1. Every indian bakth were like india's economy is booming we will touch the top we are awesome…
    Asshole's India is turning more and more like brazil or australia economical road we are dooming around 2k35 our land, job,gdp were fall down… lets think like this way Whole india has a economy of 100rs and millionaires hokd 80rs, remaining only hold the 20 by around 2035 you know. This 20 may reduced to 10 @nd number of millionaires and poor may rise.. while their is no middle class people only rich and poor.
    Lets checkout what happening in california economy middle class are homeless

  2. Nationalising the public sweat money in the name of 'digital economy' for their political called BJP

  3. Government intervention always makes things worse. What you need to do is, cut government spending, deregulate more and provide tax cuts (to everyone). The market is self regulating. The most efficient way to invest is to let the market decide on investment. Next, you need to end the RBI and destroy it’s printing press. (Gold standard is better than fiat but cryptocurrencies are the best way to do it). This will let the interest rate be at market level. As people save up, interest rate will go down and people will start investing. Without inflation and scope for bailout, businesses will have the pressure to perform. This will also make stock markets as resistant to bubbles as possible and help reduce government debt. That’s what you need to do. Laissez faire.

  4. He talks about job creation and also goes on to say he doubts people know how to achieve this, its all fine to give a one line comment, he should give a solution and not just pin prick somebody. What did he do in the nearly years of association with cong. he has advised them to dole loans to crony capitalists and that has resulted in bad assets. Secondly he compares india to China, it is a dictatorship economy, one person decides on a tax rate, he decides to acquire land for any projects and everybody without resisting accept that. Whereas in india, people just fight for payment of any type of taxes, take for example GSTf absolute noisy opposition, noisy media and they have let down tax rates. Tax compliance is poor in our country, we are a noisy democracy and so is RRR, he is only making noises and without giving any solutions. He is definitely not appolitical, he is playing into the hands of cong. for certain.

  5. How much is it appropriate to compare Railway Recruitment With Job Problem where In India people often go for govt job where less pay compare to Private Sector(I Think That Mentality Matters, bcoz of which INDIA Suffering more)


  7. This guy rajan is clearly itching to join the congress.
    Why is he always here, doesn't he have any job in the US?

  8. Chor Raghu Ram Rajan the Champion of UPA Non-performing asset (NPA) Loans & 80%20% Bad Gold Loan to Loot & Root out Bharat

  9. These western stooges who are pushed down India to destroy India by treacherous means and way's who allow all corruption go uncheck loan disbursement then scam never investigated who's beneficiary ever heard any NGO or media or secularism thugs or xtian spoke against Sonia scam beneficiary matter, Understand these intellual mafia thugs player's placed here we are sick of western treacherous Stooges inside admin system gripped whole system check judiciary too FILTH NEEDS XPOSED HINDUS AWAKENING NEEDED IT'S HAPPENING NOE IT WILL REACH PEAK SOON

  10. This interview is more like a curious student of economics asking her questions from an economics professor…I think it's seems so

  11. i find it ironical that most of the people who do not know the A ,B ,C of indian economy are giving their views on someone who is an IIT and MIT graduate, predicted the 2009 bubble burst and was the governor of RBI. i guess the BHAKTS are active in the comment section.

  12. Thank you for the wonderful interview. Good questions and perfect answers – keeping the broader view of everything!!

  13. Lots of Bhakts on the comments section of this video. Anyways, I wanted to say that their should be an IQ and EQ test for the top political positions. We could use such people at positions where the decisions made matter a lot.

  14. Raghurajan Sir with due respect
    Congress always wants begging should be the main job as they could give freebies out of taxpayer money as they never have any contributions to the exchequre

  15. He says 25million people are applied for 90k job in railway,this is seem to he didn't know indian people mentality about government jobs.

  16. Over hyped person,his involvement in Indian economy since 2009 to 2016 but nothing happened.only reckless funding to stressed company happens,now those stressed company become NPA.

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  18. Where is growth😢😢. If there was any growth there would have been jobs😢😢. Poor economic growth has affected employment😢😢. Construction business is finished under this govt.😢😢.

  19. He is the one who shattered the banking system allowed and watched UPA GOVT to lend recklessly amounting to ₹ 52 lakh crores. He reported that reckless lending by congress govt to the parliament committee but intentionly ignored to spread the very same fact with the media. Does he deserves respect from the people of India. No doubt his suggestions and intentions is suspected by the people of this country. He also justified the sudden change in PCA NORMS brought by Urgit Patel by keeping 11 public sector banks under arrest, Nodoubt he is a danger person to the sovereignty of this country.

  20. I felt I am listening to a person who is good for western economy and not for India which requires change of mind set.

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