Racism in America, Socialism, and Medicare for All Dominate Democratic Debate (1/2)

hey guys you know what America does not want to witness a food fight they want to know how we're gonna put food on their table welcome the real news network I'm Marc Steiner sorry folks but that clip just cracks me up because most people might criticize comma Kamala Harris for some of the stuff it's Attorney General in California her intervention last night showed how last night's democratic debate was more intense more contentious than the first by a long shot some of the issues that are gripping our body politic like race and racism the debate over socialism and capitalism how we really define Medicare for all what do we do about immigration and issues of war and peace took front and center in last night's debate as did the generational divide so to soar some of this out we have with us today once again dr. Kimberly muffin Cambria Moffitt is the associate professor and chair of language literacy and culture doctoral program at the University of Maryland Baltimore County and Jacquelyn Luqman who is a real news correspondent and editor in chief of Luqman nation and Jacquelyn welcome good to have you as well thank you for having me so that was really that that really stunned me when I saw that it was about me there's somebody whose mothers we stopped peas and stuff but you know serious and so that kind of set the tone for the evening I think and said it nothing will I want to make the conversation about a horse race because I think irrelevant sometimes but I think her doing that near the top really did set the tone for the evening and set her as a centerpiece for the evening indeed indeed I would say that it demonstrated a level of confidence to be in command and know how to rally the troops so to speak so she made a clear indication that she can play this role and she knows how to carry out the role and she did so continuously through the night even with some of the language she used when she referred to herself as the next president when she said when she become the next president all of those cues made it very clear that she was situating herself to be that next person Jacqueline would you bet on that for me yes I absolutely agree Carla Harris made sure she made clear that she is not easily intimidated by a room full of loud talking politicians so she literally had her don't make me come back there and we're not even talking about her policies right now we're just talking about the way she branded herself marketed herself to the American people in that debate and as a strategy as a tactic going forward to 2020 she she really did a great job doing that I would also add to that then I think it was the beginning of her showing the so-called human side of who she is because much of the comment area that's been made about her previously shows her is this very stoic kind of distant not engaging but very serious about her ability to carry out tasks and what she did throughout the night for us was offer a number of stories that gave us a sense of her human side look at this other clip this is this is Marianne Williamson they were author and spiritualists when she made this common on reparations opened up a back of warm is that also I think to find the evening let's look at this all of these issues are extremely important but there are specifics there are symptoms and the underlying cause has to do with deep deep deep realms of racial injustice both in our criminal justice system and in our economic system and Democratic Party should be on the side of reparations for slavery for this very reason I do not believe that the average American is a racist but the average American is lawfully undereducated about the history of race in the United States so we won't talk a lot about Williams at the moment but I mean she threw in some Barb's too in the course the whole evening that that really got Barb's she stated some ageist points during the course the evening that I think really kind of broaden and deepen the discussion that politicians don't usually have and she did at this time was reparations and I and then this piece led to this interchange between Biden and Harris on busing states rights and more then we'll pick up our conversation and I'm gonna now direct this at Vice President Biden to hear you talk about the reputations of two United States senators who built their reputations and career on the segregation of race in this country and it was not only that but you also worked with them to oppose busing and you know there was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bused to school every day and that little girl was me so I will tell you that on this subject it cannot be an intellectual debate among Democrats we have to take it seriously we have to act swiftly mischaracterized my position across the board I did not praise racist the fact is that in terms of busing the busing I never you would have been able to go to school the same exact way because it was a local decision made by your City Council that's fine that's one of things argued for that we should not be we should be breaking down these lines do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose busing in America though do you agree I did not oppose busing in America what I opposed is busing ordered by the Department of Education that's what I opposed of states to public schools in America I was part of the second class to integrate Berkeley California public schools almost two decades after brown v board of education because your City Council made that decision to preserve the civil rights of our affordable so that intense exchange I think redefined the evening and also it was the first time in audio's debates when the issues of race and racism and the role of the federal government came up and person I was kind of shocked to see Biden who's not figured out how to answer what he did back there in the 70s and it also showed that there was glaring when he sort of took my all my states rights which was a shock to me yes so to talk about your nas what this what this means but also I hear what you both think what this means a larger context for this election coming up against Trump Emily so there are a couple of things that come out of that at first I so appreciated Williams and pushing some of these issues and essentially calling out seasoned politicians to say you've had an opportunity to address these issues and it still hasn't been done and as a result we have done nothing as a nation but continue to inflict racial trauma upon individuals that of course seems to continue generations on it's not something that happens to Harris when she's that second class of students that I am gets his