1. Naaahh usa is save, usa will create hate around the world so the world plunches in a world war 3 while the USA stands and looks from the side line selling resources, Just like they did back then. And when they are financially saved from all those surplus exports, they "join and save" the world again. Thats also a nice deleveraging tactic. Dont you think?

  2. I don't think this economy will get better, this is it guys, the beginning of the end, or imperial overreach, barely nothing is made in America anymore soooo get ready for the great tribulation, god fortold it and is coming, a fucked up economy like ours will not recover, it will only get worse.

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  4. In simple language he is saying to deleverage now and literally get you ASS out of debt. Hold your solid positions have some cash ready and when the streets run red with blood from foreclosures and bankruptcies buy baby buy.

  5. Good luck, America. I hope you know stuff about being poor, civil war, and a variety of other nastiness. You'll be learning pretty soon it seems like… and your great grandparents will be laughing from their graves as we fail because we've let ourselves go and be swaddled in a warm blanket of technology and ignorance. "Am I prepared?" Imagine tomorrow that technology basically quit. Electricity is gone, running water is fubar, and books are pretty much it. It will be this way for… who knows? So… how fucked are you? Do you have a source of water that's fresh and clean and will stay that way? Can you get it from that source without power? Is your area hot/cold in this season and can you survive that? How will you get food if money is no good or cant be accessed anymore? If you're injured or sick, what is the plan then? Are you aware of any basic medical knowledge? Can you find a medicinal/edible/useful plant and turn it into something?

    If you're not real sure about a lot of these questions… it might be time to do one of two things. First, you could learn about this stuff. Educate yourself. Prepare for apocalypse. You should do this step regardless of if you choose step 2. Second, you can go and make changes so this does not happen. You could educate yourself about fiscal policy, previous mistakes, and why any of it matters. Learn about the trends and drives that caused things in the past so you can see them coming again. Technology may be new, but people aren't.

  6. The 'rich getting richer' is fantastic. Try and understand the attached, really. It's not about what someone else has, it's about what you have.

  7. 1937? try again, it is so bad right now that if they dont keep intrest rates low on the bonds, 1929 will look like a sunday school picnic

  8. Interestingly 1937 is the year AFTER Franklin Roosevelt had been elected then reelected for the first of three times. This is one year into FDR's second term. I don't disagree with Dalio. Sadly, there were terrible – actually atrocious – candidates from which to choose candidates for both parties in the 2016 election. Sad.

  9. the next crash will happen when baby boomer are done retiring, they will start liquidating their assets to fund retirement.

  10. Capitalism looks after the top 1%, they always do well no matter which party is in power.
    Trump has just given them another massive pay cheque, compare that to the rank & file worker they have had over 20yrs of wage suppression and living pay cheque to pay cheque.
    Greed has taken over society with no compassion or caring for the poor.
    The pay back for the poor is when they stop buying stuff, that's when the house of cards will come tumbling down. Businesses will see retail sales collapsing and go bust, Wall St will take a massive hit as profits slide and share prices collapse. Ordinary working people never really recovered from 2008 collapse.

  11. This is totally outdated. Why not place a date on these video's. Most of them are irrelevant today.

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