Rand Paul Talks Chaos In Syria, ‘Shadow Policy’ In Ukraine, Hunter Biden | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. Paul is a shameless hypocrite, and he knows it; he protects an idiotic, demented gangster, and this is not excusable.

  2. "Socialism never worked!" / "It works in Scandinavia." / "That's not socialism, that's welfare capitalism!" / "Well, let's try that." / "No! That's socialism!"

  3. All I've seen is "Socialism For The Rich"….And funnelling tax payer money to Republicans interests. Plus watching them destroy foreign policy with our allies & supporting our adversaries.

  4. Hunter Biden has never held office…..don't care about either Bidens but lets look at this with both eyes open ….hipocrite!

  5. I think you are wrong and not looking reality you are part of the conspiracy and responsible in killing the Kurds as allies. You are communist's the way you talk and defend corruption of the president. You are only interested in your position and money.

  6. MSNBC: “Donald Trump” Rand Paul: “Hunter Biden” POTUS Vs. Private citizen. Doesn’t compare clown. Both are shady AF, but one is president and profiting off the presidency the other is a private citizen not working on his dads campaign, not affiliated to the DNC, not profiting from the White House. That is Trump, and his Klan.

  7. No single word for PKK, YPG terror orgs or 3.6 mil Syrian refuges in Turkey. Turkey is the only power who is going to bring the peace in that area

  8. Both sides are diseased. Stop pretending that they are different.

    Ffs you would think MSM just figured out what a politician does.

  9. Here's a theory for you, what if Saudi Arabia told Trump to set-up Jamal Khashoggi for the murder in Turkey, Trump called the president of Turkey to set it up, the President of Turkey wanted us to pull out of Syria in exchange so he could attack the Kurds as part of the deal. We need to see some phone transcripts because this pull out is just to weird

  10. Rand Paul: That job Hunter got really stinks
    Host: Ivanka, Jared, Bill Barr's two kids, Giuliani's kids…
    Paul: Well, if you want to start criminalizing politicians and all their families..

  11. Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter

    That's the Republicans defense. Never trust a white guy with a jheri curl

  12. Sure we need to stop getting involved in all these wars, but since we were in Syria, we should have stayed and protected the Kurds that helped us defeat Isis. To leave our friends the Kurds, to be slaughtered by Turkey is a total disgrace.

  13. Nice to see people with zero military experience making such huge decisions and being so pleased with themselves despite the facts that our Kurdish allies are dying. Vote these people out!!!!

  14. Few FACTS that may help you get a better understanding of the situation
    -Turkey alongside Saudi arabia and Qatar were founding and training all sorts of jihadi`s and mercenaries in past decade simply just to topple asad`s government , talking about interfering in other sovereign sates and proxy wars BIG TIME .
    -Syria never invited american forces , they were there illegally.
    -kurds were turned down every single syrian government offer to keep syria`s sovereignty in tact prior to this simply cause they thought they can carve their own little state outta syria and keep all the syria`s natural resources with the backing of US.
    -Kurds held back and in some cases aided terrorist groups to over power the syrian government So they could spoil the situation and take that region for themselves . they were Stealing the country`s natural resources , artifacts etc just like other terrorist groups . United States Enabled this option for them.
    -America did voilated most of her treaties , agreements , UN security council resolutions etc in past couple of years . So in simple terms WELCOME to isolationism. I as a non american do feel for the population. its a shame when the government itself becomes a enemy of sates constitution and values. no one pictures america like "statue of liberty" anymore , the picture is more like a golden statue of trump surrounded with BIG FAT WALLS.

  15. U.S. Tax Revenues Fall, Deficit Widens in Wake of New Tax Law

    Treasury has attributed the weaker revenue—including lower corporate and individual income-tax rates—to the tax law that took effect in January 2018

  16. Ted Cruz said GOP tax cut led to higher revenues. Did it?
    Finally, we can look at actual tax collections relative to the expectations of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office in June 2017, which was several months before the law passed. CBO’s projection of $3.531 trillion in tax collections was based on population growth, inflation, wage growth, and other factors. By this standard, tax revenue fell short of the projection by 5.7 percent.

  17. The Congressional Research Service did studies that spanned decades. And, found that tax cuts for the rich has NEVER helped jobs or the economy. It just widened the income gap.

  18. Rand Paul has become a certified Trump’s apologist. Way different from Rand Paul presidential candidate running against Trump.

