Putin Commemorates Victims Of Communist Terror: Millions Were Executed; Crimes Can Not Be Justified

Friends, today is a special memorable date: October 30 has been marked in our country for over 25 years as the national Day of Remembrance of Victims of Political Repression. It is very important that we all and future generations – this is of great significance – know about, and remember this tragic period in our history when entire social groups and entire peoples were cruelly persecuted, including workers, peasants, engineers, military commanders, clergy, government employees, scientists and cultural figures. Neither talent, nor services to the Motherland, nor sincere devotion to it could help avoid repression, because unwarranted and absolutely absurd charges could be brought against anyone. Millions of people were declared ‘enemies of the people’, shot or mutilated, or suffered in prisons, labour camps or exile. This terrifying past cannot be deleted from national memory or, all the more so, be justified by any references to the so-called best interests of the people. The history of our country, like that of any other country, has plenty of difficult and controversial stages. People argue about them, discuss them, offering different approaches to explaining various events. This is a natural process of learning history and seeking the truth. However, when we are speaking about the repression, death and suffering of millions of people, it will only take a visit to the Butovo memorial site or other common graves of victims of repression, of which there are quite a few in Russia, to realise that these crimes cannot be justified in any way. Political repression has become a tragedy for all our people, all our society and dealt a harsh blow to our people, its roots, culture and self-consciousness. We are still feeling its consequences. Our duty is to not let it slip into oblivion. Remembrance, a clear and unambiguous position and assessments with regard to those sad events serve as a powerful warning against their recurrence. Two years ago, the Government adopted the State Policy Concept for Perpetuating the Memory of the Victims of Political Repression. The idea of a monument to the victims of political repression was born in the distant years of the ‘thaw’, but such memorials were created only in the past decades. Today, we will open the Wall of Sorrow in downtown Moscow. A grand, poignant monument both in its message and implementation. It appeals to our conscience and sentiment, calling for a deep and honest understanding of the period of repression, and empathy for its victims. Huge gratitude goes to sculptor Georgy Frangulyan and the Moscow Government, which assumed the bulk of the expenses, and the citizens who contributed their personal savings to build this monument. In closing, I would like to ask Ms Natalia Solzhenitsyna permission to quote her, ”To know, to remember, to condemn. And only then to forgive.“ I fully agree with these words. Indeed, we and our descendants must remember the tragedy of repression and what caused it. However, this does not mean settling scores. We cannot push society to a dangerous line of confrontation yet again. Now, it is important for all of us to build on the values of trust and stability. Only on this basis will we be able to achieve the goals of our society and our country, Russia, which is one for us all. I would like to thank once again the sculptor who designed this monument. It is important for us, important for the entire country now, and still more important for the young people, who are the future of Russia. Thank you very much.

  1. Out of 556 important functionaries of the
    Bolshevik State. . .
    There Were in 1918-1919:

    457 Jews
    17 Russians, 2 Ukrainians, 11 Armenians, 35 Letts, 15 Germans, 1
    Hungarian, 10 Georgians, 3 Poles, 3 Finns, 1 Karaim.

    While this mass-murder of gentiles was going on, this is what
    Winston Churchill had to say: "This movement among the Jews is not
    new. From the days of Spartacus–Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and
    down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg
    (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide
    conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the
    reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of
    envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily
    growing. It played, as a modern writer, Mrs. Webster, has so ably
    shown, a definitely recognisable part in the tragedy of the French
    Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement
    during the Nine-teenth Century; and now at last this band of
    extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of
    Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of
    their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that
    enormous empire."

    Winston Churchill

    Illustrated Sunday Herald
    February 8, 1920, page 5

    Picture caption: "Mr. Churchill inspecting his old regiment, the 4th
    Hussars, at Aldershot last week."

  2. Russia Insider is spreading fake news again! Putin never said that millions were specifically executed.  Executions were actually unusual during even Stalins rule. "Putin was clear that unlike some other episodes in Russia’s past, which are subject to controversy and heated public discourse, Stalin’s terror is not something that’s up for debate" is something Putin never even said! Learn about the Great Purge, and learn about Stalin before you claim such nonsense.

