(R) – Socialist Obama Wants You To Eat Fruits & Vegetables!

republic congressman paul brown of georgia
didn’t really take an idea of the republican democrat sitting together at the state of the union he thought it was
a democratic conspiracy dating together every uh… kitty kitty is just another way to trust volatile public into
and when people stand up to it that the democrats are going to be doing a
minute fought gopal most people are all his bedroom vietnam synergistic scattered throughout the republican
plan it won’t be as notice was therefore setting up art old please who wants to be to see to see what
brown save it uh… brown sphere the president’s venom spewing
word him so much to be watching the secure cop lines of his office but he was more than i had a despues own benham
while the president was speaking in the form of about forty tweets culminating with this
keepin it classy moment mr president you don’t believe in the constitution
settlement is socialism data show ’em i’m amused but i did it easy dressing for
the president by the president’s check-in brown street in
those civilian life bowling green by the end of the first time brown has jumped
on the socialist bandwagon out of town hall meeting in october you got
all worked up back in the centers for disease control point out that americans are unhealthy site charlotte maryland fruit hold the for you through this on difference and vegetables are coming their
socialist you never know they could be around the corner
bakery anyway so they had to go with the socialism well
to be fair asparagus is a well-known marxist everybody
knows that but it’s not all about socialism with congressman
brown he was called president obama and nazi-like marxist dictate i’m not sure out works aperture i gotta go marchers and i’m not see
the same time wait a minute maybe the fruits of the marxist
and the vegetables are the nazis an old bomber is open and a avocados god what if it’s true

  1. @brandonkerry1
    OMFG I GET IT!!!

    YOU ARE FRICTION!!!! Why did you leave? Where have you been?

    Electreh black ops nemo fet tyrah gette needn't ger me de parreh!

    Gwan ma', nah probleh de me ya seein tsk ruddy pande! Nah wan gi me ting seen? Nah jup menna gway? Fla manna se ting henna flou pe right? A fe me cyar Im too haad eaize Mi a go lef tiday HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  2. @brandonkerry1
    You are hilarious! You are here till thursday, right? Have not seen such great intelligence in such a long time. Friction is back everyone! Spread the word.

  3. @brandonkerry1
    Godwins Law

    "No matter what conversation occurs, it will always end up being about nazis" Therefor, you referenced a nazi.

    Therefor, you are still trolling (and failing horribly). Is this all you got? Jewish references and slurs? Dude, find some originality if you are gonna troll.

  4. @brandonkerry1

    Because according to the No True Scottsman fallacy (which you use) you cannot reference Nazis and use a straw man argument. Dude, you and your fallacies are hilarious. Godwins Law, and Clause 3, states that ANY reference to Nazism is part of the law, and Clause 4 states only a person losing a argument uses nazis. So you lose.

  5. @brandonkerry1
    ROFL you fail again! Clause 2 of Godwins Law states, CLEARLY, that a Straw Man is a incredulous incredulity and resonates from the poster, causing the poster who broke the law, during certain events, rendered a straw man, and thus, lost the argument.

    You fail so hard.

  6. @bodryn After a few centuries of global warming, I may be living near the coast, but not anytime soon. South Padre is one of my "back when I was in college" stories.

  7. @brandonkerry1
    HAHAHA YOU KEEP FAILING SO HARD!!! And I love your grammar and your use of profanity! Nice spelling!

    Then again, someone who pulls a Godwins Law fallacy clearly cannot win any argument. Then you state that I am not logic? WTF? I am not logic? What an intelligent statement. You are not logic (as I didn't know humans were logic, or made of it). I love your little Nazi slippery slope you did there! Fallacies everywhere!

  8. @brandonkerry1
    ROFL!!! You are a idoit, you spelled Frankenstein wrong! and it is You're, not you're, like you spelled it genios! ROFL!

    You are a perfect example of what Godwins Law states about people who prove it like you. And calling me a logic again? Wow you are a morom! ROFL!!!

  9. cenk is a pothead, my brother is a stagehand with msnbc and says cenk smokes weed in the service hall….yeah, he belongs on msnbc

  10. @brandonkerry1
    Dude…copy paste it since you cannot spell for shit. FRANKENSTEIN!

    Dude, do you always reference Nazis? WTF? And where did Stalin come from? And you keep making death threats. WTF?

  11. Paul Broun's MOM was socialist and she always made him eat his fruits and vegetables.

    Please let him eat all the capitalistic-sugar-fat-fried-food he wants now that he is a congressman and has a socialistic health care plan for the rich…

  12. @tommysch why would i make up this stuff up? I have read stories where the universial healthcare you have in canada has its flaws and one of them is its slow progress of dealing with people…I dont live there so i have no reason to make shit up…but to say US has the best healthcare system in the world is a stretch but Canada's healthcare system too has its flaws much like ours…so dont boast that your healthcare is more humane because it appears to available for everyone there..

