Raytheon Introduces Glitter Bombs │ Means TV

everybody let's stop the side chatter please I have great news we finally got a float in the New York City Pride Parade Raytheon is having its first float ever so we really need to make a splash with this we can't bomb you know how do we market these weapons to the gays one thing we have going for us is that missiles already kind of look like dicks we're halfway there so we just rolled out the Griffon that's a forward firing missile and it uses a composite launch tube so can we do anything with that Oh what if we call it the Kathy Griffin they loved that game love Irvin do you think we can get Kathy Griffin [Laughter] Raytheon bombs bombs glitter bombs what about for the month of June you know on earth pride yes a third of the cluster bombs we sell to get dropped on Syria will be filled with glitter instead of ball bearings I love the idea let me first just say love the idea thank you they're not gonna like that cause it's gonna affect the collateral damage there's not gonna be as many civilians that are killed yeah okay well what if we just put regular shrapnel in there but it's all from a disco ball it's brilliant okay oh my god did you just think of that I just Agence I came off the top of my head it just like feels good to give back to the community

  1. What is the ending song? It sounds like a Nujabes – Latitude remix, but I can't find it. It definitely has that "Gigi Masin Clouds" sample. gib song plz

  2. Just found you due to the HuffPost article. I love this video and have subscribed. fyi, Do not have the means to subscribe to a new provider, so thank you for posting on YT.

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