1. I quit I was miserable. Everyone started thinking it was OK to just be lazy and use farce book. Let's get back to our own realities

  2. I have no intention of leaving Facebook.
    The only reason I joined, 3 years ago, was to keep in touch with my family in Australia, while I spend my retirement traveling the world.

    It was all working really well. I found old school friends from my childhood. I even found my baby sister, whom I hadn't seen or heard from in 30 years.
    I thought it was all good, a bit of fun. Something to keep me occupied while waiting around in Airports.
    Lately, however, I have noticed that a seemingly innocent page, called ' what do you think Australia', which is followed by many of my friends and family, is definitely more sinister than innocent.

    They have often used Americanisms in their posts, which is what caught my attention and which I always comment on, as being strange for a page that is supposed to be about Australia. More concerning though, is that lately, in amongst the innocent and benign posts of Skippy the bush Kangaroo and how wonderful grandchildren are, they have been throwing in very Amercanised and militarised posts. Why on an Australian page?

    Some people have a 'gaydar', I have a 'propagandar', which went crazy in the lead up to the Iraq invasion. My 'propagandar' is going off again.
    I don't know who is behind this page, but I do know that it is far from innocent fun.
    This is the reason I will not leave Facebook, as I intend to keep an eye on what they are posting and I will continue to call them out on their conditioning and brainwashing tactics, to try and protect my fellow Aussies and open their eyes to how they are being manipulated.

    What a clever way for 'the powers that be' to infiltrate an entire population!
    I would hazard a guess, that Australia isn't the only country with a page like this.

  3. I quit Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook today. There are more important uses for the internet, and the occasional YouTube music video or movie clip is ok

  4. I quit Facebook because my posts, comments and the groups I created were ignored…..even by people that I knew from school, work, etc.

  5. I’m happier being only on YouTube, the other social medias destroy your time frames with other things in life plus I’m more productive throughout the day

  6. Thank you Cal Newport for so eloquently stating exactly what I have experienced since joining FB 3 years ago today. The irony I should stumble across this Ted talk on today of all days. Enough is enough. Severing the FB umbilical cord on this anniversary! Already feel lighter and happier.

  7. What about staying in contact with family/friends in different states/countries? Don't people object because of that?

  8. Quitting Facebook is a good choice. I tried to quit Facebook and it worked in 2 weeks. I'm still struggling with it. My concentration is fragmented. I spent whole 4 hours a day for it although i'm quite busy. Too much jealousy, narcissism, misunderstanding. It's like spending your whole energy to convincing everybody that you 're not missing out.

  9. Facebook is run by people who are probably psychopaths. That's why I deleted my account. Turns out, it was also a great move for most of the reasons he says too.

  10. What do you say in for Social Media in 2019? Yes, it is entertainment with the invoked emotions. If Youtube is social media, then the argument goes bust.

  11. The issue I have is that I live in a different city from my family and closest friends. Social media is the one way I can keep in contact with them all. I wish I could leave it all but because that’s how they communicate in a group I’d just become more isolated if I left

  12. Social Media can be whatever you want it to be. Just be careful who you trust on there because you have not seen them face to face. If a stranger can pose as one of your friends so always be careful who you trust in that world.

  13. I will say this social media is like drugs right it seems like something that is very bad for you a till you try it.

  14. I don’t like to be addicted to anything. I’ve tried some drugs and nicotine but my free spirit doesn’t let me latch onto them for prolonged periods of time. I might use a Juul for a few weeks then quit for a few etc. I’ve done this before with social media but one of the best and most memorable weeks of my life was when I didn’t have a phone because it broke. I remember not feeling lonely, I remember feeling more excited to see my friends and tell them about my life and ask about theirs. It was refreshing and I felt like I had plenty of time in the day to do what I wanted to. But I realllllyyyyy think social media is an addiction because I feel myself getting pulled to open Instagram when more often than not, instagram will make me sad or feel not worthy. I also don’t get a lot of gain from social media except more information. Information that is mostly useless. Like how somebody I haven’t seen in 5 years is eating at chipotle. It takes up my brain space. I want to focus of what brings me joy in life and social media just isn’t one of those things.

  15. It's amazing that some people act as though the crooks at Facebook et al. should alter their platform to ameliorate the world—that they are unfair and silence people. Who the heck said we all have to be on Facebook? People act as though it's a platform that we're forced to use and on which we are forced to communicate with one another. Your free speech doesn't matter when you're on a site owned by a private entity; they can do whatever they wish to do with their product. Some people need to stop acting as though social media has wronged them, when it was their own personal decision to jump on in the first place. If you don't like it, it's best to leave.

    I agree that plenty of people are badly affected by it, but it's majorly their own faults: their action of signing up was voluntary. Stop treating the worst possible social media sites as valid platforms on which to have your voice heard.

  16. It's been over two years since I deleted Facebook and my very dormant Twitter account. Oh, and I've never had Instagram. I decided to step back because I needed to focus on my physical health, mental health and career. Completing an Engineering degree and constantly arguing with strangers about anything and everything can't coincide. One has to make way for the other!

    The only thing Facebook has done for me is make me lose respect for people I once thought were level-headed or smart, but clearly anyone can lose their head when they have an interested audience. I've even become slightly misanthropic because of it.

    I was also getting somewhat tired of raising my former schoolmates' and acquaintances' children with my Wi-Fi and data bundles.

    Now the only thing I need to do is stop reading and leaving YouTube comments.

  17. Luckily, I don't use Twitter or Instagram. So Facebook is my only vice. I don't really consider YouTube to be social media.

  18. I realized the Facebook was taking my time away and I quit him, now I feel so free! I have enough time to study a new language here on youtube videos, I also read the comments to practice…

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