he let a couple of black girls push him off the stage… had sexual abuse going on behind his back in his campaign team and was too meek to do anything about it… the other democrats are gonna walk all over the old man… other world leaders like Putin, Kim and Netanyahu are gonna sniff the weakness a mile away like they did with the black guy… this weakling isn’t capable of shoving socialism down the American people’s throats… plus he is a total hypocrite who owns multi-million dollar properties and earns more money than 99%… whose stopping him from dissolving all his assets and sending a check to the Internal Revenue Service… I guess its easy stealing and spending other peoples money… President Trump is going to take this beta commie cuck to school in the debates… the old man is probably going to suffer a stroke and drop dead on stage… HOW THE HELL DID HE LOOSE TO THE WORST CANDIDATE IN HISTORY????… its because he is a bigger LOSER THAN HILLARY

  12. Bernie the Yenta Sanders the Socialist Millionaire is not just a Communist, Socialist, Marxist but in fact is really just a Lying conniving Common CRIMINAL who has stolen Millions of dollars from the American people. And his wife the real man in the family Bankrupted the College she ran twice while stealing money than had the Audacity to collect her Severance package all at the expense of the American people.

  13. They want everbody to be equal. Equally in starvation and suffering. Except for them. Remember the congress exempt themselves from obamacare. Read Animal Farm. If you cannot read, a lot of americans can't, it is on dvd.

  14. This dichotomy socialism vs capitalism presented by this guys oversimplifies the different forms an economic system can take.

  15. A friend of mine once sang :
    "This land is my land,
    It is not your land,
    I've got a shotgun,
    and you ain't got one.
    so you'd better get off,
    'fore I blow your head off,
    'cause this land is private property"

  16. Ridiculous. The Nordic companies have free market economies with socialized health care and high taxes. That’s… exactly what Bernie wants. What policies affiliate him with authoritarian communism? I can’t find any.

  17. This land is my land, it ain’t your land, I got a shotgun and you don’t got none. If you don’t get off, I’ll blow your head off, this land is private property.

  18. Regretfully – socialism and communism (which is “scientifically” defined as a final stage of socialism) is the easiest sellable ideology.

    We’re all doomed. Sad!

  19. AOC never read the communist histories of China and Russia. She is unbelievably ignorant. I'm sure she never heard of Mao's Great Leap Forward when millions of people starved to death. And that is only one instance.

  20. i wish i was white, then maybe these store employees wouldnt follow me around so much when im shopping 😢
    its not fair….

  21. That statement about the breadlines was made in Nicaragua during 1980-1990 decade of terror caused by communist Ortega-Murillo regime, Bernie should have lined up himself to eat bread and get the sun shine upon him all day long.

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