bust to her public school and then it's done you could see even as she was talking about it there was some emotion for her that she was remembering those and how tough it was for her so that's trauma that has continued generations since so I really appreciated what Williamson was offering but I think this particular exchange I mean there's a moment on the during the debate that Harris also makes a comment she was like you know as the black person on the stage can I please respond and so clearly she was going to make sure that race was interjected somehow to make it clear that these are issues that we do need to be dealing with and so by virtue of her own presence and body she did so but also by confronting Biden in a very aggressive in some respects way to be able to call him to the carpet about what he had done so many decades ago and his inability to answer was probably even more stunning to me because after this being a news item for the week I was certain that he would be prepared to respond and actually have a canned response that would kind of squash this but instead what we saw is Harris rising and being able to demonstrate how powerful she could engage on these issues while Biden the seasoned politician who has also been our VP seemed to stumble and fumble quite a bit and Jeff but one of the things that came out later in this as well was that the Biden campaign came out and basically said what you did Kamala Harris was to help Trump in what you said that was that was the response that his campaign gave after the event itself took place Jacqueline yes and I think that speaks to the refusal of the Biden campaign and Biden himself to deal honestly with his really terrible record in regard to racial issues with dealing with working with racists basically I don't I don't know what else he how else he would characterize these two congressmen who he worked with who were racist they said they were racist they called they said that black people were genetically inferior were inferior to white people these are legislative who said this about black people so Biden has consistently been dishonest about his relationship with these people and his willingness to work with these people to get their agenda passed and I think he couldn't have been any more honest in the way he stood on that stage and advocated for states rights right then if if he had just come right out and said you know what I really am NOT for federal intervention in ensuring the equal protection under the law of all American citizens I just I just don't think he he was he was more honest than we realized he was but he was more honest that even he realizes he was and then I mean there's there's really no more analysis that I think needs to be done about that we saw who Joe Biden was or is last night but the thing that was interesting to me is going back to marianne williamson really quickly she brought up a point about racial injustice in the criminal justice system in particular and she brought up the issue of reparations which was it addressed at all anymore last night after this exchange between Harris and Biden and that's unfortunate but this is just the first of many debates so hopefully this issue Micah mabuse's that again yeah and it's complicated it's not it's not an easy I understand that but it's interesting that she brought up reparations and then it was just kind of dropped on the floor but what was also interesting was that nobody addressed Kamala Harris on her probably at it problematic record with criminal justice issues in regard to black people you know Carla Harris yes she scored some points and and she was right to to say what she said to Biden about his record but that was almost like I mean how was how his hair is gonna sling mud when she's the one who was locking up black mothers putting black mothers in jail because they're their kids were truant from school in California and and said it was a good idea laughter joked about it on a video she was the one who fought the release of someone who had been imprisoned for decades that the innocence project was found to be not guilty of the crime he was convicted of Kamala Harris thought for this person to stay in prison after he was proven to be innocent she refused to do anything to alleviate overcrowding in prisons in defiance of I think it was a California Supreme Court order to address the issue her her record on criminal own racial issues within the criminal justice system as a prosecutor is just as problematic as Joe Biden's working so well with segregationist and it's interesting no one addressed that with Harris right I shall have her by the moment or she'll be prepared for it let's see if she will that that has to be addressed I think there's not other subjects we have a lot to cover here actually I was just gonna concur I think that was a segment where there could have been some pushback not necessarily by Biden in that segment but by any of the other nine candidates where they could have addressed that very point and I think Marianne Williamson had already done that for us by giving us a cue to say what have you done up to this point when you know these are issues that have existed and in terms of Harris I think she is gonna have to deal with that head-on I also think that we as voters need to be aware that the time in which many of these decisions are being made whether it's Biden and the segregationist whether it is Harris and the participation in mass incarceration that those are systems that we have created as a nation and they were complicit in participating in them because they were advantageous for them politically and now that we see ourselves after research and the amount of trauma and turmoil that has been inflicted on our nation we're now starting to redress and figure out ways to undo some of the damage and they're gonna have to undo some of that damage of their own so our way to this next segment we jump into that I think was really important both busing and mass incarceration were popular mm-hmm yes most of the people the anti busing yes and and locking people were very popular in this country for in the period of the eighties and nineties extremely popular yes one of the other things that that came up last night and I think because of the democratic socialist positions of Bernie Sanders there was this whole debate back and forth about what do we mean by socialism and capitalism took place with Hickenlooper and and Sanders who respond daily and Gillibrand so let's watch this piece and we can comment on this the bottom line is if we don't clearly define that we are not socialists the Republicans are going to come at us every way they can and and call us socialists and if you look at the