  3. when the Bolshoviks killed Nikolas and his family they wrote on the wall. 'on this day and at this place we have carried out our orders and killed the head of the state and the head of the Orthodox church' IN HEBREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Putin never quite hits the nail on the head. Not once coming straight out calling Stalin and his mass murdering Jewish henchmen financed by the US the culprits for mass murdering 60 million NON JEWISH human beings, Red Russia had very dark days in history people in the US are primed up to experience next,, These Jews like killing Gentiles in frenzied bloodlust. they are Satan's children as Jesus told you

  5. While America tries to erase it's History & divides the country, Russia embraces their History & unites their country. Great leaders are able to do this thus allowing great things to flourish. We need to purge the corrupt politicians from our countries who have only their own interests at heart & start replacing them with decent moral people to save what is left of this dying world.

  6. We support Putin because we never said a bad word about Stalin or Bolsheviks that rebuilt our country and liberated the world from nazi cancer.One bad word about Bolsheviks and he will loose our support dramatically.I understand westereners who keep silence about ther mass murdering of 27 millions Russians during War,its easier for them to talk about Stalin who gased his own people….oh wait,it was their fuhrer

  7. Now I don't see any fucking communists saying, "Bring back communism." They clearly don't know what it feels like to live in a nation where Bolsheviks massacred you for not believing in the same ideology.

  8. So many racists in these videos… You dumb losers need to learn that Putin is nothing like you and has no sympathy for you.
    Fucking racists

  9. funny how ALL the comments talk about jews killing chistians under bolshevism when in fact death has started in the early 30' by natural causes of famine and deseases and continued into the late 30' with Stalin(jewish?realy?)
    and his great purge and into the 39-45' ww2 with an estimated 20M russian death(jews again?)
    and further more with Stalin into the late 40'and early 50'.
    here are some facts (pretty hard to get them)
    first of all just to have a clean start
    marxism isnt carl marx(jewish but atheist) its carl marx together with friedrich engels (creeptian german) they BOTH wrote the comunial manifest which is the base of communism ideology
    marxism STARTED in russia durring tzar nikolai the 2 with a party or group named zamelia i volya (land and freedom) directed by a manchevist called giorgy flahenov(creeptian)
    the biggest influator(great speaker) of political marxizm was Lenin which is refered as a jew yet only one of his grandfathers was jewish while anyone else HIM included was creeptian
    there were seven head leader over 70 years period of time to the communist party of soviet union alliance….lenin Stalin Hroshchov Brezhniev Andropov Scherenienko Gorbachev
    NON of them is jewish
    although jews were in favour of crashing the tzaarism dinasty b3cause of endless persecutions and pogroms they made still less than 5% of the first communist assembly members (some 900 against 26000 members)
    with Stalin antisemitism and discrimination were made officials and ZIONISTS jews were send in their hundred of thousand to death in gulag before and after ww2, even though the best vissious fighters in ww2 were jewish(general zhukov for instance) and Israel was an enemy until 1991 and the jews werent allowed to immigrate there or to exit Ussr
    all of this communism equal judaeism PROPAGANDA has started with shitler mine kampf
    and the creeptian americunt henry ford author in the early 20' of "the international jews" refering to communism and wasnt an issue in USSR in particular just untill post communism era.
    the shit spreaded by the creeptian on the jews hasent started with communism it goes WAY WAY back to the very start of creeptianity with the misterious murder of their beloved god jezzooz
    most likely this shit will go on untill last days of creeptianity hopefully sooner than later

  10. Mr Putin lots of empty words with no weighting, this is because you failed to never mention the TRUTH of the Russian Revolution which was NOT a Russian revolution but that of a Jewish Bolshevik revolution which was funded by Jewsish banking houses from the West.
    In all it was the Jews behind the massacres in both Russia and Ukraine.
    You know this only to well!