  19. Claims Warren and Sanders are running on a socialist platform, then goes on to say that the programs they're championing are more "Welfarism" ?
    How about you stop accusing Sanders and Warren of wanting your Levis and Nikes to be made by the government.
    Socialistic implementations like M4A and Co-determination (see Germany) are working great in other parts of the world. Starting that here doesn't mean we're going to be eating rats and genociding ourselves.

  20. Rand Paul has said that private citizen Hunter Biden needs to be investigated. For fairness sake, Rand Paul needs to say out loud that Trump's children also need to be investigated for their dealings. It's only fair.

  21. We have high taxes because that covers more for us 😉 Almost FREE healthcare 😀 I love living in Norway. USA makes me sick!

  22. Erdoğan was involved in evading US sanctions against Iran in an international billion dollar money laundering and bank fraud scheme through a Turkish national Reza Zarrab's gold business. We applied sanctions against Turkey so what Erdoğan has made Trump do is disgraceful and dangerous.

  23. Jared and Ivanka made 82 million in outside income in 2018 alone while working as Senior Advisors in the Trump Administration

  24. Amazing how stupid one can be and still be elected in high levels of government. This guy wouldn’t last a day in a corporate environment.

  25. Wow, so if we want to investigate the president, we have to be "equal" and investigate the former vice-president's son. That really is a stupid thing to say.

  26. Wow, a lying pig,,, Hunter ran Amtrak for 5 years, was a lawyer in one of the worlds most important law firms, and didn't spew lies like the republicans are now doing, in defense of a man engaged in continuous treasons against the U.S. The democrats should enforce their subpoenas with jail time in every instance where the Trump crooks refuse to comply. Trump is trying to turn the country into a dictatorship. Putin, Trumps boss, will stop at nothing.

  27. Disappointed. Rand Paul is a part of the problem. I thought he was truly a libertarian…but merely just another politician.

  28. Ok Mr. Paul IsIs is coming back nice job, and this administration is sending our military to Saudi Arabia where we have no business at all!!!! Trump’s alliances with foreign dictators is b***t he can’t cozy up with the actual common sense alliances!!!!! I think you are misguided bring them out of Saudi Arabia then come on now!!!!

  29. Why do people like Rand Paul never listen?
    Hunter Biden may (allegedly) not have been qualified for his lucrative job, that he may have got because of who his dad was, but that's the kind of low-level corruption we would probably all be tempted to do if we could – use our influence to make our kids' lives better.
    That doesn't make it right, but that seems to be as far as this case goes.
    Everything else has been debunked, yet Paul et al still harp on as if the facts haven't been presented to them several times.
    And comparing Hunter Biden, who has no apparent relevance to US politics today, to the antics of Trump, his kids and his cabal, is disingenuous at best.

  30. Sen. Paul is lying through his teeth about the Democrats wanting national socialism where the government takes over all the companies. They have NEVER promoted that. They are for democratic socialism which is what the Scandinavian countries have which includes capitalism but capitalism with restrictions so it doesn't overwhelm and take advantage of the average citizen and yes, people will pay a bit more in taxes but far less than they are paying in private healthcare premiums so it will come out better economically for the average citizen.

  31. Rand…In fact, the poverty rate in USA in 2018 was 16.8% whilst in China it was only 12.1%. There’s socialism for you.

  32. PS…Also, fyi, murder rates in USA are 5 times higher than in China, and has the highest rate of incarceration in the world. Most people want safety and security. USA does not give that to its people.

  33. In fact, the more he speaks the more he sounds like a money-grubbing conspiracy theorist – he'd do well on InfoWars. Stuff his book.

  34. Rand Paul is evil. Evil. EVIL. I hope his ribs are still hurting.
    His message is "Cheer up, poor people in Somalia don't have it as good as poor people in America"

  35. This is why you don't investigate the previous administration…

    And the reason why we pay government officials it's true church or wrongdoing

    It's the reason why we tried to pay cops a decent salary so that criminals don't pay them more and the fact that the president's family is working in the White House and are not paid says that they are making money from their presidential prestige

  36. So then let the new standard be that anyone running for presidential Administration must pass a criminal background investigation internationally by every leading Nation

  37. Twist anf turn, scream and shout!
    Seems to be the Trump supporters song.
    I'm so happy to see some of them breaking away and singing the National Anthem instead.

  38. Best government money can buy. Good job showing the hypocrisy of president lil' horn, his demon spawn and the slime in DC. 👍🏽

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