Rap & Hip-Hop Culture : Bandana Folding Styles

Now there’s many different things you can
do with this; many ways to fold it, many different styles you can rock it. For example, you know,
you can go straight wild west with it, a fold and another fold, bring it around over collar,
tie it up, you know, knock it off like good old boy. Or like bad old boys, you can go
and then stick them up at, you know. Then, you got your headbands that you can wear,
same fold, just you want to bring it all the way down, got your puck, you can rock it,
set it front, off to the side, you know, you got the headband style. Then, you know, you
can fold it, like the Eses, like the Cholos, you can get them hot and bring it all the
way down to where it’s like a headpiece, little thicker brand. “You know what I’m saying bro”?
“You like that huh homies”. You can go wear it like that. And then it’s also, you know,
your headpieces. In case you want to wear it, just cool old cap, you don’t want to go
all the way to the other end, depending on your head size, skull cap, corner to corner,
straight over, tuck the back, tuck the sides, there you go; your biker style. You know,
you can rock it like the bikers. Or, same on what we call an ancient mama, you know,
you bring it to the front, tuck them in side to side, give it a nice tie in the front,
tucking your front flip and there you go; you can rock it like that. That’s one of the
other styles that you got. Another way, you also can wear, it’s from the arm bands, same
fold. This is pretty much your general fold for any type of style. I’m just going to take
a second to show you any type of style you want. It’s going to go in diagonal fold, corner
to by half way, maybe a little more to the other corner and that’s about a half way you
want to go in your general style. Mostly every style comes, starts right here, right here
in any way you’re rocking it, whether it’s head band, arm band, other than pocket. Where
if you’re just wearing it out of pocket, the style what should be long ways, corner to
corner, vertical straight down where you give it a two-fold like that. But in any other
way that you’re wearing it, where you tie it around and you know, sweat band, headband,
usually starts at this fold right about here. You know, maybe you just want to, you might
be working out or whatever, you just want those sweat bands, you just give it one of
those a quick wrap, wrap up like that, you know and then you’re good to go and there’s
your sweat band. You rock them up and you can sweat it out, reach it out when you’re
done. Or same note, where do you want some wrist wear, you want to keep that same corner
fold on there. Go about corner length, half inch or two, your preference, snap the wrist
in there, tie them up, same hand, same arm. Or you can rock this from the wrist to the
arm, to the leg, neck, wherever, you got the choice.

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