  11. How about victims of 90's liberal reforms, vitims of privatisation, banditism, corruption? Millions of people have died, much more than under "Bloody Bolshevik Regime" (sounds familiar, heh?).
    But no, they place Yeltsin centers and other monuments to political ciminals and traitors to the Russian people.

  12. "Victims of Communist Terror" is a really bizarre and misleading wording as if it was right out of the black book of communism (nazi apolagia). Its like calling people who died during the US civil war "victims of abolision of slavery". It makes no logical sense to blame an ideology of equality for societies inequalities as its not the reason.

  13. Americans repent for their victims? US citizens of Japanese origin, labor Roosevelt building, farmers? And apologized to Japanese for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, before the Vietnamese, Koreans, and many others. Will the monuments they erect. The American system is the real Empire of evil and lies. Exclusive American shit -your whole philosophy of hoarding wealth, no you have no democracy and equality, you are rich in dollars but poor in spirit. Hates you and curses where American interests are killing, robbing, getting into other people's houses, stir up racial, religious and other hatred to impose the ideology of homosexuality. Remember consumers, you are not people you are animals. Sooner or later, you choke.

  14. Jews I think u want ur own world , ie.why new world order there otherwise why it's need,First Russia and second China ..Goal.

  15. Awesome! Yes leading from the front. Leftism (Communism, Socialism, Marxism and Facism) have killed millions and millions of people based on a ideology of control, fear and hatred. The Democrats in America keep pushing B.S. stories to keep America and Russia from becoming the allies we were meant and can be.

  16. Putin, why don't you fess up to who is really behind what happened and is still happening around the world? I'm sure if all the truth came out either we would end this world along with the parasites or, the world would finally clean house.

    Either way, humanity would win, wars would cease, and greed would be part of our history.

    Man up mate.

  17. So So Sad and tragic what happened to the Russian Christian People.And what dignity and class shown by Putin in his address.This all came about by the Wall St bankers paying Leon Trotsky a zionist jew,along with Lenin to instigate the Bolshevik Revolution ,fooling the people for support in a massive scam by the globalists..The same people are in control of America and beyound,,and it will be their turn to suffer the consequences of zionist jew domination.

  18. "We demand freedom for all religious faiths in the state, insofar as they do not endanger its existence or offend the moral and ethical sense of the Germanic race. The party as such represents the point of view of a positive Christianity without binding itself to any one particular confession. It fights against the Jewish materialist spirit within and without, and is convinced that a lasting recovery of our folk can only come about from within on the pinciple: COMMON GOOD BEFORE INDIVIDUAL GOOD": http://www.historyplace.com/worldwar2/riseofhitler/25points.htm

  19. I believe the social, economic and political situation of the usa now is comparable to that of the last years of the russian empire. I believe America may repeat the same mistakes that Russia did in 1917 and tear itself apart

  20. 66 million russian christens butchered by Khazar Jew Bolsheviks, who were financed by Khazar Jew Wall Street and City of London Bankers.200,00 Christen clergy,Lenin ordered scalped, tortured crucified.May 1922 1,692,904 slaughtered for Anti-Sociol Thinking ,in Khrakor ,eyes poked out, noses cut off, ears cut off before being killed. CHEKAS Weekly Newspaper listed names of those executed ,1918-1919 ,1.7 million. All by the Khazar Jew Bolsheviks .Research it for yourself.

  21. President V.V.Putin is the greatest Statesman In charge of the greatest country of this planet ! What a man of vision and of Peace ! God the Almighty please bless him ! Long live Holy Russia ! Peace to the world !