green New Deal which I admire the sense of urgency and how important it is to do climate change I'm a scientist but we can't promise every American a government job if you want to get universal health care coverage I believe that health care is a right and not a privilege but you can't expect to eliminate private insurance for 180 million people many of whom who don't want to give it up what is your response to those who say nominating a socialist would reelect Donald Trump well I think the responses that the polls last fall I saw how does ten points ahead of Donald Trump the truth is there's a big difference between capitalism on the one hand and greed on the other and so all the things that we're trying to change is when companies care more about profits when they do about people there may not be disagreement in the party because in truth we want healthy we don't want so this I think is a really important question of what I want to ask the two of you is and in this debate that was taking place last night it came to the fore inside the Democratic Party but I'm a real honest assessment here how this debate plays out in the general election and I say it in this context I say in the context that what America is faced with these from my perspective my analysis is a white nationalist regime that has elected itself into the white house into the executive branch and nominating people like this is a judiciary across the country and in and immigration all the other issues and stumbling is a bit perhaps in the war so think I want there so how does this debate fit into the context of what is being faced in November of 2020 I think that's for the people who have taken over our government have basically implemented soft political coos what I've been calling it this this white nationalist fascist faction they will always use this argument of socialism as bad and these people are trying to implement socialism as a way to hold on to their power because this is a narrative that they can they know they can use this anti-socialist narrative in this country because Americans don't understand what socialism is Americans don't even understand that we don't really live in a democracy as it exists right now and Americans are also very very wedded to the idea that capitalism is good for them that capitalism is is is the American Way and it's how Americans obtain success so these people understand the the very wedded nature of this love of capitalism that Americans have and it's largely because we are so willfully uneducated about the way the rest of the world works and how different economic and political systems actually work very well in other countries but Weimar the question is though and let me just go to person before we have to take a break here and come to other subjects that the question is though I think you're right Jacqueline but America an American opinion is not going to change by November 2020 that's true so so and so that so how does this play out in terms of what do you think the internal debates gonna be among the Democrats and how this fares in the fight against Trump come next year well I mean it's actually one of the few remarks that Hickenlooper made last night that I agreed with that as a party that there's going to be a need to appear more centrist instead of the move and push to the left as we're Bernie would is where Sanders would like us and I say that because if we continue down the road of the same rhetoric regarding socialism and what it does to us and aoc constantly being attacked for the Green Deal and any other legislation she she recommends or puts forward that it will give the perception that we don't understand what Americans want that we don't have a sense of what Americans need and that we are seen as the party that's out of step with what the majority of Americans are desirous of and that will easily make a pathway for Trump to be reelected so very quickly here Jacqueline is we really have to take a break here but to go to our next subjects but I think that this is this is gonna go to the heart of some of the battle is gonna be taking place with Trump and I and and and I've just you know given that there are a number of people who get clear or socialist in this country young people are embracing socialism but it's not the majority of America and we have the democratic party not the democratic socialist party or a socialist party of anything that can really kind of hold forth in partisan elections so I think this debate in some ways is it was a debate about Democratic friends define for themselves who they are right right yeah I think that's true but I think the issue for me is that instead of Democrats focusing on whether or not Trump is going to call them socialists talk about the policies that they are going to implement to help people okay you have a problem with socialism fine but do you also have a problem with student loan debt this is our solution for addressing student loan debt you can call it what you want but are the Republicans referring to address student loan debt do you have a problem with a minimum wage not being enough or not having a living wage or not even being able to find a job where you can support yourself and your family on one job and I to work two or three give jobs you can call eliminating that kind of economic system and providing a living wage for one job and addressing overzealous developers and in addressing gentrification so that people can afford to live off of one job you call that whatever you want but if the Republicans are not offering solutions to those problems that like Kamala Harris said puts food on your table then they're not your friends whether they call Democrat socialist or not if they have no answers for how to address the problems that people are facing in regard to not being able to afford to live in this society then it doesn't matter so I think Republicans are gonna call them some sort of means in from pool but you got to so I mean I think that the issue here both on finish is interesting discussion to have at some point which is the ideas put forward by progressives and socialists are the ones that grab American people use your attic that's right I mean I think that is where the bottom line is rhetoric does matter the rhetoric well we have to be able to respond to that rhetoric and and keep arguing the point that I'm Jacqueline is raising of what are the programs that benefit Americans most so we're here with Kimberly muffin and Jacqueline Luckman and we're talking about the debate less and with the Democrats and we have another segment coming up about that and you don't want to miss that and I'm mark Sonya here for the real news network take care and stay with us