  13. @69Deepshadow its not a matter of waiting in the emergency room…its a matter of being on a waiting lists that says months til you get the operation you need that is actually a matter of life and death at that point…

  14. @69Deepshadow its not a matter of waiting in the emergency room…its a matter of being on a waiting lists that says months til you get the operation you need that is actually a matter of life and death at that point…and to say you can afford medical care is BS because we have a system called indigent care where the hospital has to care for you if its life or death…

  15. @100crawma says the far right wing Tea Tard Ayn Rand bigot. No one wants to listen to your ignorance & hate anymore. Troll somewhere else…

  16. Obama's such a socialist, he didn't take over the banks during the crisis, which is what the right-wing govt in Sweden did during our crisis. Did I say socialist? I meant Obama's a COMMUNIST!

  17. @tommysch alright ill just list the problems with your system seeing how all youre saying is ours is not affordable…I believe no one will argue against the claim that US does in fact have a far better quality of care than the quality of care in Canada. While you say our system is unaffordable that still does not mean that your system doesnt have an issue of availability of care for everyone as well (those pesky waiting lists) BTW how high is your taxes again? 🙂

  18. @100crawma well unfortunatly you guys are our immediate neighbors and what happens in your country has a direct impact on canada. not trying to start a fight just saying.. thats the reason why canadians pay attention to politics in america.

  19. @100crawma did you not just read what i wrote?? what happens in your country affects ours!!!! that doesent mean i should become a u.s citizen or be ignorant to politics because its not happening in my country. thats the problem with you americans is your so self centered you dont give a fuck whats going on in other countrys because you think yours is the best but its not its a corrupt piece of shit country.

  20. @tctheunbeliever FYI: It is important to distinguish Padre Is from South Padre Is. I think the great majority of spring breakers went to South Padre.

  21. @100crawma You do know that more people in America approve of him then disapprove right? It is called a majority. Are you sleeping?

  22. I have finally figured out what the difference between the Republicans and Democrats is. The Republicans are right-handed thieves working as sales men for the unelected central bank. In "contrast", the Democrats are left-handed thieves working as sales men for the unconsititutional central bank. Wow, the difference between them is just amazing in the eyes of retarded partisans.

  23. Cenk….. This dude is so clueless! of course he is a far left liberal nutjob so it makes sense I guess. Since when is the govt in charge of what we eat? Screw off! This is typical liberal nanny state doctrine! Yes, lets tax food we personally disagree with more than other food so we can drive what people eat. Did I say screw off? SCREW OFF! ! If someone wants to eat a blubber sandwhich with sugar on top, so what? What's next? Hey liberals and govt….. SCREW OF!!!!!!!!

  24. @aSingleDallasGuy Look here, another dumb a all for telling other people what they can and cannot do with their bodies right? You fucking hypocrite. ss.
    Let's not tax certain food, but I'm sure you're

  25. @1Makyo Constitutionalists are critical thinkers. A true tea party advocate is a true American, who understands that money should have a tangible form, and govt. should be in the business of keeping order in a institution that attracts the worst in society. American govt. is supposed to be a oxymoronic govt. in which it is supposed to be a govt. that prevents the formation of a corrupt govt., unfortunately "both" parties have given into fraud by working for a inherently fraudulent central bank

  26. Calling Obama a liberal Marxist Nazi dictator shows how uneducated a person is. Yes, it was called the Nazi Socialist party but Hitler hated liberals, conservatives, Marxism, etc. The Socialist form government in Nazi Germany was designed to benefit only those Hitler deemed worthy-he tried to destroy everyone else as we all know. Also no one is telling anyone what to eat-you wanna eat shit eat shit. There's nothing wrong with a little education about it. This Paul Broun is a dangerous fool.

  27. @bIoodypingu … Lookie here another left wing drone who needs his govt to dictate their life for them. No, it's too much to ask you to make your own decisions in life when the govt can do it for you. keep standing by your mailbox waiting for your Obama govt checks to roll in while the rest of us pay the taxes for you. Next time learn to type a complete sentence. I don't speak the language of dumbass!

  28. @aSingleDallasGuy Good thing you addressed what I said. Instead you resort to the rhetoric that you heard on Rush Limbaugh's radio show. You're an uneducated fool.

  29. @aSingleDallasGuy … What you said? I'd need a translater who speaks dumbass. I know no one who could understand your words. You ended in mid sentence. I assume a product of our fine public educational system. Run by liberal teacher unions who are against all reform to include vouchers. Why you ask? Because their job may be lost. So, our fine educators have chosen themselves over the student's education. And this turns out people like you. Dumb and ignorant!

  30. @willdrake1 Why does our govt. borrow money from a private bank at interest, when the bank creates the money from thin air? Wouldn't it make more sense for the government to create its' own debt free money, or better yet , use real money, gold? Why do you support FRAUD? Both Republicans and Democrats support an inherently fraudulent system. Why do you support a system that gives unelected bankers the power to aprove or disapprove financing of all "govt" projects? Are you for fraud yourself?