  22. TALMUDIC JEWS taking over Russia to plunder its gold, install a largely Jewish leadership and then destroy the Orthodox CHRISTIAN Russian people…
    …Helped by the THULE society in Germany in 1817 – LENIN was helped across Germany, in wartime, with millions in Gold to pay for the Revolution…Money given by leading jews in New York helped to take over Russia to also create an enemy in the future so that war would be a stick to beat the masses with. Only the Jewish TALMUD needs war to 'justify' its followers in committing any crime on non-jews along with deception; they also brand the WAR on Drugs, Cancer etc – to use this word to carry on oppressing the non-jewish masses.
    …Freemasons are part of this deception as the alliance with them and Talmudic jews rule our lives…Only through our ignorance of the truth, and our freedoms COMMON LAW, can these perverted criminal Mafia of Paedophiles carry on their treason against humanity. The world is a stage, with all world leaders part of the 'club'.

  23. 85% of people involved in Bolshevik Revolution were Jews and rest 15 % were married to Jewesses. Google Captain Ajit vadakayil on Bolshevik revolution for more info.

  24. Putin honors the dead from the past with a memorial while puppet Zionist ass kissing Trump expands the thermonuclear and global mass murder US imperialistic Zionist agenda.

  25. The first victims of the Jewish bolshevism were the Russian people and the population of all the republics of the Soviet Union including Ukraine !
    From 1917 to 1941, the biggest enemy was "inside" USSR, not outside !
    Now the biggest enemy is in Isra-Hell and in Jewmerica !

  26. Putin is a little bitch what the fuck is he thinking? This moment which is honoring traitors it is fueling the anti-semite movement fuck this Zionist sympathize scum without the Bolsheviks Russia would be a colony of the United States or Nazi Germany today Putin is a traitor. Stop honoring traitors that were trying to sabotage their country They're Not Innocent victims that deserved to be remembered. They deserve to be forgotten like the scum bags they were. They own so much to the Bolsheviks for their modern-day life they would have never had that under the czar. Honoring traitors makes me sick to my stomach.

  27. Presidente Vladimir #Putin commemora a #Mosca le vittime del terrore comunista, nazista e fascista. Il vergognoso #silenzio dei #media italiani europei si commenta da solo. God Bless Holy #Russia.

  28. The Slavic population should be paid reparations from these Communist Jews and their families. The price tag is tremendously expensive and must be paid, no matter where these families hind across the globe. USA Israel Britain Russia Turkey, no matter. Pay the Slavs of Russia Poland and Ukraine for these murders.

    Putin needs to choose a side, the Slavic bloodline or the Jewish bloodline.

  29. The Bolsheviks arise in America as the NWO.
    Woe be to the American People. I fear Americans will die by the 10's of Millions


  31. Excellent speech. So good to see Solzhenitsyn's widow there, so good that Vladimir quoted her words. Where's the monument in Washington about the slaughter of millions of native Americans by the European colonists and the US Government? Where's the monument in Washington about the Huge slave trade in Africans, and the segregation that continued right up until the late 1960's? JUST ONE POINT – THE TITLE, it was NOT "Communist" terror, it was Stalinist State-capitalist terror, made possible by the terror of the 14 leading industrial nations that invaded the young Soviet Republic only months after it was set up, LONG BEFORE there were any internal repressions by the Soviet government or original Party leadership. See "The Essential Lenin" by Carl Tuckwell, just found it on Smashwords the other day.

  32. Everybody here go subscribe to 108morris108. He is the last few that will call out the Jew cult, Trump, everybody and fake false flags and hoaxes. You need to subscribe to him, because he needs help. YouTube banned him from uploading 2 weeks for speaking the truth.

    You won't regret it.

  33. if you'll type my lastname on google rightnow, you will find an information about 4 brothers who got murdered by the bolsheviks.

