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you're in the ran hole right rant about whatever my $15 a month plus patrons want me to rant about get one of these by becoming one of those this one is for Emma Frankenstein who says thanks for doing this digi very fun one of my favorite videos of yours is the purpose of anime or how to analyze anything in it you talk a lot about flawed governing systems humans implement based on misunderstandings of human nature what do you think is the best way humans can govern themselves unbridled capitalism the Nordic model welfare capitalism Anarchy communism strap ourselves into VR simulations allow the matrix curious to hear your thoughts on this edit I guess this is just me asking for your political leanings haha if you've already talked about that I can suggest another topic I don't know if I have but I also don't really particularly have what I would call political leanings um I tend to ignore most of the political sphere most of the dialogue around politics because it's annoying and because so many things that people talk about when they talk about systems in that broad sense like capitalism it's really contextual it's like where you are who you are what other systems are surrounding these systems all of that matters you have to look at the complete picture you can't ever just paint it as just oh this is capitalism well that can be a lot of different things you know I mean you just said yourself about the Nordic model of welfare capitalism like that's another form so like there's there's all these different types I don't think anything we're doing right now is ideal if it was there would be no problems obviously but the ideal way to govern I think um God it really comes down like if we're talking about what is the way to make humans live the longest happiest lives that they can until they inevitably die then I would say that creating some kind of more controlled system would be the best way to do that like we're talking about you know like like the civil system from Psychopaths where like as evil as it is and as misguided as it is and representing the actual like spirit of the law the point of that system is to create a world with as little conflict as possible to have it so people are generally satisfied or generally like you know stress-free and don't have to deal with you know anything anything beyond that but when you have a system like that the question becomes what is the end game of this system is it just for humanity to ride out until we die is that inevitable is there any avoiding that we don't know the answer to these questions but we do know is that there are possibilities that we could escape this this earth at the very least perhaps this universe if we ever understood how perhaps this whole fucking dimension you know you know can't escape the dimension but you know access a higher one in some kind of way I don't really know what that means none of us do but the point is that if humanity does just continue on without trying to escape in any way we're just gonna die eventually like the sun's gonna die out will ruin the planet will the universe itself will experience heat death eventually we will not survive as a species so is our purpose simply to live out the best lives we can while we're here well on some level we do want to do that because if we you know if we burn too hard and burn the candle at both ends so to speak it where we're gonna fucking we're gonna ruin it for everybody we gotta take our time and we got to slowly move towards whatever this goal is and keep ourselves alive and in the process but if we're trying to innovate and evolve and come up with new ideas and new understandings and eventually perhaps find a way to escape we need as much original thought as possible we need people who are constantly being tasked to come up with new shit to constantly reinvent the world around them to rethink what they have at their disposal rethink what is possible and in order to do that you need a system of free expression you need people to be able to explore every conceivable possibility and to come to whatever conclusions they may and to be able to act on things that they you know that they think could bring us closer to whatever we're trying to reach you know in whatever field that may be and so I tend to lean on the side of pretty hardcore libertarianism if I had to give it a name I don't agree with the libertarian party I don't give a fuck about them I'm just saying that like the political ideology of absolute freedom you know bordering on anarchy and the only reason like anarchy would be ideal except for the fact that people are not going to do it like they're not going to do it right you know like ideally everybody would be able to just do whatever they want as long as it doesn't hurt the next guy and the only reason that we really need a government is to make sure that people aren't hurting the next guy that whatever you're trying to do doesn't come at someone else's expense that you are able to find a way to move forward because other people will themselves have other ideas other things that need to be explored and we need as many of these ideas as possible as much information as much as we can feed into the you know the the the human noosphere so to speak so you know as long as we're trying to expand the noosphere we need more ideas more perspectives more people but can we take care of all these people that we have here on this godforsaken planet potentially yes but does it necessarily it's not I don't think it should come through something like say welfare which is somewhat of a short-term solution to the problem of like if you're just giving people say you know just giving them money to live then you're not teaching them how to live without needing that and that's what people need the most people need education more than anything I think the the number one problem that faces America in particular is our education system is fucking garbage and it's entirely built around training people to do menial labor which is not going to be a thing in the in the future you know like we built this whole system during the era of the factory during the industrial revolution and we built all of our school systems around this industrial attitude of basically standardized learning getting as many people to learn as much of the same shit as possible and that doesn't work in a more specialized future where a lot of those broad general jobs are now being automated where fewer people are needed in the workforce more people are needed to generate new unique ideas like that's what people can do for the species because if you think about it in the terms of like just propagating life as best we can which is not probably I'm just like living as best we can like if I were to just fix everything in a go like we'd have to just like let's say this is just you know there's not political in any way this is just like how to fix it just like kill half the fucking people and you know restructure society in a way that makes sense with who you have left like you'd have to you have to figure out like mathematically if we want to survive like what is the ideal number of people where are the ideal places to pit those put those people again we're talking about an extreme authoritarian society but if we're talking about how do we continue to live on but while aspiring to always have new ideas and always be you know trying to get to something further away didn't want the opposite we don't want to kill anybody we want more ideas we have more splintering more chaos more fucking possibilities more you know node points of data to study and add to the grand consciousness so to speak and so I think that you know a level of freedom like a high level of freedom is absolutely necessary to this process people do not have ideas when they're being controlled people don't you know they don't they don't innovate when they're being told what to think and when for instance to quote homesteading the noosphere that when Sherlock horizon was largely based off of you know he said like take care of people's basic needs and give them their heads and they will just go out and create now you could look at this as a a call for welfare because if you're just giving people if you're taking care of their basic needs and just letting them do whatever they want then yeah a lot of people a lot of creative people will live way better in that world however we will also have the problem of a lot of uneducated people who you know are like well I guess it's not even really I don't know if I have a huge problem with that I don't know if I have a problem with a bunch of people who aren't really contributing anything just living and being around because like again we don't know what they might bring to the table so I think just all-around raising the raising the level of critical thought of humanity raising the level of understanding of who we are and what we're trying to do and how society actually works like I just really think the stuff that we focus on in school is not the stuff that's really important you know like we focus on stuff that will make you a good worker that will make you successful in the workplace and as that becomes less and less necessary what we need is more thinkers or innovators with people with new ideas when people leading us into the future and it's not about intelligence it's not about how smart you are it's about what you're thinking about it's about you know what you've been told to consider how you are being asked to live your life and so I think that I guess what I'm trying to say is that ideally we'd have a system that's kind of like America except that there is less focus on trying to guide all of the population into like a very standardized idea of who they should be in spite of the fact that our whole country is about individualism and instead focus on individualism instead like educate people from the ground up with the idea in the sense that they are their own person who has to have their ideas this might be more high-minded than what we were hoping for here like I don't know how to put this in a way that's like snappy and and you get it like I have a book called fixed that for you that I released to patrons some time back it was I didn't finish editing it which is why I hasn't seen a full release but it's basically about what I would do to fix the systems and like what I think are the problems and what I think are the solutions so hopefully I'll eventually get that fucking thing finished and release it and then you'll all know my political stance on gas

