Professor Prakash, Computer Science

[Music] My name is Aravind Prakash. I’m an assistant professor at Binghamton University
in the Department of Computer Science. I graduated from Syracuse University with
a PhD. My main areas of focus are program analysis. Where the idea is, basically, to take a program
and understand the behavior of the program, the intricacies that go into the logic of
the program, to identify if there are problems with the program. And in today’s world and age, where we have
so much of dependence on computers and programs, both on the mobile and on the desktop environments,
this understanding becomes very important in finding problems with the programs and
addressing them. Defense is something that’s inherent to any
living organism, if I may say so. To me, personally, I started getting interested
in security when I started looking at all the different attacks that happened in the
world. We see – every other day we see a news item
where either Twitter is compromised, Sony hacks, and a lot of problems in the world
which directly map to how we use computers and how they are. And that kind of got me interested in the
computer science – into the computer science security, I must say. And that’s how I started and I start getting
more and more interested in in. I start getting more and more into it. I had a few excellent advisers who helped
me a lot in getting started and getting interested in the subject, and then I started realizing
the potential in it and the problems that the field possesses, and it made my job so
much more interesting. And that’s how I got more and more excited
about it, and that’s how I ended up in the field. The Computer Science department at Binghamton
University has a strong system security presence – system software presence, I should say – where
we have different faculty members who are looking at problems at the system software
level, operating systems, compilers – you know – hardware, hardware/software interfaces. So, this is really a good setup that we have
here where we have different domains covered in the security stack. So, it’s a great opportunity for both graduate
and undergraduate students who are interested in system software security in general to
launch their career or gain more experience and expertise in the area here. So we are a team of about four people right
now. I’m a principal investigator. I have two PhD students and a masters student
working with me. We work on various types of problems, most
of our problems involve tweaking compilers and system software in order to accomplish
better defense. We also investigate novel methods of attacking
software because understanding the attacks is one of the important ways of developing
better defense. So we are always on the lookout for motivated
students, graduate and undergraduate, who can who can really contribute, to bring the
energy into our team. [Music]

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