  34. I don't get it, I am confused. Putin talked about Communist Persecution and killing of minority Religion Groups. In April 2017 the President Putin and the Russian Supreme Court they passed a Law saying that the Jehovah's Witnesses that suffered Torture, Rape and Killings in Siberia under the Russian Communists can not longer congregate or talk about Jesus on the Internet neither teach about Jesus to their own children, or they will get 10 years in prison, some are already serving prison sentences.
    Also to make the lives of the 200,000 Jehovah's Witnesses and their children lives Hell, the President Putin and the Russian Supreme Court passed a Law saying that all Holy Bibles from the Jehovah's Witnesses needs to be found and Burned, similar what the Russian Communistd used to do.
    Preside Putin head is not right, he probably has a Tumor. He thinks that it was funny specially when he listen to the Russian Orthodox Church that he bongs to, that the Holy Name of God Jehovah should be Banned and all Bible Translations like the King James Bible that has the name Jehovah needs to be Burn too. In fact there's a YouTube Video showing a Leader of the Russian Orthodox Church arguing with an old woman that belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church to place the Bible and other Christian religion Books on the Fire because it had the name Jehovah.
    What has Jehovah God ever done to the country of Russia? Why is President Putin, the Russian Supreme Court and the Russian Orthodox Church including the country of France that secretly worked with Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church to bring down the Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia so angry with Jehovah God that they are trying to make people forget his Holy Name?
    Satan the Devil has Infiltrate the country of Russia and don't be surprised when the day comes and Jehovah God sends his Last Judge that Russia will be punish. President Putin will probably tell excuses to the Last Judge of God Jehovah that "The Devil Make Me Do it".

  35. So touched by Putin's speech. To the crimes of communist committed against humanity , "to know, to remember, to condemn . And only then to forgive". – Natalia Solzhenitsyna

  36. There's an old saying I'm not 100% in agreement with, which says that the Russian Revolution was caused by "evreiskimi mozgami, litovskimi shtikami, (and the most important part that Russians need to face and accept which I AM 100% in agreement with) – i russkimi durakami, without whose cooperation the Revolution would NOT have been possible no matter whose brainchild it was.
    (Jewish brains, Lithuanian bayonets, and Russian Idiots)

  37. A common Russian reaction to criticism is to get defensive, and point fingers at Americans when hearing about their own faults- (what about what Americans did to the Indians, slavery, wars, etc…) Probably a normal, human reaction. People typically don't like to hear criticism, and often find it hard to take a good, hard look in the mirror and face the truth…
    The Bolshevik takeover and it's resultant Mass murders, unprecedented on a historical scale, are a RUSSIAN TRAGEDY. Who CARES what the Americans did in America? That is completely irrelevant. This is a horrible RUSSIAN tragedy, and a bitter pill RUSSIANS need to swallow. Until that happens, and until it is addressed- Russia can't heal. And until it faces this reality, Russians can expect more Ukraines to occur as well as other problems. That is reality.
    This recognition by Putin is a good, healthy, positive move for Russia, and LONG overdue…

  38. PUTIN practicing the old communist tactic of – ONE STEP BACKWARDS – TWO STEPS FORWARD ! admit to crimes of the past while hiding the crimes being committed now by the same political force that still runs RUSSIA – the COMMUNIST PARTY !

  39. Говорят что у вас у стен Кремля есть подземный крематорий,а эта труба из которой огонь это выход сжигания подземлей покойников !

  40. To those accusing Jews of things, get lost and stop slurping up your neo-nazi crap and spitting it all over the net.

  41. Jealous of Russian wealth and resources, the devils Rothschilds, Warburg and Jacob Shiff financed the Bolsheviks, prior to the Zionist coup, they were financing the Japankos to attack Russia from East to bleed it.

  42. Russians know who they could not criticise, same in the US & west now who can't you criticise yet you know are the criminal caste?

  43. Wiat putin even talks abaut terrors thay soviet union coused funny i always thought that all of thouse people in soviet union who killed millions are considered to be heros by russians but okey

  44. America and England both supported Castro all along too they never tried to kill him-even Israel helped in that process and Castro's tanks came from Israel. Fucking whores! Wose than Nazis! Evil fucking whores!

  45. America and England backed those Jewish Communists so they should be sued for war crimes against humanity. USA and England are FRAUDS ran by Jews, not a European heritage. These countries were hijacked by the Jews and Freemasons.

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