  1. Question: What are your political views?
    Digi: starts talking about heat death of the universe

    I'm glad I came back to watch this channel again.

  2. Is it bad that I thought they were talking about old Viking Societies when they said "the Nordic system?"

  3. If you want to give people the most freedoms possible, you should be aligning more with a communist system and less with a capitalist one. Forcing people to work to live is taking much of their freedom away, as "anarcho capitalism" would most likely collapse on itself very quickly when someone gains more power than others and then decides they don't want to treat others fairly (and nobody would really be able to stop them). Anarcho-capitalism is an oxymoron, the only "real" anarchy would most likely be a communist system.

  4. I had an idea when I was younger I called the law of consent. Basically no laws except for the law of consent; you can do whatever you want as long as the parties involved (if any) give consent. I don’t agree with it anymore but I think that’s close to what you were talking about.

  5. Most of the components you our cell phones come from government funded research. I don't understand how small government promotes inovation.

  6. If you like libertarianism /anarchism and dont want huge companies to become literaly feudal lords due to lack of laws and regulation you probably lean more anarcho-syndicalist/ libertarian socialist (see Chomsky for example)

  7. Ironic that Digi talks up the libertarian ideal, yet also criticizes the "worker focus" education when libertarianism is a utilitarian ideology that says education not relevant to your ability to work is pointless.

  8. You would probably find the works of Jürgen Habermas, bleeding heart libertarianism, the journal ORDO and perhaps even left market anarchism intriguing. Basically, there is a broad strain of (actual, not counterfeit Sargonite) classical liberalism and libertarianism that appreciates the necessity of both a strong educational system in order to provide people with the tools to make their way as independent individuals in a market society while preventing anyone from falling through the cracks or being tread beneath the heel of capital through things like universal healthcare and universal basic income—basically, a more agile and unintrusive model of the welfare state with an emphasis on individual freedom and choice. Habermas and the ordoliberals are particularly chewy intellectually, so don't go into this without bringing your A-game, but, well, you're a smart dude. Also maybe check out guys like Noam Chomsky if you want an alternate take on libertarianism from a distinctly socialist angle, and from there some social anarchist stuff. It will, at the very least, intrigue you methinks.

  9. People have all sorts of requests for your rants. I didn't see this topic coming.

    Really nice sweater. I would buy one if I didn't have so many clothes already.

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