PROMO: Socialism a Warning from the Dead

socialism is on the rise despite being responsible for the deaths of over a hundred million people the full collapse of the Soviet crumbling nations of North Korea Cuba Venezuela the totalitarian police day of which money no socialists are coming out of the shadows claiming virtue moral superiority it's already infiltrated our government its dismantled our values brick by devastating brick I talk to people all the time they'll say oh we don't have anything to worry about it can't happen here the Constitution will save us we found a document that was smuggled into the United States through the Iron Curtain in 1960 my researchers found it again it's the blueprint of how to legally and within the framework of our own system take over a country and flip it we see it for what it is a roadmap to socialism a warning from the dead

  1. Why doesn’t Socialism work for the masses? Because it’s s ploy to take from the well to do and line the pockets of those in power. This is true of Every Socialist country and it will be true of America if any part or the whole is implemented here

  2. Vatican city is a nation and the Roman Catholic Church are what is called a church and state political entity. The Pope is the head of his state and church

  3. Let's kill these m********** and get rid of them the ones that are talking about socialism in their f**** s*** end it

  4. "Yeah, but what about Trump and that time he got a tax deduction and called all the Nazis good people!"

    "I am the Democrat Party, and I approve of the above message."

    People, if we can't beat that kind of infantile & banal stupidity, America is already over.

  5. The GOP believes in socialism-socialism for the ultra Rich. The wealthiest 1% of Americans were the number one beneficiaries of Trump's Tax Plan. Ordinary middle class Americans ended up paying more in federal taxes.

  6. The driving force of liberal Democrats is to destroy America. They want us to be weak they hate that we are strong.

  7. The Constitution WILL save us – specifically the 2nd Amendment and those American Patriots who will take up arms and challenge their oppressors.
    The Patriots WILL be victorious.
    It is not a question of it will happen, but rather WHEN it will happen.

  8. It's a shame Beck lost so much credibility when he went off the rails as a "Never Trumper" and smashed cheetos on his face. This documentary would be much more tolerable w/o his narrative.

  9. Socialism is not communism. Communism generally breeds totalitarian governments, while socialism usually doesn't. All socialist ideology seeks to "control the means of production" while communism, or collectivism, seek some hitherto meaningless goal that only the government and few other mindless idiots actually agree on.

    There are similarities, particularly that the definition of value seems pretty interchangeable. And in a way that makes me personally do a double take when someone says that you can have "free market socialism".

    Generally speaking, it is a pretty big jump from socialism to communism, I think this video is incorrect in its portrayal of socialism as the worst aspects of communism. Not that I personally agree with either.

  10. It works like this: you keep labeling free health care, free college education, raising minimum wages, offering security to senior citizens … as socialism, and those things are what people want and desperately need. Eventually people will say, oh really? Those are socialism? OK, let's get socialism. Now you see why it is rising? The Glen Beck and associates tried too much to kill it to have added life to it.

  11. Venezuela national guard is running over socialism protestors with armored cars. And American liberals are like we want that.

  12. Deaths caused by capitalisim: Hiroshima. Nagasaki. 80 million by capitalistic facists in WWII Germany. Vietnam. Colonial mercantile empire in Congo. Thousands die every year from lack of access to healthcare in USA. USA has highest infant mortality rate. Cigarrettes companies. Big pharma price gouging. It goes on.

  13. If Cheeto-boi actually has this video will someone please post it to You-Tube or Minds.. sounds like it could be interesting, but it is not working on his website or You-tube yet.

  14. Learned this in high school long before the department of education. John Birch Society talked about this also long ago but of course the left did a job of trying painting them as a bunch of nut cases. Check out Yuri Bezmenov a Russian kgb defector in the 1980s same story.

  15. How does this only have 231 likes out of 1.8k?… you ppl are in denial.🤪🤪🤪 they have changed our education system and brainwashed our young, implanted their agents and sharpened their long knives, they are attacking our speech and changing the meaning of words, and are rewriting our history and being enabled by the lazy minded zombies they have created… good times create soft men, soft men create hard times, hard times create strong men, strong men create good times… it's a repetitive cycle we cant afford… pray for us all

  16. The Stasi will make a comeback out of the shadows. Uncle Sam calls it Gang Stalking or organized stalking. If we go socialist, they will have uniforms.

  17. The goons and gov think you have too much and would love to help you achieve moral superiority through extreme poverty!

  18. As long as I'm alive these United States of America and it's Constitutional Representative Republic that it stands for will not convert to full Socialism… Or I'll be dead along with millions of other Constitutional Loyalist….

    Long Live the Republic….. Liberty Or Death…. Don't Tread On Me!!!!!!

  19. I also have socialism parallel videos on my channel. Please let people know. It's titled Democrats and revolutionary Communists no difference


  21. It’s so sad that young people don’t understand the evils of socialism

    I will miss this country if 2020 lost

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