  31. @themanyouwishyouwere You are spreading misinformation. People who want the country to be run by the rule of law, are republicans. There is nothing racist or anti-gay about wanting the country to be organized around the laws of the Constitution. You are a liar, and I will destroy your lies if you present them in the form of arguments.

  32. Republicans are racist scum. They are the laughing stock of the world now. They will never be the majority again. It is now ok to laugh in their scum faces.

  33. This man even sounds stupid. Sorry southerners, the southern accent is the most uneducated sounding accent ever.

  34. @otsenrexxx Says who? What is your definition of what is on the "right" and what is on the "left"? If you never define your terms, we will never be able to find common ground or even have a functional discussion about the issues at hand, OR, is that your intention? Partisans are idiots.
    Go on, let's hear you definitions!?!

  35. @willdrake1 The fact that our govt "borrows" money created from nothing should be the central subject of any political or economic discussion. The fact that we are forced to use fraudulent money should be the only thing you want to talk about.

    To claim that "there is not enough gold and silver" to use a gold and silver monetary system is a LIE. To believe that there is not enough gold to go around assumes that deflation(existing money becoming more valuable) is not a real phenomena.

  36. Every time someone is called a socialist, that person should say "thank you". When some whackadoo starts crowing about the evils of socialism they should be asked why they don't believe in the reduction or elimination of hierarchical and bureaucratic forms of administration and governance, i.e. what is supposedly a significant part of the Republican and Tea Party agendas.

    Revealing ignorance isn't hard, so why are so-called progressives always defending themselves from so-called conservatives?

  37. @themanyouwishyouwere HAHAH well said. It's pretty obvious, the newer generation wants Dems or some other party to rule this country. Republicans are done! They are dumbasses w/ no ideas to move this country forward. Their hate and violence has everyone, except stupid people who support them, on watch. Dems will be in charge in coming years. I actually feel sorry for the Repbulicans (NOT) of how slowly their dying and it's completely alright with them. LOL.

  38. @emmyjo720 Evidently that's the case, but don't tell that to the idiots who support them or doesn't know what the meaning of "socialism" mean. "OMG, GOVERNMENT TAKE OVER!!!!!" Fucking idiots. lol

  39. @themanyouwishyouwere this is true, i mainly subbed to TYT to laugh at michelle Bachman….
    Geology should be mandatory lol.

  40. @69Deepshadow uh huh thats y when ur on the waiting list it takes a long time to get treated..think about it so if have a bad stomach ache and u went to see the doctor well u would be put near bottom of the list because its not life threatening but lets say it turns out you have a tumor in your stomach and needs to get removed well all those people who have "more" serious issues than you do have to wait for some time to get help..so what couldve been preventable turned into sumthin serious

  41. @Arperture2008
    I completely agree with you, and I have been wondering how to go back and take the blue bill for about 10 years now. Let me know if you come up with anything.

  42. Wasn't the Republicans so obsessed about "bipartisanship" trying to impose their Bush doctrine on the Dems, deeming any dissent as being for the terrorists, calling all submissivness to the GOP agenda for bipartisanship?

  43. @69Deepshadow it happens tho something minor turns into something major so those waiting lists that you dont mind turn out not to be so good afterward…

  44. Brown is right you know the other day a cop stopped me and wouldn't let me go until I ate an apple. Their every where cover your heads in tin foal and stay away from the produce section.

  45. I wonder how many people actually know what the terms "liberal", "conservative", "Marxist" and "Nazi" actually mean. I am scared that people actually vote for guys like Brown.

  46. @69Deepshadow so you believe government bureaucracy can work within seconds? haha it doesnt work like that…but money can…so a market economy is better

  47. Obama isnt a socialist, because he only spreads the wealth to the rich, LOL, not the middle and lower class

  48. @mandy26lez Look up socialism WHERE? Some racist conservative blogspot? Seriously, dude, actual socialists don't like Obama AT ALL!

  49. Consider the intent of government wanting to control what you put in your mouth. Whether Dem or Rep look at the belief system they try to promote. Control and no national sovereignty. Wake up people, the powers that be want to enslave us. It's called wage slavery.

  50. They government controls what you eat…. yeah I totally don't see how that is supposed to be socialism. Not at all.

  51. obama is double minded and a manipulator, he is starving america for a comunist agenda, to bring america to its knees,

  52. obama is double minded and a manipulator, he is starving america for a comunist agenda, to bring america to its knees, we are all 3rd world peasants now, are money is like the mexican paso, are food is polluted and way over priced and no store wants to tell you were the meat is from. running out of jobs because of illigal immigration,

  53. @LogicalThinker667 No, conservatives don't know what socialism is because conservatives are socialists as are liberals.

  54. Obama is not a socialist but a popular whore. If eating cowshit was popular, he'd admit that he's a cowshit eater.

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