  1. If 75% of the American people want Medicare for all, college for all and the green new deal does that mean 75% of the country is on the left or is THAT the center?

  2. Hi :1) Harris looks like she learnt alot from Trump's Presidental campaign as did most of the other candidates. Whitewash your past (Harris had an absolutely Appalling record of Criminalizing Black Communities as a D.A.) and now she is painting herself as a Saviour of Black Rights?? secondly, to make promises you have no intention of keeping but you know the majority of folks wanna hear. Just as there are plenty of White folks willing to sell out their race, black folks no different. Until we see it's the Poor they hate regardless of race, gender or geography we will continue to be penetrated without our express permission..

  3. Americans have been waiting for socialized medicine since Eisenhower was president from 1953 to 1961. Pity, that the lifespan 63 years of a single individual went without a National Health Program because the change of administration and the Cuban Missles Crisis put Medicare for All into the category of being a communist plot. The bigger a circus the McCarthytes can put out the less the people will think about Universal Health Care. It was a perfect fit for the establishment right wing to politicize health as a tool of infiltration by Soviet Russia. It intimidated a generation. Is this the generation of democrats who can see past the Cold War ideology? Not be intimidated by Trump who comes from the McCarthyite era of New York anti-Communists. Americans would rather be American than socialist is their call to being patriotic to an idea of a free society of individualism or their conception of what the US or socialism is not! Its an indication they are guided by fear and fear is their worst enemy. The conservative working class wing of the GOP are the most persuaded by patriotic ideology, do not have answers to the contradictions of capitalism. Trump is this wing of the GOP, he is seen as fighting every step of the way against the establishment he was never a part, is also a McCarthyite anti-communist, a chauvinist, and embodies all the characteristics of a non-pompous establishment elite, will argue Health Care for All is socialism. One democrat will have to confront Trump on that question and call it as it is. I'd say to Trump, it is. What will they say to him? If Bernie confronts Trump with, it is socialism, an entire Cold War history comes to an end and the beginning of the era of Universal Health Care ends the century old strategy of holding everything hostage to socially control individual members of society. 

    But in the meantime Beoing is under some intense pressure to solve its software problems and get their planes back on the market. The product in its repair mode is eating up the billions of dollars in profits invested into making the dam thing, and to save this company from collapse, it needs that sale money, and this initiates the American president to open channels and line up buyers. Boeing is ready to re-enter the market once the software glitch is fixed. But who in their right mind is going to stick their neck out and with public funds purchase Boeing aircraft with its public safety record marred by three crashes, without being muscled into it? An idiot is who, a Juan Giaudo character, making sure people like this are positioned in decision roles in government solicits the work of Secretary of State and the help of an international network who can supply troops. People who make these decisions have to be manipulated and bought off are used. The Boeing situation solicits the work of national security experts the billions of dollars in market loss is a national security concern. Boeing, before going under, and as a handful of aircraft producers salivating for it to die surround Boeing like Jackals waiting for the kill, will become the subject of another bail out the government will impose on the American people. A patiotic bail out is likely to be the spin on Health Care, less important than the billions of profts in market share, cannot be taken for granted as a lie, or exaggeration when the Jackals are real. It would become another trick to divert attention from Universal Health Care, another effort to defer the American people of the natural right of good health, if competition in this field did not exists, if China and Russia, the Jackals, were not aggresive in defense build up.

  4. Was Kamala a dishonest racist bully towards the non-coloured poleticians? I checked, she was born in '64, and school year books in her state in 64 already show integration. I'm not American or Mexican or anything, but the Democrat Poleticians spoke about gun and people control a lot, ie constitutional changes in incremental steps. No-one mentioned the US national debt, while touting spending increases via tax increases. Middle America does want middle class manufacturing work back in their states, I agree that Mr Trumps policy's seem more attractive at present. Good discussion

  5. Kamala Harris is a great speaker and very charismatic. But would not vote for her, because
    she is bought and paid for by WallStreet and Big Corporations.

  6. states right was used to keep slavery going. states right was the reason for the civil war. so biden invoking states right is very problematic.

  7. Great point Jaqueline. I would agree with you that locking up the people is 1 of the top 2 fights against the Oligarchy, (2 Being the economy) and Kamila’s record on 1 is terrifying!

  8. Disgusting. You're supporting a deep state owned puppet like Kamala over SKIN color.
    I'm not going to be YOUR slave either.
    The Democrat party is about nothing more than redistributing RESOURCES and OPPORTUNITIES from people who have no representation to designated VICTIMHOOD CLASSES of the DemocRAT party, who they pander to for votes with nothing but TRIBALISTIC identity signaling.
    I'd rather vote Trump than keep voting for this SCAM of a party.

  9. Saying Racism in America is frankly redundant, just say America. The nation and the internal community know what time it is

  10. So the data that states that any centrist the dnc throws against Trump will lose for 2020 is the answer as this guest in the studio alluded to? Yup there's a dnc mole. Smh

  11. So tired of it. We do not need a discussion of socialism versus capitalism, as there are no socialists among the democratic candidates. The whole discussion is a falsely framed, as usual. But thank you Jacquelyn for speaking the truth: Americans are absolutely ignorant about what 'socialism' even is; that we do not have a democracy; and are trained to adore capitalism as what is 'good'. We are talking about democratic socialism, and Democrats should educate the public about what it is.

  12. I am convince, way too many on this comment section didn't watch the entire video. This is the microcosm of our microwave society.

  13. Kamala is still absolutely awfull. I don't know why some people are still impressed by debate zingers and stage presence and so forth when her record screams neoliberal authoritarian. I expect deeper and better analysis from Real News. Did you learn nothing from Obama's act? Don't you and your guests know her horrible record with regard to prosecution of the black communtiy?

  14. Almost every American will recognize the lone man in front of the tank in Tiananmen square massacre, but ask us what happened in Newark NJ, in 1967… this is what wrong with America!

  15. Keyword here: PERFORMANCE. This was a show. Questions agreed upon by billionaires, delivered by millionaires. This was not a debate and should not be measured as such.

  16. Americans have no idea of what is the difference between implementing a socialist economical political system and being ruled by a socialist president with socialist programs.. lots of countries in Europe are being ruled by the socialists and still remain as a country with the capitalist economic system… damn, Americans are soooooo dumb.

  17. Pumping Kamala Harris? You just lost credibility. She is a centrist corporate shill who let Steve Mnuchin walk free in California during the housing crisis after her OWN LEGAL team found him guilty in over a thousand cases of housing fraud… She took Trump donation $$ at the height of his birther movement against Obama. She is a systemic, institutional racist to all Blacks in California…. I stopped watching after the first 2 minutes… you are wasting everyone's time here. She is against single-payer and/or a nationalized compulsory scheme for healthcare. That means she is AGAINST universal healthcare and FOR for-profit deathcare. Stop liking people because of how they talk, you small-minded simpletons. Like candidates for WHAT THEY DO FOR OTHER PEOPLE.

  18. Conservatives already call democrats "socialists". They thought Obama was a "Kenyan Marxist". No amount of centrist rhetoric is going to change this.

  19. So I guess we can throw objectivity out of the window. Kamala Harris is as bad for the country as Hillary was and Joe Biden is. The fact that you all sit there giggling about how awesome she is, makes me sick.

  20. 13:39 In fairness, some people have been saying that. Even way back when it first seemed she was the establishment favourite.

  21. Sexism is far worse than racism…just look at what goes on and look at the so-called diversity of the panel. Women are 51% of the population…

  22. These fools at The Real News going gaga over black Incarceration Kamala Harris. How absolutely stupid can you be?

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